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WARNING: This story may contain themes some readers may find offensive. If you are one of the aforementioned readers, please vacate this page and do not return. As I respect people, I won't tolerate the spamming of my comment section, and have no time to listen to your whining about how you don't like my stories. Please leave legitimate, honest feedback (like/dislike, comment). Enjoy! -CptMitchell288
I'm Mitch. I'm 21 now, but during the events of this story, I was only 16 and had happened to meet the most amazing girl ever. Sadly, she moved away from me and I have yet to find her...

It had been close to two weeks since our new neighbors had moved into the upstairs apartment. They decided to stop by and introduce themselves. The mother, Kimberly, had just been promoted to a six-figure income job in high-end management at a downtown firm. Her and her husband, Matt, decided they'd use a portion of the new income to get Matt's new home computer business off the ground, and place a nice chunk into a savings account for their daughter Nichole. Nichole, however, was just drop-dead gorgeous. While only 13, she had midnight-black hair that fell to her round little ass, and bangs that tried to hide her glowing blue eyes. Her tits were just starting to bud, and added an exceptional shape to her body that I just couldn't get my eyes off of.

My mother finally drew my attention away when she suddenly said, “Mitch, why don't you and Nichole go play some games for a while so we can chat?” I wasn't about to argue with that, and had Nichole follow me down the hall to my room. I popped open the door, and motioned her inside. I wasn't expecting what I heard out of her mouth when she said, “Well, thank you. I'm Nichole, by the way, since we weren't properly introduced out there. You're... Mitch, right?” Her smooth southern Tennessee accent threw me completely off guard and I didn't even think before I replied. “You just keep getting more and more amazing.” I could see her blush a little, and quickly apologized. “I'm sorry, I didn't even mean to say that.” She just turned away shyly and sat on the bed. “So what do you have for games in here?” I started rummaging around the desk, flipping the laptop on and putting on some music. “Well, I've got Halo. You play that?” Her eyes lit up a little before her face went dark and kinda evil-looking. “Of course I do. I'll kick your ass any day.” My cocky attitude kicked in and I responded. “Oh yeah? Let's see about that!”

After about two grueling hours of being destroyed by Nichole, I decided to quit. “Okay, fine, you win. I give up.” She got a cute little pout on her face and said, “Awww, already? But I was just getting started.” I laughed a little and pushed her down on the bed, face first. “Well, guess what? You get a spanking now for being a bad little Spartan and killing me so much!” I smacked her soft, round ass lightly and she yelped a little. “H-hey! No fair! You can't spank me!” I spanked her ass again, a little harder this time, and said, “Well, I just DID, didn't I?” She quickly rolled over and got up, pushing me down on the bed and climbing on top of me, pinning me down. With my hands trapped under me from the fall, and her on top, I couldn't do anything but wiggle as she tickled me! “That's what you get, jackass! You can't spank me!” I finally managed to wrestle my hands free, and I slid her skirt up and smacked her bare ass as she yelped and bit her lip. The lip-biting set me off, and I felt my cock grow as she unknowingly ground her pussy against me while she tickled away. Slowly, my cock grew bigger and bigger until the rock-hard member broke through the flap on the front of my pajama pants (yes, I wear pajamas all day) and poked her ass. She suddenly stopped and reached one hand slowly behind her, touching my cock and wrapping her hand around it. She jumped off of me quickly when she finally realized what she was holding and her eyes got huge as she stuttered, “Oh m-my gosh! It's so fucking h-huge!” Well, it wasn't huge, but 7 inches is pretty big inside of a 13-year-old girl. “I... umm...” I got scared and tried to cover it up, but she moved toward me and moved my hands away. “I've... never played with one before... but I've always been curious. Does it go... like this?” Before I could react, she wrapped her lips around the head and sucked almost my entire penis into her mouth. I could feel it poking down her throat, and it felt like she was vacuuming the cum from my balls. Up and down, faster and harder, she sucked away at my cock, tonguing, kissing, licking, and again sucking deeper, harder, and faster with every stroke. I could feel myself coming close to blowing a huge load into her mouth, and was about to warn her when I felt her go one last time, balls deep, down on my cock, sliding it deep into her throat. I couldn't stop myself and couldn't do anything but moan as I felt blast after blast of hot, thick, creamy cum being blown down her throat and into her tummy. Her eyes got wide, as she must have known what was happening, though she made no move to stop it, swallowing every drop of cum before popping my cock out of her mouth. “Holy fuck, Nichole, I've never had a blowjob that good!” She giggled and whispered, “Shh, or mom and dad will hear! I've... never done that before. I have a little toy at home I practice on sometimes though. Blowjobs, among other things.” She winked at me, and I almost blew another load, as she said, “Maybe I'll come over tomorrow after school and see if mom and dad will let me spend the night. Then we can have some real fun.”

With that, her parents called out for her, and they left shortly after. As promised, though, she got to spend the night after school Friday, but that's a story for another chapter. ;)

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2014-01-13 01:45:31
Plz make chapter 2 soon

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2014-01-10 05:52:26
Great story. please write the next chapter.

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2013-12-18 08:38:19
fuck her and knock her up

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Plz tell more very horny story

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2013-11-21 14:11:53
So, I liked the premise and the basics of the story. The only critique I would toss out there is that it was so short. While I enjoyed the read, I'd enjoy a story a bit longer so that I get the most out of it. :)

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