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When I was five years old, my mother married a man named Steven. My mom met Steve at a party her friend was throwing where they immediately hit it off, and after about a year they decided to start their lives. Steve had a daughter whose name was Tiffany. She was two years and nine months younger than me. She lived with her mother in a city about an hour away from where we lived, leaving Steve to only have visitation rights every other weekend; until her mother got convicted of multiple drug charges which put her in jail for a good majority of her daughter’s teen life. When her mother got convicted, Tiffany was ten and was forced to move in with us. She grew up quickly, and I never really noticed her until five years later, when I was seventeen and she had just turned fifteen.

Her and I were decently close, for a pair of siblings only related by law. She was truly a sister to me, as I was a brother to her. I knew as much of her sex life as she did mine, and there wasn’t much to tell for both of us. She was still a virgin, where I was not very experienced. I’ve only had sex twice before, but I didn’t consider that bad. I know she had a strong interest in men, but never asked me any questions.

It was getting late one night, when I decided to slip in her room.

“Good night,” I said before coming in.

As I opened her door, I noticed her facing her mirror, on the opposite side of the bed with her back turned to me.

“H-HEY! I’m getting dressed!” she exclaimed.

“FF- uh SORRY!,” I said as I quickly shut her door.

To my disbelief, I felt aroused from that brief moment of nudity I caught her in. I walked to my room around the corner of the hall, and couldn’t help but think of her nice, perky breasts with sweet pink nipples that I saw through her reflection in the mirror.. She was a B-Cup, and looked perfect. I also couldn’t get the image of her ass in the black thong she was wearing out of my head.

As I began to vividly think of what I had saw, my dick began to rise, and pressed itself against the trim of my basketball shorts. I was roughly seven-inches, so it stuck out of the top.

Thirty minutes had passed, and I still hadn’t masturbated. I got up to see if she was still awake, and peeked around the corner to see if her light was off and if she was sleeping. But before I turned around, I heard a faint ‘humming’ sound. As I began to focus more on this sound, I heard very soft moans coming from her door. I slowly crept up to her door, and noticed that she had not shut it all the way. As I got closer, I was able to just barely open her door without making any noise, and fit an eyeball through the crack. It was definitely a vibrator making the humming noise, and I saw her lying on top of her bed, rubbing the vibrator against her clit.

“Mmmmm…” she moaned quietly.

She had no material that I could see, so I assumed she was using her imagination to get off. Was she doing this because she knew I saw her naked? I didn’t know if I was reaching far, but I wanted it to be true. Just the thought of that turned me on like never before. I pulled the brim of my basketball shorts just below my waist so I could slip my dick out, and slowly begin to massage it as I watched her.

“Hummmmmmmm..” she continued to moan.

I couldn’t resist.

“Uhghh..” I accidentally groaned quietly out.

She quickly turned her head towards her door to see if anyone was there, but I had already ducked out of her room and was quickly making my way back to my room. I shut my door as quietly as I could, and situated myself in my bed. My basketball shorts were already kicked off towards the dirty laundry basket I had in the corner. I waited in bed with my dick staring out of the hole of my boxers. I listen carefully to make sure she wasn’t coming to see if I was in her room, and when I confirmed there was no danger, I began to vigorously masturbate.

Holy shit,’ I thought to myself. ‘I’ve never been so turned on in my life...’

With each stroke I took, I saw a picture of my sister. I couldn’t hold on anymore, and within only minutes, I had came. I’ve never thought anything sexually of my sister, but now.. now all I wanted was to have sex and possibly sodimize my sister. I WANTED her.


As the night proceeded, and I fell into a deep sleep dreaming of my sister, morning finally emerged. I got up and did the daily routine of any teenager: Grab a towel, take a shower, brush my teeth, etc.By the time I was up and ready to eat, my mom and Steve had already left for work as usual. I had noticed that my sister wasn’t up yet, which was weird because she usually wakes up an hour early so she can fit a shower and get ready before me.. But she wasn’t in the kitchen.
Reluctantly, I went to my sister’s room and opened her door after I knocked, expecting her to have overslept. Nope. She was standing there in her bra and a blue thong, getting just about to put on her jeans.

