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My first story, the first half is true, the second half I fantasize about
I see her everyday at work. She's the epitome of sexyness, the definition of lust: short, blonde, blue eyes, and that's just the start of it. She has huge tits and an ass to match. Every mans cock is guaranteed to stiffen at the sight of this sex goddess. I think about fucking her daily. Her thighs were made for cheeks to graze. Her tits were made to have my tongue all over them. Her plump ass needs to have a hand on it 24/7. Don't get me started on her pussy. It deserves to be fucked as hard as possible til it's filled with lady juices. Then cleaned out by my tongue.

Today I worked the late shift. I never do anything within the last hour or so. But it was the last 3 hours today. I spent all that time with her. Watching her ass cause an earthquake every time she walked. I watched her tits jiggle with every word she said. She makes me wanna do so many bad things I can't take it.

She hints at me a lot. She said a pair of panties would make her ass look amazing, and that she had a colossal ass. I stared and agreed. Thinking about her ass in them as I bent her over. She said men are pigs when an old guy stared at her chest. I agreed and said I'm not like them. To that she replied "but I know you noticed my tits." Which, I mean c'mon, you'd be blind if you didn't. A catchy song came on over the radio and she came into my aisle and shook her huge ass for me. She said it was hard to blow bubbles with her tongue pierced. I said I thought she was gonna talk about a different type of blow and after telling me she doesn't do that I said "damn, it's my favorite" and she said "mmm, perfect."

I kept hitting her ass with my drink bottle, I wanted to hit it with my cock before sliding it into her pussy. We went to walk into the back and she stopped and I ran into her, I said "oh you gonna bend over for me?" In return she took a step forward and bent completely over. Showing just the start of her huge ass. Unfortunately for me the store I work at sells lingerie in it as well. She pulled a sexy red bra attached to a small apron, put it over her body and asked "do you like this?" Later that night we were snap-chatting and she was drinking. She sent me a picture of her drinking, I said it looked wrong. She asked me "bad or good?" To that I said "very good." It made me think of her lips around my hard cock. At the end of the night I told her I was thinking about her.

The craziest part about all of this? She lives no more than 10 houses down from me. Every time I leave my house I look for her car to see if she's home, thinking maybe she's taking a shower or masturbating, I'd help her with that.

I work again Thursday. I'm anxious to see her.

I walk to work everyday, I leave my house and see she's not home. I get a large grin knowing that, yet again, I'll get to spend my long shift staring at her gorgeous body carved by Zeus himself.

I get to work and go to my usual post: Shoes. I hate working in shoes but the only good thing is she works in woman's clothing. No less than 10 feet from my section. I see her and immediately I get aroused. She looks ten times sexier than usual. Super tight black pants encase her lovely posterior and thick thighs. A tight baby blue top barely covers her huge breasts. Her amount of cleavage is higher than normal. I love it. I want her so bad. I feel like an animal trying to catch it's prey. I need her underneath me.

I close again and so does she. This night is different tho. We're all alone. The manager covering tonight doesn't give a crap about anything. So we basically do whatever. We close at 10 pm. It's 8 o'clock now, I'm sitting in the back. I hear the door swing open, "hey babe, what're you doing?" "Uh nothing really, just hanging out." She moves closer to me, just enough so that one of her massive tits is pressed against my arm, my cock starts to tingle. "Haha why are you so close to me?" I ask trying to not sound like I like it. "You're just really sexy, I don't wanna be away from you." She presses both of her tits against my arm. My cock starts to rise, begging to be let out. I laugh and reply "well good cause I want you close." She giggles and pushes me back against the wall, "what are you doing I ask?" Her wordless reply consists of her pulling up her shirt and letting her amazing mounds shrouded by a black lace bra that is so see-through I can see her perfect little nipples underneath it.

"We can't do it here? Can we?" I ask. She replies by grabbing my hand and pulling me into that back of the shoes section of the back, no cameras, completely surround by shoe boxes, it's a perfect fuck spot. She kisses me over and over. I kiss her neck and grab her perfect tits. They feel perfect. I pull her closer and press the bulge in my pants against the front of her pants. She wastes no time getting on her knees and unbuttons my pants.

