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Things are coming together
The Ticket IV

We arrived back at the Manse in time for supper, the ritual was observed. When it became Josie's turn she exercised her internal muscles on my finger I was amazed by the strength of her contractions. I was a bit sad to know that this would be my last meal here for awhile.

After the meal we discussed ranch business first. Then Amber stood up,” Ladies I guess you all have heard that our Night Walker will be leaving us for awhile. We must persevere and stay strong. When he departs tomorrow the dress code changes. There will be unwanted guests and they are not to be treated to the vision of our bodies. All inside will wear black slacks and white blouses and panties. Outside will wear standard in public clothes. This will remain till our Night Walker is back.”

“Josie, Barbara, Mel & Ellen will work and stay at the little house. Mary you will assist Sam in the Kitchen. The little house has been provisioned with basic necessities and food. Mel will cook for the workers across the street as well.. Now when Night Walker makes his trip to California Josie will travel with him.”

I started to protest but it was evident that I had nothing to say in the matter I saw all heads nod in the affirmative. After that it was pretty much girl talk. I excused myself and headed to the office I sat at the desk and let my thoughts go, I thought about my troubles and my past. After a half hour musing I looked over at the computer, I pushed the on button. After awhile it came on and I stared at the screen, I had no idea what to do with it.

Josie walked in looked at my stupefied face and said. “Here Master let me show you.” she began to type on the keyboard . I found myself looking at the Household accounts. She hit a couple of more buttons and I was looking to the breeding history of every cow on the ranch.. A few more buttons and I was looking at a face I recognized. I thought about the face then it occurred to me I was looking at the lady from the school... Let's see her name was … Nancy. There were three stars beside her name.

I asked Josie what the three stars meant, she told me they meant she has news. One star means no news, two stars means need a meet. Josie moved the little arrow on to her name and clicked and a few lines of print came up.

“ The gossip around the pool says the big boys are upset with Moon's grandson (me) and they are trying to find a way to get rid of him for awhile. Or maybe permanently.”

Tell her to be careful and to keep her head down. Josie typed what I said. She showed me a bit more about the computer and said there would be one delivered to the little house also there would be a printer and a scanner. They are large so would probably have to be located in the Garage. I guess I am going to have to learn how to operate all this modern stuff. I guess Josie was going to be my teacher.

She showed me a few basic things and told me we would need a second phone line just for the computer. That would allow us to contact other people on the internet. It was something that had been around for awhile but mostly just government and large businesses had it now. It was due for release for public use sometime next year, 1989. Since the ranch had it already this would be an extension.

Around nine pm I had had enough, I gave her deep feel with my longest finger and sent her off to do whatever she needed. I read awhile then turned in for the night. Some time around midnight I felt a warm body slipping in to my bed. Before I could acknowledge she was there I felt her mouth engulf me. I reached down and caressed her face and ran my hands through her hair. I was receiving a very tantalizing odor of fresh bread. This had to be Sam...Samantha...the Cook. She pulled off and moved up to kiss me I slid my hand over her shapely ass and slipped my finger inside her ...Oven. It was hot enough that she could have her personal oven to bake a loaf of bread.

I pulled her up till I could taste her oven. I slipped my tongue into her raging inferno... That's when I got a shock, another pair of legs crossed my mid section and a very hairy pussy slid on to my cock. I reached down and felt the legs of my rider and thus I was able to identify her as well. Only one person had the leg strength and muscle displayed here. My thoughts... welcome Rose .

I let Rose ride she was in control but first I had a fire to put out. I lavished my lust all over Sam's pussy I licked her lips inner and outer and sucked them both I let my tongue wander till I discovered a very hard Clitoris. I attacked it with relish and Sam began to spasm. I held on to her hips not allowing her to pull away. It became necessary to pay some attention to what was going on below the belt.

Rose was riding me hard, If she had a lariat in her hands and was swinging while riding a horse she would probably look about the same. Either way I was enjoying every second of it. And it couldn't last very much longer. Rose reached out to Sam's back and pulled her upper body toward her this pushed her pussy harder against my mouth. I opened wide and tried to engulf her pussy all at once. At the same time the pressure in my balls turned loose, Sam began jumping around as she wet my mouth a second time.

Rose never slowed up she continued to ride me and by now she had reached around Sam and was massaging her tits. Rose's nipples were rubbing back and forth across Sam's back. My cock never lost its hard if anything it became harder. Rose continued to pound , she was in control Sam and I were just objects for her to use. We went on for at least a half hour Sam was in an almost a constant orgasm. Rose had not had even one, Suddenly she began to twist Sam around like she was a rag doll. Then she slammed down on me and started to howl OOOH Oww whoaaa eeee and other sounds I know not how to describe. She held her self without moving for a few seconds. Then she climbed off and before I could move she grabbed my cock and sucked it into her mouth. Her suction was very strong and I thought she was going to remove skin. Then she started swirling her tongue around it didn't take long before I could not hold back and I plastered her tonsils. She didn't spill a drop. Sam and Rose went into the bathroom and washed up then they came out and gave me a kiss and left. I showered and went back to bed and went out like a light.

