Leaving my home, my daughter and wife, and all the young sex, I went away to decide if indeed this was my Path to tread....
(I had begun fantasizing as a substitute for real sex; no names, no faces, but they were all young - well, girls….just fantasies….but my own daughter and her school friends began turning those into a new reality…. And now my fantasies kept being turned into Real situations so fast, I was becoming consumed by them and not sure I could distinguish one from the other anymore….)


The Opening
[From Ch. 4: Tina had told me she was a virgin and her mother had said she was ‘too small’ and I knew, if I ignored that, then it would be a rape, and I wasn’t going to do that.
Fondling her breasts, fucking Yoni, didn’t seem quite the same as a 9y.o. virgin being forced apart by an old man’s cock; I knew what I had to do.

I wrote a note, letter really, to Sam [my daughter] and placed it on her pillow. Then I sent my wife a text message saying what I had prepared to tell Ming [housekeeper]…. I was ‘going away, just for 2-3 days’; I gave her money, asked if she could stay here and take care of Sam, her mother/my wife – who I had told by phone message already – and, of course, Yoni.
It was odd, but Ming didn’t ask ‘why, Khun Steve?’ and I silently smiled my thanks for that.
…. went down to my car and drove out, my phone turned off.
It was up to me to decide where my life was going – and I had to be alone to do that….)

Part 1

It was essentially an automatic drive, one I had done quite a few times when needing to think, often before late at night, little traffic, few police bothering anyone.
All I needed was a stop at a 7-Eleven for some cans of beer; alone driving, I always had beer, too many these days but never got drunk and, in all seriousness – not a drunk’s seriousness – I was a very good driver, far better than most Thais I have to say, so my vision was always attuned to what stupid act another driver of a car, motorcycle, truck or bus might be about to do, not only in front/behind/next to me, but some distance ahead and behind.
Beer didn’t impede my senses or my well-drilled driving practices. I just shook my head at others.
I generally sat on or close to the limit, but never hogged the r/h fast lane, using it for overtaking a slower vehicle and then signalling a return to the middle, cruising lane.
A trip to the seaside where I normally went on these sojourns was about 2 hours, dependant on traffic conditions, and enjoyable for most: reasonable expressway road conditions, though hardly of mint standard construction quality, and of course no traffic lights – a much-loved feature of Bangkok!

But I wasn’t coming here for just a nice drive with a beer to hand, or a swim in the possibly-clean water; I had to think, but not while driving so I pushed away the start of those thoughts by concentrating more and turning my CDs of Pink Floyd and Metallica louder still.
Until I reached my necessary first stop and turned the music off and the beer away: a Wat (Temple) to which I often came for some solitude, for 5 minutes or 5 hours, before driving home.

I had been coming here for years since stumbling across it (sober) one trip; there were a lot of dogs milling about that first time but a monk soon appeared and sent them away and invited me to do as I liked, pray, sit, talk…whatever I required, with a monk or alone.
The dogs never bothered me again.

Normally, I chose alone, sitting in the lotus position and making my obeisance to Buddha. I was a Buddhist by choice – born and raised as a Protestant, but chose my own path after journeying through Nepal, India, and now for a long time, in Thailand.
And normally, I chose to be alone and silent with my thoughts; no ‘I wish this’ did I ever ask of Buddha; only contemplation, and so I was choosing and doing this day.

‘I have been fucking young girls; is this acceptable?’
‘But today I didn’t fuck an offered cunt; she was only 9 years old, a virgin and her mother had told her she was ‘too small’ – this would have been rape, my conscience said, and I couldn’t; was this correct?’
‘These are almost dreams and fantasies I have had – because, you know before – I do not have sex any more with my wife – but these fantasies are becoming Real, and part of my daily, normal Life; is this Real and acceptable, to live one’s Fantasies like I am?’
‘Am I going into a world where Fantasy meets Reality; is this the world of the insane – where my mind cannot distinguish one from the other?’
‘Should I worry about this – or accept this?’

I sat for a long time, not ‘wishing’ for an answer; trying to stay calm and wait: if an answer came, it came; if not, then it wasn’t meant to come at this time.

Part 2

Sleeping in my car after this was not an option: hot, mosquitoes, uncomfortable…I drove on and booked into a little camping/bungalow resort I knew, across the road from the beach at Bang Saen, where I had bought Samantha since she was very young.
It was my refuge from city life.
I checked in, chose a bungalow/cabin really, in the middle, not too close to the noisy road and not so far I couldn’t easily walk to the beach (and had a mini-mart close by for essentials…beer for one.)
I didn’t eat, showered and went to sleep for the night; a troubled, restless sleep, full of demons castigating me and angels giving me solace through their bodies, all young and smooth and offered freely of themselves….I woke un-rested, un-refreshed, without answers….
Breakfast was a café and cigarette; I washed my clothes from yesterday, put on only shorts and tried to read a book….waiting for a sign, an answer to …what is my question exactly?

There was a hammock strung in the trees under the shade outside my door; I left my t-shirt off, put a small table beside the hammock, a beer on it, ashtray and cigarettes, and climbed in, gently swinging so as to keep clear of the table, but close enough to reach it.
My mind needed to go blank, so I ignored the cigarettes and beer and just lay there, breathing shallowly and evenly, relaxed and drowsy, ready for whatever might come to aid me….

“Hi” wasn’t quite what I might have expected.

I didn’t exactly fall out of the hammock, but it swayed precariously as I rolled to see the owner of the voice: a young girl, 2 actually – twins surely – standing a few feet away, in identical one-piece swimsuits showing off their young – almost or teenage – bodies, long black hair falling down almost covering lumps in the right places on their chests and lower to protruding camel’s toes aching to be released from the material enfolding their lips.
My cock reacted – and I knew any answer I was seeking was now pushed away into the recesses for another while.
“Hi” I responded, smiling, “Sawasdee krub; I am Khun Steve, who are you girls and how old are you?”

“I am Tam” and “I am Tim”; gosh, Tim Tam biscuits were popular when I was a child: 2 slices of biscuit stuck together with a strawberry filling!
“I am 12, and older”; “yeah right - by 10 minutes!”
“Well, I am – and I have bigger boobs!” “And I kiss better – all the men say so!”
“That’s because you’re a slut and give it to any man who asks; I choose who I want.” “Bull, you’re the same as me: you just make the game a little harder, bitch!”
“Girls, girls; please stop arguing! I still don’t know who is who, but I don’t want to get a headache over it, especially not when I wanted some peace and quiet to just think all by myself; please.”
They fell silent, vaguely contrite, and I took a big breath, “Thank you, now – can we have a civil conversation, or is it better you go away home and leave me to the peace I was enjoying before you arrived?”

Perhaps 30 seconds later, one of them bowed and said “Sawasdee Ka, Khun Steve; I am Tim – with the bigger breasts.” My cock looked at her breasts, eyes following: ok, slightly bigger than her twin sister – I will recognise her if I look hard, longingly, at her small breasts.
“Sawasdee Ka, Khun Steve; I am Tam, and you are welcome to me.” My cock surged at the open invitation evident in her greeting, and I expected to recognise Tam quite easily also.

“Ok, thank you, Tim and Tam, I think now I will know who is which; where are you staying?”
Tim: “just there, that bungalow, that’s why we saw you; we thought you might be lonely Khun Steve; are you?”
“I wasn’t, no; maybe now, yes. But I was close to meditating – or perhaps falling asleep – and now I think I will go inside and have a sleep, maybe dream; see you girls later perhaps….”
“Have a good dream, Khun Steve – maybe of me….” Tam thrust out her hips and groin at me – gosh, did she also open that to ‘any man who asks’?
Tim responded quickly “But, if you like breasts, dream of me Khun Steve” and she lifted her small breasts up with her hands to produce a crease between them above the neckline of her swimsuit: I do like breasts, I thought….
“Perhaps I will dream of you both, girls; see you later.”
“Soon” and “Soon” came back at me.

I actually did sleep for an hour, without dreams of any kind thankfully, so at least my mind had some small respite from both thoughts and unanswered questions.

A clean-up and café later, it was still only late morning and I changed into costumes and went for a swim.
The tide was out, so after throwing my towel and outer clothes on a chair under the umbrellas, paying for their use and ordering a bottle of beer and ice, I began the long walk out to find the water.
I didn’t reach half-way, water about ankle height, before 2 splashing nymphs ran close and wet me, giggling and saying “Sawasdee ka, Khun Steve, nice to see you…” “See, we told you it would be soon!”
“Ah yes, thanks girls, I was coming in to cool off; come on, race you to the water!” I took off, not because I wanted a race but to avoid Tim and Tam seeing the erection blossom in my costumes at the sight of them – getting into waist-high water was a necessity and my priority at this moment.

Diving under as soon as the level reached my thighs, I swam under for a few more strokes and came up, thankfully finding if I sat on the bottom, the water was chest-high and obscuring at least my lower body, before the girls came swimming up to me.
Tim (remember: the breasts) clasped me around the neck on one side, those breasts against my arm, rubbing from my back around, and she saw the effect when my eyes rolled; but then Tam undid all the hiding of my cock by just plonking her groin down in my lap, right on top of a penis aching to be freed.
She looked up into my eyes, now focused down to her, and smiled, grinding her pelvis on me, knowingly.

“He likes us Tim”; “Yes, Tam, I saw it and I guess you are feeling it.”
“Oh yes, he likes us a lot, and he is very big Tim…want to feel?”
I was mute as these 2 bantered about my emotions and my body: 12y.o. and they could read me, feel me, like a text book they themselves may well have written; how do young girls get this experience and knowledge?

There is something more erotic about sex in the water: the buoyancy aiding movement, even when the female body only weighs perhaps 30kgs; the secretive nature when cock joins cunt beneath the lapping water, yet all appears normal above; hands which can fondle but look unnatural as they explore through the moving, shimmering medium of liquid; and there is no cleaning up afterwards as the fluids are dispersed around the planet.

Since Tam was there, it was her pulled aside costume which first bared a cunt to my cock when I released it from its own confining costumes and let it plunge up to its natural home.
Tam was not a virgin, certainly, but previous entrants to her body must have been - forgive me whoever you were - somewhat smaller and she had a deal of grinding down to do to get my cock up high inside her, but she did, with a final bounce and a satisfied sigh and smile on her face as she sat with her back to me, facing outwards but turning her mouth for a kiss.
“That feels very, very nice, Khun Steve; I am very happy we met.”

Meanwhile, Tim, perhaps through doing this with her twin sister before, busied herself getting my 2 hands in either side of her costume to enclose her breasts; I was eager to do so, especially when I found nipples just waiting there for me to arouse to pointed hardness between my fingers causing her groan of delight.
They were small but malleable, as youngsters’ blooming buds are, and she appeared to enjoy my hands and fingers on them, gently, firmly, pulling nipples a little, or just stroking lightly.
Tam I didn’t worry too much about: my cock was hard and would remain so, I thought, and she was doing enough bouncing for her own muted orgasm to roll in over her, like the small wavelets around us, and as they came in a never-ending cycle, so she seemed to be able to relax and peak of her own accord; she had stamina, I will certainly grant her this!

But when a long pair of legs appeared alongside my head and a bulging crotch right in in line with my eyes, I thought I was in deep….
It was a woman’s voice which spoke seductively from the mouth above us, but surely it was a man’s cock inside the costumes so close to my face….
“So, you were right girls: he came for a swim, and you found him; but couldn’t you have invited me to share him also?”
Tam was too busy reaching another orgasm to respond, so Tim sighed and said, with something like exasperation in her voice, “Mum, we found him first, so he is ours; go and find your own – and take your cock out of his face please.”
Tam did add “Ours, Mummy….”

What are they talking about – a stray dog, I wondered?

“Oh, Timmy, don’t be like that, please – just let his mouth do me for a few minutes and I will go away, promise! Look, his cock is busy in Tam, his hands on your tits – his mouth is free, please Timmy….”

No, not a stray dog – just a stray man fucking young girls and about to be told to….

“Oh, Khun Steve, give her what she wants please so she will leave us alone….”
With that, the legs straddled me, and standing there their mother’s cock was pulled roughly to the side of high-waist cut costumes, sheer black like the 2 girls, and pushed against my mouth.
It bobbed there at my lips as I looked down at it; it was semi-hard, not too long but quite stubby, and cut like my own, not an unattractive ‘thing’ to allow into my body via my mouth….

(I had been sucked off before, by some or all of the young men working at the pool bar in the apartments – Dang, Tare and young Mac – but I was not sure if I had ever done a man’s cock: plenty of cunts sucked, but my recent sex life was so full of new experiences, I no longer thought of anything as might have been previously ‘taboo’ or ‘frowned upon’ or plain illegal….)

….so I opened my mouth and sucked it in: the cock of their mother – but I didn’t even ponder on the transsexual/transvestite/katoy/male/female issue – I just sucked it in until I felt bristly, shaved hairs tickle under my nose.
She sighed as I easily swallowed her length, mindful of my inexperienced throat – but this cock was enclosed and only slid along the insides of my mouth, no deeper at this stage, so I sucked and licked from piss-hole and head to the roots of her and found 2 small nuts in their sack outside my lips which I also swallowed within; it wasn’t unpleasant to me and seemed very pleasant to the owner standing above.

I didn’t see when Tam rolled off me, painfully stretching my own cock to the side before she slipped off; I also didn’t see when Tim removed my hands from her nipples - gosh they had grown big in my fingers – but I felt her body moving around me and down to grab my still-prepared prick and shove it up as she sat on me, but I knew she was facing me so my hands went back inside her costumes, then out and I pulled her shoulder straps down and exposed her little breasts to the water and to the full manipulation of my hands and fingers.

The girls seemed to be correct about each other: Tim had a deal more trouble getting much more than half my length inside, but it must have felt exciting enough probing the width and depth of her to cause pleasure, if not painful pleasure, and she groaned and I felt her slump forward.
She must have pressed her head to her mother’s bum because I felt a jolt of cock in my mouth, driving it forward, but I pulled my head back, slid back to the tip and slowly let my head slide back up along the forced length of a now fully-erect cock I thought; funny shape – bowed up like a curved banana, so I sucked it like one, vaguely wondering what it might feel like bowing up, like a banana, inside my male love-box…hmmm.

