My time with Mommy and her friend Jill was just the beginning of a whole new part of my life
Hello Everyone,
Well, I had a person say that my story kind of lacked something at the end so I promise I will try to do better. Kepp in mind I do Tech Writing a lot and am trying to develop a way to put my diaries into readable form. Thanks for the help.

Well, Mommy and Jill and I were in bed together for a good two weeks and I was learning all about making love and pleasure with them. I was always in the middle of everything and often we did not leave the house all day and did not dress either and when we did I noticed that they were dressing my up years past my age and in very revealing clothes. Jill took me one day to have my nipples pierced and I was so wet all the way home and when we got there I attacked her and Mommy.

One day at breakfast Mommy looked at Jill and said, "Well, it loks like my little girl is growing up fast." She winked at Jill. Jill smiled and told her, "Yes, I think that she is and maybe we should take her out on the town to celebrate." "Good idea, we can go down and get her an ID made today and then go out tonight." Mommy told her. I was excited all day and we went to a shop downtown that made fake IDs that wee very good and I was made up to look older and my hair was trimmed so that with a little make-up I looked at least 18. We went to an adult store and bought me a sheer top that was see through and my nipples were totally visible and a tight mini-skirt that barely came down below my pussy. The skirt and the blouse were both black and I got some flats to go with them. I asked about a bra and panties but Mommy said, "Sweetheart you will not need them, trust me." and we all laughed.

We went home and all showered and shaved and got ready and they stepped back and looked at me, "Yes, she is good." they said and we got in the car and drove to a town next to ours hat had clubs that were not regular ones but that catered to special groups of people. I did not know that they were taking me to a lesbian club but once inside after showing my ID and acting older I saw that there were only women there and they were all sorts. Mommy told me later, lipstick, butch and all in between. Mommy was more a lipstick Bi and Jill was a very aggressive lesbian but not butch cause she was very very feminine.

Well, we went in and were given a table and there was a girl band playing some great rock of sorts but when I listened I heard the themes were all about girls and girls and more girls. I was getting wet already. I sat between Mommy and Jill and they each had a hand on my leg and were playing with them making me very wet and then the drinks came and I loved the wine best but they gave me some other kinds that burned going down too. We were talking and a woman came up, "Who is the new girlfriend Anne." she said and she said, "Oh, this is Susan, Susan, this is Alex." I stood and wavered some a little dizzy. I hugged her and she carressed my back feeling I had no bra which was obvious. "How about a dance?" Alex said and took my hand not waiting for an answer. Mommy just whispered, "Just go with the flow Hunny, do whatever you feel like doing." I was on the floor with Alex and it was a slow one and she held me to her and our faces were inches apart. "How long have you known "Anne and JIll." she said. "Oh, Anne almost all my life and Jill a few weeks." She moved us to the stage and gave the band some money and asked for several more slow songs.

We were dancing slow and really close so that my hard nipples were sticking out against her chest and she smiled, "Is that because of me?" Alex said. "Oh definitley yes." I said back and then leaned in and closed my eyes. Soon her lips were on mine and I felt a shock go through my body. I had an orgasm right there on the dance fllor and my body shook and she held me up. "Oh damn, you have them easy." she smiled. "Oh yes, I think it had something to do with your kiss." I said. "You know Anne told me to do whatever I wanted to do out here with you, is that okay?" I asked. "Well, yes, it is if you want to." she looked at me. "Does that include this?" I said and pulled my blouse off and tossed it to Mommy. Alex looked at my naked top and then her mouth was on my mouth then down my neck to my nipples and she was sucking them hard making me moan loud. The other women had stopped moving and there was a circle around us and I held her face to my tits. "Oh yes, that is wonderful." I was saying over and over. MY skirt came off and was gone too and I was naked there in the middle of all these women and Alex was kissing me all over and we had stopped dancing but had moved to a sort or couch and we were standing next to it. Alex moved me down to it and I reached up and took her blouse and jeans off and then her panties and began kissing her hips and found her clit as we both collapsed onto the couch. We were still surrounded by the women and they were touching each other and slowly clothes were coming off.