I awakened to Jan 's call. I arose brushed my teeth, shaved and showered, ready to face the world. Time for breakfast. We were just finishing up when the doorbell rang. Amber answered the door and called to me. I went to the door to be met by a constable with some papers in his hand. He handed me the papers and said you have been served. The Deputy Sheriff standing behind him stepped forward and identified himself. He told me he would be my escort while I gathered my things then he would escort me to the Hospital for the DNA test .

I first took my time looking the papers over to see who had contested my identity. Yep the law firm.
As we started up to my room to gather my bags which my girls had already packed I instructed Amber to have my rental brought to the front. I gathered my bags and carried them out to my rental which had the trunk open waiting for me.

The Deputy got in on the passenger side and said for me to follow the Constable which I did. They were already waiting when we arrived at the Hospital. They took me in to the Lab the Deputy waited outside. The Lab Tech drew blood and swabbed my mouth. She filled out a variety of forms and told me that I would be contacted when the results were back. Then she did the unexpected, she turned her back and raised her dress, no panties, I stroked her butt and slipped a finger in her love nest. I pulled out sniffed them licked my finger...”Your name “ She showed me her ID tag “AH, Lila, thank you.”

Lila gave me a copy of the forms, put a copy with the test, and gave the Deputy a copy. He waved the forms at me and left. I drove to the little house, Josie,Barbara,Mel and Ellen were already there and a Jeep Cherokee was in the garage.

I parked in the drive and got out of the car. I wave to Charles across the road and motioned him over. I explained the situation. We talked for awhile and then he went back to the construction which was going well.

I wandered through the house just looking around and trying to solve the puzzle. I look at the pictures on the different walls. Because of my brothers middle names I spent a long time in their rooms. I looked closer at their posters. While looking at a poster of Green Lantern, He is standing, feet spread, left hand on his hip and right hand upraised with the green light cast into the sky in the form of the Green Lantern. At his feet lies a scantily clad voluptuous maiden who is hugging his right leg.

I looked at her and chills ran down my spine …. I bent closer and realized I was seeing what I thought I was seeing. Around the maidens neck was a chain of tears and at the end of the chain... I could not make it out.

I rushed to Dad's office and searched for a magnifying glass. I found one in the desk drawer and rushed back in to their rooms. Looking through the magnifying glass I could make out what looked like a coin cut in half. It resembled a coat of arms, back to dads office where I found a history of Ireland. I turned to the section on Donegal. There before me was the Coat of Arms of Donegal County in the province of Ulster.

The Motto across the bottom reads 'Mutum Habeatis Caritatum' in latin. ( Maintain among you Mutual Love or Charity )

The coin was cut in a zig zag pattern. I felt this was a part of the key that I needed. I continued to search this room There in plain view was a stack of books half way down was a book in a black cover with tiny stars. Upon closer inspection they were not stars but were tears. The name of the book was 'The Trail of Tears' On the back cover was an Indian maiden sitting back on her heels. Streaming from her eyes was a chain of tears, the chain hit the ground and continued off the page. I opened the back of the book and turned up the back cover.

I just knew what I would find and I was right, there before me was the second half of the Coat of Arms coin. I almost broke my arm patting my self on my back. Then I thought 'Damn' I had solved only half of the riddle... But at least I knew what I was looking for now. What I did not know was where to find the real thing.

The days passed with no further luck and it was getting closer to time for me to make my trip back to Long Beach. As I said the days were frustrating but the nights were wonderful the girls took turns of slipping into my bed and removing all my aches and pains. Three times a Deputy Sheriff stopped by but I wouldn't allow them into the house and all of the girls stood around with rifles. When one of them asked why the girls why they were armed they answered “Rattlers, do you rattle?”

Coat of Arms County Donegal


The day had come, Josie and I loaded up the car. One last time before we left I stroked their behinds and inserted my finger, removed it, sniffed and licked my finger clean. Even though Josie was going with me she was in line also. I told the girls that Barbara was in charge and that under no circumstances was the Sheriff or his Deputies to enter my house. And that goes double for the Lawyers of Fox, Fox & Shari. By tomorrow there will be a Lawyer or maybe two from a firm in Oklahoma City they are my personal lawyers. Celeste Rainwater from the Native American council Make her welcome and find her a place to sleep. She can work out of my office.

“One other thing all of the workers on the guest house are armed and ready to help as needed. Charles has contacted a friend in Austin and one of his workers is Law Enforcement. We will be back with in two weeks.”

With those few final words we drove out the drive and taking no chances I drove 5 miles under the speed limit. Finally we were on I – 40 West and Amarillo in the rear view mirror. My plans were to drive to Flagstaff spend the night and complete the trip the next day.

Josie head was on a swivel, she had never been farther than Amarillo. She found a Country Music radio station and sang almost every song word for word. She had a very nice voice and I enjoyed her singing it was very entertaining.

