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man dresser slutty fem, Lots of cock, then more cock!
I was getting fucked again!

I would never go out looking for it, I'm a good girl.

But I would never avoid it.

After all, just being dressed in black inch-mesh fishnets, held up by

suspenders from a black lacy basque, nipped hard at my waist, with my

cock-clit barely covered by my pink g-string pouch and the string over

my divine snow white left cheek, while I tottered about on 8", platform

heeled, "fuck-me" shoes, and nothing else, surely could not be causing it.

And it couldn't be my long black hair, styled in "bunches" like "Abby"

from NCIS, or my bright red lipstick and "Goth" make-up, or the scarlet

polish on all my nails, hands and feet. The tats on my bubble butt

cheeks that read "W" on both sides could not be blamed either.

Yet as soon as I got out of my pick-up, dressed like this at 2am in

the busy truck park, I attracted attention.


I've been stoping here for ten years or more, so the cries of

"Amanda's back" did not surprise me. and soon I was on it, on the

thick and comfortable mattress, that I had forgotten that I had put

in the back of my truck, legs back to my ears as the gang-bang assembled.

I'd been thrown onto the mattress on my back, my legs were pushed over

a set of shoulders and a cock rammed up me, no preparation just straight

in to the hilt, the only lubrication being what I had applied before

leaving home, just luck I suppose. As I opened my mouth to complain,

a large cock was forced into it and I got my first spitroast of the

night, as hands grabbed my cock and balls and nipples and twisted and

pulled on them roughly.

My arse was heavily fucked by the first cock, a second fucking my throat

as I gagged and tried to take him, his balls slapping and covering my nose

as I bent my head back to swallow his length. At times he left his cock

deep in my mouth and precum dribbled out, the salty taste increasing my horny

feeling, and I feel my arse spasm as it is pumped full of spunk.

Other cocks soon entered my arse, stretching it wider each time, but sloppy

seconds eased things and the rough fucking continued, bouncing me all over the

truck bed and forcing the cock in my mouth deeper into my throat. It was

just held there now as my arse fucking provided the movement to force it in

and out. My own cock going pleasure/pain rigid as I shot my first load, which

mainly dropped on my basque and throat.

After a cock emptied into my arse, another slid out of my throat and replaced

it, again I was stetched further, they seemed to be screwing me so that each

new cock was wider, though not always longer, than the one before. My mouth and

throat were then wedged wide open by a large dildo , which I found difficult to

take but had no choice in.

It turned out to be a large, butch lady (being polite) trucker who leant forwards

over me as she pushed my cock into her deep cleavage and started tit fucking me,

again the power of the arse fucking provided enough movement and I soon splashed

more of my spunk over her boobs.

A new cock followed the one who had had me at both ends (he had been in my

throat a long while and came after fucking me for a short though vigorous time)

again there was a small stretch. He was very rough and had my arse well off the

bed as he reamed me out and unbelievably I came again, my cock now aching from

three intense cums in a shortish time.

The dildo was a fixture in my throat as more cocks took my hole,

as before wider still and often longer that those before it, but after a few

short, tight strokes they all went in deep and rode me with full strokes as I

took load after load from the gang-bang.

The dildo came out of my throat and the lady showed me one twice as thick,

and made of hard rubber, which was pushed against my, now sloppy and gaping,

wide hole, but as the woman pushed the monster dildo at it I was pushed

across the bed as my ravaged "pussy" didn't want to go wider still, so two of the

guys took a leg each and dragged me onto it. THAT REALLY STRETCHED ME, a 3" dildo

has a circumference of about nine and a half inches

With the guys holding me down, the woman managed to start riding me and soon I

stretched enough to take even this monster as it slid and jerked in and out of me

until the extension up her cunt and rubbing her clit made her cum. She then

unstrapped the dildo from herself and left it stuck in me, where the natural if

weakened processes of my body slid it very slowly back, till it plopped out and

I lay there gaping as spunk ran freely out of me.

After that they rested and fucked me as they pleased for the rest of the night,

leaving as they felt like it. They all chipped in some cash to replace, repair or

clean my expensive, if miniscule, clothing, and buy a new mattress.

One of the guys drove my overused body home in my truck as another followed to take

him back, both reminding me that they would text the next time they were here (other

groups just left me in the truck till I came to, then often fucked me again till

they left)

But I really would like to know :-

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