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Thanks for the feedback everyone, and I’m sorry for the delay in getting this one out. Between college and traveling, time has been limited. I’ve implemented your suggestions as best as I could. I’m also wondering how you guys feel about Cassie fucking Bobby, or the Mom getting involved. Let me know. Also, please check my profile for Parts 1 & 2 for the original Cassie stories by SecretCockLover. Please, keep the feedback and suggestions coming :) Enjoy!

About a week had gone by since Cassie and I talked. She was so busy with work and school, and me with kicking my schedule up to full-time now that I was out of high school. I only saw mom once and that was just before heading out to work.

Friday night had rolled around and my buddies were begging me to go out with them, but I really didn't feel like getting drunk. Instead, I caught up on some sleep. In the morning, I felt extremely refreshed. Actually it was the most refreshed I'd felt in a very long time. With a jump in my step, I stretched briefly before throwing on some sweat pants. A brisk morning jog sounded really good. Before I left the house, I noticed Cassie running around the house frantically. She must've woke up late.

I paused near the door and stared at her keys. Dare I even tempt fate? Yes, yes I totally should.

She reached out to grab her keys from the table but I snatched them just in time. She halted, a bit confused, then immediately her temper flared.

“Hey! Not funny, dick!” She growled and immediately tried to grab them.

I chuckled and held them behind my back. “Slow down, assie. Where’s mom?”

“She’s not here, and I’m going to be late for class!” She punched my arm, not with all her strength, but it still kinda hurt regardless.

“Hey! Isn’t that like, domestic abuse?” I joked as she tried to reach around me to get her keys. She rolled her eyes and just looked at me as if she were about to call me an idiot. I took the opportunity to quickly lean down and kiss her. I actually kinda missed her lips and ended up kissing near the corner of her mouth, but she readjusted herself so that she was kissing back properly. But what I intended to be sweet and innocent quickly turned hot and passionate. It was a deep and needy kiss, the kinda kiss you give someone right before you fuck them relentlessly, the kinda kiss you don’t just give and then part ways. Her tongue probed mine lightly. Hands were beginning to roam: I grabbed her breasts and she hastily reached into my sweat pants to stroke my cock roughly. I humped her hand and tried to find her nipples with my thumbs, but it was too hard over her thick bra.

Suddenly she broke contact.

“You have 5 minutes to cum, knob.” She said breathlessly and dropped to her knees. Before I could even protest (after all, I actually really didn’t want her to miss her class), she whipped my dick out and slurped it whole, only momentarily, before pumping my dick rapidly as if her life depended on it. I lurched forward as she practically assaulted my dick with her hands and mouth, her sole purpose to make me cum. I breathed heavily as she took it in her mouth again whole, swallowing it only momentarily before bobbing on it rapidly. It was a staggering contrast to her previous blowjob: she was rough and quick, only wanting me to climax and not necessarily care how I got there. That was fine with me. Although I did enjoy the slower and more powerful build-up that made the climax more intense, right now the release was all that mattered.

“Fuck!” I cried before lurching forward once more to empty the contents of my nuts in her mouth. A small part of me reminded myself that I was about to fill my sister’s stomach with my seed.

And damned if that didn’t make it SO much more intense.

I jerked forward repeatedly with each wave of cum until settling down. I could hardly catch my breath before she stood up and began undoing her belt buckle. I immediately dropped to my knees before her, my dick still hanging out of my sweat pants.

I had to admit, it was odd seeing an erection in dainty panties, but I didn’t really care. She could’ve been wearing a pink tutu at that point and I still would’ve been aroused. I yanked down her panties and her dick sprung out, glistening and a bit moist from her morning shower.

“Hurry!” She pleaded as she held the base of her cock and aimed it toward my mouth. I devoured it and she inhaled sharply. I tried to do what Cassie had done to me by attempting to deep-throat it, but my gag reflex wasn’t having any of it. I coughed and gagged, composed myself for a moment, then pressed on with full force. I lapped at the head like she had mine and she responded by thrusting against me. I took her dick out of my mouth to breathe and jerked her off hard and fast.

