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plz comment,my first story
My name is Pomela D’souza. I am an Indian from Bombay living in Bahrain [the Arabian gulf]. I am 5ft 7,I have a juicy ass, 34d boobs and I’m slightly muscular. I am 43 years old and I have a husband named Paul, a 15 year old son Shawn and another 3 year old son Mike. I’ve been fucking Shawn for almost 4 years now. This story is all about how it all started. I only told my friend Carol about this and she suggested that it would make an erotic story,so here I am writing to you.

It was a stormy night. Paul was out of the country on a business trip. Shawn was in his room getting ready to go to bed when all of a sudden the rumble of lightining gave him a chill. Shawn had always been scared of thunder and lightining . every stormy night he would come to mine and Paul’s bedroom to sleep since he was scared to sleep alone. On hearing the second rumble of lightining Shawn quickly jumped off his bed and came running to me. I had just finished putting on my nightie and was ready for bed. Shawn came in and asked if he could sleep with me for the night since he was scared to sleep in his own room. I allowed it but knew that this fright should not stay for long since he was getting quite old to be scared of such things. We both went to bed and within minutes we were asleep. Two hours later I suddenly woke up to a very familiar sensation. An arm was on my left boob and I could feel a tiny stick poking through my butt cheeks. I turned around to the sight of my 11 year old son happily asleep not knowing what he was doing. However for some inexplicable reason I was aroused. Ever since I was married the only dick that has touched me was my husband’s. Now with my son’s cock nearing my asshole I experienced some what of a lustful feeling . But then I did something that no normal mother would do at this kind of situation- I reached out behind me and felt the bulge on my son’s pyjamas.

I circled my index finger on the tip. The weird thing was I did not even feel slightly embarrassed for feeling his cock. So I passed my fingers through the holes in the pyjamas and felt his silk underwear. Eager to do more I slowly pulled down his underwear and turned my head round to see his cock.. It was about 4 inches and the head was dark purple. It was slightly moist. I began playing around with his cock,he was not circumcised, I pulled the skin up and down. I could easily jack it with two fingers as it wasn’t very thick. His pee hole was tiny and the skin under it was thin. As I was shagging his cock I pulled up my nightie and slowly pulled down my panties. My pussy was pretty wet of the idea of a young cock in my hand. I felt dirty and luscious. And as if daring myself I did another sinful act.

I pushed the head of his cock into my ass. I let out a slight moan as I felt the young meat going up my ass. Since my asshole was tight his whole cock didn’t go in. I was desperate for his cock to thrust into me and so I mixed a glob of my spit with my pussy juices and I lubricated my asshole and his dick. Then with one push his whole cock slipped into my ass. I was so horny. My son did not even feel anything, he was still deep in his sleep. Thinking that I had come this far in my incestuous act so why not do more. I slightly moved my hips back and then front and back and front, I gathered some pace , enough to give me pleasure and enough not to wake him up. Even this slow fucking wanted to make me moan but knowing I would wake him I bit my lips to keep the noise out. The pleasure was really great I could keep doing this all night. All of a sudden I felt a hot stream of sperm hit my threshold and I soon realized I has just made my 11 year old son cum into his moms ass. I was not the lest bit ashamed of what I had done but instead I thought about it and fell of to sleep.

I awaited the next night with great anticipation , I had watched the weather and there were sure signs of heavy storms and lots of thunder. I wanted my son’s cock again I hadn’t got enough of it the night before. I knew I was a very naughty mom but I didn’t care, I couldn’t help it I wanted my son’s cock so bad.

As I had predicted the violent storm caused Shawn to want to sleep in my room . I purposely didn’t wear any panties under my nightie so I could get directly to fucking him. I stayed awake for about an hour till I was sure he would be sound asleep. The time had come. My lustful desires began to take course. I slipped my hands through his pyjamas and pulled down his underwear and wasted no time in lubricating it and shoving it up my ass. I started fucking him slowly and gathered some pace. After a few minutes I was so engulfed with pleasure that I didn’t realize what I was doing- I was moaning as loud as my voice would go and fucking as hard as I could that the bed was even squeaking and shaking. I hadn’t realized all this until a voice behind me said “mom ? ..what …are.. you …doing”. The words didn’t come out him properly since he was moaning breathlessly from the pleasure I was giving him. I did not the least bit care that my son had woken up but I continued fucking his now fully 5inch erect cock. After a while I could feel that he began pushing his hips towards me and I was so happy that he was consenting to fucking his mother. He continued fucking hard and fast until we both had the most heavenly orgasms we had ever had.

We got up and undressed ourselves completely then I went down to his cocked and started sucking it like a lollypop. While sucking him I took one hand and grabbed his has while I fingered his asshole with the other one. He seemed to be enjoying it. He then came into my mouth and I swallowed every drop of his sperm. I layed down back flat on the bed and Shawn came right into my pussy with his dick. It felt so good to have his dick in my pussy. I began ramming me harder and faster,we had reached our orgasms but we continued fucking for half an hour. With orgasms every five minutes my pussy was leaking with sperm and juice as we were fucking.

Morning I awoke with my naked son beside me sleeping peacefully. His dick was red and sore from the hours and hours of fucking. However our sexual experience did cause a problem, we hadn’t used condoms and naturally I found out I was pregnant a week later. Luckily my husband didn’t even have the slightest doubt of it not being his son. Shawn and I have been fucking from that day onwards using condoms. Nine months later I gave birth to my second son Mike. Now Mike is four years old and we all live as a happy family ,with me and Shawn fucking secretly and no one knowing about it.

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pls post your nude pic with ur story soo that everyone would get a chance to see u soo pls upload ur pic

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Very good job i like it

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