Hello, zak here and just so you know this story has sex but not a lot if that's all you want, search on. This may be the last in this series but maybe not so look for the next story
Wiggle 3.2

Sara starred at Sam, he failed to speak. Sara went to the wall and grabbed a mounted pistol, the clip was loaded. He raised his hands in surrender. "You deserve the truth babe so ill tell you. When Bogdan ditched FSB he took files on conspiracies going on. Russia and some other countries are dealing to each other. Connected to the deals are what we have figured out to be shipments and meeting places and times. So how he got to America was by using an Underground Railroad of sorts. I was the last stop. Through a complicated side story of events I found out about what he did, stealing the files..." Sam said, "we decided to have a team put together. It consists of Bogs, Todd, me and some others you don't know. We take those shipment routes and rob the trucks. Effectively helping America from a multi-country terrorism conspiracy to over throw this country, and make us money by selling what we get to friendly countries and or this country.". Sara pondered what he said "what about the meetings?" She ask. "We do what's needed. Sometimes grabbing a guy, taking someone out...". Sara was dumb struck. She crossed to the counter grabbing Sam's keys.
She left the concrete hideout and with some work got a work bench on top of the concrete door in the floor. She then left in the challenger, with Sam trapped she could think without a doubt he would, much less could leave.

She drove around for 3 and a half hours going nowhere. Eventually she concluded she had to at least let him out.
She drove back to his garage and parked. When she got out she moved the work bench and opened the hatch. He was sitting on one of the steps, looking like he was thinking. When he saw Sara he raised his hands in surrender. "I've decided if you wanted to hurt me you could have already done it." Sara said. She dropped the gun and sat by Sam. He hugged her "I'd never hurt you..." He told her.
"I assume Bogdan knows I know."
"Ya but I made my point you be left alone.". He sounded so calm, like always. Never raising his voice or showing concern.

"So I'm safe?"
"From Bogdan, yes but, it's a dangerous occupation." Sam said. She nodded and stood up, Sam following. "What's back here then?" She asked referring to the mysterious door. "It's a sound proof room for... Housing people from work." He suggested. Sara knew exactly what he meant. Her face showed that she was appalled.

She walked into his room and laid down, think. "Lets go to Bogdan's, I want to see what he has to say." Sara said. Sam helped her up and they went to the club.

When they opened the door only Bogdan was there, in his safe haven. He looked angry, he opened the door. "Samuel we need to talk, alone!" He called from the top of the stairs. Sam motioned for me to wait and he climbed the stairs, pulling the door trying to shut it. It was just barley ajar. As they talked it was mostly inaudible but Sara could here some things. They started gesturing to each other, Sara, the whole building.

"She has compromised the whole plan!" She heard Bogdan scream at Sam. They continued gesturing and talking. After a few more minutes while Bogdan was talking Sam got an angry and offended look on his face. He reached into the back side of his waist band and pulled a gun out. He put it to Bogdan's head. "That is my girlfriend! You ever threaten her or even suggest something bad happen to her ever again, I will kill you! Right in this room."

Sara was shocked. He never raised his voice. She saw Sam cast him aside and walk out. He headed down the stairs, "lets go Sara." He said just as calm as ever. Sara got up and left with Sam.

The rest of the night Sara was scared. Sam wanted her to stay again. "Nah my mom is gonna be home tonight so I got to go." She lied.
He dropped her at the school by her car. She drove home in silence. The rest of the night once she got home she was weighing there relationship. 'He loves me. He pulled a gun on his best friend... But it was at my defense. What do I do?' She thought.

Sara went to bed still questioning what to do.
She woke up in the morning forgetting her dilemma. Her phone buzzed making her boobs jiggle a little. It was her friend Jen. 'Wanna hang?' It said. Sara entered in a yes and got ready for the day.
When she got the location she got in her car and drove there.

"Hey" Sara said as she sat down at a cafe.
"Hey" Jen replied "so I have a question, what's up with you and Sam we saw you leave with him Friday, and your car was at the school over night. "
Sara suddenly remembered her problem. "Nothing" Sara responded dodging the question.

The rest of their brunch wasn't about Sam but Jen kept coming back to it.

Sara talked to Sam on the phone and at school but didnt go to his house for a month.
She finally decided to go to his house, having something to tell him.

She stopped outside and opened the doors to the garage. Sam was in there, but now instead of the instead of the challenger there was a black skyline in the garage. "Todd bailed I've gotta take his place tonight." He said knowing it was Sara.

She then made the decision to trust Sam. She walked up to him and looked under the hood. "My boy friend knows less than I do about cars." She said. He gave her a quizzical look. She pointed to the tank he was installing, "you want a dual exaust turbo nos tank, not that..." He gave her another look, this time surprised. "One of my guy friends is into racing. I picked up some things while watching." He nodded, accepting it.

He closed the hood when he finished. He wiped the grease on his jeans. When he walked by his room Sara hooked his shirt and pulled him in.
Sara pulled off her shirt quickly exposing her bra less tits. Sam's eyes widened.
"Sara I need to focus for tonight.. I... I can't have this distraction." He said hesitantly
"Your the most focused man I know" she said as she unbuttoned his jeans, pulling them down. She dropped her shorts and panties then laid down. Sam reluctantly went up to her and slid in.

"Uhh Sammy ur so big!" Sara moaned. He started pumping her fast. Neither lasted long, blowing within a minute. She went on her knees and cleaned his cock, then used a towel to clean there cum out of her pussy.

"I have something to tell you... Remember last month when we had sex? Well..." Sara rubbed her stomach. Sam was shocked "can we talk when I get home?" Sara nodded.

She flipped on the tv just as Sam said he had to leave for the job. "Ill be waiting here." She said. They exchanged ''love you's'' and he left.

Sara opened her eye to a persistent knocking. She looked at the clock, 330am. She put on a robe to cover her naked body. She opened the locked concrete hatch.

It was Bogdan. "Sara he's gone. He was distracted all night, his driving was sloppy compared to usual. The truck forced him off the road, his car flipped. I pulled back but he wasn't in his car... He was just gone. There was a trail of his blood but the cops were coming. I had to leave"
Sara's eyes became so wide "Sam? Is gone?" She immediately started dressing "take me there NOW!".
He caught her as she was charging out. "I watch the area for 2 hours, CSI is all over... Sara he's gone."
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