I was baby sitting a 5 year old and it was a totally boring night till her parents got home, then it got really exciting.
Hello everyone. First, thanks for the friend requests and comments. I write these as true and they are weather they are believed or not is another story but when I write a fantasy I will say that it is. This is about a baby sitting job I had when I was 14 years old with some friends of my Mom's. Also, at 14 I was now really blossomed out, Mom said I had a growing spurt but Jill said, "Damn girl, she had a fucking explosion." I had reached my final height of 4'8" now but was still groing otherwise. I got chubby and was a nice hour glass figure still and very top heavy. I was now 38DDD, 30, 40. At 4'8" it was embarrassing but I like the attention all the same from both men and women. I will write later about my fun with men but right now this came to mind and so I thought I would include it.

I was baby sitting a five year old and it was total boredom most of the night till her parents got hom and then the excitement began. Like I said, I was at this poing a 38DDD and my nipples got hard just thinking of anything sexual. They stood out the size of a person's thumb and not much could hide them. Well, after Don and Janet left (a couple that were friends of my Mom and Jill that I had met a couple times) I relaxed and took off a very resitricting bra. After I could breathe again I had on a white tank top and shorts and after a couple hours plaing with Joy she fell asleep and I put her to bed and turned on the baby monitor and went back and put in a movie. I was the typical men and women on the screen seeing who could be the hottest and did not do well at that. I found another and it was better but boring too. I looked in the DVD box and there was one not labeled and in the back so I thought "what the hell" and put it in.

I let out a soft moan as naked men and women were all over each other on the screen and laid back on the couch and my hand found my breasts and down my shorts into my already wet pussy. Soon the woman was being hammered by two men, DP and they were huge but she took them both in with ease and with the noises all were making they were all enjoying it. I now had three fingers in my pussy and was soaking wet to the point that I went and got a towel for fear of soaking the couch under me. Al at once the men filled her with cum and she begged for more and two other guys got in her only this time they were both in her pussy and she was riding and screaming and again after a long time they filled her after she had several orgasms.

Then I heard a familiar voice on screen and it was Janet saying, "Here, someone take the camera, I need some cock too." and she stepped in front of the camera and laid back and two men wasted no time in filling her ass and pussy and pumping away. Don 's voice was off camera and cheering her on and she was riding like an animal in heat. After a long time of her getting pounded Don was on camera behind a small slinder woman and his cock was huge, not only long but thick. The woman bent over and he wasted no time in plunging his cock into her ass and she screamed to take it out but a man, I think it was her husband slapped her ass and told her to take it like the slut she was. She buried her face in a pillow and Dan drove all the way into her as and she was still screaming into the pillow. After he filled her with cum he went into her pussy and she was a limp rag and just flopped all over while he put her legs over his shoulders and pounded her pussy to mush. Now she was having orgasms and begging to be fucked harder. Don filled her pussy too and then his half hard cock came out of her and the camera went around the room to show about 6 or 7 couples in different stages of sex with each other and the combinations were amazing.

I had my hand in my pussy and the other pulling my nipples and my shorts were on the floor and my tank top up over my tits when I heard a voice in my ear, "Like the DVD Hun?" and I froze and it was Janet as I looked up and Don on the other side behind me, "I think that she loves it." he said and They both walked around the couch and stripped in front of me and that monster cock was half hard and Janet was playing wither herself as they sat on each side of me. "I think she needs a little help, don't you?" Janet asked and Don took a tit in his mouth and said, "Oh hell yes." and Janet began kissing me deep and I was getting dizzy fast. Don was doing to my tits things that no one ever had. He told me, "We are going to show you some ways to enjoy sex." and he went down and was sucking my nipples and then began biting them and then harder till I screamed as he clamped down on one. He grabbed my neck with his big hand and squeezed till I was feeling difficulty breathing, "Now, you are going to experience things that you never have before. We like to play rough and so you will be our toy for the night. Your mother already knows and she is not expecting you home tonight." he said and I actually got afraid Now Janet was sucking my nipples and again a soft bite then harder then really hard and I cried out and Don had a hand on my neck again. Now he was pressing more and I felt light headed. "every time you scream we will cut off your air Dear and make sure you are ready for the things that are going to happen tonight." Janet said. I motioned that I understood and they smiled, "Good, now lets get started." Janet said and Don began kissing my body, then biting me all over and my nipples suffered the most. He took mouth fulls of breast and would suck then bite them then bite harder until teeth marks were in them.