I didn’t have time to consider anything more as I felt the first ejaculation of a male inside my mouth (I think). It came from those nuts: I felt them swell a little, the cock pulse, and as with my own cock, I knew they were releasing….Am I swallowing little sperm-fish, I wondered stupidly?
Her bursts were neither strong nor was there too much to swallow, so I was feeling quite proud of myself when I felt the cock dribbling and wilting quickly in my mouth. I eased off the sucking pressure and just licked with my tongue gently as now the mouth above began huffing and puffing, before pulling her cock out and falling to the side into the deeper water.

2 down, one to go; I didn’t really think of them like this, callously, but the thought popped into my head – and I do like to give satisfaction to whoever is my sexual partner before I concern myself with any pleasure I might want of my own; today, I felt no particular need to cum, so Tim was 1 of 3 remaining to give pleasure to.

My hands came from her boobs and I placed them on her shoulders, gently easing pressure downwards; she groaned and gasped, but then I stiffened my thighs under her and thrust them upwards as I suddenly pushed her body on my cock’s length.
She squeaked, not squealed, let out a ‘whoosh’ from her mouth and went on with groans and moans as I relaxed my pressures, but pushed up and in her from my legs movements.
“I can’t” she quietly said, her face now pressed into my neck, “too big” and I let her relax and stopped fucking her.
“Ok, don’t worry young Tim; I am not big, but you are very small….another time when you are older, perhaps….”
“Khun Steve” she gasped, “Don’t tell Tam I couldn’t – please?”
I chuckled quietly, “Of course not nong Tim; our secret, and I will say you are a wonderful lover – as indeed you are, and with bigger breasts, lovely breasts, and gorgeous nipples!”
“Now, let’s say you roll off with a big happy sigh and we all clean up and get out before the police come!”

And so we did; now I had a chance to look at their mother’s body and face: all Woman: a beautiful woman – except for that cock in her costumes. Ok, life as she chooses, just as mine is….

‘….just as mine is….’ Is that my answer, that my life is just that: my life as it now is, and I should just accept the status quo?

Part 3

The question was back as I squashed my still rigid cock back in my costumes, swam a few strokes away as the girls and their mother adjusted their own costumes and lay there in the cleansing water as they all stood, turned as one to smile at me, and then walked back through the shallow water to the beach.
3 lithe female bodies; I did enjoy the view.

I let them go and waited, mostly for my cock to gradually ease itself down to a size which wouldn’t look like a predatory snake on the prowl to anyone who might see me coming from the water.
My beer was waiting, hardly cold now, so I asked for a new bucket of ice after towelling off and relaxing down into my reclining chair.

A teenage girl brought it to me, even serving ice into my glass and pouring beer over it – unusual service for the beach. As she leaned down beside me, my eyes found themselves noticing the jiggle of her full breasts in her t-shirt: no bra, also unusual for a Thai girl; my cock gave a lurch immediately - the snake had re-woken – and was no more than 20cms from her face as she slowly topped up my glass.

“Anything else, Khun, just give me a nod” she said, looking at my groin as if the ‘nod’ would come from there.
I fished in my shorts, on the chair beside me, and gave her a 100baht note, way too much, but I waved away her protests and smiled as she quickly skipped away – which is what I had needed her to do: remove her temptations from my cock’s vicinity and from my mind’s depravities.

So, if I had an answer – well, clearly it meant that not a minute could pass me by without some form of sexual activity happening around me.
It also meant I should buy larger sized costumes, underwear, baggy shorts, long t-shirts…a lock and chain perhaps, but certainly clothes to hide the aroused cock which was the physical manifestation of my mind’s constant fantasies when youngsters were around.
The alternative was to become a lone hermit and wander the desert for years to come….

The problem was: I enjoyed my life as it now was – so that seemed to justify my Life, did it not?

And so, when the bottle was empty, I looked around and gave a nod – of my head – and a wave – of my hand – to seek a refill from my most recent cock-stirring fantasy.
When she came, walking carefully I noticed as I ogled her the 20m from the family stall to my side; ah, walking ‘carefully’ so as not to bounce her breasts I surmised, until at my table when they seemed to waggle a ‘hello’ to my equally waggling cock.

She hadn’t bought a new bottle with her, so I ordered and had the pleasure of watching her – Toy was her name she told me this visit – walk away, slim, dark legs and tight shorts holding my eyes, until she turned her head, throwing her long hair to the side, and caught me staring.
She laughed; a woman’s laugh, a knowing laugh, the kind of laugh to tell a poor male of the species a Woman always knows everything about his testosterone-fuelled mind before he even thinks or feels it.

Toy returned, swaying towards my eyes; I need some form of immunization from temptation perhaps, I stupidly thought; gosh, I just had sex a bottle ago…oh hell: a short while ago - and here is my cock whimpering like a puppy at the merest hint of something delectable on its way.
How old can she be anyway – 15, I wondered, another step closer to a prison in this confused country, where some things are tolerated one moment and condemned the next.
“14” her womanly, sultry voice intruded – or maybe she spoke to my mind, not to my ears; I was losing it, certainly, but Toy then laughed gently and lightly placed her hand on my shoulder for a fleeting 2 seconds.

“Don’t worry, Khun Steve” – when did I tell her my name? – “But you might want to stop staring so much at my butt and breasts…my family don’t mind, they think you are nice and even ‘harmless’, but others might see and not think quite the same, or maybe get jealous….perhaps later you could see me and show me if you are truly ‘harmless’; would you like to have dinner with me?”
I nodded my head, shook it in that idiotic method to clear the cobwebs and managed “Yes, of course I would; sorry for staring, but well, you are easy to stare at, nong Toy.”

There: I managed a whole, coherent sentence! I smiled, proud of my stupid self. Toy laughed, not derisory at all and said “So, after this bottle, can I suggest you go home for a rest and shower and see me later, ok?”
I nodded; she was right, and as usual, I was following the dominant directions given by a young woman to whom I couldn’t offer anything but pure obedience – well, I did have something to offer, and it was straining to offer it right now!

She took my money from my hand, gave me change, said “That’s the right price to pay, Khun Steve” and turned away, fleetingly looking back to add “You can look at me all you want, Khun Steve: I like that you do.”

I drank my beer, pulled my shorts up and slipped on my t-shirt and headed past Toy’s family to cross the road home; my face was burning from the greetings and smiles the ladies of her family gave me – seemed like sisters, mother, even grandmother, and Toy herself, and I almost got collected by a car speeding down the road when I was about to try and run across it.
Toy held my arm; “You need to take more care, Khun Steve” and she led me across the road safely; “See you tonight, come to the stall and we will walk from there.” I smiled and nodded, mute and confused and totally enthralled by yet another beautiful young girl/woman.

I managed to get into my bungalow, stripped, cleaned my teeth, rinsed under a cold shower and went to bed, fan on only so just lying on top of the sheet on the double bed; I slept….

Until something probed my anus, something slippery to begin with - until it went inside me and I whimpered with the sheer surprise and unknown feeling of ‘it’.
“Sssshhh” whispered a voice in my ear, kisses following to my neck and cheek and my mouth when I turned it around; a tongue in there took my mind off the item in ‘there’ for a few seconds and they both drew out and then plunged in; I whimpered again and felt tears rolling from my eyes: I didn’t like this.
“I need this, Khun Steve; relax and you will enjoy it” and now I was certainly awake enough to recognise the mother of Tim and Tam.
Didn’t I lock the door – quite possibly not, I surmised, as her cock pulled and thrust inside me again; I had a quickly passing thought that I knew she didn’t have a monster-sized cock, and I often pushed my own finger up my bottom to clean it fully after defecating, so I did relax, knowing she was unlikely to inflict real pain or damage to me.

But this wasn’t me, I decided; “Please stop….oh!” She didn’t stop, she pushed in, hard, and her hands were strong on my back forcing me into the bed; my mouth had to turn to the side to breathe and she poked her tongue back in again, insistently as if she wanted to be in everywhere I had an opening to my body.
This was rape, and it was quickly reinforcing the reason I had not fucked 9y.o. Tina: that also would have been rape and my mind now wandered to get away from being the subject of the same forced action while desperately trying to recall all my recent young lovers to check if I had raped any of them, forced any of them into a fuck or other sexual act which they hadn’t wanted for themselves: there were none, I was sure – in fact, most times the girls had been the ones to get me to perform to their needs, so both parties (or 3, or 4) had only done that which all were willing to do.

I felt better – well, no, I didn’t, not with a cock up my arse, but I was relieved I hadn’t made anyone do what they didn’t want to.
Perhaps this realisation relaxed me, relaxed my tight sphincter and allowed her easier access; if this was the case, she knew it and she now slid in and out more easily, pounding me it seemed to me, but her grunts and groans seemed to exhibit pleasure for her, and when she lay her torso on my back, her nipples were like steel bolts digging into me, while the head surrounding those bolts flattened down across me.
That felt erotic to me, even if the rest was not to my tastes: my cock pushed against the bed underneath, responding to the multiple stimuli whether I wanted it to or not. As she was holding me down with her breasts, she eased one hand under me and began stroking my cock, playing with the pre-cum oozing out.

“Ah, now you like it Khun Steve!”
This gave her more motivation it seemed, and her cock was relentless and rapid; I rather wished I hadn’t sucked her to finality earlier – perhaps she might have finished before this and left me alone again.
I tightened my arse, whatever muscles there are in my buttocks, deciding to squeeze her cock; apparently I did it well because she squealed in delight, muttered “oh yes” and held herself within me; I relaxed and tightened a few more times and was ‘rewarded’ with a guttural noise and a feeling of some liquid spurting into my insides: I had got her to cum and release.
Rather proud of myself – figuring out how to end this rape, I allowed her to slump on me while she limply squeezed out her remaining semen (/sperm?) and her cock began drooping and deflating, until it fell out of its own accord.

There was no post-coitus cuddling, kissing or conversation; she slapped my buttocks and chuckled; “I had to have you, even if my girls found you ‘first’; now you have had me 2 times, I feel better, Khun Steve; see you later!”
She wiped her cock on the skin of my buttocks, adjusted her clothes as she sat up behind me, climbed off and went out the door.
I went for a shower and as good a douche as I could manage with the bottom-washer hose stuck up my bottom.
Thankfully, my bottom was not as sore as I had feared, so I was able to walk to make a café, sit at the table, open the door cautiously to allow any breeze in, and smoke a cigarette – something like a post-fuck come-down for me at least.

I was hungry and soon dressed in shorts and a t-shirt and, sneaking my way so as not to run into Tim, Tam or their mother, I went across to Reception and the small restaurant attached to it, ordering a bottle of beer and a Thai dish I liked with rice.
An older lady took my order and served me – no problems of sexual excitement there, with due respect to the lady!
But when I had finished my food and beer and asked for the bill, it was the young, attractive girl who had checked me in at Reception yesterday who came for the money.
I noted her wide smile, and her breasts swollen behind her collared white shirt….I paid quickly and ran!

I didn’t know what to do with myself for the remaining few hours of the afternoon and early evening until the time came to meet my Toy fantasy for dinner.
So I grabbed necessities – a beer, cigarettes, money – and jumped into my car and drove to the close-by shopping centre, stocking up with groceries, loading those in the car and then to buy the afore-mentioned larger-sized clothes.

I smiled as they were packed and I paid: Sam, my daughter, would never believe her Dad went shopping for himself, and she would be aghast at my choices, without a doubt.
Back and unloaded, unpacked, I did the dreaded action: turned on my phone.
There was a barrage of missed calls, 2 from my wife, possibly 1,000 from Sam; umpteen messages from Sam, Linda, Lisa, Amy, Yoni – her jungle-haired cunt, Tina’s overly-large breasts, but Maw’s sumptuous breasts came even faster to mind, even…and then a new one beeped from Ming, my housekeeper, which I read: ‘No problems, don’t worry, take care and decide for yourself what you need and want and when; take your time, I will take care of everything here, Khun.’
That cheered me somewhat, so I sent back a simple “Thanks”; sent one to my wife “all ok”; and then dialled Sam’s phone – she would be well home now, as I noted time had progressed to almost 5.00pm.

“Daddy: where are you, what are you doing, I miss you, why did you go away?”
“Hi Sam, how are you?”
“Daddy, don’t talk trite with me – what are you doing, running away?”
Was I – running away? “Not really, Sam; but I did need to be alone to do some thinking – you know I do this sometimes….”
“Yes, Daddy, but normally you stay at home and think; at home, where I can look after you, but this time you just went!”
“Sammy, just let me have this time, please; I need to get myself straight, and I can’t do it at home this time, ok?”
There was a pause; “Daddy, is this because we made love – and now you feel guilty; is that what this is about?”
Now I paused; “Yes, Sam, it is about you, and your friends, and all the others recently – every young girl seems to attract me, Sam, so something is wrong in me; I can’t keep you, or them, in my dreams and fantasies anymore…it has become real: having sex with you should have been, should have remained, an unspoken dream….”

“Daddy, ok, I understand you, but none of it was wrong: never think that. But I also understand you have to accept that for yourself, so I am ok at home, Mum can take care of herself (as we know), and Ming and Yoni are ok to stay here – gosh, Daddy, haven’t they got beautiful, hairy cunts! But I need that king-sized bed you offered, Daddy – for when you are here with us! Bye Daddy, I love you – just not too many more young girls before you make love with me again, please Daddy: I miss you.”

Disconnected, but my daughter and her Dad were so very connected, and I was smiling as I turned my phone off yet again.

A shave, shower, hair washed and conditioned, tried on all my new clothes and chose what I thought seemed suitable for a seaside relaxed dinner; only 6.15, turned on the TV News, but no BBC here, only Thai News – and that shows grotesque images of accidents, murders, dead from the southern unrest…horrible and I try never to see, so ‘Off’ went the News.