“I thought you said this didn’t work very well.” I mused before taking one of her small balls in my mouth and rolling it around my tongue.

“Sometimes, just shut the fuck up.” She breathed, presumably lost in the sensations. I turned my attention to the other testicle, bathing it in my saliva before returning to her dick. I was going to pump it while sucking it, but her balls were quickly beginning to tighten.

Her warm cum began to gush in my mouth. She gingerly fucked my mouth and I tried to take as much as I could before I had to take my mouth off to catch my breath. The last of it dribbled onto the floor.

Without a word and in a flash, she pulled her underwear and jeans up and began to buckle her belt. I stood up and lazily stuffed my dick back into my briefs and pulled up my sweats.

“So, see you lat-” I was cut off by the door slamming. I rolled my eyes but smiled in spite of myself.


Cassie came home around 7pm – she had classes right after work. She collapsed on the couch before I could even say anything, which was fine because about an hour later our mom came home anyway so obviously sex was out of the question. Mom came in the kitchen while I was breading some chicken cutlets for dinner – this prompted a smile from her. It was one of her favorite dishes.

“You didn’t have to do that, I was going to order Antonio’s.” She said while taking a seat at the table. Her white cotton robe indicated she’d just got done showering; the powerful floral smell of her conditioner filled the room.

I shrugged. “No biggie, the least I could do is cook for you. You’ve probably been having a lot of take-out. Haven’t seen you home that much lately.”

When I said this, my mom’s smile gradually faded. She sighed deeply and cradled her chin in her hands, her elbows on the table. She appeared thoughtful for a while before speaking, “I’m glad you and Cassie turned out okay. I always worried that… because I wasn’t home a lot, you guys would get into trouble or God knows what.”

Did we turn out okay? Last time I checked, we were crazy perverts committing incest. And for some reason, it didn’t bother me exactly. “Yeah we’re kinda okay I guess.”

“Bah, you guys are more than okay,” She grinned at me and I returned it. We truly were her pride and joy no matter what, and she made sure everyone knew that. “Oh and I’m going to be away for a week or two. The schedule has been insane and it would just be easier to stay at Janine’s for the week instead of the commute.” My mom explained. Janine is her best friend and co-worker that lives about 5 minutes from her job. Sometimes she stayed there overnight instead of making the long commute home and then back again, especially if they switched her shift mid-week.

My shoulders slumped. Shit! This meant I didn’t have her car to borrow and I had plans to go to the beach this weekend. Me and my friends were planning one last huge beach party before summer officially ended. The cold weather was already starting to kick in every now and then to remind us how bitter the fall and winter months would be, but this weekend had a beautiful forecast and I didn’t want to miss out.

“That means you won’t have my-” She began to say but I interrupted her.

“I know, I know. No car. Gotcha.”

“Sorry sweetie.” She shot me a sympathetic smile before going to the fridge to rummage for some sides to go with dinner.

I decided to call my friends and see if I could arrange a ride with someone.


“It’s no problem. Thanks anyway, Kev.” I ended the call on my phone and mumbled a string of swears under my breath. It was Saturday and everyone was already either at the beach or on their way there. Throughout the week I’d been in a frenzy: between work and desperately calling everyone on my contact list, I was a mess. Every single one of my friends either couldn’t fit me in their car, or they were hitching a ride themselves. I wracked my brain to think of someone else I could ask.

Wait a minute. Cassie!

I quickly called her, eagerly squeezing the arm of my computer chair in anticipation. The line rang twice before she picked up.

“What do you want?” She asked, her voice sounding rushed and impatient.

“What time do you get out of work?” I asked, barely able to contain my excitement.

“Um, usually 5 but since I came in super early today I’m leaving at 3. Why?”

“Can you give me a ride to the beach?”

There was a brief pause and some shuffling around before her voice said, “Fine. But you’re paying me.”

