Continuation of part 7. Robby is over to study and gets exposed to more than he expected.
“Let’s tidy you up down there, Dee. OK?” Natalie enquired.

“To shave my hair, you mean?”

“Yeah, not all of it . . . we’ll just straighten up the joint” Natalie urged. “Unless . . . you think it would bother your mom or something?” She teased and chuckled.

“Like I care what my mom thinks about my pubes!” Deanna shot back. “Let’s do it.” She paused in thought. “Will you do it for me? I’ve never shaved there and I don’t want to screw it up or cut myself.”

“It will be my pleasure!” Nat said brightly. “What do you think Robby, do you wanna help me trim up Deanna’s snatch?” Natalie loved to be provocative, and her new sex experiences were bringing that out further, turning her into a downright, dirty-talking slut . . . at least around Dee and Spencer.

Robby was in a dream world. Laying in Deanna’s bed next to both her and Natalie, all three of them stark naked and Natalie toying with Dee’s gorgeous tits. He had just taken Deanna’s virginity while she took his. Robby just stared dumbly at all the sexy, exposed flesh laid out like a buffet for him. This day was definitely not turning out as expected.

Natalie then grabbed Dee by the hand and pulled her up to head to the bathroom. “Give me a bath towel Dee.” She closed the toilet lid and placed the half-folded towel over it, patting it for Deanna to take a seat. “Robby, get the shave lotion and razor from the shower” she instructed as she ran the water in the sink to get it hot and soaked a washcloth.

“Spread ‘em, bitch” she told Dee, trying to keep a straight face but not quite succeeding. When Dee opened her legs 90 degrees she took the washcloth and squeezed it over her crotch, dripping warm water onto her bush and vulva. Deanna closed her eyes at the exquisite feel of it.

“Lotion” she said tersely, like a surgeon, as she held up her left hand to Robby, who squirted much more than necessary onto her palm. She looked up at him with a look on her face that said ‘really?’ as she took a bit of the shave lotion with two fingers of her right hand and leaned down to rub it along the sides of Dee’s labia. Rinsing off the remaining blob from her hand she held it up again, “razor”.

Placing her right hand on the inside of Dee’s thigh she leaned in close to go to work. Deanna was obviously still very aroused. Her cunt was spread open like shaved ham on a deli sandwich and her moisture was evident, both to sight and smell. Nat started near the top with the Venus razor and in half a dozen neat light strokes removed the hairs which ran along the right side of Dee’s cunt. “Rinse” she held the razor up.

Robby was trying his best to be helpful while he stared down at Dee’s pink petals. Her nipples were again hard as rocks and Natalie was still fully nude kneeling on the floor with her face inches from her pussy. He rinsed the razor in hot water and put it back in Natalie’s hand, her eyes level with his renewed full-blown erection.

Nat leaned back in to clean up the left side. With the razor in her right hand she lightly placed her left index finger on Dee’s clit and pushed against it with her first few razor strokes, then slid it down to enter her friend as she completed her work. “Washcloth!” she called out, while keeping a finger stuck inside of Dee’s cooch.

She handed the razor back to Robby and accepted the warm washcloth, using it to clean off her worksite of the residual shaving lotion, finally removing her finger from her gash when done. She then leaned in and inhaled deeply to enjoy her womanly scent and ran her tongue up her friend, starting at the top of her asshole and ending with a sucking kiss upon her clit. “Oh, fuck!” Dee groaned, grabbing a handful of Nat’s hair.

“I don’t think I’ve ever heard you say that word before, Dee! You are being naughty today.” Nat broke the embrace and stood back to view her handy work. “What do you think Robby?”

“Uh . . . , it looks, uh . . .great!” he managed a response as Dee ran her fingers down her gash to feel the freshly smooth, hairless skin along the side. She smiled up a Nat.

“Go get her, tiger” Nat told him quietly. “That pussy needs some attention.”

“Will you lick me Robby?” Dee blinked up at him innocently. “Will you lick my pussy?”

He didn’t need to be asked twice. In two seconds he was kneeling in Natalie’s spot on the bathroom rug, gazing into the freshly trimmed snatch of his longtime crush. She wanted him . . . she needed him, and he was about to get his first taste of pussy. . . . Fuck ‘Call of Duty’.