We arrived at Flagstaff and checked into a Motel,then went out to eat. We found a Mexican restaurant, the food was quite good but obvious that it wasn't Tex Mex. We left the restaurant and was accosted by two guys both over 6 foot and athletic built.

“ Well look what we have here a wimp and a sexy cunt.” they laughed and reached for Josie. Before I could react Josie stepped with in his arm reach, kneed him in the nuts and as he bent over she smashed his nose. She spun around him and stepped toward the second guy. She did the splits which took her between his legs and she threw 4 or 5 punches to his groin area. He leaned over and grabbed himself and toppled over on the ground. Josie stood up looked over at me and smiled.

One of the waitresses had been out side on a smoke break when the first guy grabbed for Josie. She went in side and when she came back out she said she had called the police. She looked at us and to the guys on the ground and had a very quizzical look on her face.

The police arrived as the thugs were getting up. The waitress told them what she had heard. The cops handcuffed them and checked their identification, as it turns out they were both from Amarillo. What a surprise.

The cops asked what I had done to them before I could answer Josie spoke up and said, “ He was just protecting me.” She hugged my arm. Later when we reached our room She looked at me and smiled, “You really didn't think Amber sent me to hold your hand ...did you.” We called Amber and reported our location and our run in. I told Amber anytime the Lawyers are at the manse she should sit at the desk and refuse to leave.

Next I called Barbara, they had had a visitor, one of the Jr Lawyers of the Shari's firm he tried to bluff his way inside. But when he realized how many guns was pointed at him he decided it was time to leave. I told her she did good... I had to hang up, my pants had just hit the floor and Josie was working her way up my legs with her lips.

Just as the phone hit the cradle I felt Josie's lips settle around the head of my cock and she began swirling her tongue around it. Damn this 18 year old really knows how to suck a cock I placed my hands on the back of her head and began to edge my way toward the bed. I edged back on the bed very easy, she had a hold of my balls so I didn't want to take a chance of her becoming over zealous with my jewels.

She was working it hard , my arms were spread out on the bed and drawing the spread up in my fists. My whole body was afire, one second she was lapping the head and the next she was taking me deep. She has me deep and she begins to swallow over and over ….that's all it took and I released filling her stomach with a gallon of cum.
Before I could move she pulled off and said “ I need a shower don't start with out me.” and into the bath room she went. I lay there for a few minutes, My mind in a quandary. Suddenly my decision made.... What the hell am I doing laying here. I jumped up threw the rest of my clothes off and headed for the shower.

I opened the shower door, Josie looks up and said, “What took you so long ?” She grabs my cock and drug me inside and began washing me. Just a few strokes and I was standing tall again. Josie put her hands on my shoulders and she leaped locking her legs around my waist. As her butt began to settle I reached down and guided my cock inside of her.

I gave her the best ride I could until my legs were on the point of collapsing. I managed to carry her out of the shower. Our room had two beds I chose the one we weren't planing to sleep on and fell onto it. Josie never slowed up she continued to bounce on me and I continued to help her all I could. I won't say Josie was the best of the girls I had made love to so far. But she was definitely the most energetic.

When she reached her climax she was like a wildcat trapped in a cardboard box and it was all I could do just to hang on. She did slow down after the 2nd one. The muscles of her pussy had my eyes rolling back in my head . She could raise her self and drag me down with those muscles all at the same time. When she would bottom out with my cock as far inside her as it would go. Her inner muscles really began to move up and down as her butt began to circle. This is one session I was never in control, This 18 year old was a master, I could feel my self building to a crescendo. I could hold it no more and I plastered her insides with sperm.

Josie never slowed up, she wasn't ready. She started moving her hips in a forward rolling motion even as she moved in a circle as well. Five minutes later she reared back and turned loose she flooded me and fell forward. She whispered in my ear “Thanks I needed that.”

We finished our showers and went to bed, I won't claim to have slept solid. Not with Josie she was on me three more times during the night. But when I awoke the next morning I seemed to be flush with vigor.

We ate breakfast and while doing so a Policeman sat down with us and took a bit of information. He told us they would notify us when the hearing was to convene. We departed and drove straight through arriving at the Hertz rental car just after 4 pm. I noticed as we pulled into the lot they had a few almost new vehicles for sale. What caught my eye was a 1987 Dodge extended cab 4 x 4 Pickup with a matching camper shell.

I asked the price and it seemed reasonable. I had the Rep call the bank and verify the availability of funds. I wrote him out a check for the full amount. He had an attendant to Gas it up and pull it next to the rental. We began to unload the rental and load the pickup at the same time. I told Josie to get the rental papers out of the Glove compartment..

As she did the ticket fell out and on to the ground. The Rep picked it up and handed it to Josie. “Don't lose this it might be worth a million dollars. She laughed and handed it to me, as my fingers made contact with the ticket. It was as if I went into a trance, finally I heard Josie saying “Night, Night are you all right?”

I shook the cobwebs out of my head and said, “Yes I'm alright, it was just a thought.” I looked down at the ticket and laughed, “I guess we will get this checked when we go back through New Mexico.”

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