“Jake.. How many TIMES?!” she yelled, seemingly humorous.

“Uh.. Sorry!” I said as I closed her door and leaped out.

Did she do that on purpose?’ I thought to myself as I walked back towards the kitchen.

I decided I’d be nice and get her breakfast heated up for her, so we can leave on time. She came out in about ten minutes, smiling.

“Good morning, big brother,” she said, with her usual joyful smile.

Good, nothing is wrong.’ I thought to myself.

"Morning Tiffany." I responded

She seemed to have notice her plate on the counter that I had heated up for her.

“Ah man! I didn’t think I was gonna’ have enough time to make breakfast this morning!” she said, almost running to her plate. “Thank you so much!”

“Uh.. No problem.” I said, surprised by her unusual amount of gleefulness.

We quickly ate our breakfast together, but I couldn’t erase the images in my mind. They began to surface, and so did my dick. I positioned my dick to be as unnoticeable as possible, but there was only so much I could do.

“Alright, I’m ready when you are!” she told me.

In the mornings, since we go to the same school, I give her a ride to school.

“Cool.” I responded “Let me get my backpack.”

I got my keys and backpack out of my room, and headed out of the front door with her. I was still hard, as I kept imagining her tight, slim body in front of the mirror and on top of her bed. These thoughts wouldn’t go away, making it impossible for my erection to disappear.

‘She’s had to of notice it by now.. what the fuck am I gonna’ do?’ I asked thoughtfully to myself.

We got situated in my truck, a 2004 Ford Ranger, that was out in the driveway when she dropped a paper by the gas pedal.

“Oops..” she said.

Before I could get it for her, she was already reaching over me, brushing my dick with her hand and arm, picking up the paper. As she brought it back up, she slowly slide her hand against my hard dick.

“Mmm..” she said as she licked her lips.

I stood there, quietly, not sure what to make of this.
“I know you saw me last night, Jake.” She whispered in to my ear. “I’ve NEVER been so turned on in my life.. “

“Uh..” I replied.

“Ugh.. You probably think of me as some innocent sister. Truth is, I’ve been wanting you for a long time. I’m a virgin, but that doesn’t mean I’m not a pervert.” she began chuckling and giggling ever so lightly. “I’ve masturbated to the thought of losing my virginity to you for at least a year. I want my first dick.. To be yours big brother.”

With that, I lost it. I gently grabbed her by the chin, and poised my mouth right in front of hers. She threw her face at me, and begins to savagely kiss me. I, without hesitation, kissed her back. I moved my hand up and down the side of her body, and let it rest on the bottom of her ass. I creeped my fingers down to the outline of her pussy through her jeans as she bit my lip and fondled my tongue with hers. I gently caressed her bottom, as we sat there in our driveway kissing.

She broke free of the kiss and said, “Jaaake.. Oh my gahhd.”

She placed her mouth back on mine as she began to moan to my fingers massaging the outline of her pussy. I wasn’t thinking she would get a lot of stimulation out of it seeing as how she has her jeans and thong in the way, but she acted as if she was in heaven.
Again, she broke free of the kiss.

“I’ve always wondered what it felt like to suck.. a dick.” she said, moving her mouth down towards the zipper-section of my jeans. She used her right hand to unzip my jeans, and her left to unbutton. She proceeded to reach in my jeans, and pull out my hard and erect penis.

“O-Ohh fuck.” I said, as a reaction of her touch. I move my hand on the back of her head, as encouragement to begin to suck my dick.

“I think I know how to suck a dick.. Though I’ve never tried. I’ve read blogs and seen movies.. And it has alllwaays turned me on.”

She gently moved her mouth to the top of my dick. She gently licked the tip, in an effort to tease me. It worked. I twitched my dick, and saw a smile escape her devious face. She licked around the head and began to push her head down on my cock. She brushed her hair over her ear, and used her left hand to hold it there. Finally, she went down, and engorged the tip of my head in her mouth. She began to lick around the tip with her mouth still on it, and it drove me crazy.

