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Alex's Ruined Life 3

Contains: Incest, Snuff, Scat, Urine, Abuse, and other nasty things that you may not like.

Sorry for the long wait guys, I just haven't felt the urge to write recently. But I thought I'd at least put this up, so let me know what you thought. Send me messages! Nothing motivates me more then seeing how much you guys enjoy these sick stories, so if I get a little feedback I'll be more inclined to write some!

Picking up where we left off in part 2...

With his mother and bullies returning home to fuck again, Alex was now alone with his defeated father. Still knocked out from the drugs, he slept rather peacefully. Droplets of cum and sweat stained his sheets, as well as his face and hair. In the corner was Alex's own shameful cum stains, from where he thought they killed his father, causing him to erupt across the floor. He couldn't believe such a horrible thought had caused him to cum so intensely.

With everyone gone, Alex felt he should try and make up for what he had done. Starting with cleaning Daquan's thick cum and ass sweat from his father's face, once finished he wiped up his own load from the floor and flushed it down the small room's toilet. A few spurts from an air freshener later, the pungent smell of sweat and sex was no more. Alex still felt bad for what had happened however, he hadn't even tried to stop them from fucking on top of his dad. His own orgasm had awoken something inside him, something that made him unafraid of sexual acts with others. No longer afraid to take a chance, he felt that his daddy shouldn't be the only one not to blow a load.

Swallowing his fear he pulled back the sheets to find his father wasn't wearing pajama bottoms. Was this hospital rules he thought? Regardless, his father's shaven cock looked very inviting to him, taking it in both hands he moved his face closer until he could smell his musk. Licking the head first, Alex slowly worked his tongue around every inch until his father's cock had become hard. Rubbing and squeezing his dad's balls, Alex pushed the short fat cock into his warm mouth and began sucking generously. This wasn't the first time he had sucked a cock, back in school he had given head to a P.E teacher in exchange for a passing grade.

Alex had become so lost in working the short fat cock before him, he never noticed the nurse when she returned. When he did notice her the surprise made him gag on his father's cock, the nurse just smiled at him and let him catch his breath. "I guess we need to have a talk about what happened huh?" She said, sitting on the bed next to Alex who still held his father's cock. Alex continued to slowly stroke his dad's cock as they talked, explaining everything that had happened. Meanwhile...


Back at Alex's home, his mother and bullies had recently returned. Laughter filled the house, along with cheers and talk of what would happen next. "I can't believe how great that was!" Zack cheered, squeezing the mother's tits as she sat on his lap. "I bet that fag is still crying over his poor dead daddy." Daquan laughed back, taking his cock out. They had left in such a rush they never noticed Alex's father was still alive and breathing. "They'll be calling soon to tell me my poor stupid husband has passed away, I'll ignore it. Let's go fuck on Alex's bed!" The mother cried out, jumping to her feet.


Back at the hospital Alex sucked lightly on his father's cock while the nurse spoke. " Once he's awake you two should come up with a plan on how to deal with your mother and bullies. " Alex mumbled a response as he pushed the dick to the back of his throat again. "Unless you want it to continue of course, you came so much when you thought I had killed him." Taking the cock out of his mouth, he waited a second before speaking. "How come you didn't? It looked like you really wanted too." He asked. She smiled at him before placing a hand on the back of his head, and pushed him back onto his dad's dick. "You would be surprised at the sex that goes on around this hospital, but I've never killed a patient and I don't plan too. If you really want to watch your dad die, I'm sure your bullies will help you." She laughed, as Alex adjusted his own cock and sucked harder.

It was about this time that the cock he was holding started to spasm and several gushes later Alex had a mouthful of his dad's cum to swallow. He moaned as he swallowed it, and had only just finished when he noticed his dad was awake and smiling at him. Over the next hour they spoke about his mom betraying them, his bullies ruining them, the nurse helping them, and Alex sucking him. It was clear from the second he had swallowed his dad's cum that his dad didn't mind at all, and from that point they started planning on how they could deal with the current situation.

