I was having a swim at the pool, George was also there talking with a girl that looked about 13, they were hanging around by the ladder. The girl had the most gorgeous young figure, she was about 5ft tall and still had developing tits. Looking at her made my cock harden. She was wearing a white one piece suit which showed a pronounced camel toe, her breasts had grown a little pushing the costume out at the top, her nipples like bullets because of the cold water.
I had to get out of the water even though I had a semi on.
The girl was looking at me as I exited the water, I saw her looking down at my crutch making me grow more. She whispered something to George, as I went to the changing room he asked me if he could come over to my place later as his mum would not be home till late and he wanted to bring his PSP over and connect it to my theatre system so he could play games on a big screen.
I went home to shower and tidy the house. After an hour or so the door bell rang. When I opened the door George had his PSP and with him the girl I had seen him with earlier.
I invited them both in, George went directly to the TV room to set up the PSP. Georgina came in to the kitchen to help me get some drinks.
“What do you want?, I know George likes lemonade with blackcurrant juice to drink“ I said,
“I would like the same as you give him” she replied.
I did not think about this as anything other than the drink, till later!
We went into the TV room with the drinks, George was playing on the PSP. I sat on the sofa next to George, Georgina sat between us. It was only a two seater so we had to squeeze together.
George said to me “Do you want to race?”
I picked up the other controller, George changed to a racing game and we started to race. George was beating me hands down, Georgina said she could do much better and took the controller off me. She was even better than George and won the first two races. I said “You deserve a prize“. She just smiled at me and continued playing. I said that it was getting a bit of a squash and I would move to the other seat, Georgina said she would sit on my lap and before I could say any thing she got up and plonked herself on my lap. As they continued playing her ass was wriggling on my lap, she spread her legs resting either side of mine, this allowed my hardening cock rest on her pussy. I only had thin trousers on so there was only a couple of layers of material between my cock and her pussy. After a while Georgina got up and went to the toilet.
George Said “Georgina saw you at the pool and said you are really handsome and have a nice cock”
I was surprised at this and wondered if she was just a cock watcher.
George and I already enjoyed sex together but the chance of this young girl to enjoy was an event to look forward to.
I said to George “Have you fucked her yet?”
“No” he replied “So far you are the only one I have fucked“
“Do you know if she is a virgin?“ I asked. “I don’t think she has been fucked yet, but she has sucked me off” he replied
This made my cock twitch, I know how tasty his cum is.
When Georgina came back she swished her dress back and sat back on my lap.
They continued playing the game till George went to the toilet.
Georgina turned around to me said “You can play with my pussy if I can play with your cock, it looked so good inside your trunks”
Surprised I said “What about George?”
“He is OK about this, I have suck him off already and told him I wanted to suck you off to” she replied.
She took my hand a placed it on her leg pushing it up to her pussy. When she went to the toilet she had left her panties off, her pussy was moist so it felt good rubbing up and down her naked slit.
“That is nice, I have played with my pussy many times but it feel nicer you doing it” she said. She put her hand on my crutch and squeezed my cock.
I found her clit and gave it a pinch. She moaned squeezing my cock harder.
George came back in to see my hand up her dress.
“I am glad you two have got to know each other” George said.
I slid my finger into her pussy and said to George “She has a nice tight pussy”
Georgina said “I want you to fuck my virgin pussy”
This confirmed it she was still a virgin.
I did not know if she was talking to George or me?
“Which one of us do you want to fuck you?” I asked
She said “You can fuck me and I will suck George’s cock at the same time. I have seen a video with a girl sucking off a cock with another in her pussy and would like to try that”
I said “George are you up for this?” He nodded.
I could see that his cock was straining in his shorts.
I said to Georgina “Take out Georges cock it looks to be hurting”
She undid his belt releasing the button and slid his zip down. She had difficulty getting his cock out as It is long and was down the leg of his shorts.
“Take his shorts off” I said.
Georgina pulled the shorts down while he removed his shirt. Now George was naked his cock sticking out.
I said “ George has a nice cock”
She said ”It is good to suck as well, his cum is tasty”
“I know “ I replied letting the cat out of the bag.
She said ”I want to see you suck it, I think it is so sexy to see a man sucking a boys cock?”
What has his girl been watching on the internet?
Georgina was wanking Georges cock, I could see some precum at his pee hole me wanting to lick it off, but I was too late, Georgina bent down and licked the top of his cock, then kissing me so I could taste him also.
By now I had a finger inside her pussy up to the first knuckle moving it around pushing against her hymen, she had the first orgasm of the evening.
“Lick my pussy” Georgina said to me, and went back to sucking Georges cock.
I lifted her ass up so I could get up, this forced more of his cock into her mouth, she must have some of it in her throat?
I got behind the young girl while she was enjoying his long cock, I lifted the back of her dress and moved my face in so my mouth connected with her pussy licking the sweet wet slit. As I slid my tongue inside, Georgina came again covering my face with the juices.