"Wanna be my first blowjob?" She asks and winks. "I'd be the dumbest guy in the world if I said no." She pulls my pants down and gazes at the bulge my tight boxers are sporting. My cock is 8 inches hard, which is more than average but I guess it was the biggest she's ever had.

"Oh my god! Your cock is massive!" She pulls it out and it throbs and pulsates in her hands. "It's all for you." I answer. She smiles and leans in, this moment now marks the best in my life.

Her soft lips graze my head and even though my cock has only been in her hot mouth for a few seconds, it surpasses any blowjob I've ever had. She works my cock with one hand, sucks on my head, plays with her titties, and looks up at me the whole time. It's seriously almost too much. I reached down and unhook her sexy bra, "I wanna see more," I say. She replies wordless by letting the bra fall to the floor and uses both hands to squeeze her tits together and suck on my head. Her tongue ring is sliding against my sensitive underside. I look down at her "I want to fuck you," I mouth. "Mmm, promise me you'll fuck me good baby?" I say nothing, I make her stand up and bend her over the many shoe boxes and rip her pants down. Her ass is phenomenal. She's wearing a lace thong that after smacking her ass excessively, I move to the side so I can slide my cock into her sweet pussy like I've been fantasizing of for weeks. Her pussy is shaven, perfectly shaven. Her lips and clit are swollen to capacity. I laugh and say "oh I don't think it'll fit." To that she reaches behind her, grabs my hips and pulls me towards her, in turn making me penetrate her tight little slit. I groan deep in my throat. Her pussy is unlike anything I've ever felt. So tight if she wasn't soaking my cock wouldn't fit. I love being in her. "Now fuck me," she says. Id be crazy to say no. I grab her ass and start to thrust deep into her pussy. She and I have to be quiet cause there are a few fellow employees still in the back. I thrust my cock so hard into her, I literally pound her. I reach under and grab her massive tits as I fuck her little pussy. She moans, "harder, faster, oh yea, harder, don't stop." Since I'm still pretty young I haven't built up much stamina. So after maybe 10 minutes I groan, "oh I'm gonna cum baby!" She pulls me out, spins around, gets on her knees and takes my entire load of thick hot cum all over her face. It's drips onto her tits and she licks it off. Afterwards, she stand up, fixes herself and walks away. "Wait!" I yell, but it's too late, she's gone.

I didn't see her for the rest of my shift , I clock out at 10, go home, and lay in bed. Still shaken from earlier, thinking about it made me really horny again. I slide my boxers off and just as I'm about to start masturbating...

My cell phone vibrates...

It's her, my heart pounds, she's ten houses down probably naked or half.

Sent at 10:24 pm
Her: hey there my big cocked boy ;)

My cock stiffens to it's maximum level. I can't even think of what to say..

Sent at 10:26 pm
Me: hello there...

I wait for what seems like ever, maybe ten, twenty minutes later..

My phone goes again. It's her. But unlike normal, she attached a picture to the text of her in the apron she showed my earlier, her pussy is completely visible, her tits are practically popping out of it..

Sent at 10:48 pm
Her: come get some more ;)

Is she serious? Are we really gonna fuck in her house? I waste no time thinking. I throw some clothes on and rush out my front door..

I walk up to her house, knock on the door and wait. After what feels like forever the door slowly opens and it's her. She looks even hotter in person. The outfit is red and black polka-dots. Her huge DD tits are practically popping out. I can see the start of her pink nipples. For bottoms she has a red thong on that's completely see through. She has her beautiful blonde hair curled and is wearing very tall black high heels. I told her earlier in the week that I have a shoe fetish. Now she's using it against me.

"Hey baby boy," she says standing in the doorway. My jaw is dropped and on the floor but I quickly pick it up and walk inside. Her house is cute and clean. Basically what you'd expect from a girl like her. "Do you want something to drink?" She asks. Now she's just trying to tease me. "Uhm I guess I'll have some water, my mouths a little dry." I say. My cock is bulging against my jeans. I've never been so hard. I drink the water while she rests her hand on my huge bulge. She licks her lips and takes my hand and pulls me upstairs.