The nurse had just left to make a few rounds when Alex spoke up again. "So um, what's our plan?" His dad looked down at his own beaten and painfully sore body, deep in thought. "We're clearly no match for them physically, they're stronger and faster." He said at last. "But we're smarter right?" Alex said bending over the bed slightly, his father's hand squeezing his round asscheek. "Yes we are, they think I'm dead and probably think you wont come back home, we can use that to our advantage." Alex's face flushed more as a finger pushed into his backside. "Uhmm.. So am I going back home?" His father smiled at Alex's clear enjoyment, and started fingering him faster. "Tomorrow you'll go home, for the rest of today we're gonna plan, and I'm going to have some fun with you." Alex released a suppressed moan of pleasure as another finger pushed into him..


Back at home, the bullies were in full swing of trashing Alex's room and destroying his mother. Zack had just pulled his cum drenched cock out of her stretched pussy, grabbing Alex's bed pillow he used it to clean his cock, then used the other side to wipe the sweat from his asscrack. Daquan's cock plunged into her pussy next, sloppy seconds were no problem for the young black stud. As they fucked and moans filled the room, Zack took notice of all Alex's treasured games and collectibles. Some of his sketch pads laid open, next to his expensive video games, Zack scoffed and felt the strong urge to piss, where better? Alex's hard work was erased from the sketch pads as hot piss sprayed across everything: his drawings, his games, even his laptop wasn't spared as piss flooded the keys and splashed across the screen.

After shaking the few drops of piss off onto the floor, Zack resumed his fun with the mother, getting his ass in her face she happily shoved her tongue into his smelly hole. "This is fun and all, but I want that faggot here, makes it much better to know he's watching and dying inside." Zack said as her tongue sunk into his hole again. "I bet if we pushed him enough he might kill himself!" Daquan added, thrusting hard agian. "Fuck wouldn't that be great! Okay when we're done here, let's head back and get him." Just then, the phone rang...


"Are you sure about this?" Alex asked while rubbing his father's cock across his face. "It's the only thing I can think of." His father replied. During their father-son "bonding" they constantly tried coming up with plans on how to get back at the bullies. Finally the idea of setting up hidden cameras, and filming them while they abused and attacked Alex and his dad again popped up. Alex was worried about his father's safety, even if his cock wasn't. His father couldn't garentee his own safety, but if they could catch them on camera, it would be worth it. Alex licked across his cock again. "I guess I'll go call them." He said, before leaning up and giving his father a kiss.

Pushing his hard dick back into his pants he left the room and walked to the lobby where phones were set up. He would have used his cell phone, but Zack had stolen it weeks earlier. For a moment, Alex waited and thought of what he could say, he needed to make everything work. A flash of his bullies snuffing his father popped in his mind, and his cock responded with a hard throb. Picking up the phone he dialed his house, his dick still swollen and hard from earlier.


"Hello?" Zack answered. "Um hey, Zack it's me Alex." Zack shifted his stance, allowing the mother to get her tongue deeper into his ass. "Hey faggot how's daddy?" Zack laughed, assuming he was dead. Alex could hear his mother moaning in the background, clearly being fucked again. "Well um, he's still alive." Zack was stunned silent for a moment, then took a few steps forward causing the mother to lose her grip and slump against the floor, Daquan's cock still ramming her. "I thought the nurse ended that loser." He said aggravated. "I did too, but uh he's doing fine.." Zack remained silent, thinking about his options. " They said he could come home in a couple days, um.. You could, uh, snuff him then?" Alex said breathlessly, he was now stroking himself through his pants, catching the eyes of people passing by. A large smile crossed Zack's face. "You want us too?" He asked. Behind him Alex's mother had reached a high squeal forcing him to take the phone outside of the room. "Well, um, maybe.." Alex answered shyly.

Zack and Alex spoke for only a few minutes, but Alex was able to convince Zack that they should visit his dad again in the hospital. Under the idea that his dad wanted to try and talk to them instead of just going to the police. Alex was afraid the plan wouldn't work, who in their right mind wouldn't go straight to the cops after everything that had happened. However Zack never saw through this ruse, and agreed to visit tomorrow. During their conversation Alex could still hear his mother in the background, screaming from her apparent orgasm. "Okay loser I need to get back in your bed and fuck your mom, see you tomorrow." Zack finally said before hanging up on him. Breathing a sigh of relief, Alex headed back to his father's room to explain.