*** *** ***

“Spencer” Natalie called out into the hall. “Where are you hiding, big boy?”

Several seconds later Spencer was at the bathroom door, wearing boxers and a t-shirt.

“Why’d you put clothes back on Spence” Natalie enquired, sounding confused. “Did you think we were done? . . . or, do you have a hang-up about being naked with another guy here?”

“Uh, no . . . I, uh. I guess I thought we were done. I didn’t know what you guys were doing.”

“Well” Nat continued. “We just shaved up that forest your sister had between her legs” she joked. “And now Robby’s giving her a clean-up.” She moved closer to him and dropped to a whisper. “Dee still wants to fuck you, Spence. I know it. She just wanted Robby to be her first.” She took his hand and pushed it up against her very wet cunt as she leaned into him. “I wanna fuck again too. I think I’ll get Robby to do me right next to you doing Dee. You think you could handle that, Spence?” She emphasized her question by pushing two of his fingers between her lips.

Spencer’s eyes were wide as he looked back into hers and just nodded mutely, bringing his free hand up to squeeze her breast and pinch gently on her nipple.

*** *** ***

Spencer and Robby couldn’t help but check out each other’s junk as they stood at the foot of the bed where Deanna and Natalie lay side by side, holding hands and kissing. Robby was 15 and a half, tall and skinny. His cock reflected those dimensions, probably only an inch in diameter but standing tall at almost 7 inches. Spencer wouldn’t be 13 for another 3 months but his cock still managed a very respectable 6”, and was perhaps just a tad thicker than Robby’s. They were both at full staff and aching as they applied their sheaths.

The ladies were waiting for their men to take them; each would be each other’s second partner in their young sexual lives. “I can’t believe you’re gonna do your sister, dude” Robby observed quietly.

“Robby” Dee looked up at him. “I love you, like I said, and I love Spencer too. I would never have been able to feel some of the wonderful things I’ve felt in the last week without him. I want to share this with him.”

“What about you, Natalie” Robby looked down at her pretty blond-haired face and body. “Do you feel like that too?”

“Naaah, I just wanna fuck!” she laughed out loud and got the rest of them laughing too. “Spencer has been terrific and gentle. Hopefully we haven’t screwed him up for life by acting like a couple of friggin’ nymphos. I want you to make me your bitch, Robby!” She thought for a second before continuing “as a matter of fact, do me like a bitch, do my from behind” she said as she turned over and got on her knees. “What do you think, Dee, give it a try?”

Dee just started laughing again at her friend as she also got on her knees and leaned toward her. “Give me a fuckin’ kiss you filthy slut!” They locked mouths and tongues with their asses facing the boys.

Robby turned to Spencer and held up his fist. “Let’s go, dude” he said as Spencer reciprocated and brought his fist up to bump Robby’s. They had known each other casually for several years but could not really even consider themselves friends, Robby had probably only been over to the house 5 or 6 times. Now they were standing side by side with boners pointing at Spencer’s sister and her best friend. ‘Surreal’ was the word that came to Spencer’s mind.

Deanna and Natalie continued to kiss as Spence and Robby got into position behind them both. They entwined their arms and held hands. They were gonna get fucked side-by-side while they kissed and held each other. How could two friends be any closer than that?

Spencer reached around Dee’s waist to find the tip of his cock and guide it to her opening. Natalie reach back to do the same for Robby and within seconds both boys were fully penetrating the two gorgeous nymphs, both pussies were so drenched and ready. Spence ran his hands along Dee’s sides, relishing the feel of her curves: her hips, her thighs, her tight stomach, her generous breasts. The amount of activity over the last several days was granting him a stamina that he wasn’t expecting but was nevertheless quite welcome. After a few initial long, full strokes he began a more rhythmic pattern. His hands held onto Dee’s fleshy hips as he began bouncing off of her in short, sharp thrusts. The slap of ass and thigh against his body added a very erotic note to the music of their sex. They both began to moan.