Early, but I left my bungalow and slowly wandered to the road to cross over to the beach; I saw Toy standing at her family stall easily: she looked like a diamond in the early evening/late afternoon light, smiling widely as she saw me approaching her white t-shirt shimmering, her legs only in shorts.
Her mouth opened, words seemed to be formed, but I was mesmerised into silence by this 14y.o. Woman in front of me as I – how did I cross the road was a fleeting question – came closer.

“Khun Steve – you can’t just cross the road like that!”
I blinked and looked behind me: yes, I had crossed the road; Toy took my arm and led me over to greet her parents and sisters; I did at least remember my manners and gave an appropriate wai and words to each member.
Mute and stupid, I allowed Toy to lead me away; everyone seemed to be laughing, but in deafening silence; I was in that state of being overcome by the beauty, the appeal, the attractiveness, the sheer delight of being yet again in the company of a young woman who not only made my cock react, made my physical body raise its awareness of a Woman, but made my emotions, my very soul, reach for the stars and the heavens which young women transported me to.

We didn’t walk far before Toy led me inside an open-air restaurant – oh, we had crossed the road again – and the noise assailed my ears to the extent that my brain jump-started, and I felt somewhat ‘normal’ again.
Toy spoke to the waitress, clearly knowing her, and took me to a table, seating me, then herself to my right but at the head of the table; she quickly ordered my beer and a coconut juice for herself, before beginning her perusal of the menu.

She looked at me, “Are you feeling better now Khun Steve?” Her hand stroked my thigh under the table.
I nodded, worked my mouth and said “Yes, nong Toy.” But I wasn’t sure for how long!
She chuckled, a delightful noise; “I like your clothes, Khun Steve, they look new – but they look too big for you; it would be better if you take a woman shopping with you….”
My cock had already raised, so close to her hand, but at least my over-sized t-shirt and shorts covered it.
“I know; normally, my daughter would be with me, but I needed some today, so I had to choose.”

What a stupid conversation!
“So, tell me about yourself, nong Toy. Can I say: you are very beautiful” and I blushed, but I needed to say this.
The drinks came; a sip for Toy and a long gulp for me, cooling and refreshing (and deflating straight down to my prick I hoped).

Toy began to talk, only a gentle prompt from me and she was a bubbly 14y.o.eager to talk non-stop; didn’t bore me at all, she was fascinating and I absorbed everything she said – even when she paused to look at me and ask “do you know what I just said Khun Steve?”
I could answer correctly each time and was rewarded with that beatific smile, white shining teeth and a clasping hand on my skinny thigh under the table – or, even more stimulating, a gentle fingernail stroking up and down my arm, the hairs standing on end and seeming to fascinate Toy as well.
The food came and Toy served me: fish and rice, then pork and rice, then…”Oh Toy, I cannot eat more, please – just another beer to wash it all down!”
“Khun Steve, my grandmother told me to fatten you up; my mother told me to make sure you ate well; even my sister said you might be ‘big’ in some places, but you need to be ‘bigger’ overall – and she is not yet 13 years old! So, one more bowl please, tom yum ok?”

Between blushes, partially hidden by a glass to my lips, I allowed her to serve me one more, exaggeratedly moaning and rubbing my stomach; Toy was amused but insistent; “We will go for a walk and exercise after dinner, Khun Steve, and I promise you will be able to work off this whole extra kilogram I am feeding you!”
My cock jumped at the idea of the exercise it wanted and I berated myself; Toy cocked an eyebrow at me quizzically, but I just smiled and shook my head, picking up the last spoonful of soup and noisily showing my bowl was now empty.
What a delightful companion and, as I had now finished, Toy busied herself eating the mountain of food on the table, giving me the first real opportunity to study her quietly and openly as she ate.

She was 14y.o. yet wiser in years, as was common amongst young Thais who worked a family business and were exposed (perhaps over-exposed) to everyday realities from a young age.
She was beautiful; small in stature, but a maturing, womanly body on her frame, hips beginning to flare, breasts well developed in fact – mesmerising in themselves, unfettered again with no bra (she mustn’t like bras, I thought); natural dark smooth-as-ebony skin, with equally natural long black hair flowing any which way she chose to have it.
Sexy without flaunting herself; exuding her natural attractiveness, her charm and young womanliness; she was enchanting, certainly to me, a young woman to fall in love with….

I blushed at this last thought; heavens, what am I doing – she was only 4 years older than my own daughter, and I am thinking of Love!
“I love it when your face shows me you are embarrassed, Khun Steve; you look so young and cute.”

“What were you thinking about?”
I hadn’t noticed Toy even looking at me, but I guess I had been so absorbed nothing had penetrated; I blushed again, “Just studying you, young Toy.”
“And what thoughts did you have, Khun Steve, studying me?”
I do not lie; “You are lovely, Toy; I had many thoughts, but that is what they all add up to: you are lovely, and easy to love.”

I blushed; I hadn’t meant my mouth to add that last phrase, but out it came. I waited for her to make a joke or some remark about ‘stupid old man’, but Toy didn’t; she looked into my eyes for a few seconds, gave a small smile with her lips, and went back to her food.
She was also thoughtful and kind, and didn’t seem to consider me just a ‘stupid old man’ at all; I added all this to my list of her qualities.
She could also have taken me to some 5-star restaurant, ordered expensive anything, knowing I would pay – as the ‘rich’ foreigner – but she hadn’t; she had come here, obviously where she was known, where the food was wholesome, tasty and at prices a ‘normal’ Thai could afford: the crowd and the noise testament to its popularity: another quality – the scales were well-tipped to her positive attributes, with no negatives at all so far, not in my estimation.

“Tell me one more of those thoughts, my Steve” and the endearment sent my heart fluttering, my mind into a whirl and my soul soaring to those heavens I knew she could take me to.
“You are beautiful, my Toy: your skin, your hair….your body” and this time she showed signs of a flush beneath even her dark complexion.

“Thank you, Steve; are they just words?”
“No, no, I promise: no!” I had to tell her something else in words, something so she would understand what was within me just after a few short hours knowing her!
“Toy, when you told me you like, you love it when I show I am embarrassed, I had just thought of you as ‘a young woman to fall in love with’. That is what I thought, what my heart felt; not just words from my dictionary brain: they were words of my feelings, and I blushed because I realised I shouldn’t feel this.”

“Why; why shouldn’t you feel this, my Steve?”
“Toy, the obvious reason is: you are 14 years old and I am more than 40 more than this…what do you think about an old man loving one such as yourself – doesn’t it seem rather stupid of the old man?”
“No, it doesn’t; I think it is romantic and nice and ok to feel.”
With that comment, Toy rose from the table and went…to the Ladies rather than rushing home, I hoped!

I was about to pour more beer into my glass when the waitress appeared suddenly and did it for me, with ice; “you two look happy together” she said, before walking away.
What an odd comment I thought, when it seemed to me I had looked stupid and confused the whole night and Toy had probably looked like a sophisticated woman taking care of me – a nurse perhaps.

Toy returned, outwardly unchanged – perhaps there was some extra shine to her lips – but her smile was radiant and natural; “I feel nice and romantic, my Steve; when we finish dinner let’s go for a walk on the beach, say ‘good night’ to my family, and go to your bungalow to bed.”

I almost choked on the beer as it was just then passing my lips; I gasped and leaned towards her, “Toy, didn’t you hear what I said about 14 plus 40 plus?”
“Not really, my Steve;” she was so nonchalant in her answer! “What I know is that my grandmother told me tonight I would become a woman – with you.”

What had happened to my quest for an Answer?
Just one day and (ignoring the sex and the rape) I was in Love and the recipient of that Love was offering her virginity to me: at 14 years old.
Was ‘Love’ my Answer?

Toy urged me to finish my beer; she seemed eager to leave now – perhaps because now, after her trip to the Ladies, she had made her decision; she called the waitress for the bill, asked me if the cost was ok (another positive quality I added) and checked the money I gave her carefully; but I added the generous tip which she hadn’t done!

She stood and took my hand – not my arm, my hand, an unusual occurrence here – bade a happy ‘good night’ to the waitress, the chef, the workers in the kitchen, the cashier, anyone who looked – and led me away yet again, my face smiling at everyone she spoke to.

We crossed the road, safely this time, and Toy took off her shoes; I managed to do the same and carried both pairs in my right hand as she held my left hand and we walked along the sand, sometimes into the water. At times she uncurled her fingers and clasped my arm closely to her side, to where her breasts rested, as we headed the short distance to where we came up off the sand to her family’s stall.
They were all there, seemingly lined up; I wasn’t party to the whispers to Toy, and wouldn’t have understood anyway in all probability, but I was party to the hugs they gave her – and me following; her grandmother, the clear Matriarch, spoke seriously to Toy and then held her for long moments, before reaching for my hand and joining it with Toy’s and pushing us both away, towards the road (yet again).

We reached my bungalow in silence; I unlocked and opened the door.
“Grandmother said foreigners carry their brides inside on their first night; so, my Steve….” Toy held her arms out and I picked her up and went inside.

Part 4

I felt like a bumbling, virgin teenager in his first close contact with a superior being: a Woman.
After holding Toy in my arms for perhaps another minute, she tapped my cheek, lightly caressing me; “You could probably put me on my feet now, my Steve.”
I reddened and set her down; Toy closed the door, locked it; closed the curtains, turned on the air conditioning, found a can of beer in the fridge, a glass and ice and set them on the kitchen table; then she moved me from my rooted spot and sat me down.
“Can I have a shower….Steve?”
I nodded, she smiled, and went into the bathroom, not closing the door; it wasn’t a large room and it was off the kitchen – where were my eyes supposed to be focused except on the body which disrobed in front of them.

She was facing away from me, but her back, her ripples of bone and cartilage down her spine, her gentle hips and buttocks, thigh, calves, total legs, and her feet: she was flawless, perfectly smooth and unblemished.
Amazingly, it wasn’t my cock which jumped at this first sight of her: it was the flutter of my heart, so strong I had to think it was a heart attack: ‘old man dies after seeing naked young woman’ – the headlines would read.

Toy didn’t turn around, didn’t look to see if I was looking – she had to know I was!
She stepped out of view as she turned on the tap, adjusted the hot water level I assumed, and then I heard the unmistakeable sound of a shower cascading over a naked body: it was an invitation to me, so sensual: how could I ignore it this time, when I would have accepted it at any other normal time?
But I wasn’t feeling ‘normal’; that useless shake of my head and I fumbled to pick up my glass, forgetting to pour any beer in and grimacing at the unadulterated taste of melted ice only.
I managed to fix that problem – hardly a major issue – and drank as I began to think – did zombies even think - then I filled my beer, grabbed for my cigarettes – stupid, still in my pocket – fumbled with the lock, and then ran out the front door: I had heard the water turning off and was afraid to be found staring at Toy if she stepped into view, naked, wet and glistening and open to my eyes!

‘Get a hold of reality’ I berated myself.
I took a deep breath, straightened my back, drank from a steady hand, and lit a cigarette, sucking in the chemicals (which would kill me of course) as if they could give me the ‘kick’ I needed out of this stupor.
‘Toy seems to like me, to have chosen me, and even with her grandmother’s blessing; accept that this young woman has had a major impact on my life in just a few short hours, that she not only makes my cock jump with bodily desire, but makes my heart jump with emotional desire: accept it and get on with being me – the intelligent me, fun person to be with, good conversationalist, and – I hope – a good first lover for her!’

All very rational until the door opened behind me; I froze, but this time only for a matter of moments, and then I turned with a smile to face Toy standing above me on the top step, wrapped in a towel, one loose end rubbing her wet hair a little drier.
“You are so beautiful, young Toy, but I must ask – and I promise to only ask once: do you, Toy, want to be here, with me?”

We went inside; “I need to shower and clean my teeth” but Toy was shaking her head; “You smelled wonderful next to me at dinner, please don’t shower, but yes, clean your teeth – you do know cigarettes will kill you, my Steve, don’t you?”
Shamefaced, I nodded, stripped off my shirt to hang on a chair and went into the bathroom, pushing the door to, thence urinating, cleaning my teeth, brushing my hair and – just quickly – throwing soapy water and rinsing my armpits and chest and neck at least!
I stepped out, daring myself to take off my shorts and underpants before looking over towards the bed, but Toy was waiting for me – “in case you locked yourself in there” she said laughing – and it was she who unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts and pulled both them and my underpants down and off.
She didn’t stare, only turned and showed me her glorious back again, then, at the bedside, she faced me.

Her hair was still wet and Time stood still as I watched one droplet of water fall from the end of some strands dangling down her front; that droplet defied the pull of gravity and ever-so-slowly descended, alighting on the tip of her nipple as my eyes followed its path.
It was the most exquisite drop of water there had ever been and I rushed over, perhaps scaring Toy, my tongue lolling out until I reached her and I pursed my lips and sucked ever so gently on that nipple and delighted at the wet, wonderful taste of that single drop of water – water purified by having been blessed on the breast of the angel in whose presence I now found myself.

Her hand curled around my neck, pulling my mouth onto her breast and beginning a moan, but I backed off gently a few steps and raised my eyes to hers; “I have to look at you first, my Toy; I have never been so close to an Angel before.”

Her hair, wet, was unnaturally crinkled, even curly – not the flat, straight hair of ‘normal’ Thai girls; it was splayed across her deep brown-coloured shoulders, front and back, reaching below her breasts easily, but she casually pulled it away, exposing herself to me with no sign of bashfulness, yet no sign of ‘displaying’ herself like an item for sale in a shop; she was allowing me, Steve, to see her, all of her, without hiding anything.

Her face had a slight smile showing on her lips, her diamond teeth just visible between them; her eyes were green, also unlike the many black ones seen on others; her nose was pure Asiatic, unlike the one on my own face which seemed so pointed and long by comparison.
I followed her chin around but her ears were hidden for now; down her neck where I could even see her jugular pulsating between her collar bones as the lines of her body widened to her shoulders, leading my view to encompass the companion of, and the original breast together…. Never did a woman show more clearly the wondrous reason why the gods were perfectly correct to endow the Female of the species with this anatomically perfect body part, which both babies suckle their Life’s milk from and men seek the milk of solace for their souls.