I screamed again and Janet slapped my face, "Now you are to punished, you said you would not scream." and they took me to a bedroom and tied me with straps to a bed, or sort of a bed, spread in and "X" and then Don put his hands on my throat again and slowly began cutting off my air and the flow to my head. I felt the room spin and I got dizzy and passed out. I woke to my tits being sucked again and then Janet said, "I want to taste her blood, what do you think Hun, is it sweet?" and Don said, "Well, let me know." and Janet began biting my nipples and then clamped down on one and began biting more and more till it must have bled cause it hurt like hell and she was licking and I could feel the warm liquid going down my side. She licked and sucked and then went to the other nipple and did the same thing and I had tears in my eyes but I notice that I was tingling all over and most of all between my legs. My hips were moving in rythum to a dildo in me and I was starting to enjoy the feeling then Janet began biting my tits again and the dildo sped up and she stopped and started and over and over till I had a orgasm as she made new blood flow from my tits. It lasted a long time and they got up and admired their work. Don put clamps on my nipples and Janet moved a machine between my legs and slid a nice sized dildo into my pussy and turned it on and it began really making me go nuts. "Oh yes, yes, fuck my pussy." I moaned and the machine stopped. "Remember, nothing from you." Janet said and then the machine started again. My hips were moving and ,my pussy began to grab the toy in it and suddenly I had an orgasm that I wanted to scream and I held it in.

I was like a wet rag and could not move even though I was untied and they turned me over and put me on a bench sort of thing and my hips were in the air with my legs spread wide and my boobs in cut outs hanging down. "Now for the real thing." Janet said and I was wishing to be filled again and then a cock was at the entrance to my pussy and was rubbing around in my juices and Don, "Oh damn baby, this is going to be weet." The clamps were still attached to my nipples and I saw that there were wires going from them. "Now Dear" Janet said, "You will be free to speak and yell if you like but you must tell us exactly when you are going to have an orgasm." "Okay." I moaned. Don began sliding in and out deeper and deeper each time into my pussy and then he plunged all the way in and hit my cervix hard time and again and made me cry out that it hurt but he did it harder as I cried out. The paing turned to pleasure and Janet was tugging on the clamps and I felt an orgasm building up in my whole body. "Oh fuck, I am gonna cum." I managed. "Tell us when." Don said and his cock pumped in and out. I t was getting closer and then suddenly I was convulsing in orgasm, "Now, damn it now." I screamed and as it began a current went through my body, three fast jolts and then stopped. I was in a daze and Don shoved his cock back in me. Tell us again Dear, when you will cum." and Don began again fucking my pussy hard. Again it built and I cried, "Now, I am cumming now." and again a shock went thru my body and the orgasm got more intense. Don got back in and again they did the same thing and again the orgasm came and again the shock. My orgasm sprayed all over Don behind me and he yelled "Oh yeah, fucking great pussy squirt." and I felt like it would not stop but then he filled my pussy with his cum and again I sprayed his cock.

Janet got under me and began eating my pussy till I sprayed her face a couple times and when she kissed me again her hair was soaked. "Okay, now for the other hole." Don said and his cock opened my ass slowly. There was a tingling in my tits as the current started very low then to build up and then as he rammed my ass hard the current went full and my body jerked. Part two later.

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2013-11-25 17:18:10
"I write these as true and they are weather they are believed or not is another story but when I write a fantasy I will say that it is."
You should said this was were 14 and found a DVD? They didn't come out until 1997 in the US. Based on the math...this happened around 1984. Something doesn't add up...or is this fantasy math. I like your story, but sounds more fiction that true...


2013-11-24 18:40:57
Always good seeing your postings Darlin. And another fine chapter.
Seemed a lil rushed to finish at the end. My only complaint

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