George said “I’m cumming” His breath became shorter and heavier and he began thrusting urgently into her pretty little mouth.
Georgina said “I can feel your cock pulse“ as he give a long wail, his cum shooting into her mouth.
Georgina was groaning as she accepted his love offering, her pussy gripping my tongue.
Georgina turned and kissed me sharing the tasty cum with me.
“That was so good, I love the taste of cum. You’re next, remove your trousers” she demanded.
My cock was at half mast as she took it in her small hands and rubbed it up and down.
She said ”George I want to watch you suck this nice cock”
George took over from Georgina and wanked me taking the head of my cock between his lips.
“That is so sexy” Georgina said sucking on my balls.
I again fingered her tight pussy as the two youngsters worked on my erect cock.
I asked Georgina “Are you ready for me to fuck you?”
She replied “Yes please I want you to fuck me now, I want your cock in my pussy.
My cock was as hard as it was going to get. I lifted her up and lay her down on the floor getting between the young legs and placed my cock at the lips of her pussy.
George tweaked her nipples while I pushed an inch inside the tight hole.
“It’s so big“ Georgina said “Take it easy”
I pushed a bit more till I rested up against the skin that was closing the depth of her.
“Push it in all the way, I want you” she replied.
With that I pushed forward and thrush the full length of my cock inside. If it was not for George kissing her she would have given a loud scream. Her body tense up and then she pulled her legs hard to her chest to relieve some of the pain.
“Fuck me” she said
So I did, I slid my cock out and then hard back in again.
George by now had his cock in her mouth silencing her screams, she just moaned around his cock.
I thrust in and out of Georgina’s pussy getting ready to cum.
“Are you on the pill” I asked.
“No” she replied “But I have just finished my period so you can cum inside my tight young pussy“.
That gave me the go ahead to release 2 weeks of cum into the youngest pussy I had ever fucked.
Georgina came hard with my cock in her pussy and George in her mouth.
George came in her mouth the cum leaking out of her lips, I came with a final thrust deep inside her pussy.
When I pulled out Georgina said ”George, clean his cock and my pussy”
I think Georgina is going to be an excellent lover giving orders like that.
George did as he was told and licked my shaft then taking my cock into his mouth eating the mixture of our cums, when I was clean he attacked her pussy eating more of the white liquid, Georgina came again.
“Fuck, This is fantastic” Georgina said pulling her legs up to give George better access, I sucked her tits then kiss her, my tongue deep in her mouth to collect as much of George’s cum as I could.
Georgina still had her dress on so I had not seen her completely naked yet.
I said ”Who’s hungry?” Both the youngsters said “Yes”
I said “We all need to be naked if I am to give you food“.
Georgina did not hesitate and removed her dress.
Looking at the naked young body I said “You are so beautiful and a fantastic fuck”
”Thank you. How about some food, and you can fuck me again” she replied.
After food we went back to the TV room. Georgina sat on my lap, this time she held my soft cock against her pussy as she closed her legs. I reached down and rubbed my hardening cock at her pussy lips and clit.
“I’m cumming” she said.
She came, covering my cock with her cream, I lifted her body up.
“Put my cock into your pussy” I told her
She lined my cock at her hole as I lowered her down my cock sliding into her still pulsating pussy.
George played with my balls as I fucked her.
Georgina lifted herself up and down on my cock, then she lifted a bit far up and my cock came out.
“Stick it in my ass” Georgina said.
“Are you sure” I said.
“If you can fuck George in his ass you can fuck mine” she replied
George said “Sorry, I told her you were my lover”
George positioned my cock at her ass hole and Georgina slowly lowered herself over my hard rod. “Fuck, that is a tight hole” I said.
“It feels so good” she said lowering till her ass sat fully on my lap.
“Fuck my mouth” She told George.
George did not hesitate and stuck his cock into her mouth.
“You haven’t fucked Georgina yet, why don’t you fuck her pussy while I fuck her ass” I said to George.
“I would like that” said Georgina.
Georgina lay back on me and George got between her legs and slid his hard cock into her wet pussy.
“Fuck, that feels so good, your two big cocks inside me, one in my cunt and one in my ass” Georgina said.
I could feel Georges cock head, with just a thin membrane between us.
George thrusting in and out meant I did not need to do anything as his cock sliding over mine was exhilarating.
As I played with her nipples her ass contracted on my cock taking me over the top and I came deep up inside her.
“I can feel you filling my ass with your cum” Georgina said.
“I’m cumming to” George said and pushed hard, filling her pussy with his cum.
“Fuck, Fuck,,,, Fuckkkkkk, I’m cumming as well” Georgina said almost blacking out.
After we had all got over the sublime fucking I suggested we shower.
“No, I will shower at home, I want to go home my pussy and ass full of both your cums.” Georgina said pulling up her panties and put on her dress.
I took George to shower while Georgina played the PSP.
George got dressed and said it was time to go home but we must do this again soon.
Georgina agreed, thanked me for a great evening reaching inside my robe squeezing my cock as she left.
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