Toy’s breasts could not possibly be fully formed yet, not at her tender age, but they were a woman’s without question, and my mouth ached to be joined with them, to make love to them.
With an effort, my eyes moved down, down the taper to her waist, flat and lean, the front view of those gently flaring hips leading me to her pelvis and to the ‘V’ formed by her stance, her legs so supple and slim, so richly coloured, but down and up they led me to the focus of a woman’s lower body: the holy grail of all normal men’s desires, the 3rd part of the triumvirate which, to me, comprised 2 breasts and 1 vagina.
Sparse, golden hairs tracked the trail of her slit from top to bottom, tantalisingly curving under and hidden as they seemed to lead towards the crease of her buttocks behind, out of this view. The lips were puffy, puffed even, pink coloured against her brown skin, enticing both to my eyes and to my growing cock, waving now at Toy as it absorbed the multitude of her body’s parts which were so very beautiful.
I felt sinful staring at her like this, yet ‘sin’ it could not be: to admire the perfection which many gods must have helped create and mould into this one glorious body could not be a ‘bad’ thing, could only be a lucky thing for the viewer: me.

Toy shifted her feet under my gaze and when I looked up to her eyes, she was now inspecting me, or perhaps the aspect of me which clearly identified me as a male of her species, and which attribute was bobbing and pointing at her, straining to grow to a length of some metres to reach her, to join with her, to love her.
I blushed, but it made no matter to my cock.
“You do need fattening, my Steve – but not everywhere….” Indeed, my penis felt fatter, if not longer; heavier certainly, defying gravity itself by the strength of the blood coursing through it from base to head.
“Come here” Toy whispered, and the invitation/command/request moved my feet forward until I paused just out of reach of my cock touching her lower abdomen.
She reached the fingers of her right hand and stroked me, not my cock – bumping down my ribs, down over my flat abdomen, over the curve of my protruding bony hip, and then along the line of my pelvis to the hairs curled in my groin, somewhat coarse yet soft, not a bushy jungle (a la Yoni and Ming), just enough to twirl fingers through and play games with….before reaching the base of my cock, as she did now, starting her strokes there and so slowly along the desperately bobbing pole to the head and sliding into the ooze which was my signal of readiness to wet my partner, should she be so welcoming as to desire me.

My arms were longer than any 14y.o. and I could easily reach, a soft touch to find that which signalled me by return: her cunt lips and hair were now moistened and the ‘welcome’ was clear.

“My Toy, I must ask – and I promise to only ask once: do you, Toy, want to be joined with me, your young life changed forever, your girlhood become womanhood, all with me?”
“Then, to honour you, to show you the devotion I feel towards you, the feelings within me for you, we must make this the most special night of your Life.”
“One more thing: do you understand the English expression ‘hopelessly in Love’?”
She shook her head, embarrassed perhaps she didn’t understand this saying.
I took her chin gently in my hand, lifting it and forcing her eyes to meet mine; “It means a simple thing really: I am completely in Love with you, Toy.”
“Then show me what ‘completely in Love’ truly means, Steve….”
I wrapped a towel around her body, another around myself, took the duvet and pillows from the bed and led her outside after turning off all the lights; around the dark corner away from everyone, I made our bed.

“Khun Steve, what are we doing?” Her youth and innocence came to the fore in her return to the use of ‘Khun’ before my name.
I chuckled, “No-one will know, my young love; just lie down on the duvet, on your back, and look to the sky; I want to make love with you for your first time here: an Angel under the Heavens from where you were surely crafted from a diamond star and sent here just at the time I came as a seeker.”
Toy was looking rather oddly at me, perhaps concerned I might have gone insane, but I smiled and added “Trust me, you make me a poet and story-teller now that I am within your orbit; you are like a new Sun to me, and you have given my eyes new Light.”
“I should stop talking now; do you know how to help me do this, my Love?”

She did, and her lips closed on mine before I could do this first; but lips joined didn’t prevent me muttering “Yes” so she forced her tongue against my teeth and inside my mouth, shutting off further talk for now….

We had been standing, my cock also ‘standing’ up her abdomen as we came closer to kiss; now I laid her down and stepped back, glancing upwards to show her what I wanted her to see: the night sky filled with diamond stars without the intrusion of city or street lights to mar the perfection above, and my view of a sparkling perfection below.

“Oh” was all Toy said, but she gazed around, and understood: this was Special, for her, and for us.

I stepped to the side and laid my body beside hers, sliding my left arm under her neck and cradling her body to mine, both now looking at the wondrous sight above.
My right hand began caressing her, and this was all I did for a very long time, assuming anything we were now doing was her very first time and wanting her to both experience it all and to enjoy it all - slowly.
I could reach her left breast with my left hand and I gently tweaked her nipple to full erection, and cuddled her whole breast in my hand: so soft, so pliable, so wonderful to hold, to lift, to squeeze a little, to feel the ribs underneath, the heart between to its right…
….while my right hand could stroke from her forehead’s hairline to the hairline at her young cunt, across every centimetre of her body; light strokes, savouring the sheer delight of touching her and touching her again, all the smooth silkiness, undeveloped contours, and freshness of a young woman’s body.

She fell asleep, which didn’t at all upset me: it meant my ministrations were pleasurable to her and this I wanted above all else. I looked up at the stars one more time, felt a brightness beyond, behind the trees, and wondered if the Moon was rising….I too fell asleep, at peace with my inner self for this first time.

A brightness struck my eyes and I started awake, first thought: some security guard is shining a torch on our bodies!
An exhaled breath later, I realised we were still alone, Toy was still asleep – and indeed, the Moon had risen and bathed us in its Light.
It was an Omen, not to be ignored, and I gently rolled Toy on to her back, positioned myself above but along the length of her, and began light kisses anywhere my lips led me.
She stirred only as I continued: her neck, her cheeks, ears, a touch of her lips, her closed eyelids; her chin and downwards to her sternum – a dilemma: left or right breast?
As my body was placed, my mouth fell easily to her right breast and, for the first magical moment, my lips and tongue, and mouth, busied themselves on that which I cherish above all: the gland of Life.

Toy woke then, her torso heaved up to meet my mouth as she groaned at this contact – her nipple before for just a moment to collect that drop of water, but now my mouth and its inclusions were at work, stimulating her breast and nipple to arousal and satisfaction (I hoped).
Her fingers dug into my hair and she roughly pulled my scrunchie off my pony-tail and let my own long hair cascade around my face, covering her skin in waving strands of titillation.
With her nipple extended – it was amazingly big, a diameter like a thimble, even if not long – my teeth could just grasp it enough to allow speech, “Just look up above us, look what the Heavens have given us for this fleeting moment in Time….”

Her hands paused and I felt her neck crane as she did what I suggested: gazed at the Moon shining down upon this couple who were about to make love under its guiding path of Light.

My head bent down to her left side and repeated licking, sucking and swallowing her new breast; she wasn’t pancake malleable like Maw had been; rather, Toy’s breasts were what one might expect of a teenager: firm and shaped like slightly upturned pears, though these were larger-sized than one might expect also.
The point was: they fitted my mouth perfectly whole.

But I dallied there and my cock’s urgency sent me down her ribs and abdomen, fluttering under my tongue as I pushed lightly into her belly button, across to each side to grasp a hip bone with my mouth; she giggled then and pushed my head down: she wanted me to go where she wanted: to her core, perhaps throbbing with anticipation now….

She was right – enough foreplay for this time, and my cock waved in seeming agreement as I raised my hips and slid slightly further down for my tongue to extend and have its first taste here, at her Centre.
My nostrils flared at the perfume exuding from this young woman’s equivalence of animal pheromones, my body responding with a groan and surge of lust.
Tongue dived of its own accord and lapped at the bountiful secretions flowing from her cunt, a drink of the Fountain of the Young, and at least younger did I feel as I swallowed her essence, her hips bucking, her pelvis undulating, her cunt squeezing more nectar for me….

Until, even I could not delay any more and I picked her up, one hand under her perfectly formed buttocks, the other supporting her neck and back and laid her down facing me as my back fell to the duvet: a virgin’s position to ease the entrance of my cock for her first experience of making love.

She understood and sat her body up, leaning on her hands at my side, lifting her pelvis to allow my pulsating snake-like cock to bounce upright between us.
I let her take matters to hand/in hand, and she grasped my prick and slid it up and down her slit, just once, before squirming to push the head inside her virginal, vaginal lips; she let go and allowed gravity to help her sink down slowly, while my cock raged at the delay and seemed to strike upwards: inside Toy it lodged.

A screw goes in a hole it is fit for; a key into a lock the same; a plug into a socket: 2 things are meant to be joined in all manner of daily events.
But a Man and a Woman – that is the Unique Joining of Life.

We were a tight fit, and I felt rather like that bumbling teenage virgin male yet again, not sure what to do but aware if I did it wrongly, pain would be caused – and that was the one thing my matured mind sought now to avoid at all costs.
But Toy seemingly had no such qualms and she took the bull by its cock and went down on it until the horn pierced her girlish self and penetrated through to her womanly true inner self.
It helped that pre-cum had been flowing so much from me my cock was slick with it and her body’s awareness of this coming had prepared the secretions she needed to aid the pleasurable passage when the invading spear became not a weapon of pain but of fulfilment.

“I am a Woman” Toy’s first words since we had lay down under the stars; 4 words conveying the moment of reaching maturity.
“And I am your Lover.”

Part 5

All the words ever thought, spoken or written about a first coupling poured through my mind in the sublime moment when Toy and I reached the cores of each other’s souls through the physical manifestations of our bodies.
The Moon didn’t burst apart in a million twinkling lights above us, but it could have.
Venus, the Goddess, didn’t shower her Love upon us, but She could have.
The ground didn’t shake, or mountains crumble, but we would neither have noticed nor cared.
All the animals on Earth didn’t begin screaming, braying, bellowing, barking, meowing, neighing or growling, or tweeting, but they were all Smiling, of that I was sure.

Toy was full of me and I let my legs drift to the sides of her as she sank her torso down to mine, her legs inside my thighs, her toenails scratching my calves and ankles, her cunt clenching my cock tightly, in to its full depth within her, her breasts flattening against me, nipples seeking to dig inside me, her fingernails gouging, clutching my shoulder blades, and her teeth seeming to sink into my neck: her body was teeming with a new sensual perception of what being ‘Happy’ could be and her only way to show me was to use all her extremities, combined with her body’s centre, to make me feel as alive and happy as she.

There was more I wanted for her, so now was the time to allow my cock its freedom, to expand its girth and stretching length and, with my hands cupping both buttocks down to me, I urged myself up to hit her inner barriers and unleash the climax I was sure she had yet to fully feel, but which I needed her to know could be found.
Relaxing and thrusting, Toy began an increasingly urgent accompaniment, aware something was building within us both, and when she began to utter guttural sounds and words without meaning in any language other than primal, my scrotum expanded, my balls fought with each other and made a whirlpool of useless semen and, at this one moment when I wanted more than ever to have sperm begin swimming, my cock’s opening prepared for the onrush of my body into Toy’s.

She whimpered, once, and then bit my neck to stifle a scream as her body began shaking and twisting, seeming to want to escape but never releasing her body’s seal with mine, and then she felt it and her millions of years of womanly instincts told her this was the moment she truly had been seeking and the young early spring bud on top of me burst into the magnificence of a full-blown flower as she welcomed the cream gushing in to succour her and felt her own body soak it all inside.
We did indeed fly above the Moon now, and the Rain and the Clouds met us in the Heavens no-one else had ever seen, had ever reached before, and had never experienced in making love like this.

Part 6

Time had indeed moved on, the Moon now well to the west, shaded by another tree, as we lay, cuddled, still joined, but I had one question I had neglected in my love and my passion these past minutes or hours: “Did I hurt you, Toy, my love?”
“I am truly a Woman now, my Steve” was all she responded, as if that surpassed any idea of simple human matters like pain of a broken hymen, perhaps blood, or doing something she didn’t really want to do maybe….

We made love again when Toy asked if we could ‘do it the same as my Mum and Dad do it, so I know how that feels’. Demurring, I said I hadn’t actually seen them ‘do it’, so how did she mean – exactly?
She poked and prodded me on top of her, but I was fearful of her small body under my own, as light as I am, until she pulled my supporting arms out so I fell flat on her chest; she grunted, and then said “I believe this is how they do it, once you get inside me.”
That was a slow second fuck, with no need to sate the passions of a first time, but rather to enjoy the languor of feeling everything.
Toy asked me questions, some of which I could answer, some of which only her own body and feelings could explain to her; but she became quiet when that body told her something was about to erupt inside and I relished her first climax as I watched her face and features under me.
Amazingly, her nipples became steel-hard and actually hurt my chest (a little) at the moment her orgasm burst within and this time, her juices flooded out so I could feel them mingling in my pubic hair and all around her groin, dripping down to the duvet below (how would I explain the love-making stains on top and the grass stains below to the housekeeper, I vaguely wondered).

She slept like a baby – oh dear, I thought – after this time, but I lay awake, lightly stroking her body and thinking a kaleidoscope of thoughts, too jumbled to make any sense really.
I watched as the stars began to fade and the early morning light begin from the east and I leaned to her ear and said “We should really go inside before someone wakes up.”
She reached for my cock, hardening in her fingers instantly; “Can we do it like dogs and bulls do it – then go inside?”
Her voice was so baby-like, plaintive as if asking for an ice cream, I chuckled “Aren’t you worried about being seen like this, raping an old man?”
“I’ll tell them I am a bitch in heat” and she squirmed from my arms and raised herself on all fours, bending her back and thrusting her bottom out at my face; I couldn’t deny her or resist, so I slurped my tongue up and down the crease of her bottom, pausing at her puckered, tiny anus hole, and then under to her already-wet cunt, my nose in her crease between her arse cheeks now; she squeaked and wriggled as I rose to my knees behind her and proffered my cock to the invitational opening of her cunt from the rear.

