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this chapter sue moves out to her parents new home april decided to stay
Continued from Chapter thirteen

Who told you all this I over heard some girls that’s all , well It could only be one of thee April Sue or Jan I had sex with them .
Alright yes I admit it yes it was them I overheard it is not my fault well will you fuck me too as good this evening why not now?

Chapter fourteen
Sue moves out
April decides to stay
at home her mom has moved .

I was thinking this evening so the would not walk in on us now I do not care if they do alright .
I want you to lick my virgin pussy then sick your cock in me after I get you hard of course .
I took my tongue I began to lick her pussy slowly she began to work her magic .

She took her tongue on my cock as I kept on going on sucking on her slit she moaned out .
Your getting so wet now baby yeah and your becoming very hard ooh please take me now .
I laid on my back straddled me taking my shaft in her hand guided the tip into her opening .

When she guided it to her opening she sat down very hard impaling herself on my dick .This pushed myself deeper into her arching her back, she laid her head down on my chest .
It hurts she said with tears in her eyes looking at me I kissed her tenderly telling her all is alright .

She began slowly ridding me moving her hips back and forth then a bit faster ooh baby this feels good .
She felt her vagina begin to loosen up a bit she now started going faster up and down on me .
Then began grinding her hips back and forth ooh baby I'm gonna cum soon aah h fuck.

I grabbed her hips I began thrusting upwards hard so my dick would go deeper inside her she loved it.
Yes baby aah yeah! fuck my tight pussy aah yes ooh gawd I’m gonna cum soon aah fuck .
Suddenly she began orgasm aah yes baby ... grinding her hips back and forth aah Fuck I'm cumming .

She screamed out practically the whole camp ground heard her "I'm gonna cum Again aah Baby .
I began to fuck her harder I lifter her up what are you doing honey I’m taking over now .
I laid her on her back and began thrusting into her how dripping pussy did you forget .

Something baby what a condom Ill pull out you better I get pregnant easy aah fuck me.
She began screaming louder with my hard dick impaled deep in her pussy she loved it better now .
Yes that's it Please fuck me harder baby aah don't stop!!!!! I'm gonna cum again soon aah yes ..

Yeah baby Ooh oh yes, that's good, ...“deeper baby,” “harder,” “oh yes, I'm cumming aah baby .
I was ready to release my lode onto her I'm gonna cum well you better pull it out of my pussy aah .
Yes baby I am gonna cum now You: better be pull out now I am you have to release you pussy mussels.

I can't Please don’t cum in me well what are we going to do I don’t know I’m trying to pull out ooh .
If you know me up at the last second I manged to pull out of her exploding all over her aah baby .
Dam baby you got it all over me now I got to shower well go ahead ill go after you shower will hold one.

I know why now they passed out you make love so nicely and you know how to please with your dick .
She showered got dressed in her bikini and went to join the girls at the beach what took you so long ? .
I was having sex yes we figured that we heard you two all the way down here we missed you thanks .

Was he good did you like it? Yes but being a virgin hurt like hell first time going inside me we know .
You going to let your boyfriend fuck you now maybe I'm not sure I starting to like him better .
Think again I'm marring him April chimes in I have decided not to move with my mom .

Let us get this straight Your going to marry that hunk then not share well I might that depends .
Hell April depends on what if I say yes or not to marring him I'm not telling him not yet anyway .
You better say yes soon because if you don't I'm going to ask him to marry me real soon alright then .

You will all be my brides maids I telling you know we will be married by Christmas time of this year .
We better head back smells like he's cooking dinner if not him someone on the camp ground sure is .
They come back only to find me sound asleep in bed look now we will never get to eat supper darn.

It looks to us like you wore him out this after noon with you wanting to have sex so soon well why not.
I open one eye Good after noon ladies my don’t we look fine this after noon o these old things yeah.
The four of them get out of their bikini's no cloths now if were going to go to dinner put on some cloths .

Dinner tonight where the lobster shack I figure it will be sues last trip who knows if she will be back .
That is so true you don’t mind if we dress in here not at all I seen you all naked yeah you have .
Another thing too you made love to all of us too the laugh heck my pussy still sore yeah we know .

Take a look at the bright side your not a virgin any longer yeas true however He almost couldn't get out .
Hell did you know he carries the morning after pill Hell no I never knew this why wasn't I told.

You did not ask well when we get back from dinner your going to blow your lode in me we clear on it .
Were sorry but maybe some other time Brenda tomorrow’s sundae sues parents are taking her home .
Well girls you will have to decide who wants fun tonight and No arguing is that Clear alright Tony .

Get in the van we all piling dive to our destination here we are girls that was fast yeah I told you so.
We are only fifteen minutes from camp sue what's wrong honey you girls go in we'll be right there .
Honey I kiss her tenderly I try drying her eyes I'm scared of what honey having the baby and moving .

I told you your more than happy to stay I know but your getting married to April and well its hard .
What do you mean Yes April going to say yes she told us not to say anything to you at all I love you .
It is wrong But I find myself deeply in love with you and I miss everyone well your always welcome .

I know I will miss everyone but ill be back to visit and if I do get married maybe I will be happy .
We better go in yeah we can discuss this later OK I am sorry tony don’t be sue all will be alright .
we place our order eat relax talk a while have dessert then head back to camp to play games .
Wow what was that oh just thunder and lightning wholly smoke we don't like that can we sleep with you ? .

I have to think on that girls well were all dam frighted well alright but no funny stuff awe you’re no fun .
If you girls want the big bed go ahead ill push these two together and make one sue is really sad tonight .
We all know that I guess we all are yes I know April maybe movie hey honey what ever gave you that idea .

I thought mom ask if you were going with her and her new husband yeah but I never decided on anything yet .
I sorry maybe I asked the wrong question let’s just play cards until we all get tired then go to bed alright .
Well that is what we did it was about eleven then each girl went to the back bedroom to snuggle with the other .
Well sue honey it looks like just you and me yes I guess so where are you going to sleep out here it's okay .

There is no room in there three girls you can sleep with me besides they all have their friend you know .
May I ask you a big favor sure anything can we make love one last time just the two of us ill miss this most of all .
Why of course how about you top side sounds good you suck my breasts I’m milking a little now ooh may I?

Yes of course you can you don’t have to ask just be gentle with them there tender like me to lick you yes please .
Yes honey like always yeah lick me longer this time I want to remember it OK I start licking her she ooh .
Yes ooh that is it right there eat my pussy aah baby I'm cumming aah , Oh yes my aah fuck yes .

She was trembling. "aah yes, eat my pussy finger my pussy aah ooh that's it oh yea I'm gonna cum again .
I'm cumming oh baby I'm cumming oh yes aah Don't stop ,Oh Gawd please don't stop baby aah fuck .
I fuck her with my tongue until I she starts begging me to stick my hard dick in her impregnated pussy .

Yes that's the spot right there baby,yes, eat my pussy I'm cumming, Oh, God I'm cumming aah yes .
That's it. Right there. Oh yes. I'm almost there yeah Eat my pussy. ... Lick that spot right there aah yeah .
You’re gonna make me cum again aah fuck baby. That's it “Oh God I’m cumming” aah yes baby .

Please fuck me, I’m so horny and wet I want you in my impregnated pussy I am ready now is so dripping wet .

To be Continued
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