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curious guy picked up at public toilet. dungeon trained. BDSM
I picked you up at a public toilet. We were both pretending to have a piss

and I could see you looking at my cock. It is not spectacularly long, about

seven and a half inches, but it is VERY thick, around three and a half

inches, which means that wherever I stick it when hard has to stretch out to

a circumference of nearly eleven inches.

You have that look of nervous excitement that I look for in new meat to

train, so I turn towards you and show you my cock in its fullness. Like

so many at this stage you freeze, the excitement dieing and the fear

blossoming in your eyes as if it is a threat (it is, but you don't

fully realise that yet).

I close the gap between us, calmly so as not to jar you out of your

indecision and gently take your hand and place it on my pole. Although

your hand is average sized, it only goes halfway around its girth, so you

timidly grip it and stroke the skin gently, some exitement returning to your


I play with your package, on the small side, and slide a hand down the back

of your trainers and inside your underwear. Hmm! promising, obviously a pair of

your wifes (you have the defeated look of the "pussy-whipped" husband). Inside your

knickers I finger your slit and the very tight, clearly virgin, pucker of your

arsehole. I look down at you and firmly say "My car is nearby, you will come

with me so we can talk".

I have spent hours in places like this, picking up dozens of Bi, often barely

curious meat, eight out of ten follow me.

So do you.

AS part of my dominance game, I always insist that they remove their lower

clothing an carry it so that their legs, arse and package are bare to the

world and wear a pair of "fuck-me" stilletto heels I give them. I guide you

with my hand gripping your cock as you trail me blushing, but with no thought

of disobeying me. Outside it is dusk, but plenty of people, mainly men, see

and hear the "tap-tap" of us walking slowly by.

I can feel you shivering in the warm spring air as We reach my car and I push you

into the passenger seat and closing the door, walk around to the drivers side. very

few try to leave at this point and neither do you. I take my cock out, place

your hand on it and drive away. Your hand strokes my cock lightly, almost unbelieving

till we reach my home, a detached large house in extensive grounds. I park in my

garage, remove your hand, get out and walk to your side. I open your door, take firm

hold of your small, if now stiff, prick and pull you out of the car to follow me to

the door in the corner and down the stairs to my favourite room.

My Play Room.

"ON YOUR KNEES!" I order, then "STRIP COMPLETELY!". You obey, you are going to be one

of the easier ones, a pity as I always enjoy persuading those who hesitate. Soon you

are only wearing the heels I put you in. "SUCK!" comes the next command as I push

my cock into your face. You still have a look of half curiosity, half trepidation as

you nervously open your mouth and I push into you. From your fumbles and unskilled

slurpings you confirm my opinion that yo are virgin in all man on man sex. No matter

you have less to unlearn as I groom you. I grab both sides of your head and force

myself into the back of your throat, I may have caught slightly on one of your teeth

or not, but I'm just looking for any excuse. I bellow at you "IF YOUR TEETH CATCH ME


I drag you to an old vaulting horse, bend you over it and cuff your wrists and ankles

to the four legs. I take a cane from the rack and pull your head up. "There are three

basic laws here" I said,

"One - you will obey any and all instructions given by me. or others wo will also use

you at my invitation".

"two - what happens in here, stays in here".

"three - when asked any questions, you will always answer with the truth, otherwise you

will not talk, although some moaning, crying and screaming is allowed under punishment

or when being used".

"For this first offence of trying to bite my cock," I exagerated, "your will recieve five

strokes, four of them suspended. All subsequent offences will recieve ten or more strokes".

I walked behind you and laid one stroke of the cane across your lower backside and exposed

ball-sack as hard as I possibly could.

You scream.

I was not bothered, my nearest neighbours were a mile away and it would only give those

waiting upstairs a greater sense of anticipation. You then started threatening me with

exposure and the police, but the local and county police heads were among those upstairs,

so I laughed. "That offence will cost you ten strokes plus the suspended four". once your

tirade had run down I put a large red ball-gag on you and called down the guests, I

laid on the four stokes, and each guest laid on one.

Your screams were muffled.

I turned to my guests, "as you can see, this one is fresh tonight, virginal and not yet

trained, so I cannot recommend his oral talents, but we can bust his anal cherry. Draw lots

for the order that you take him and we will start after brandy and cigars"

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2013-11-26 12:37:35
Hey Michelle, love the comment!


2013-11-26 09:16:09
Hi, thanks fpr you comment, all opinion is valid. If you would leave another comment with a direction to your own body of work, an XNXX handle or other route to your own stories I will gladly read it and provide my own comments.

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2013-11-25 13:47:09
why do you double space all your stories? and the large width cock BS has gotten old..........I guess I should give you credit that it's not 9 or 10 inches long instead huh....nah......this is just as bad

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