I had withheld last time, but needed now to believe I had sperm to impregnate this young woman who was as dear to me as my own daughter, and I had sex with her now, just as a male dog would to his female ‘bitch in heat’ (though not as rapid as a dog can thrust!)
She pushed against me, straining on her hands and arms not to fall down or off my cock and she made noises like a howling ‘bitch’ impaled by a knotted dog as I reached full depth, trying to enter her young, productive womb and release any surviving squirming sperm to seek and penetrate the eggs she would one day produce, or produce now of course.
I was suddenly saddened by the thought that this couldn’t happen; not that making Toy pregnant was my goal, but rather to fulfil the final act of love between a man and woman: that of creating a new life.

I howled as a dominant male does when my angry semen burst along my cock and into her, so deep it might have worked 30 years ago, but not now; but I did bring her to shudders and her own climax, and for this I was happy, as she lay her head down on the duvet as I drove myself in and out of her now very womanly cunt.

It was 05.30 as I bundled a duvet-clad Toy back into our bungalow, hiding myself behind her with the pillows.
“Do you have to go home Toy?”
“Yes, but more importantly I have to go to School – we have end of semester tests starting today.”
“Oh, I am sorry, you should have told me: I would have let you sleep all night!”
“Very funny, Khun Steve; I am not tired; I have never been more awake or alive in my whole life – the tests will be easy!”
“Can you come to breakfast after we shower, before you go home?”
“No thanks, Steve; I want to shower, yes, but I want to go home – I have much to talk with my Grandmother about before School!”
“Will there be problems, Toy?”
“For me, or for you: ‘old man rapist’?” But she was laughing as she said it and then shook her head; “I can tell my family I went to Heaven and back, and that will be the Truth, my Steve, my Lover and my Love.”
So we showered – separately, though Toy did everything she could think to get me away from my café and in to join her; I resisted heroically and noisily locked the door for a few seconds when I went into the bathroom after she had cleaned her teeth and finished.
Soon, we were walking to her family home, 2 blocks down the main street, and I pressed her hand as we reached the open doorway, “Don’t kiss me or anything Toy – we don’t do that in Thailand ok”. Instead she positioned herself in front of me as we took off our shoes, and then reached her hand behind and played with my cock in my shorts until she felt the burst of Life grow quickly as I jumped backwards.
She laughed, loudly proclaiming “Thank you for a wonderful dinner, Khun Steve, it was most enjoyable; perhaps I’ll see you again….”
“Thank you, nong Toy, I also enjoyed it. I hope your tests go well, but you know everything now I am sure, you will be fine.”
“Not everything yet, Khun Steve, but I plan to study more, especially the ways different animals have se.” I very quickly blurted to her, “Ah, here is your Grandmother, nong; ok, see you later, at the beach. Sawasdee krub, Khun Yai” and I bowed formally to the smiling older woman.
I walked away with red cheeks, listening only to the laughter and animated voice of Toy receding behind.

At my bungalow, I rolled up the duvet, left 200 baht on it, and went for breakfast at the restaurant: I was famished.

“Good morning, Khun Steve.” Oh, it was Tim and Tam’s mother, skimpy shorts and braless boobs bouncing in her t-shirt, on her way out I hoped (as beautiful as she was to look at).
I smiled, wished her good morning and turned to choose a table; “You really should be quieter when having sex, Khun Steve, though it sounded like so much fun I had to jerk myself off all night listening! And she seemed so young, Khun Steve – what was she 13, 14, 15 perhaps….you need to be careful somebody doesn’t report you – that could be very serious, couldn’t it Khun Steve?”
She came close and stroked my arm; “I’ll be over to your bungalow after my girls have left for school; see you there, Steve.” Her hand came to my crotch and she whistled quietly, “Well, I do turn you on, don’t I – even after all your night-time exercise; you are one special man Steve: my man; bye sweetie.” She threw a kiss towards me and swaggered out, knowing I would do as she wanted, or face the consequences.

I needed breakfast and time alone; when warning Toy about being seen it wasn’t the bungalow on the other side of mine I was thinking of to cause potential problems – but of all the people who might, it had to be this woman with a needy cock who found out about us!
I ate, drank café, ate a little more, another café and took it out to the patio to have with a cigarette, inadvertently looking at the clock on the wall facing me: 0815, and I guessed Tim and Tam had gone to school.

I paid for breakfast and wandered back to my bungalow: it was already cleaned, the duvet replaced, the money gone and a small note with a smile drawn on it left on my pillow; at least that also gave me a smile to my face.
I took a beer from the fridge and sat outside on the hammock, in the shade, with it and cigarettes for company, wondering what Toy might think of what had happened, and was about to happen, with this woman she had surely seen at the beach – but there was nothing I could think of to do about it, if I was to protect Toy and me.

Swallowing the last of the can, I stubbed the end of my cigarette out in the ashtray from my room, and looked up; she was sitting on my doorstep, smiling and waiting – like a cat which has cornered a mouse and wants only to play with it.
I rose, but turned away from her for a few moments – why has my cock risen in my shorts, and I furiously tried to adjust it downwards and wish it limp, listless, lifeless!
Sighing, giving up, I shrugged my shoulders and trudged across to the steps, removing my t-shirt even as I entered the doorway behind her (beautiful) arse.
She turned and leaned behind me, her breasts pressing into my chest and shoulder – they felt natural, not man-made - as she closed and locked the door
She stayed there, close to me, reaching and pulling off her t-shirt in that cross-armed way women do; her nipples dragged my eyes down, her bulbous surrounding breasts taking all of my attention as they jiggled when she wriggled – oh, her shorts were now off, and she turned her attention to my shorts: one button, one zipper, one tug of briefs and shorts and we were now naked standing there: 2 cocks rampant and duelling such as I had never felt or done before.

“You cannot deny this, Khun Steve” she said, hefting the bulk of my cock and pulling on its length; “This is quite magnificent, perhaps you would like to fuck me first?”
I didn’t answer, but rather decided to act, so I took her cock into my hand and slowly moved it up and down along her shaft; this had the desired effect and she dropped my cock, leaving it to waver around, brush and poke at her body, but became absorbed in my hand on her tool, and it was dripping pre-cum, and soon was dripping my saliva as I knelt down and pulled her into my mouth, her pubic hairs tickling my nose as I sucked the who of her in yet again.

But she didn’t want much of this: she wanted her cock to go where she dominated and she shrieked and pushed me around, and pushed me again, on all fours, to the freshly-made bed, where she pushed me face down and growled coming on behind me.
She was surprisingly strong, grabbing my hips and bodily lifting my arse up into the air until my knees were propped on the bed; then she held my torso and head down with one hand and massaged my bobbing cock and balls with the other.

“Oh, you sexy man, all the things I can do with you! But first, since you made me frustrated all night: my cock needs retribution, so open up Khun Steve, and welcome to my world this beautiful morning!”
It was going to be neither painful nor pleasurable, this act of forced sex; in fact, it was about the most banal sex I had ever had.
That it aroused my cock was true, after all she did have beautiful, natural breasts which I would enjoy my hands and mouth on, but her cock inside me….well, I only hoped my ladies didn’t feel this disinterested when my cock was inside them!

Thoughts of her breasts gave me an idea; I stopped her entering me from behind and used my own strength to bring her around me and laid her on her back; I opened her thighs, held her cock upright and sat my arse – thankfully wet from her cock’s head rubbing it - straight down on it, my cock pointing up her abdomen and dripping its own pre-cum on to her abdomen and pubic hairs, of which she had a nice bush.
She let out a strangled moan and hefted my weight with her hips; I wasn’t heavy and she could push me up with little effort and I did help by bouncing as girls did to me in this similar position. “You are full of surprises, Khun Steve – I have never done this before, how erotic and sexy!”

What it at least gave me was a focus for my hands and mouth: to get my own enjoyment while helping her get hers from my arse: her breasts were now available to me.
I feasted on her while her hands helped my hips pump up and down on her cock, so I ignored that part of my body and ignored what was happening to it – my mouth bit and swallowed, gouged at her nipples, pulling them out hard with my teeth; not to cause pain, just sensations of someone else having their say in matters of dominance also.
I pushed her hands away once from wanting to masturbate me: I wasn’t the least bit interested in anything but her breasts and her emptying in to me and going home.

But I failed to prevent her hands from pulling my face away from her breasts, thinking she wanted a rest; instead she yanked my mouth to hers and pushed her tongue inside against mine, asserting control in a different orifice. When she released me, her teeth sank into my neck’s skin – surely biting through and drawing blood I thought – and she snarled like a tigress holding on to the jugular of the beast it had just caught for dinner.
I whimpered, scared now, and groaned “Anything you want, Lady, you can have of me.”
“I know” she said soothingly, releasing her teeth, “but I needed you to know it also.”
All I wanted was to get Toy and run away from here, as fast as possible, before this became routine rape for this she-woman whenever she wanted!
Hardly rational or practical thinking – but who can be logical at a time of rape and violence?

Thankfully, asserting her position and perhaps also the blood I could feel sliding down my neck, seemed to spur her sexual desire and she put her hands back to my hips and pounded me on her cock until she growled yet again and thrust up at me and held me down while she ejaculated her man-juices inside my rectum.

She sighed, contented and emptied, and roughly tossed my body aside on the bed as she wilted and her cock slipped free of me, and the remnants of her leaked out of my bottom – onto the new, clean duvet!
“Suck me clean, Khun Steve” she commanded, so I did; attacking her cock with gusto in order to finish and have her gone, but I had the opposite effect: “Whoa, slow down dearest, you will have me up and ready in a minute if you do that too much more! But I need to go and do some things at home and go shopping – maybe I’ll be back after lunch….very soon anyway.”
Rousing, she stood over me, licked her fingers and wiped them in the blood on my neck before sucking and licking them clean; she smiled down at me as I lay there, cowered there, and then she dressed and left.

I certainly wouldn’t be here at lunch or after it!
A scrubbing under a hot shower later, teeth washed with soap even before cleaning them, I went to Reception and asked for a Band-Aid for my neck scratch, which wouldn’t stop bleeding, but instead the cute Receptionist/waitress made me sit at her desk while she applied antiseptic, then some cream then a neat little bandage she taped there for me.
I thanked her profusely, promised to let her treat it again this evening, and rushed back to my bungalow, gathering money, keys, cigarettes and a needed beer and drove out in my car – around the block, before parking in the side street to the Resort, away from my bungalow, before running across the beach to the only place I could think of: Toy’s family stall.

It was not yet time for many people to come, so only grandmother and Toy’s younger sister were there; they both smiled, the girl giggled. Her name was Gam and had stayed home from school with a slight cough she told me, winking and giggling again, then coughing for grandmother’s benefit no doubt
Grandmother looked at me, “Something wrong, Khun Steve, and what happened to your neck?”
What to say to her, and to Toy later – I had no idea?
“Is someone causing problems over there at the Resort?” I nodded my head, and she nodded hers; “So you thought you might hide out here for a while, until Toy finishes school perhaps?”
I nodded again and she patted a stool on the outside of the stall; I sat and she sent Gam for a glass, ice and a bottle of beer.
Gam sat beside me and duly took charge of my drink, after which she patted my arm, “Don’t worry; I am here if Toy is not and I can do everything she can do.” Wow, the possibilities that opened up in my mind!
I berated myself for even allowing the jolt of fantasy to enter my mind, but that didn’t stop me now looking at Gam more closely, and I realised she looked very much like her 1 year plus older sister, apart from breasts which were not as developed as the very well-developed ones on Toy.
But her body otherwise, was a replica to my eyes looking at her from the outside; perhaps slightly shorter, hair straight, long and black, whereas Toy’s had an unusual wave in it, and she had a mischievous glint in her eyes matching an impish grin, as she now watched me watching her; she straightened her back and pushed her chest out, towards me, and then thrust her face closer to mine as she put a hand on my bare upper leg, “Am I as beautiful as my sister, Khun Steve?”

A leading question, one fraught with danger, full of pitfalls leading to a mere man finding himself deep in the abyss of the ‘damned if I do, damned if I don’t’ when confronted by a woman who knows exactly what she is demanding of him by even asking such questions: the right answer!
“Just a little younger, nong Gam, that’s all” and I felt rather smug at my cleverness, until her rejoinder: “But that didn’t answer my question, Khun Steve….”
“That’s difficult to answer, young Gam – I have only really known you for these past 5 minutes, whereas I know Toy a deal more, and Beautiful can be inside as well as outside, but I am sure you are…ah, will be as you grow through her age too….” I shut my mouth before 2 feet went inside and choked me – though perhaps that was a way out at least!

“So, I can take it your answer to my question is: ‘Yes, Gam, you are as beautiful as your sister’ – is that right, Khun Steve?”
I nodded my head, because in truth: she was just as beautiful, the more I found myself staring at her from head to tiny toes!
I looked around hoping Grandmother would somehow rescue me, but she had wandered off and was talking at a neighbouring stall: I was alone and being outsmarted by an ‘almost 12 year old’.
“Did you and Toy have sex a lot of times?”
“Oh, Toy was right – you look so cute, like a little boy, when your cheeks get red!” She giggled at her observation, perhaps at her ability to cause my embarrassment also.
“I am sure I could have sex a lot of times – I have watched it all on videos.”
“Ah, Gam, perhaps we shouldn’t be having this conversation; it is not really a suitable topic for one who…ah, has so many more years to think about such things, ok?”
“Well, Khun Steve, the only thing is: I have been thinking about it non-stop since my family, since Toy, first saw you, so, you see, I don’t need to wait any more of those ‘years’.”

I looked away from her young, mesmerising eyes so close to mine – and jumped/fell off the stool and hopped/crawled behind Gam’s chair and then further behind their shop’s stall.

“What’s wrong, Khun Steve; are you hurt?”
“Ah, no, I am fine, nong Gam; but that lady coming this way has been a bit of a problem, and I would rather she didn’t see me.”
‘That lady’ was the twins, Tim and Tam’s mother and I wanted only to escape from another arse fuck from her cock – but I could hardly tell Gam or Toy or Grandmother about that!
I just had to figure a way to move from the Resort and take Toy with me, I hoped….

