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sorry havent posted recently, been really ill in hospital. enjoy!
I wasn't sure if Lex remembered our plans to go downtown this weekend. She hadn't mentioned them
since we finished fooling around that day. Over the last couple of days I had not actually seen her that
much. I was having a particularly busy week at work, and she seemed to have gone out the last
several nights.
I didn't want to come off as desperate; she seemed like the type that needed her space. I understood
the dynamics of our relationship. We were friends, roommates, and we had sex; we were not dating,
and we were not romantically involved.
I was comfortable with that. Romantically, we would have made a terrible couple. I needed someone
a little less free spirited, and I had never dated a girl before. I was straight, mostly. Sexually though,
she was exactly what I wanted. Her free spirit seemed willing to try anything; and she would drag me
right along with her. I needed that little push every now and then.
So I spent Saturday morning waiting to see if she remembered. I got up, had breakfast with Jamie,
which had become our weekend custom. We were both early risers. So every Saturday and Sunday
we would meet at the breakfast table.
Jamie left early to meet up with his friends; so I headed up to my room, hoping I wouldn't be
spending this weekend alone. I turned on the news for some background noise, and grabbed a book
off my desk. I was about a chapter into it when I heard Lex start to move around in her room.
She made her way across to my room rather quickly; she hadn't bothered to get dressed first. She
swung the door open in a pair of boy shorts and no top.
“I assume the putting on clothes before I come in rule can be ignored now?” she said as she rubbed
the sleep from her eyes.
“You know what happens when you assume,” I teased her.
“It has something to do with your ass.” She smiled and blew me a kiss, then started rummaging
through my closet.
“You're not wearing that today”
“What do you mean?” I wasn't offended; I just didn't realize going to the sex shop required dressing
“Jeans and a t-shirt are not the proper attire for our trip today. Put on a skirt, and a nice top. If we're
going downtown we should go someplace nice for lunch while we're there.”
She had a point, there were a couple of trendy little restaurants downtown. If we were going to drive
out there, we should make a day of it. She tossed me the skirt she had picked for me and stepped out
of the closet and walked over to my bed.
“Now get in there and find a shirt; something nice, maybe with buttons.” She picked my coffee up off
my nightstand and took a sip. “Ugh, why don't you put any sugar in this?”
“Don’t you need to get dressed too?” I got up and headed toward my closet.
“I haven't even had your coffee yet, I will in a minute. And take the jeans off.”
I knew we had seen each other naked; touched each other naked, but I wasn't used to walking
around in my underwear in front of people. I turned away from her, undid the button of my pants and
started to slide them off.
“Oh, look at Miss Modesty. Who are you hiding from? In case you forgot I'm topless over here.”
Who was I hiding from? I slowed to a crawl as I pulled down my jeans, bending over as I did to stick
my ass out towards her. I swished my hips from side to side as I stood back up, making my ass
bounce from side to side.
“Is that better?” I asked in my best seductress voice. I was aiming for Marilyn Monroe, but probably
fell pretty far short of the mark.
“It shows definite improvement,” she encouraged, “you’re getting there.”
I wanted to do better than ‘getting there’. I pulled my shirt off over my head and spun towards her. I
grabbed the top of my bra and popped my breasts out over the top. I thought about stopping there,
but I wanted more. I rocked my shoulders back and forth, making my tits jiggle.
“That’s a lotta shake, mamma. Now you seem like you're up to this. You find a shirt; I’m going to go
get dressed.” She stood and walked toward her room, as she passed me she reached out and
tweaked my nipple. “We're gonna have a good time.”
She seemed to have more planned than just a trip to the sex shop today. I wasn't sure what I was
getting into, but it was exciting.
As I went through my closet, I imagined what she would say about each shirt I picked. This had me
putting most of my choices back. Even in my head she was pushing me to be more daring, show off a
little more skin.
Then I found it; a simple button up white blouse. The kind of thing I would wear to work. If I had
something on under it; it was pretty thin. The bra I had on, with the black lace trim, would definitely
show through. At work I would have buttoned it up almost to the top, today I let the cleavage plunge.
The middle clasp in my bra was practically visible.
“Looking good!” She called as she came into my room. She looked me up and down, spun me
around to get every angle and whistled her approval. It felt good. I had never been whistled at before.
“But button that bottom one up, honey. Just because we're going downtown doesn't mean we’re
working the corner.”
I did as she recommended; maybe I had gotten a little overzealous about showing off the girls. She
was, of course, stunning. She had on a sundress that stopped well short of her knees. It buttoned in
the front and she had left the top few undone as well. She had high heels in her hand and pointed
towards mine in the closet.
“Grab em girl, you’re gonna need em. And how do my boobs look? I tried to push them up as much
as I could. I’m not used to having so much to compete with.” She nodded toward mine as she said it.
She reached over and gave them a squeeze, then cupped hers in her hands and tried to push them
up some more.
“They look great, you look great.” She took a second to look herself up and down in the mirror,
turning to see from behind.
“You're right, I do. Let’s go.” She grabbed me by the hand and led me downstairs, toward the car.
We talked about where we should get lunch on the way there. We settled on a little pub/bistro type
place she had been to on a date once. She didn't say much about the food, other than it was good.
She had plenty to say about the details of the date though.
They had sat at the bar, drinking and talking. He was cute, tall, muscular; a regular prince charming.
After a few rounds she said she had suggested they go for a ride. He admitted to having too much to
drink to be driving. She assured him that was ok, the ride she had in mind only involved the backseat.
He went for it. Sadly, she said he didn't have much to offer. Just an average sized dick that the
booze had left only partially functioning. Not to be defeated she sucked him off and managed to get
him to cum anyway. That left her driving home horny, disappointed and with cum running between
her tits.
I wondered if she had a story like that for every place downtown. That was one of her disappointing
sexual adventures, and it was still better than my recent sex life.
“I don't think you'll disappoint me though.” That put a little pressure on. She didn't want to have sex in
the car, did she? It wasn't even the middle of the day yet. Anyone could walk by, anyone could see
us. I expected to dread that thought, but it excited me some.
“Don't worry,” I smiled, “I'm here to please.”


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I though there be much more, don't leave me hanging here.

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