“Yes! Okay!” I was going to thank her profusely but she hung up before I could say another word. I jumped up and pumped my fist in the air. This was going to be awesome!


I fiddled with her MP3 player, trying to find a song we both liked. “You have shitty taste in music.” I declared, scrolling past the dozens of pop songs before coming to a song that was remotely rock. We’d only been on the road for about an hour – the entire trip was two hours, but we’d hit some heavy traffic, delaying us for about another hour. We were both becoming a bit irritated with each other at this point.

“You have like, all boy bands.” I continued berating her choice in music.

“Yeah, okay. Coming from the one who likes hair metal? Give me a break.” She shot back, snatching her MP3 player with one hand while keeping the other on the wheel. I reached over to snatch it back but she pulled it away.

“You’ve been playing the same crap for like an hour!” I whined.

A devilish grin curled her lips before shoving the MP3 player down her cotton shorts, the cord sticking out of her waistband. I reached over to grab it and she grabbed my hand firmly. I looked up at her and her smile faded as she guided my hand over her crotch. I felt her hard dick through her pants.

“You owe me for taking you here.” She said quietly, her eyes still on the road. While on a straightaway, she took both her hands off the wheel for a second to shove both her shorts and underwear down quickly. The MP3 player fell to the side of her thigh but she ignored it. Her dick was standing straight in the air.

I was confused at first at the abrupt action, yet my hand instinctively wrapped around it and began to pump steadily. She let out a throaty moan, her eyes still on the road. She leaned back into her chair and grabbed the back of my head firmly with one hand. She roughly guided my mouth to her cock. I could’ve fought back, but I didn’t see the point in it. Besides, part of me actually wanted Cassie’s dick in my mouth.

Before I could think about how insanely screwed up that was, Cassie pushed my head down and rammed her dick into my mouth, gagging me. She chuckled as I coughed violently, though they were muffled by her thick cock. I withdrew slightly to fight back the gag reflex and catch my breath. Cassie allowed me, but her member was already pulsing with anticipation. Once more, she shoved my head down onto her dick and held me there. I breathed as best as I could through my nose while simultaneously suppressing my urge to gag again. I could feel the tip of her dick almost reaching the back of my throat. My warm saliva coated her shaft as my tongue wiggled around as best as it could in the confined space.

She thrust her hips into me, her light tufts of pubic hair tickling my lips. Luckily, I was able to take a large gulp of air before she did it. I almost felt light-headed as the tip of her dick nuzzled the back of my throat.

“Take it…” She whispered, her voice hoarse with lust.

She steadily began humping my mouth, the sensitive tip hitting the back of my mouth on every thrust. Each time she withdrew slightly, I tried to inhale as much as I could though my lungs were beginning to feel deprived. The swaying of the moving car didn’t help either, as each bump jolted my body and made me breathe a little quicker.

As if reading my mind, Cassie pulled over on a particularly empty stretch of highway, with the only few cars flying by so fast they wouldn’t even have noticed us if they did see us. Parking the vehicle, she put both hands on my head and now began to viciously fuck my mouth. Tears began to form in my eyes as I struggled to breathe, but could only managed ragged gasps. Her tight balls slapped against my lips hard and fast. Desperate, I tried to pull away but she had a surprisingly strong grip on my head.

That’s when I felt a warm trail of cum slide down my throat. Her body began to spasm as a strong orgasm began to overtake her body. Thankfully, she withdrew so that only the tip of her cock remained. I managed to swallow her cum without choking on it like I did last time. I pulled away hastily, practically hyperventilating, taking gulp after gulp of sweet air. She let out a satisfied sigh as I began to readjust myself in my seat and fought to catch my breath. She turned the car back on and pulled away.

After a minute of recuperating, I buckled myself to make sure she wouldn’t do it again. I had to admit, it was a big turn-on. But now I felt a bit shaky after being deprived of oxygen.

She scrolled through her MP3 player and picked a classic rock song she knew I liked. I appreciated it, but wasn’t verbal with my gratitude. Instead, leaned back into my chair and enjoyed the music.

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