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Much more extreme than my usual stories so please do not read this if you are offended by men taking advantage of an underage girl.
Amy is not especially singled out, by the two men lurking near the parks toilets any child of either gender would suit their depraved purpose; it is pure chance that 9 year old Amy is the first to approach.

As the men watch Amy, dressed in her short summery dress skipping towards them they can feel their cocks stirring in their overalls. To execute their evil plan they have dressed as maintenance workers so that their presence near the toilets would not arouse suspicion. When Amy turns of the path and towards the toilets entrance and is out of site of other people in the park they step in front of her one man holding his arms out.

“Where are you going little girl”?

Amy stops surprised at what she feels is a silly question and points to the female toilets

“I need to pee pee mister”.

“Where is your mommy”?

Without hesitation Amy points to the houses opposite the park.

“The girl’s toilets are closed baby, but you can use the boy’s ones".

Amy seems to be considering what to do, her mommy told her never to use the boy’s toilets but she needs to pee real badly. Her mom is out and her older brother who had the door key has run off to play football with his friends telling Amy to ‘be good’.

“It’s OK baby, we will make sure no one comes in”.

That decides it for Amy who enters the toilets staring at the strangeness; she cannot understand what the urinals are and immediately makes her way to one of the cubicles. She turns to lock the door but there is no bolt, she enters the next and it is the same, unknown to her the men have removed all the bolts; by now the urge to pee is overwhelming; pushing the door closed, she pulls down her panties and lifts the hem of her dress then sits on the seat and begins to urinate.

As soon as Amy entered the toilets the men fixed an official looking ‘Out of Service’ notice to the front door before locking it from the inside with a key they had acquired during a previous visit.

As Amy is sitting on the toilet in mid flow a shadow appears at the bottom of the door, and then the door is pushed open and one of the men is standing there watching her pee. She is powerless to do anything when he lifts the front of her dress and looks at her tiny cunny.

Amy tells the man that it’s dirty to watch her pee to which he replies.

“No kid this is dirty” as he unzips his trousers and pulls out his erect penis.

He tells her that she was a bad girl for going into the boy’s toilets and that she has to be punished; Amy is crying and although she has finished peeing the man will not let her stand or pull the hem of her dress down.

He reaches down and touches her still wet cunny, running his finger along the slit then licking it clean; his penis is now really large with pre-cum forming at the head. He moves closer to Amy completely blocking the door which he closes behind him trapping her in the cubicle. He towers over the girl and pushed his penis forward telling her she has to kiss it.

She hesitates and he grabs her hair pulling her head forward; as soon as his cock touches Amy’s lips he presses forward forcing the tip into her mouth. He is content to hold it there while he strokes it. Almost instantly he groans and shudders as he ejaculates his eyes are shut and he calls her dirty names, whore, bitch, slut; as his cum flows.

Amy is totally unaware of male ejaculation and when her mouth fills with hot cum she involuntary swallows causing the man to tell her that she is a ‘cum eating whore’. The taste and texture of cum makes her gag much to the man’s amusement.

When he finished he wipes his penis with toilet paper and opens the door allowing the other, younger man to take his place.

This man is rougher, pushing his finger into Amy’s tight little cunny. He makes her hold and rub his penis as he fondles her; she continues to manipulate him until he ejaculates his cum spraying the cubicle walls. Amy watches cum spurting from the cock in amazement, continuing to masturbate him until he gently removes her hand.

He lifts her from the toilet seat and carries her to the taps and hand basins; he sits her on the cold surface and kneeling on the floor he spreads her legs before slowly running his tongue along the length of her cunny before concentrating on her tiny clitty. The men take turns alternating between masturbation and orally stimulating the little girl into her first orgasm.

She watches fascinated as the older of the two men gets onto his knees and sucks the cock of the younger not stopping until cum is spurting into his mouth.

The men make her wash her mouth out with water and carefully check her dress for any sign of semen; they wipe down the cubicle before allowing the girl to leave; they quickly remove the sign to the door and disappear into the shrubbery.

Amy never told and the men would have been surprised if they had been at the toilets the following day as Amy returned at almost the same time, she sat outside the toilets and cried in disappointment when she did not find them waiting for her.

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2015-12-06 22:45:50
Mmmm; oh my, most definitely got my blood going

Pondering; truth or fantasy??


2013-12-16 23:18:42
I wish this happened to me :P


2013-12-12 03:19:19
Very hot. The men should have come back tho. They don't know what they're missing.


2013-12-10 02:11:06
Daddy is so proud of you

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2013-12-05 11:51:06
Wow - what an introduction - no wonder you became such a slut

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