Robby did not want to be outperformed by this much younger boy and did all he could to overcome his lack of experience. He started going through his homework in his head to keep his mind off of the sensation of the hot, tight cunt his cock was currently inside. As Spencer started to up his rhythm, he managed to follow suit and soon Deanna and Natalie had to break their kiss because of the shocks to their bodies as they got drilled by the boys.

“Fuuuuuuuck, yeah!” Natalie complimented as she continued to bounce against Robby. She laid her head down on the bed and just began to grunt with each stroke, “uh . . . fuck . . . uh . . . fuck . . . fuck . . . uh.”

Spencer could feel his balls start to tighten and the tip of his dick was sending him back such stimulation it was incredible. He was inside his sister! His dick was in her cunt! “I’m gonna cum sis, I’m gonna cum now.” He managed to pound out several more thrusts as his balls pumped his jizz into the latex reservoir. He wished it wasn’t there, and that he could feel his sister flesh to flesh. He grabbed hold of both her tits and laid his modest weight on her smooth back. She crumbled to the bed as her brother’s softening dick slipped out of her hole.

“Fuck . . . uh . . . fuck . . . me . . . Raaah . . . beeeeee!” Natalie screamed out as she felt the pulses of his cock inside her twat. She clutched him with her cunt muscles over and over as she shuddered in her orgasm, groaning loudly and then shrieking in ecstasy as she came again and again. Her pussy seemed to be gushing and she could feel her juices run down her thighs as Robby pulled out.

*** *** ***

They had lunch and spent the next few hours together, filling Robby in on what had occurred between them all and swearing him to secrecy. Robby knew that Dee’s mom was a bit of a religious fanatic and felt that maybe she was rebelling, based on some of the things she said. When the boys were ready again Natalie gave Robby a blowjob and Spencer asked to once again eat his sister’s pussy. Nat worked on her technique, combining her very limited experience with things she’d seen online; Robby had no complaints. The feel of a warm mouth on his cock was another episode in the dream that he was living today.

Spence worked at eating his sister’s cunt in a slow, meticulous way. He loved the feel of the freshly-shaved skin along the edges of her lips. Her taste was a bit weird at first, perhaps from the latex of the condoms, but as her juices flowed anew he savored her sweet nectar from the source, and it was amazing. To him this was almost MORE intimate than putting his dick inside her. He felt so connected with her when his lips were meeting hers. His hands held onto her firm C-cup tits and she rested her smooth, warm calves on his back. This was so erotic to him that his cock stayed stiff and twitching the entire time. Once Dee started bucking, moaning and squeezed her thighs against his head, he knew he would cum soon. As soon as Dee pushed down on his head to relieve herself of stimulation, he immediately stood and jerked his dick frantically, quickly spitting his seed onto his sister’s beautiful stomach, where it pooled around her belly button.

Natalie told herself she was going to swallow Robby’s load and she held true. The volume wasn’t very great, as this was his 3rd cum in as many hours, but they were all still impressed. Dee clapped for her and Nat gave a quick bow as she wiped her lips with her fingers.

“This was fucking amazing guys” Robby exclaimed. “I wouldn’t have believed this if you’d told me it was gonna happen ahead of time.”

“Well” Dee responded. “If you’d told me 2 weeks ago that I’d be having sex with my brother and Natalie, I’d have told you you were crazy. But it just kind of happened, one step at a time, and I don’t regret it. You three are the closest people in my life. I love you all and I feel a closer bond to all of you because of what we’ve shared.” She paused and thought a few seconds before continuing. “I’ve got to talk to my mom . . . I want to get on the pill so we don’t have to worry about stupid condoms every time we have sex. It’s not gonna be easy but I’ve got to convince her. Nat, you should see about it too. You’re mom is certainly more with the times than mine is.”

“I could tell her my periods are real heavy and that I get cramps” Natalie replied. “I know that’s one of the reasons girls go on it, and that it makes them more moderate.”

“Ok” Dee concluded. “Any communication about this stuff has to be private and subtle. Nothing obvious, even in text messages . . . you never know who might pick up your phone.”

She breathed deep and then added, “I’m gonna have a talk with my mom later . . . “

*** *** ***

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