Her room is the same size as mine. Her huge bed takes up most of it tho. I look around her room and see a purple vibrator on her bedside table. "What is that for?" I ask like I don't know. "For when I want you and can't have you," she says and sits me on her bed. She kisses me a lot and then takes a step back and turns around. She backs her colossal ass to about an inch from my face. She shakes it right in my face. I grab it and bury my face into it. She pulls away and says "you can't touch just yet." She puts her enormous tits an inch from my face and squeezes them together and shakes them. Then she straddles over me and grinds on my hard dick still in my pants. I can't take it anymore. I need her so bad.

Lucky for me she gets off and gets down on her knees. She unbuttons my pants and slides them down. She then kisses and glides her tongue over my cock still covered by my boxers. "You ready for the best fuck you'll ever have?" She says. I don't even say anything and just nod. She slides my boxers down and my cock springs up practically hitting her face. She takes her pretty lips and slides them down my shaft. Her tongue ring glides along the bottom of my cock. She sucks my cock so hard and fast her tits bounce all over the place. She uses one hand to stroke my shaft while her lips are on my head, and her other hand is massaging my balls. "You are the best cock-sucker I've ever had!" I moan. She giggles with my cock still in her mouth and pushes me back onto her bed.

She stands up and pulls her tits out of the sexy bra attached to the apron. She lets a small amount of saliva drip down my shaft and then wraps her huge tits around my cock.
She slides her huge mounds up and down over my entire dick. She moans and bites her lip. My shaft practically disappears in the soft skin of her boobs. All I can see is my inflamed head peak it's way out of her cleavage.

She stops and gets on me, I guess I didn't notice while she was sucking my cock but she took her thong off. Her wet slit is resting against the head of my cock. "I'm gonna ride you like a fucking merry-go-round," she says as she slides my dick deep into her wet slit. She bounces up and down over and over again. Her soft pussy glides up and down every sensitive area on my cock. Her tits bounce up and down over and over again until I grab them, pull her forward and suck and lick her soft perky nipples. I flick my tongue back and forth on her sensitive areoles. She continues to grind her pussy on my cock. I reach around her and smack her ass over and over again. I think it's my turn to be in control.

"Get off of me," I say. "It's my turn now." She happily agrees and gets off. I practically throw her onto the bed, ass up. I spread her cheeks open and see her perfect little asshole. I drip saliva from my mouth onto it and lick around it in circles. She moans in shear ecstasy. I then slide my tongue down her ass to her pussy, it's beautiful. I spread her pussy open and flick my tongue on her swollen clit. She screams for me and I start to taste her sweet lady juices. I know she's ready.

I stand up and smack her ass over and over. Marking her ass as mine. With every smack it jiggles. She winces and bites her lip. I smack my cock gently against her pussy's hot entrance. As my cock enters her tight slit, she grabs the sheets and moans. I start thrusting immediately. My fingers are dug into her wide hips, pulling her onto me over and over. She screams my name along with many profanities over and over. I smack her ass as I fuck her. I grab a fistful of her hair and pull it back, making her able to see me as I fuck her. I've never fucked so hard in my life. My hips smacking against her ass makes a noise able to be heard throughout the whole house. I last so much longer then before, I make every thrust count. After about 45 minutes I start to reach my climax. "I need to cum!" She pulls out, drops on her knees faster than before and stroke my cock until my huge load explodes from my cock. I get it everywhere. In her hair, on her face, in her tits, and some even drips to her stomach. She licks the cum off and then shoves my still rock hard cock back into her mouth. I groan loud as I remember what I told her the other day..

"Yea sometimes if I'm really horny, right after I cum if you don't stop, I can cum again a minute or two later"

..her lips slide up and down my shaft as fast as she possibly can. She's not finished, she wants more. Tonight is definitely one of those nights. I feel buildup and I can tell it's gonna happen again. She grabs my sensitive balls and that does it for me. I moan "I'm gonna fucking cum again!" And she opens her mouth and let's my second huge load coat her tongue and she swallows it all. I feel so drained. I can't even talk. She stands up, kisses me, grabs my cock, and whispers in my ear..

"See you at work tomorrow."

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2013-11-22 01:23:47
Your writing style actually reminds me more of that of Mannard Poe.


2013-11-21 14:43:18
This story was confusing to read. You jumped around so much I lost interest. EdgarAllanPoo would be a better name for this story.

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2013-11-20 21:59:43
Pretty audacious to take Poe's name when you're nowhere near that caliber of talent.

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