Part 7

“Oh, yes, I know about her: she is a woman with a cock, isn’t she, with the twin daughters?”
“Yes, she is” I answered Gam, “Hass she gone to the beach yet, Gam?”
“Oh, Khun Steve, you are really scared of her, aren’t you – what has she done to you? Yes, she is down at the beach now, looking around, maybe for you!” She gave a little chuckle and squatted beside me, cupped my face in her tiny hand and kissed my lips lightly; “Come on with me, I will take you home and you’ll be right away from her; come on, Khun Steve, she can’t see you here.”
This 11y.o. pulled me up and led me by the hand out to the road, calling to her Grandmother ‘going home for lunch’ and dragging me across the wide road and down the first side street, the boundary of the Resort I noted with alarm, but then to a soi to the right; I breathed easier as she led me off the soi quickly and into a front yard and a nice big bungalow-style house.

She had keys to open the front door, ushered me inside and then seemed to deliberately squeeze closely to me as she locked the door and then preceded me down a hallway, past rooms to either side and into a kitchen area opening into a large back yard of grass and flowers and shady trees – (as a countryside lover this was all just beautiful and refreshing to me).

Gam took a beer from the fridge, opened it, took a glass and filled it with ice, and motioned me outside to a set of chairs and a table under a huge tree and poured for me.
She said she would be back in a moment and went back inside, while I lit a cigarette and had a long drink, leading to a long sigh of relief.

But that turned to a groan of dreamy desire/a feeling of helplessness/a rush of blood to my prick when Gam returned to the kitchen doorway and looked over to me with a smile on her face – and nothing else on!
“Come inside, Khun Steve; you look worn out and need a rest, so you can use my room. Toy won’t be home for some hours, my family will be at the beach stall now and I am just going for a shower; come on, bring your beer inside for later.”
As usual when a woman ‘commanded’ me, I followed instructions, gathered the items and went to the doorway, hesitating because Gam was still there: silky brown slim body, black hair dangling well down, budding breasts – well, large buds – and a thin line of golden hairs outlining her womanly slit (just like Toy’s my memory registered).
“Come in, Khun Steve – someone might see me!” She laughed as if she didn’t care anyway, “You have seen a naked young body before, I know: Toy for one, those twins also I bet, and you have a young daughter right; mine is just another body, isn’t it, nothing to get excited about is it; or perhaps you are excited about ‘it’, is that right; let’s see….oh my, Khun Steve, you do seem to be showing signs of excitement about something….”
Her hand stroked along the hardness of me, constrained but straining within my shorts, and answering her without need of words.

She took my glass and beer from my hands, put them in the fridge, and took my hand, leading me, my eyes following her glorious tight bottom, into a bedroom.
She sat me on the bed “Get comfortable while I go for a shower, Steve; I’ll come and check on you after….” (She had dropped the younger-to-older-person ‘Khun’ and I seemed now just to be a male).
There was a light duvet on the double bed; I stripped and climbed under it, immediately having the wafting scent of Gam penetrate my nostrils and my brain – and no less: my cock. I groaned, laid my head on the pillow and fell asleep….
….surely I was asleep, and dreaming….”Khun Steve, wake up and fuck me; then you can sleep, but I need you to be my first and now is the time.”

No, I wasn’t asleep, wasn’t dreaming; Gam had pulled the duvet off and was straddling me, sitting on my stomach, drops of water from her still-wet hair dripping down and tickling my body as she flicked it around.
I struggled to protest; “Gam, too young, too small….we shouldn’t do this….” But my cock betrayed me (as often) and it had grown hard under her bottom, under her bottom’s crack, under her cunt as she slid backwards and forwards, and she was wet and slippery – but not from shower water: this was the slickness of female ‘I am ready’ juice, just as my own pre-cum added to the preparatory foreplay.
When she lifted my hands to her breasts and I found nipples erect and wanting, I gave in yet again and began to enjoy this new young girl who seemed to want me to make love with her.

I had a fleeting guilty thought about her sister, Toy, to whom I had declared Love this very day.
A second thought was: perhaps Gam needs this so her sister is not ‘one up’ on her development.
A final thought was to:’ just face it’: I am no longer a one-woman man or one-girl man anyway; not when it was nubile, very young, almost-women who gave me the slightest invitation to join with them, to take their virginity away, to try to give them a climax such as they had heard or read about but not yet experienced. I was truly now a man who had turned vague lustful dreams into specific lustful actions.

My cock was now hard and throbbing under her; she lay down on me to reach my mouth, kissing me once, pulling off a few centimetres to hear me say “This will hurt, nong Gam….”
She jammed her tongue into my mouth, preventing further discussion and giving my cock the ‘go-ahead’; I lifted her hips a little, allowing a rod of pulsating manhood to stand up under her body and seek the opening to her Self.
My cock’s inherent ability to find the holy place it was meant to worship had the head at her opening, pre-cum oozing down my shaft, dribbling up to join the dribbling down juice of Gam’s cunt.
I let her hips sink down via gravity and moved my hands up to her breasts, cradling them as I pushed her torso upright so her cunt’s tunnel was not going to get assaulted by a cock hitting her at angles of pain inside.
Gam’s body came open as she felt the rounded, slippery cock head move inside and her cunt’s walls stretched to take in the thicker body following; she was wet which helped immensely, and then she paused when we both felt her hymen barring further progress.
She grimaced as I watched her face, but I twisted her nipples and pulled them painfully out from her globes and she seemed to understand why I was hurting her breasts as she gave a muscular pelvic thrust and tore her membrane apart on my cock, one pain masking the other, as now she could relax as far down as her small, young body could take of my cock coming up inside her.

She settled when her body told her it was full of me and rocked to and fro a few times, exploring this new sensation of becoming a sexual woman; I had eased off her nipples and now lightly fondled her whole breasts inside my hands, marvelling at the softness and suppleness of these unique bodily parts: my personal most favoured organs of a woman’s body, to which I could make love to virtually endlessly, as indeed I had done with the glorious breasts of Maw, the 12y.o. in my apartment building at home….
….at home, where I had a sort-of wife, but certainly had a daughter waiting for me…I felt guilty, but Gam took my mind to other places as she took control now and began to ride me up and down, feeling newly-confident her cunt would take me all.

It is amazing how sensitive our bodies are to another’s stimuli, so when my own pubic hairs felt the mingling with the relatively few pubic hairs Gam had lining the path of her slit, I could feel it, could feel that she had indeed managed to absorb my length up into the hidden recesses of herself, until now restricted areas only known about from bodily fluids flowing out (or Biology classes perhaps).
And when she felt my cock rub against her clitoris, she felt that sensitive area in a way which sent shivers through her and from her to me.

Another 12y.o. conquest: is this how I thought of this mating?
‘No’, I answered myself; ‘this is the short cosmic time of a man and a now-woman coupling in the same way as humans have done for their eternity. This is the true giving of Love, one to another, in this case of free Will – that single attribute which sets Man/Womankind apart from bestial behaviour, in which fucking and begetting offspring is often the only means of survival for the species.
Not so for me and young Gam: she was giving herself to me, and I to her: freely and openly and lovingly.

It was also fulfilling my most basic of selfish needs these days, I had to accept: my body and soul required the succour which only a young girl could provide with her own body. That so many seemed to offer their body to me was quite amazing, but perhaps such had always been available to me but now my sexuality had awakened from a long coma and the desire of dreams and fantasies was no longer purely disturbing thoughts in my sleep: in my case, those fantasies had led to this magnificent sex with Gam, here and now.

And the most important part of making love now showed its most beautiful, most satisfying result: Gam’s emotions had caught up to her body and her breathing betrayed her feelings, as her body became ragged in its movements but even more lustful became her plunging as her bodily feelings and her woman’s soul joined and thrust her into that new state of euphoria of an orgasm.
I hoped we were still alone in the house as her scream blasted from her mouth, along with spittle cascading down to my body; her arms stiffened and her hands clutched hard on my bony hips as she pushed against me to get up high, my cock at her opening and then banged herself down to my roots, into her cervix surely, going up into the tunnel from which a future baby would come down from the womb (but only if the man had sperm of course!)

She climaxed through several minutes as I helped her sustain the feelings from my cock within, but then some inner drive of my own took control and I held her to me as I whipped our bodies over, hers below and mine, my cock principally, driving into her body from above, my tongue into her mouth and my hands onto her breasts: I was consumed by her in these moments and needed to consume her into my own body.

My balls churned – unusually quickly, a passing thought – and I felt the flush through my body presaging the bursts of semen up through my shaft and I buried myself deeply, even feeling the narrowness of the canal-like tunnel my cock was pounding into as a major cataclysmic event caused new screaming from Gam and guttural noises of incoherent primal needs from me as we thrust our bodies up and down, into each other on the bed in a paroxysm of mutual climaxes.

Not for the first time, my mind fumed that my gushing semen carried no sperm – notwithstanding such stupid, irrational thoughts about making babies, perhaps, with girls only as old as my daughter, or slightly more, years before they should even be thinking of this, and years after I should even be thinking of this.
It was just the feeling of potency when I did release my cock inside a young woman – versus the knowledge of my impotency.

This time, this fuck with young Gam, gave me a feeling of dejectedness even as we both sucked in deep breaths and slid against each other on our sweat-covered bodies, my weight lying heavily on her little body I was sure, but, for these minutes, unable to physically move away, even as my mind did – and it was her sister, Toy, who came first to mind: my Lover of this morning, and this was her sister: my Lover of this afternoon.
‘What sort of man am I’ I asked myself, but it must have been out loud as a voice behind said “Clearly an over-sexed one who can’t wait even half a day for his ‘Love’ to finish school.”
Toy came over to us and began caressing my back, prone on top of Gam, unable to move/afraid to move and face her wrath.
But there wasn’t any anger in her lips when she began kissing my back and buttocks and thighs; Gam knew it too as my cock swelled and she moaned “Enough, Khun Steve, for now anyway” and ushered me off her body to roll to the side and lie there to recoup her energy.
This let Toy roll me on to my back and she murmured “Let’s see how much more sex you have in you, ‘old man rapist of young girls’” and she began her lips on a downward track which clearly would have only one destination….

I may be old, but recently my cock has decided it is much younger again, so Toy’s mouth soon had me in a state easier for her to clean: rigid, straight, big; no droopy wrinkles to clean, just a long, straight shaft to lick into a wet state, a slick state for her to sit her cunt on.
My cock didn’t need to be wet – Toy was already that and she fucked me urgently as if she had waited all day for this again….

“Exams – how did you go at school today, Toy, all ok?” I managed to ask about what should have been the most important part of this day.
“Thanks for asking, Steve; yes, I do fine in exams, shouldn’t be any problems, though I confess I had long moments of remembering last night – I even looked up at the sky and hoped to see ‘our Moon’ glowing down on me.”

“Hey, can you two finish talking, finish fucking and just let’s all get up and go over to the beach; I want a swim and Mum and Dad will be waiting for us.” Gam had recovered and was lying on her back looking at us.
I reached my hand across and played with her breasts and nipples, tweaking them into hardness, earning a moan as Toy stopped talking and re-started bouncing on me, quickly bringing her body to an orgasm: that which she had needed was now requited.

Over at the beach, the whole family smiled a welcome to me, but Grandmother called Toy and Gam both aside and seemed to be conveying some urgent information or message.
I was handed a beer, quenched my thirst and slipped off to have my own swim, casting anxious glances around for the ‘scary’ she-male; no sign, so I wandered in to my waist and stroked out a short way. It was refreshing, but my body was so worn out I had no energy left for swimming: an old body needs an afternoon nap sometimes!

I went back to Toy’s family and said I was going back to my bungalow for a rest, but perhaps I could invite them to dinner this evening….they smiled and nodded agreement, then Toy pulled me aside.
“Grandmother told me about that ‘woman’, but you don’t have to worry about her anymore, Steve; my cousins went around and saw her and gave her a warning: ‘leave Khun Steve alone or we’ll cut off your prick.’
I was shocked at first, then relieved; thanked Toy and asked her to thank her cousins when she spoke to them, and went home with a kiss on my cheek, and slept soundly for the first time in 2 days.

I might have slept longer but for the ringing of my phone; “Daddy, when are you coming home, please make it soon!”
Sam was sounding upset and had reason to be: her Dad must have seemed like a deserter to my young girl. I made a decision then and there: “Day after tomorrow, Sam, promise, just let me have the time until then ok honey?”
“Ok Daddy, but I have been so lonely without you, so please be sure you keep your promise.”
“I will, Sammy; I have missed you too, just been hard to get my head around the things I needed to, but I will be home then.”

“I love you, Daddy; my bed has also been lonely without you, Daddy – it is so empty! Oh, and all my friends keep asking when will you be back – they all miss you too, Daddy, even Ming told me she does…you have so much to come back to, Daddy, see you after tomorrow then!”

Reminders of Sam, her bed, her friends, Ming our housekeeper: my cock was rock hard and sticking up as I sat on the bed naked….’ much to come back to...’ Sam had said, and my thoughts became clouded with visions of glorious breasts and cunts and pubic hair like jungles, and soft, youthful bodies, virgin and not, mouths and nipples, threesomes and foursomes, sex and more sex….so much awaiting me, and my cock.

I showered, my cock refusing to let go of the thoughts which had aroused it on the phone, struggled into underwear and clean shorts and a t-shirt. That action reminded me so I gathered my clothes for washing into the laundry bag and headed over to Reception to leave them to be cleaned.
The same smiling young Receptionist took the bag, promised their return the following day and then cupped my face in her small hand, turning my head up to look at the (bite) mark on my neck; “I should do something about that, Khun Steve, follow me” and she led me through the empty restaurant, into the back recesses and into a room, a bedroom.
She turned to me, cupped my face up again and leaned her mouth to my neck and licked it and kissed it, before moving further around my neck and up to gaping open mouth, swallowing my tongue before I could ask “Is my neck better nong?”