The next day sprang up and soon it was time to put their plan into motion, but Alex wasn't without his doubts. "Dad I'm worried they're gonna snuff you." Alex mumbled as his tongue pulled out of his dad's wet hole. "Don't be, as long as we get them on film, it will be worth it." He replied. Alex nuzzled his nose into his dad's unwashed asscrack, and another dark thought popped into his head. If they managed to catch Zack and Daquan snuffing his dad on film, would he have enough time to rewatch it before turning it in? His thoughts were interrupted however as his father started to cum, straining hard as he did. A loud fart escaped his ass and hit Alex straight in the face, as ropes of cum landed across the top of his hair. "Sorry about that.." His dad laughed as Alex licked his cock clean. "I've had worse." He replied with a wink.

Only a few minutes later the nurse walked in, clearly excited. "We just got a message for you." She said, getting their attention. "They're on their way." She said smiling. Alex quickly cleaned himself up, and helped his dad as well. Then gave him a big hug and a kiss, before walking up to the nurse. "Don't let them snuff him, okay?" He asked jokingly. She smiled wide before replying. "No promises, just because I wont kill a patient doesn't mean I haven't watched others do it." She giggled. Alex tried to hide his excitement as fear, and looked to his father worryingly. "Don't worry just get the cameras ready." His dad said smiling. Alex nodded and left to hail a cab.


As Alex rushed home, Zack, his mother, and Daquan drove back to the hospital. Alex returned home to find it as they planned: empty. Stepping into the house, the strong odor of piss and sex filled his nose. Returning to his bedroom he found it completely wrecked, his games pissed on, his pillow smeared with cum and skid marks, and his laptop smashed on the floor, not to mention all his clothes thrown everywhere. He felt a strong urge of shame at the thought, but he couldn't resist pushing his nose into the pillow and inhaling the smells. Another strong urge of shame came when he noticed something they had left for him. A very large pile of shit sat on his desk, still hot and wet. The large pile was made of two separate dumps, one was dark brown and chunky, the other looked very close to peanut butter, in color and texture. Alex leaned in closer, his nose only a few inches away, as his cock drooled pre-cum. Which of them had done it? Zack for sure, but the other? Daquan didn't seem as kinky, but the only other person was his own mother.

He hated himself, but his cock wouldn't be denied it's pleasure. Stroking himself he leaned into the left side and felt his nose push into the warm gooey pile, then licked a small chunky piece into his mouth. He wrapped his tongue around the small gooey piece and sucked, chewed, and savored the flavor before swallowing it. The taste was unbelievable, it had to be his dicks influence that made it so delicious he thought. Regardless he leaned in for another dark chunky piece, only a larger one this time. His cock had a steady stream drooling from the tip, throbbing every few seconds. After the second piece of the dark chunky side, he couldn't wait for the slimy coiled up peanut butter side of the pile.

With his heart thumping hard, knowing this could be his own mother's shit, or one of the bullies who wanted to kill his dad, Alex pushed his mouth down over the pile. Pulling away with a mouthful, he found it even better then the dark chunky kind. His mouth overflowed and he drooled down his own shirt as he worked the soft excrement around in his mouth, his eyes rolling back as he swallowed several times until his mouth was empty. He knew that Zack and the others must have reached his father by now, and that he needed to hurry up with his plans. Giving the large mound of shit a shamful kiss, he stood and set off to retrieve the cameras.

He found them piled together in a closet, and the next step was to hide them around the house, and try to capture them in the act of doing anything that would put them in jail. Luckily Alex's dad had loved video cameras, and had a large collection of different models. Finding them, and putting fresh tapes in them was next, along with charging any batteries that were low, once again luck was on his side as most were close to fully charged. He then set about putting them in hidden places that they wouldn't notice, an unused cabinet, a very bushy house plant, and under the couch. Even if their actions weren't seen, they could at least be heard.