“How do you just learn this from porn?!” I asked blatantly.

She ignore me, and begin to bob her head up and down, taking half of my shaft. I could tell she could go deeper if she wanted to. She moved her right hand and grasped my balls firmly. She began to massage them with her fingers, but she wasn’t doing the best of jobs. I winced as she squeezed my balls a little bit too hard.

“Not so hard, sis’.” I whispered in her ear.

She began to ease up, and it immediately began to feel better. She bobbed her head some more, getting deeper with each nod of her head. Finally, she went all the way down, taking the full length of my dick down her throat. There was no way I was going to last for too much longer.

I leaned down towards her ear again, and said, “ You’re going to make me cum, sis’. Keep workin’ it like you a-aarre.”

I groaned aloud as my climax began to arise. She was bobbing up and down on my dick like a pro. Not too fast, and also not too slow. She took her mouth off of my dick for a split second, and licked up and down the side, then placed it back inside. That just about did it for me.

“I-I’m gonna’ cum Tiff. Get ready..” I said.

And almost immediately after, my dick exploded down her throat. She took the first few shots and swallowed.

“Uhhhghhh..” I groaned.

Her mouth broke contact with my dick, and the rest of my semen spurted on to her face and a some sections of her sweatshirt. A little bit dripped down the side of my dick, and she leaned back down to lick it off.

“Oh m-my god. That was fantastic.” I told her.

I noticed her face, and reached into the mid console to retrieve a couple of napkins I had stashed in there. She took them from me as she gave me a twisted, yet sexy smile.

“Thanks big brother.” she said, as her smile began to soften. “That was just as amazing as I thought it would be.”

“You’re tellin’ me..” I chuckled.

She wiped her face clean, but left the little bit of residue on her shirt.

“Nobody will notice.. Let’s just get to school.” She said, showing me her devious smile.

She reached into her purse as I retrieved the clicker and opened the gate, to pull out a piece of gum. She began to chew it as I drove off towards school.

We kept a conversation the whole way there, most of it sexual. She was a real sexual deviant, and I was surprised that she had never had any sexual interactions before. As we arrived to the parking, I parked in my usual space way in the back. I smiled at her, as she did me. She leaned in, and kissed me. I willingly kissed her back. I broke it off, in fear that someone might see.

“Don’t worry big brother.” she said.

We heard the first bell ring, and panicked.

I laughed and said, “Quickly get your shit and get to class.”

She smiled as she took her bag with her and moved to the opposite side of the school I did. We gave each other one last smile as we made our way to our classes.
Throughout the whole day, I could not help but think of her. I began to fall behind on work in classes, just so I could daydream about her. She was truly fantastic, and I couldn’t wait to get home.
Sadly, I get out a period before she does, so I can’t give her a ride. I waited at home on the living room couch after I got home. Her friend, Amber, dropped her off as usual. I was anxious with anticipation, and couldn’t wait for her to get home. I felt like a dog who was left alone in a house waiting for his master for a week.

“Hiii big brother,” she said as she walked in the house, quickly making her way to me. “I missed you all day.” she said, forming a cheesy frown on her face.

“I definitely missed you too..” I said,

She instantly attacked my mouth. and began to kiss me again. We slowly began to make our way into her room.

“Your mom gets home at four, so we only have an hour.” she said frantically, as she pulled off my shirt.

“That’s plenty of time, sis. Don’t worry” I said, smiling.