“My name is Non” she whispered before returning to my mouth while groping with her hands for the not-very-hard-to-find swelling in my shorts; actually it was easy as it had been prodding at her abdomen and nether regions since she touched my neck.
Pulling my shorts over it was somewhat harder, but Non managed as she pushed me back on the bed, standing over me smiling as she unbuttoned her white blouse, unzipped her black skirt, unclipped her bra, and let them all fall to the floor before making sure my attention was on her panties as she slid them down.
I actually couldn’t see between her legs because somehow her breasts, hidden in a bra before, now became pendulous globes hanging down as she became fully naked with the kicking off of her panties; when she straightened, they were still pendulous globes and, given my penchant for beautiful breasts, I fixated on them without noticing the beauty of the rest of her.

She was staring at my cock waving ‘hello’ to her and sucked in a breath; “I saw your cock this morning when I came to see if you had any laundry. That ‘woman’ was fucking you, but it didn’t seem like you were enjoying it….”
I shook my head “I wasn’t; she forced me – but she did have wonderful breasts….”
“You can have mine if I can have your cock in me – ok, Khun Steve?” I nodded and she came to the bed.

I made love to her breasts and mouth with my hands and mouth, while she made love to herself on my pole with her cunt: it seemed to suit us both.
They were big – so well hidden before in her bra – but ‘pendulous’ was the right word: too heavy to hold up, full of…I wish it was milk…muscle and gristle, I wasn’t sure, but in my hands they rolled around like that stuff on that movie, can’t remember – ah ‘Flubber’ - because as soon as I put one in my mouth, all other thoughts were lost and I closed my eyes as I tried to stuff it all in my mouth; I couldn’t, it was too big, so roly-poly, so hard to control, but it was glorious and I feasted on as much as I could.

Non moaned when she had me inside; I hadn’t asked how old she was, but she was a small-sized body, but I was too immersed in her boobs and didn’t realize the hard task she had to stuff my prick inside her cunt, but when she moaned I knew it was a happy sound and I smiled around her nipple, just lightly holding one with my teeth, while my tongue lashed everywhere it could reach and my cheeks buckled with the size I was trying to swallow – like a King Cobra swallowing an animal: but those snake bodies are made for patience and hours of muscles rippling down the animal cm by cm, whereas I wanted a breast whole – in seconds!

She was making love slowly; it felt really nice too, even if it was for her own comfort and getting used to my size (though I never considered my cock a large or long one, average I thought – though I never checked the statistics – it seemed big to the young girls/women I usually had it inside these days, and actually to the few older ones, including my wife that one time recently, but whatever, it made me happy if they felt my cock gave them a full measure of pleasure, so to speak.)

My hands grabbed for the un-sucked breast and swapped to it; biting lightly on her nipple seemed to spur Non’s feelings and she began harder, slightly faster thrusts of her cunt on me.
I bit her again and she moaned and then kept moaning each time I hit her bottom with my full length, until she reached her peak and the ecstasy overwhelmed her and she screamed quietly then and stiffened her body tightly against my cock as her feelings swirled within her, dimming her sense of reality it seemed as I watched her face from the one eye which was clear of her breast in my mouth; she smiled and stayed just like that: I wished I had my camera right then to capture such a pleasurable moment for her.
I smiled too.

Until a ‘beep, beep’ began sounding somewhere near her bed; “Oh, damn, I have to get to Reception! Sorry, Khun Steve, can you come back later – I need check your neck again….”
She and I dressed, Non eyeing my still bulging hard cock all the time, while I watched her breasts until they disappeared in her too-small bra: I hadn’t finished loving them!
She led me out, paused at the entrance to the restaurant area to check outside and pointed me to a table while she ran the other way to Reception.

I just sat down when the other waitress appeared from somewhere; “Oh, Khun Steve; sorry, I didn’t know anyone was here – can I get you something/anything?”
I looked at her: the possibilities began churning in my mind as I stared at her chest – almost at my eye level as she stood at my side - imagining her nipples hardening under my gaze….I needed more breasts today than anything, even if it was my balls churning also!

Shaking my head vigorously to get my brain into focus, I smiled at her, my eyes looking up to her face as I asked for ‘a beer and ice, and an ashtray please’. Smiling (knowingly) down at me, she said “Oh is that all you need – nothing to nibble on perhaps?”
I didn’t trust my mouth to open again, fearing what my cock would force me to say, so I just continued my stupid smile as I shook my head; she turned away, but appeared to be adjusting her bra with her hands; turned back to face me and ensure I had been looking.

I lit a cigarette, anticipating the ashtray: how could I simply, innocently take my laundry to Reception and end up having sex with one Receptionist/Waitress and straight after wanting the same with another – all after being raped in the morning and then making love with Gam for lunch? I had a problem: there could not be any doubt anymore!

My new fantasy returned bearing gifts….heavens above, what is my mind doing! My waitress returned bearing the beer, ice, glass and ashtray – there: that is Reality.

“You are my only customer, Khun Steve; I just have to check stock in the back for a few minutes while I am not busy, so if you need me you’ll find me there.” She indicated the doorway through which my fantasy could continue, so it seemed to me, as she poured my beer over the ice and set the bottle down on the table.
I didn’t even know her name yet, but like Non she was about 16y.o. I thought, and was as attractive to me as all young women I came across these days; she also seemed as mischievous and alluring as most, flirtatious as they all seemed to be to my mind, and as great a pull to my cock as the many bodies before her, overcoming any moral resistance I might have felt in other times purely with her smile.

I finished my cigarette, swallowed a last mouthful of beer, and followed her into the back of the restaurant.

She knew she had caught me and was waiting, sitting on a table, her legs swinging beneath her work skirt, but showing me she had no panties on; she also had no blouse or bra on: I was hooked 10 minutes ago by the barest hint of bait, now I was just a floundering catch reeled in with no resistance, and aching to be held up as her prize – if only she would hold me in her breasts, as pendulous and large as Non’s.
Then it became clear: “I am Nin, Non’s younger sister; she wanted me to meet you, Khun Steve.”

What she wanted to meet was the straining appendage leading me towards her; what I wanted was to finish what I had started with her sister’s mammary glands: fuck them around my cock, one fantasy I never tired of dreaming.

But, ever the gentleman, I took off my t-shirt, dropped my shorts, ignored her intake of breath at the sight of an approaching lance, and pierced her cunt as I slid her forwards on the table (smooth without splinters luckily) and found the perfect height and rhythm to fuck her.
Nin was as tight as Non had been, but she didn’t seem to care if her cunt was getting stretched wider than whenever before she had had sex; she clasped me to her bosom and I let my buttock muscles drive my hips in ‘automatic’ mode (my cock could go into this all by itself) while my mouth went to work on nipples and more flubbery womanly gifts to a man.

She climaxed before I had even changed from one breast to the other, but I kept her in that state because it had straightened her back causing a thrusting of those great big globes even more at my tiring, stretched mouth as I sucked and nibbled and licked and groped….in my own version of heaven with so much flesh to play with, right where I wanted it: on her chest.
She oozed juices between us, coating us both from groins down legs as I stabbed her, felt a narrow tightening on the head of my cock and thought ‘another cervix in need of wriggling sperm which I don’t have in my armoury.’
But now I had to support her back as her strength was failing; she’d had enough of ‘taking stock’ for now. I laid her gently down along the table as I let my cock slide backwards and out, hearing her sighs as her cunt became empty and began shrinking, squeezing more fluids out in the process.

My strength was unused and I hopped onto the table and sat lightly on her upper abdomen; she looked up at me and smiled, “You haven’t finished? I can’t take any more now, Steve – that was amazing; I never knew it could fill me that much!”
I didn’t answer, just slid my cock down from its upright position to probe straight up between her breasts, which I pushed together from the sides, wrapping them around my cock; I sighed as my cock entered along my own form of a cunt.
Finally; I fucked myself in a truly magnificent pair of glands, of such a glutinous substance I could mould them around my stiffness in many different tones of tightness, length and sensuousness.
But it couldn’t last; between the desire felt when fucking her sister – until rudely interrupted - and now, cocooned in an almost identical pair of breasts, my cock had to release the built-up semen of the afternoon and I groaned that it was going to end so quickly.

My throbbing seemed to alert and waken Nin and her hands stretched behind my buttocks and she pulled me up until her mouth could reach my cock and take it in; my groin was pushing her breasts up her body also and it looked and felt incredibly erotic as she sucked on my pulsing prick, waiting only moments for it to gush the first 2 spurts of semen into her mouth, then pushing my cock out to let the rest of my aged juice ooze out to her chin and down her neck to her grossly squashed breasts.

Her fingers massaged the cream into her skin and around and across her nipple, moaning and beginning to buck her hips behind me: I had given her another orgasm and I was happy for her and immensely satisfied for myself.

Until the damn ‘beep, beep’ began again; we both moaned now, but I knew she had to go, so I slipped and slid my cock down her body, trailing the remnants of my balls’ offering in a small creek between her breasts, as far down as her belly button; she giggled at the feelings as I climbed down from the table and stood there for a moment admiring her body: she truly was beautiful along its whole length.

I dressed first, planted kisses and licks on her cunt as she sat up and then sucked on both nipples before I would allow her to move off the table; they were stone-hard and she held her breasts up to my mouth herself, even while pleading “I have to go….I want to stay here; I have to go, Khun Steve.”
Releasing her nipple this last time, I moved to her mouth and joined her there for a long kiss: a final parting after a mutually beautiful period of making love to each other’s bodies.

I brushed my hair with my fingers, smiled at her as she, a la Non, stuffed her breasts into a too-small bra, and I went out first, brushing my hands as if I had just washed them after going to the toilet – which were indeed down that same passage.
2 tables were just being occupied; Non was serving one but looked at me and grinned; I sheepishly smiled back as I sat at my table, poured more beer and lit a cigarette, far enough away from the other people to not contaminate them with 2nd hand smoke.
Nin appeared, rather disheveled and ducked behind a counter to brush her hair quickly, smoothed her skirt and grabbed pad and pen to serve the 2nd table; she looked at her sister and I could see an enormous smile on her face.
I also saw Non’s little show of wiping her neck to her sister and laughed when I saw Nin wipe something wet from under chin and suck her finger of my juice.

I was finished and noted the twilight setting in – gosh, dinner with Toy and Gam’s family!
I stood and motioned to Nin to put my beer on my room account; when she nodded and smiled, I quickly blew her a kiss, and to Non who was watching.
As I began to leave, a young girl, perhaps 10 or 11y.o. blew a kiss to me; I pouted my lips and ‘kissed’ the air and rushed out before her laughter caused me further problems!

Shaved, showered, hair washed and brushed, clean clothes: I walked very quickly across the road to the beach stall; only Grandmother was there, waiting for me clearly; “Sorry” I apologized, but she patted my arm, linked hers with mine and we escorted each other somewhere – to my car actually, so lucky I had automatically put my keys in my pocket.
“The others went 5 minutes ago in the car; I waited for you, Khun Steve, to show you the way – not too far, perhaps just far enough.”
That was rather cryptic, I thought, as I settled her in the passenger seat and pulled the seat belt around her, against her protests, but I said sternly “Khun Yai (Grandmother) in my car, in the front seat, you must wear a safety belt.”
She pouted but accepted the restraint, even pushing her chest – and breasts – out at me as my hands settled it across that part of her body: ‘nice big breasts’, my cock mused.

Grandmother pointed me to turn around and follow the beach road; no sooner was I heading that way when she stretched across the space between us, pulling her seat belt loose enough, and her hands pulled at my short’s zipper, fumbled through my underpants and had my cock out and in her hands and mouth!
She paused, “My girls told me about this, so I wanted it; just drive straight for 10 minutes and look for the sign [she said a Thai name for the Restaurant]; I will take care of this – it seems a little tired, Steve….”

My cock was very tired, certainly, but Grandmother didn’t take long to get it up, so to speak, or down her throat; as my car was automatic, she took my left hand and pushed it under her dress and motioned me to probe her cunt – uncovered by the absence of panties!
I did as commanded, trying to concentrate on the road, speeding up actually to get there faster, but also willing to let Grandmother have her fun, eat her dessert before the main course.
My cock was willing and it grew in her mouth; she gagged “I can’t take this!” But still she sucked and slurped and swallowed it as much as she could, while her cunt grew wetter and her legs began humping against my fingers; she had to stop sucking when her breathing became ragged and I doubled my fingers inside her and she came on them, very wetly and gushing juice (all over my passenger seat!) and squealing and trying to have my cock in her mouth again, but she couldn’t do everything, so she concentrated on her orgasm – when had she last had one, I wondered – and shuddered against my hand….
Then I worried about heart attacks or just palpitations, or just shock setting in!
Then I saw the sign and slowed drastically, checking my mirror and putting on my left indicator; no danger on the road: only in my car!
But Grandmother sighed, slurped my cock a last time it seemed, and sat up: “Yes, this is it; well done Nong Steve, in every way. I know what my girls meant now….”

I parked as directed inside, turned off everything and pushed my wet cock back inside my underpants and shorts, before getting out and undoing Grandmother’s safety belt – but I couldn’t resist, so I gave her breasts a gentle squeeze either side and twiddled the nipples to hardness; then I helped her out.

She held on to me, “You are quite a special foreigner, Nong Steve; I understand why my granddaughters like you so much – but they are so young and easily hurt – you understand, I am sure.”
I hugged her in acknowledgement and understanding, but I also rubbed my chest across her tits as I said “And you are clever and know everything, Khun Yai – and you have wonderful breasts under your dress, and [I whispered as the parking attendant came closer] a very wet, inviting cunt! And no, I won’t hurt them – I have a daughter to take care of and I promised her I will be home day after tomorrow; I will not make promises or hurt Toy and Gam, that I promise you. But I might come back and feel your breasts in the future!”

She didn’t stop laughing – with pride I hoped – all the way to the table; I was happy for her.