With them in place, he set them to sleep mode so that when they returned with his father, all he would have to do is find a safe moment, and hit the record button. With the lowest quality selected, it would record for hours before running out, this was his best chance. He then cleaned the dried scat from his face, and quickly brushed his teeth to take away the odor in his mouth. A clean shirt later, and he had left the house as it was and headed back to the hospital, everything accomplished in under 30 minutes.

Back in the hospital, Alex's dad laid in the bed waiting on their arrival. It wasn't long before the door opened and his wife, Zack, and Daquan stepped in, with the nurse right behind them. He watched his wife hug on, and squeeze Zack, just as the nurse was squeezing Daquan's cock through his loose pants. "Awake now eh, faggot?" Zack laughed, giving his wife's ass a squeeze. "No hard feelings right?" Zack said next, giving his wife a long open mouth kiss. Alex's dad knew he should be more jealous, but after playing with his own son, it had left him still horny and he was able to keep his cool while he spoke. "Yeah.." was all he said. It wasn't until now that they noticed Alex wasn't there. "Hey where's the little fag at?" Daquan asked the father. "Left for the cafeteria before you got here." He replied.

"Well since you're awake, this will be more fun.." Zack said, stepping over to the bed. Alex's dad pressed himself into the bed in fear, trying to back away. They all enjoyed watching him cower in fear, even the nurse. "You guys don't have to do this, I wont press charges or tell anyone.." He whimpered out. More laughter followed, and Zack leaned in face to face with him. The father's breathing was short and quick, fueled by fear of what would happen, he also strained to hide his erection. Then a great wave of relief washed over him, as all Zack did was spit onto his face. Which caused moans from the women, who rubbed themselves.

"We wont stay long, we have a lot to plan for tomorrow." Zack said winking. "Awe common man, let's at least give the poor guy a show before we leave." Daquan said while groping the nurses breast. "Hmm. Kay I got an idea.." Zack replied, then pointed to both sides of the bed, and made a jerking motion with his hand. The women got the message right away and dropped to their knees beside the head of the bed. Daquan and Zack dropped their pants and stepped out of them, joining the women on both sides. Due to the small side of the room, the Father now had two cocks pointing at his face from both sides. He tilted his head left to watch his wife as she jerked the bully's cock at his face, his big balls swinging wildly. Tilting his head right he could see Daquan's large black cock, and the nurse happily stroking it. It was then almost a competition on who could make their man cum first.
His wife started using both hands on Zack's cock, the nurse followed right after. Then she tried squeezing his balls, and again the nurse repeated. Finally the Father watched his wife's head dissapear behind the ass of Zack, and he knew she must be licking his asshole, the nurse did the same. "Ooh yeah, this is great." Daquan said leaning forward getting the tip of his cock to touch Alex's father's right cheek. Zack laughed and did the same, now both drooling cocks touched his face. He closed his eyes and pretended to hate the treatment, knowing it would entice them more.

"Fuck yeah..Got a good idea, jerk harder girls, make him feel it." Zack said, smiling down at the scared looking father, as the women's hands started covering more distance over their cocks, their fists starting hitting him in the face. laughter filled the room, but soon both bullies were close to busting their nuts. The father couldn't help himself, he opened his eyes and stared straight into the piss slit of Zack's cock, knowing what would happen. Grabbing a fist full of his hair, Zack held him in place as he roared and shot cum straight into the father's eyes and up his nose. Daquan followed next, making him turn to face his cock before shooting off across his face and drenching the sheets.

"See you tomorrow faggot." Zack said as they re-dressed and slowly left, leaving the nurse behind. Once he was sure they were gone, he sighed a breath of relief and started to slowly rub his own cock. The nurse smiled and stepped over to him, whipping the cum from his face with her finger to taste.

Nearly ten minutes later, Alex barged in expecting to see his father dead. He was mostly relieved to find him alive, and a little disappointed. But he tried to ignore that thought, and told his father that everything had gone great. Tomorrow would be the day everything came together, just as long as nothing went wrong..

Thanks for reading guys, I hope you enjoyed this one.

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