She backed a step away from me, pulling off her shirt. She did it slowly, again trying to tease me. She was definitely a pro at it. She then turned around, as she began to pull her jeans off. When they fell beneath her ass, she bent over giving me a good view of her threw her thin blue thong. She took her time taking her jeans off around her ankles. Damn, she had a great physique. She turned her attention around to me, and began to slowly walk back over. We were both still standing, so she pushed her body up against mine and begin to kiss me. She used her hands to take off her bra as I slid my hand down behind her under and reached for her private sector, gently massaging her clit. Unable to refuse the temptation, I took my free hand and began to grab her breasts. She moaned, and used her body weight to make us fall on to her bed. We continued to kiss until she bent over and began to take off my jeans. I helped her by wiggling my feet until they were off. I knew what was coming next, and she went for it. She reached into the hole of my boxers, pulling out my dick. Her hands felt incredibly soft as she slowly began to jerk it. She jerked it soft and slow, then brang her mouth towards the head, using the same routine she did before. Except this time, She went from licking the head down to licking the side of the shaft. Her left hand was on it while she glided her tongue along the surface of my dick. She looked up at me with her vivid green eyes, and placed her mouth down on top, forcing it down her mouth.

She did this for a good three minutes, but then I had it. I wanted more, and I was gonna’ take it. I gently and slowly pulled her head off of my dick and stood up. She stood up with me, allowing me to grab her stomach. I picked her up and laid her face up on the bed. She smiled at me as we both took off her thong. We left them around her ankles in an eager to get started. I dropped my head down to her freshly shaven pussy, and gently pushed my tongue along the top. I explored her bald pussy with my tongue, and used my index finger to massage her clit. Her feet were still in the air, so she wrapped them around my neck as I began to work.

“O-ohh.. Mmmm Jake.. Holy shit.” She moaned.

I continued to eat her out, occasionally flicking her clit with my tongue.

“I’m ready..” she moaned.

I smiled as I responded, “Are you sure?”

She nodded.

I stood up slowly, trying to cherish this moment. I was going to take my sister’s virginity, and I wanted to bad. I aligned the head of my dick along the lips of her pussy. It was definitely a tight fit. Luckily, she was extremely wet, so it didn't take too much effort to force it in. I could feel the walls close in around the head of my cock as I reached her hymen. I took a deep breath, and told her to do the same. After she did, I rammed my dick inside, breaching the barrier of her innocence. It was the most amazing feeling I have ever felt. She let out a slight cry due to the pain. I slowly pulled the shaft out, as I went in again. I could tell it was starting to get better for her. I kept a slow rhythm of moving my dick in and out for at least two minutes. After I could tell she was getting into it, I went faster. And faster. I was going as fast as I could soon enough, hearing nothing but the screams of ecstasy my sister was letting escape her mouth. He changed positions from missionary, and let her ride me. She re-positioned my dick on the lips of her pussy, as she slowly sat back down on it. She rode me as hard as she could, and kept a good rhythm.
She was moaning extremely loud. My sister was a screamer. I pulled her chest down to my mouth as she continued to ride my dick. As soon as I placed my tongue on the areola of her breasts, I felt the walls of her pussy tighten as she began to get ecstatic. She froze riding as her pussy tightened all the way around my dick, having an orgasm. This was a breaking point, and I could feel my dick getting ready to blow.

“I’m gonna’ cum.. Get off.” I told her

She did so, not saying anything, then proceeded to throw her face at my dick, deep throating it. She wanted my cum, and I was planning on giving it to her.
I let out a groan as I began to cum, and pushed her head down deeper on my dick. I began to spurt curtains of cum down her throat. She pulled away, and I was still cumming. A lot landed on her face, and some landed on her breasts.
I let out a deep breath, as I begin to speak.

“I-I’ve never.. EVER.. came that much or that hard before.. Tiffany.. You’re amazing.”

She was still breathing heavily, and just looked up at me. She gave me a smile, and just kept smiling at me. She used her tongue to clean up what was around her mouth.

“Brother.. Your mom will be home in forty minutes.” she told me, “Take a shower with me.”

I grinned as I responded, “Get the water running, I’ll get us some towels.”

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This story really needs proofreading. The sentence structure is poor. The story does not flow smoothly. (i.e. Why would Jake say "Good night" before opening her door if he was trying to slip into her room? Very amateurishly written. Try reading it aloud before posting. That way you can catch and correct most of these errors.

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sod·om·ite (sd-mt)
One who engages in sodomy.

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Nice story write a continuation of this one

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The hell is with all you haters? Great story man. PLEASE do more!

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I have done somthing like that with a couple of girls back when i was in college

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