Alex was between my legs humping her pussy against mine and I was riding higher on a wave of passion that was either going to explode in an orgasm or make my body explode. The orgasm came over and over and I was spraying all over from my pussy and someone yelled, "Damn she is a squirter." and "Fuck yeah, check out the hose." I was jerking all over as if my body was not in my control and after I do not know how long I was kissing Alex and then licking her and tasting her sweet juices in my mouth and then I made it a slow torture to make her orgasm come but when it did she screamed and rode my face for a long time. I saw Mommy and JIll standing near by, naked and kissing and fingering each other like crazy. A woman leaned down and told Alex, "Ok, let's see how she handles this." She was what is called a bbw and had huge tits and large dark nipples that were as hard as rocks and she was firm all over and she had a strap on dildo on her hips and the cock was really huge, Mommy told me it was 12 inches later on. "Here you go baby, feed pussy on this." she growled and plunged into me and I screamed and cried out all at once that it hurt but to please fuck me hard. She was pumping in and out deep as it would go and each time she shoved hard to make sure I felt it. I began having orgasms one after another each one soaking the couch and the floor next to it. The woman was sweating like crazy and her hair was soaked and finally she got up, "Well, this is a fucking first, this one wore me out." and she got off me. I was sore and dizzy but I got up and grabbed her and kissed her. "Take off the cock and let me see how you do." I demanded. She looked at me and I grabbed her hair hard, "I said give me the dildo." and she did and I got help putting it on and moved her to lay down and spread her legs. I dove between them licking her huge clit and fingering her with four fingers and then as she was ready I plunged into her pussy and shoved hard and made me squirm and moan. We stayed in fuck mode for about a half hour (Mommy said later) and when I was done I got off her and she laid limp on the couch. I took off the dildo and gave it to her and kissed her.

I found a woman that was near me and kissed her and began taking her to a corner that had a couch and sat her down and dove between her legs eating her pussy like a fiend. I could not get enough of eating pussy and licking up the orgasms. One after another I went from one woman to the nnext, first eating them and then laying back for the return favor. All night we had sex that was so much that the room had the scent of pussy and I could just breathe it in as I found other women to enjoy. I was sore and still hot when I found Mommy asleep in a corner with a woman and Jill kissing another slowly. I looked around and found the BBW that had attacked me with the dildo and went to her. She looked at me, "Honey, you win, you have worn me out." she said. "Good, let's make love like women should then." I said and laid with her kissing her gently and playing with her nipples and slowly I did all that I could do to tease her and bring her to orgasms and then she did me the same way. I was soaking the couch still with every orgasm and felt like I was going to collapse and Mommy came up and touched my shoulder, "Time to go home sweetheart." she said. "Oh Mommy, do we have to?" I said and Dana, the woman I was with, the BBW, said, "What did you call her?" and I kissed her, "I called her Mommy cause she is my Mommy." "Are you fucking serious?" she said her mouth falling open. "Yes, I am serious." and I hugged her again. "I am gonna be with you again soon Dana, We are not done yet." I said and Mommy gave me a robe she had brought and I put it on and we left. I fell asleep in the car on the way home and we all managed to get to the bed and fell asleep in each other's arms. We slept through most of the next day and when we woke we kissed and went to the hot tub and soaked for a long time. My life has never been the same.
Love you all.


2014-04-24 02:29:38
How old were you in this story? Still 10? I think I like the first story better.

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2014-01-16 07:16:59
all your spam is making sure I NEVER go to your site


2013-11-20 13:51:37
I absolutely love your story and I for one do believe you as we have dressed up our daughter ,,,, now 13 and have since she was 10 and take her with us to private parties and to public ones as well.
Yes she looks somewhat older but so sexy, sweet and very innocent . People and our friends absolutely love her for her ability to satisfy and please and her extremely high energy level which only gets higher every month.
She always makes sure that her mom and I get a very peaceful sleep every night as she tucks us in as well as we tuck her in. Love her.

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