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Part two
Two curious friends #2

This part two of two curious friends. I didn't know if I would do another story but more than one person liked it so here goes. Hope you enjoy. Please read part one to catch up.

He asked me to play with his balls and he would give me a blowjob. How could I ever refuse that, I mean I've never had a blowjob yet and have always fantasized about getting one. I whispered yes that's a deal. So he switched his position so we were technically in a 69 position but I was just playing with his balls. He first began just teasing me.

Colby was slowly jerking me and playing with the tip of my rock hard penis. He had a way of barely licking the tip that I just loved, it put me in a state of pure bliss. He took his time with this process.

He must have known I would want this to last awhile because he was slowly making his way down my cock. All the while I was caressing his balls and occasionally jerking his cock. Colby finally decided to take me fully and it was amazing. My cock was so wet with his saliva and he was making a slurping sound on my cock, I loved every second.

I told him to stay still and just open his mouth, I them began to fuck his mouth. I was fucking his mouth to the point of him almost gagging. He didn't mind it though so I kept going. I felt so dirty but it was also a great feeling.

A couple more minutes passed while he was blowing me and I couldn't take it anymore I had to put it in his ass, I needed to know how it felt. So I whispered Colby get up here, when he got close I opened his ass and got it ready with saliva.
I held his leg up with one hand and used the other to insert my cock in his ass. He tried to deny it and squirmed but I finally got it in and WOW! His ass was so tight and it just took my cock like a pro. Colby asked me to slow down but there was no chance of that, I actually sped up. I was fucking his ass furious and giving him a reach around at the same time.

I loved seeing my cock go in and out of his ass. That view was one of my favorites. I could feel my balls tighten and began to feel a feeling that I hadn't felt before. Within a couple of more pumps I was shooting my sperm inside his ass and I couldn't help but let out a moan of joy!

He was surprised that I finished inside him but didn't mind once he scooped some up and used it to line his cock and finish himself. He just watched me lay there naked while he jacked off till his finish. Once we were both done we just layed there naked and cum all over our dicks.

We kinda just smiled and both knew we would have plenty of more chances for this type of play. We fell asleep totally naked and close.

We woke up and realized we didn't clean up or get dressed. So we quickly cleaned up and got dressed and joined everyone else for breakfast. It was a little awkward at first but soon it became kind of a game knowing no one else knew.

I knew I had to go home today but I really didn't want to. We decided to go swimming again before I left. Swimming even had its new games that kinda just happened now. While we would swim by each other we would swap crotch grabs. We would rest on the steps and he would jerk me in my trunks.

It got close to time for me to leave so we got out and went to his room to change. Little did I know he had an idea before I left. He quickly closed the door and locked it. He then pushed me against the bed and took my trunks off with his teeth. He then licked my cock into his mouth and began blowing me. He didn't need permission to suck me.

I just layed there watching in amazement. I got so horny I began pushing the back of his head to go down on me even more! I didn't last as long as I thought I would or hoped. I began fucking his mouth and hoping I would finish in his mouth. I lunged forward and shoot my load all over his face. Colby got upset at first but began licking the cum off his face and soon liked it. I thanked him and said when can I come over again.

I took off and already began thinking about next time. ;)

Needless to say I had plenty to jerk off too the next couple of night :)

I could barely bottle my anticipation the next school week!

We saw each other a lot and acted normal but knew what everyone else did not!

It was a lot like a game keeping it from everyone.

We occasionally talked after school about things we could try next time.

One idea after another only made me more and more horny!!

I wish I could reveal our real names but I can't, but this really happened. I've since got married and he still lives in our hometown. We barely see each other or talk. We still consider ourselves good friends even though we rarely keep in touch.

There's so much more to tell and I hope to reveal all but only when people ask for more. Still new to this but I love reading others stories so I figured I should give it a shot.

My first story has got a few people wanting more and I thank you for that. Made me glad I wrote it.


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2016-08-10 08:41:56
Great job

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2016-07-10 21:50:16
Great story an over the years I have sucked cocks as I like the young guys, and finally recently I had one ask if he could fuck me I said I never have but take it easy believe ,me he was good and now I love to take it in the ass but still love to eat cum. i have one new one coming to help this day to move furniture and hope I get to suck his cock I seen his when he pissed an for 15 yr old he has a good looking cock.

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I'm hard as a rock nice

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2016-06-14 17:22:03
I love fucck

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2016-02-05 17:25:44
Great story my school buddy would let me suck him but not fuck him in the ass then one day he fucked me and he liked it so asked me if I would stick it in him and not to far and once in I had to go all the way and he really liked it after a short time even when I was done he wanted to suck me so I could get hard again so he could let me in again.

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