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Hello my names Edward Antonio Wolfner. I’m African/native American, 5ft10 in normal form and 6ft3 in angel form. I’m married with 10 kids and two grand kids. I also have more kids on the way. I have three girlfriends. This story is to tell you how it all came to be.
I come in from work and close the door think I’m the only one home. I go to the fridge and grab a beer then start heading up the stairs. That’s when I start hearing moaning. I stop for a second and listen. It’s coming from upstairs. So I continue to ascend the stairs. Once I get to the top I notice that it’s coming from down the hall towards my –at the time-eldest daughter Veronica’s room. I slowly walk towards her room and stop at the door and am shocked when I hear her say.

“Yes. Yes daddy yes. Fuck your slutty daughter.”

I try not to peek in but then I do and the sigh shocks me. She’s lying on her bed with her legs wide open and her hand between her legs masturbating. I stand there shocked with my mouth wide open. Unable to move. I watch as she has an orgasm. Once it stops her eyes-which had been closed-opens. I teleport to my room.
Oh by the way I have special abilities. Like I can teleport use magic read minds and I’m also part werewolf.
Once I get to my room I notice that I have a massive hard on. I decide to get in the shower and clear my head. So I down my beer and put the empty bottle on the counter. Using magic I close my door and lock it. I take off my cloths and head to the bathroom that’s in my room. I start the shower and once it’s to the right temp I get in. the scene keeps playing in my head and after a short while I find myself rubbing one off. Shooting rope after rope of cum from my fully erect 9”long3”thick cock. I quickly wash up and get out then clean up the bath tub. I get dressed while still thinking about what I saw. I put on my basketball shorts and a t-shirt. Once I’m done getting dressed I use magic to unlock the door. I sit on my bed for a while. So long in fact I start to get hungry. As if she could feel my hunger veronica knocks on my room door.
“Come in Nikki.” I say and she walks in warring a t-shirt that is so tight it shows her nipples and some leggings so tight I can see her kpussy lips.
“Hey daddy.” she says. “I made dinner its ready”

“Ok.” I say. “I’ll be right down.”

“OK.” She says and turns to leave the room then stops to turn and look at me. “When is mom coming back?”

My wife Zoey and the twins Katrina and Karmine went to japan. Zoey’s there on a business trip.

“In a week.” I say.

“Oh good. That gives me time.” She says and skips out the room.

I notice something I’ve never noticed before. Well I already knew it but never like this. My 17 year old daughter is sexy. -She is about 5ft 7. With long wavy black hair. C cup breast and a large round rump. She isn’t a large girl. She’s fairly skinny. That’s because shes a cheerleader.- I shake my head to clear my mind. I get up and go down stairs to the kitchen and sit at the table. Nikki brings me a plate. She made baked potatoes, a salad, and broiled stake.

“This smells great.” I say

“Thanks daddy.” she says as I take a bite out of my piece of stake.

“This is great.” I say after I finish my stake.

She just nods because her mouth was full of potatoes. I finish my plate and lick it clean then I get up and put my plate in the sink. I go to the living room and sit in my favorite chair. I reach over and grab the remote I turn on Friday Night Smackdown. About ten minutes into the show, Nicki comes in.

“Daddy can I sit with you? I’m cold.” She says.

“Sure honey.” I say.

By this time I had started thinking about the possibility of taking down my own daughter. And was thinking of plans to make it happen. What I didn’t know was that she had a plan of her own.

“Daddy can I change the channel to something more interesting?” She asks.

“Sure honey. Go ahead.” I hand her the remote and wrap an arm around her shoulders.

She turns to a porno and then she snuggles in to my side. I watch the porno with her and after a few scenes I start to get hard. She has her leg right on top of it. I look down at her and find her smiling but watching the TV. Her hand starts to move from my chest down my belly and to the waist band of my ball shorts. Her hand slips under my shorts, down my shaved pubic area, onto the shaft of my cock. Her hand is surprisingly warm. She starts to slowly jack me off. At this time I had started moving my hand down to the bottom of her shirt then under it up to her right breast. I squeeze it lightly then start playing with her nipple. While we play with each other I look down at her and find her looking up at me smiling. I smile back.

“Daddy lets go further.” She says and without saying a word I pick her up into my arms and teleport to her room. I lay her on her bed and start kissing her. She kisses me back. As we kiss our hands start to undress each other. We take off our pants and my fully erect cock hits her cunt. She smiles against my lips.i slowly push my dick in to her and she moans. i stop as i hit her hymen. I start to pull out untill just the head is in then i slam it all the way in. She stops kissing my and grabs a pillow then yells in to it. I start to pull out but she tells me to keep going to make her cum and to cum in her . so i start to slowly stroke in and out of her. after a while she starts to move her hip as i start to pick up speed. pussy is so tight moist and warm that i almost cum after a few minutes. i slow down to make it last longer . after about five more minutes she cums. i pull out and start to lick her soaking wet pussy. i then get an idea.

"Nikki do you want to try anal."

"Yes."she says a little out of breath.

I tell her to get on her hands and knees then when she does i line up my soaked cock up with her anal hole and slowly push in un till just the head is in. she lets out a soft yelp. Istop, lettingher hole get used yo the iintrusion then i slowly push the rest of my cock in. At this time Nikkies softly moaning. I start to ge into a slow rhythm then i slowly pick up the pace as she get used to me being in side her ass. She stsrts to purr and tjat tells me shes enjoying this so i pick up speed. At a pace of a jackhammer i make her cum again. Hot cum shoots out of her vagina onto my leg. Her ass muscles tightens against my dick making me cum all in her ass.

Once our orgasms subside we lay there holding each other, smiling.

"You know we can't let your mother find out. Right?"

"Of course dad"

From that night foward we fucked untill we couldnt fuck anymore. Well only until zoey and the twins came home.


2015-03-25 07:30:17
I would have posted the second prt of this story but I been real busy. Shit keep gritting in my way

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