I had been kept a seat between Toy and Gam; ‘this won’t be safe’ I thought. But in fact they had fun while displaying a modicum of ‘ladylike behaviour’ – for most of the evening….
They each served me when the dishes arrived; they only felt for my cock under the table with one hand, eating with their spoons with the other, appearing normal; they only once fought over who got to hold my cock when their hands competed at the same time; only Toy took my hand under her skirt and made me feel her wet, bare pussy: Gam had shorts on.
But it was Gam only who said ‘me too’ when I excused myself to the toilet, followed me beyond the Ladies’ doorway (thankfully hidden by a vine-covered screen) and pushed me into a stall in the Men’s; she had my shorts and underwear down in a nanosecond, her own following in another, and she sat me on the closed lid of the toilet and almost jumped her cunt down on my cock!
“Just a quick fuck, Steve, give me that special feeling again – I need it, please….”
She was so hyped and wet she came as soon as my cock was buried in her: perhaps the fastest orgasm I have ever had the pleasure to be a part of!

Seeking to prolong her pleasure a little longer – not for myself, for Gam, trust me! – I let her almost relax, held her hips and began lifting her as if to take her off me; she squeaked her disagreement and then I jammed her down and thrust up inside her again, one full length straight up her womanly tunnel until I again hit that narrowness which told me my cock could shoot sperm there to swim easily to her womb and fight for the eggs which may be getting excited at the event to come – but, of course, my balls had no way to produce those wriggly tadpoles, so I could only fill her with creamy juice, but alas I was drained today already and could only give her the pleasure of a second climax, a final climax this interlude.

I had to help Gam dress and even splashed a little water and caressed her face, using one of my new tissues to wipe her, and brush her hair with my fingers.
She leaned against me, breasts and steel nipples pushing against me; I kissed her and sent her out, cleaned my cock and waited the interminable minutes for it to go down and allow my urethra to open and let the urine flow from my bladder.

“Sorry” I said back at the table, “Bit of a full stomach, I think, so perhaps I have eaten enough.”
I needed a beer though, so enjoyed a second bottle while the Thais did what Thai people do so well: eat a proverbial mountain of food, while I moved to an empty table and had a cigarette also.

Once finished eating, I paid the bill and the family was ready to go home, as was I; their car was too full, and while Thai families do I had a 5-seater car with just me, so I offered to take someone or two.
Surprisingly, Grandmother over-ruled Toy and Gam’s quick agreement, and only she came with me, the girls rather despondently accepting her rules: Toy has exams tomorrow and Gam has to go back to school too.
They drove off while I again buckled a protesting Grandmother in her safety belt; she had drunk beer at dinner and seemed a little tipsy, but I was adamant: front seat with belt, or rear seat and I would allow without.
We drove off, but hadn’t gone 100m before she said “Stop, I want the back seat – no belt.”
I drove off again; another 200m and she cried out “Stop, toilet, Khun Steve!” I was next to an unlit strip, no houses, the road quiet with little traffic, so I pulled over right there, clicked the windows open – hoping there were no mosquitoes – and turned off the engine.
I reached for some tissues to give her as I got out and went around to the rear passenger door to open it for her; instead, on opening, she pulled me in and down to lie on top of her naked body!

She spoke very seriously “I know the girls want you; so do I, but you said you would leave after tomorrow. Toy does have exams and Gam will fall too hard in love with you, so I decided I would ask if you might leave tomorrow instead, while they are at School. I will explain something to them – you needed to go to your daughter, ok, nong Steve?”
“Yes, you are right, Khun Yai, and that is not telling a lie: I do need, and tomorrow is better, yes; thank you – but, ah, why are you naked, may I ask?”

“Well, I wasn’t going to let you go without having you for myself, and you can have your ‘future’ with my breasts early - so get in here!” She pushed my shorts down, but I helped by doing the rest and my cock banged out (why isn’t it too tired for this I had to wonder).
She took me in her hands, guided me in her very wet cunt and pushed her body up at me; my cock responded without further invitations and drove into her and she squeaked out “oh my heavens” and never spoke thereafter.
Her breasts awaited my mouth and hands; now these were truly pendulous! Old yes, saggy yes, but big when I tried to heft one of them in my hand: it overflowed and that word ‘flubber’ came to mind (as did the breasts of Non and Nin for the same reason).

I may have been full from dinner and from other breasts this long day, but this was a dessert not to be refused, so I feasted on after-dinner sweets while Grandmother did her best to be filled from her other end, specifically her cunt.

Certainly her mouth wasn’t up to eating anything – she couldn’t stop guttural noises, moans and squeals and groans coming out, but her cunt, tight (from under use I pitied her perhaps) was getting its appetite sated by my uncontrollable cock, totally independent from the rest of me, and in no need of ejaculating and seemingly quite happy to guide Grandmother through as many orgasms as her emotions and body could handle.
She had great stamina - and beautiful, beautiful breasts for me to play with and gorge myself on – how lucky had I been this day: breasts were my favourite attributes of a woman, and I had been privileged with so many on one day!

But, alas, all good fucks come to an end, and Grandmother went limp under my cock; only the beating of her heart between the breasts my face was buried between told me she was indeed still alive. I gently eased myself up and out, dripping her juices back down on her body, on her hairy cunt – which I hadn’t even eaten yet!
I stood outside the car – shorts pulled up – after reaching in for a cigarette; this gave her 5 minutes to recuperate and groggily dress herself as best she could, but she couldn’t put her bra or panties on and handed them to me, “something to remember an old lady by….”

I drove her home like that, her juices now on both the front seat and the back I smiled: all in one evening, with a grandmother!
At the family home, I opened the door and helped her out; Toy and Gam came running, “What took so long, Grandmother?” “I stopped for dessert, nong, that’s all, and Khun Steve was kind enough to indulge an old woman’s fantasy food.”

Realising what I had promised her, I said to Toy “I hope your exams go well tomorrow, nong Toy; and you back to School nong Gam; now I should go home; good night Grandmother.” I gave them all light kisses on both cheeks – polite, yet perhaps the last ones I could give all of them; I resisted the temptation to turn their mouths to mine – though I succumbed when Grandmother did just that and thrust her tongue hard inside me.
“Now I have had had you, nong Steve; do take care and come back again.” She had whispered and now turned away, ushering the girls inside.
“By the way” Grandmother halted me “It seems that lady and her twins checked out, so I was told.”

I drove home, a dichotomy of a heavy heart and a lightened one at that last piece of news.

But there was one last surprise this night: Non and Nin were both lurking at my bungalow when I came home.
“I want what you gave Nin” Non blurted out before I had even climbed out of the car, “she got more than me!”
Perhaps this was to be my farewell to them also; well, Fate decrees many things in Life, so I opened the door and they raced for the bed, while I leisurely took off my shirt and went to the bathroom – closing the window curtains on the way.

I had a shower, cleaned my teeth and went out to the main room in my shorts; both girls were in bed – my bed of course.
“What do we do now Ladies?”
“That’s easy” Nin smiled “Just fuck us both.” They sat up together – threw the duvet back and revealed almost identical naked bodies calling to me….

I showed them a big sigh, but removing my shorts showed them some of my body was still interested in doing exactly what Nin had just said, as my prick waved ‘hello’ for the umpteenth time today.
Since I had fucked Nin’s breasts before, I assumed they wished me to change positions and I was happy to do so: Non’s breasts had been taken from me by the call back to her work-station before I had satisfied myself, and I had fucked her, well both of them, but I knew Nin had had a slurp of my semen, and that is what I also assumed Non wanted now; so be it, I would do my best for mankind.

Something like a threesome ‘69’ later, my cock was jammed between Non’s breasts as my mouth was jammed between Nin’s thighs; and if not there, my body switched between them until I was no longer sure which body part belonged to whom – but they were equally engrossing and it didn’t seem to matter as they were both squeaking and squealing and wetting my bed with their fuck juices.
I was thoroughly worn out; all I needed was to sleep but Non wanted bodily cream to rub into her body and so I willed my cock to do something for me this one time; Nin helped by hitting a climax against my tongue and I managed a few bursts of semen under Non’s chin and down her throat; she moaned and reached for it with her fingers, I could feel, and putting some in her mouth I sensed and then she was rubbing her breasts all around my cock to catch the remaining dribbles and massage it like moisturiser into her already beautiful smooth skin.

I fell straight into the land of Nod; don’t recall even moving from between the girls, but when I woke later to go to the toilet, I was in the middle of 2 sleeping young ladies.
I crawled over a face and breasts and thighs – Non I thought in the sliver of light showing through the curtains – and cleaned my teeth as well when I had emptied my bladder, crawling over Nin on the other side this time: almost a duplicate body to the one yonder.

I settled back in the middle and put a hand on either side, cupping a breast in each and fell back to sleep with a smile.

I might not have even woken in the morning except both girls seemed to be fighting over who got to fuck me before they went to work – that certainly woke me up.
But actually, my cock felt already used, slippery with juice which tasted of a cunt when I put my fingers to my lips; it would have been an act of madness to ask which one’s cunt had recently been impaled on my cock, so I pulled the duvet over my lower body and interrupted them, “Ladies, don’t I get asked in this matter?”
They stopped bickering and I continued “I am actually too tired anyway, and would just like some more sleep please; I believe I gave you both the same, ah, efforts yesterday and last night, so you should be even and call it quits – and just kiss me bye when you go out the door please; I loved you both equally, girls, thank you.”

I rolled to my side, felt my risen cock again: definitely, it had been in one of them already this day, though I had no recollection of it at all, so one of them was ahead in their ‘number of times’ competition without the other knowing it appeared; I shut my eyes and heard the bathroom being used as my smile reappeared and I went back to my own perfect Fantasyland….

2 hours later I woke, refreshed this time and hungry; shaved, showered, dressed, looked at the dried wetness on the bed and left another 200baht for the housekeeper on the pillow before heading across for breakfast.
It was Nin on Reception this morning and she smiled and beckoned me over; “Actually, Khun Steve, you didn’t quite tell the truth before: I fucked you when the sun rose this morning – didn’t you feel me? But better not tell Non or she will need to have you before your eggs are even cooked! Enjoy your breakfast, Khun Steve and have a nice day, sir.”

I may have appeared slightly embarrassed when Non came to my table, but didn’t say anything other than “Good morning, nong” as she was busy with several other tables also.
Indeed, I did eat eggs this morning, with bacon and tomato and toast, and felt full and satisfied as I relaxed with my second café.

Unusually, I refilled a third cup and took it to the outside tables to have with a cigarette; I was in a thoughtful mood, and needed to reflect on why I had come here, what my aim had been, and whether I had accomplished anything towards that aim.

I had come here to consider my recent, new lifestyle, that of being with young girls and having sex with all of them, including my daughter.

The aim had been to decide if I accepted this new lifestyle or must change – back to the loving father who didn’t have sex with his daughter – I still was a loving father and couldn’t change the fact I had had sex with her; the disinterested husband – I was perhaps less so than before, but my wife had her life and lovers, so disinterest on my part was nothing new or different; and if I was an ogre, a monster preying on young girls, piercing their innocence and their hymens years before it might otherwise have happened – but I hadn’t raped any, hadn’t hurt any to my knowledge and had given them pleasure they all seemed to tell and show me by returning.
So the answer seemed to be: I accepted this new lifestyle I had fallen into – Fantasy begat Reality.

What I had accomplished seemed to support this acceptance: sex with young twins, raped by their she-male mother, made beautiful love with young sisters Toy and Gam, slightly older sisters Non and Nin, and a Grandmother…in less than 3 days.
I had accomplished a continuation of my very full sex life – that seemed to be the net result of coming here.

In which case, I should go home to my daughter’s love, in my own home, thus removing myself from perhaps hurting Toy and Gam, causing jealousy between Non and Nin and finding another young desirable young girl around any next corner.
There, the decision made, I called Non the next time she was close by and ordered a beer and ice – a decisive, clear decision deserved a reward, I told myself, even as I stared at Non’s blouse-covered chest and knew what was lying in wait just behind that material; my cock gave its first woken-up lurch of this brand new day.

Halfway through my bottle, with the Restaurant almost empty, I called Non and asked her for the bill – “the whole bill, nong Non please; I will be checking out after breakfast – well, after this beer.”
She looked upset and started to say “But….” Until I gently, surreptitiously, put my fingers to her lips; “I have to go home to my daughter; it is time.”
Studying my face, she seemed to accept the truth, kissed my fingers and rushed off towards Reception, where I assumed she was telling her sister.
Beer finished, bill paid, farewells to them both, I packed, checked the room, and got in my car to head home.

(Epilogue: there was one last thing to do, so I only drove across the road and parked right at the family’s stall, getting out when I saw Grandmother waiting, perhaps expecting me.
She was alone at this early hour; when I reached her, she put her hands to my cheeks and said “You are doing the right thing, Nong Steve; I hope everything works out for the best, for you – but come back if you are in need!”
She kissed me and walked to the car with me; I began to speak but she held her hand up “I will explain to the girls, don’t worry, it will be fine.”
“I only want to ask you, Grandmother, to also let me know how Toy does in her exams this week.” I wrote my mobile number on some paper and gave to her.
She was laughing “Toy told me she has Biology exam today – she said she knew, thanks to you, everything they can possibly ask about the human body now! Bye Steve!”

This time I did drive homewards, a smiling tear caressing my cheek….)

(Prologue: an uneventful journey found me arriving at my apartment just about the time Sam should be coming home from School, finding her Daddy one day earlier than I had promised.
Getting into the lift with my second, final load from the car, a young body snuck in before the doors clanked shut.
“Hi Mr. Steve, we’ve missed you!”
It was Maw, the 12y.o. from a neighbouring apartment; I smiled and groaned all at the same time: happy to see her and happy to remember the glorious breasts her tiny young body had hidden beneath her school uniform….
Life, it is all so apparent, carries on…..)


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To Unknown: I am truly sorry this Chapter upset you - I didn't know this was going to happen either! If you are an Author, you will appreciate thoughts and the written word sometimes come without consideration: they just appear! There won't be any more such behavior...Part 6 is back to 'normal'. Steve, the Author

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If you had warned ahead of time about this inclusion, I would have skipped reading this chapter and continued with the next. Now however I'm afraid of reading any future chapters.
Now I won't even be able to continue enjoying this series. Sadly for me the loving story of Steve and Sam has come to an abrupt and sad end. :(

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