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Bouncer Fucks Teen girl. wishes he hadn't
This is a true story about a one night stand. It’s a funny story so don’t expect to blow your load.

St Patrick’s day at the club, I’d been standing there for Five hours at the door checking ID’s and turning drunks away. I had started at six in the evening and wasn’t due to finish until 3 in the morning. At times I hated the door, sometimes it was quiet and boring, other times it was just the lack of human brain cells in people that made you wonder why you were there. I’d been a Bouncer for just six months and I loved it when hot girls started talking to me. I was only nineteen at the time and I’ll never forget this night.
I had a girl friend and things were bad at the time but that doesn’t excuse what happened. I started talking to this girl; she was also nineteen, rather good looking, average height with awesome tits. She wore a green skirt with black vest top that squeezed them out into view. I’d been talking to her on and off every time she came out for a smoke and we hit it off pretty well. I’d start making cheeky comments about her and what we could do to keep warm. Her reactions were mixed between offended and intrigued by my suggestive words. I asked her the usual, what’s your name? What do you do? Etc. she told me enough to keep me interested but not as much as I wanted.
“Its freezing” She said
I replied by saying we should make out and “that will warm you up”
“Dick!” she moved away smoking her cigarette then turned around “when do you finish?”
“Three, If you’re interested I’ll be leaving by that door” as I pointed to the club entrance.
I said “If you’re waiting I know you’re interested.”
Before I could get a response a fight call came through my head set, so I left my busty chick at the door smoking her cigarette. I never saw her again. Until…..

When the club and bar were closed down I walk towards my bosses car only to hear a familiar voice.
“You just guna leave me then”
“No wait her” I said
I told my boss that I was staying in the city.
“Okay he said”
I began to walk home with her from the club, I’d never had a one night stand before and I wasn’t the cheating kind but this was happening and I couldn’t stop myself.
I turned around to see my boss grinning at me like a Cheshire cat holding up his thumb.
I returned a hand gesture of my own from behind.

I asked her how far she lived and she told me she lived five minutes away. Ten minutes later we were still walking. I asked again how far and she told me another five minutes.
When we finally arrived at her University accommodation block I couldn’t help but feel nervous.
My heart was racing and my stomach was starting to twist. I was both excited and nervous.
The security at the front desk looked at me in a judging way when they saw my security ID badge and the fact they had never seen me before. They were both old looking men so obviously they didn’t approve. We walked up the stair case and up to her room. When we entered she grabbed a bottle of water and gulped it down. I took of my steel toe capped boots and put them in the corner.
This is where it all happened. The night I wish never happened then but now I can’t stop laughing.
I walked up to her and pulled off her skirt, she wore black tights underneath. Her figure was quite curvy but I didn’t realise just how curvy. As she took off the rest of my cloths I took off her vest and bra. Her tits just bounced out they were huge! Not saggy huge but really firm like small melons, at least a C cup. I couldn’t resist but to suck on them, she trembled as I sucked hard on her stiff nipples. She reached down at my cock and started jerking me off. Still having her tights on I thought I’d even the playing field. BIG MISTAKE. As I took her tights off her stomach just fucking fell out! Like ultimate muffin top. What could I do I was in a really awkward situation. Her face and tits were stunning but Jesus she had spare tyres. I didn’t let her see my surprise so I focused on her pussy. Her pussy was amazing as well, It didn’t really make sense.
I laid her on the bed and slid on my condom, My cock was just hard enough, I was starting to feel guilty about cheating and I wasn’t exactly about to fuck a model. I mean not to brag but I was definitely better looking. I know iv got a good body and fit. My cock isn’t massive but it does the job, I’m just at the eight inches mark and quite good girth.

So here I was about to fuck a sexy fat chick. I slid my cock inside her smooth pussy. She was tight and I could feel my cock starting to get soft. “Shit man come on you gotta get it done, sly this dragon” I thought. I found a place that felt good and pounded fast and hard as my cock got harder she screamed louder. It sounded like she hadn’t fucked in years. She wasn’t a virgin I knew that. I tried to tell her to be quiet I didn’t want her hall mates banging on the door. She just got louder so I banged her harder. I mean why not. I asked a stupid question and I wish I hadn’t asked. “ I’m fucking you s0 when you guna fuck me?”
“My bed my rules” she said
So I said jokingly “I could just stop”
I wasn’t joking though I wanted an excuse to leave. She pushed me off, I thought I’d escaped but no she straddled me and rode my cock fast and hard. I could feel her cervix pushing on my cock. I couldn’t believe her screams I thought she must be acting. This isn’t possible to scream so loud and not be Cumming. She got off my cock and ripped off the condom, she started to suck me off, I’m talking total deep throat, her tongue stud massaged the base of my cock as she gulped.
Dirty fucking bitch I thought, I had no idea what I was into. She laid back down and asked me to fuck her again. I was scared now, No condom, what if she had something? Fuck it iv gone this far I thought I might as well. I stuck it in and pounded away sucking on her firm jugs bouncing up and down. That’s when I was it. The picture that made me go from hard to shrivelled in three seconds flat. Sheldon Fucking Cooper from the big bang theory was staring at me from her opposite wall. A massive poster of Sheldon cooper glaring at me judgingly and jumped back and started to lick her out so she wouldn’t see. I managed to get hard again after five minutes and that’s when I decided cum fast and run. So I POUNDED away harder and faster and she screamed louder and louder. I just wanted out it was so embarrassing fucking a screaming fat chick where her hall mates could here VERY clearly and being looked upon by Sheldon cooper. We both came at the same time and I made sure to aim my cum unto her tits and face. She used her finger to collect my semen and proceeded to swallow it all. I couldn’t believe how dirty this girl was and all I had on my mind was get the hell out and go to a clinic. She said she was going for a shower so I ceased the opportunity. I grabbed my clothes got dressed faster than ever before went for the door. That’s when I saw the twelve inch mega dildo on her drawers. Fuck this I thought I’m getting out.
I ran down the stairs and out an emergency fire door to the train station. I got home at five and by eight I was getting checked for STI’s.

I was fine but I learned my lesson, pretty funny now but then it was mega awkward then. Now I hate elastic tights, Sheldon cooper and who the fuck needs twelve Inches!? ow

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2013-12-24 04:55:14
to anonymous reader shut the fuck up its not the same person give it a fucking rest please u bore us

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2013-12-02 00:12:29
Another 8 inch dick story. what the fuck. dude, your dick isn't 8 inches and you know it. Good story though. Keep writing.

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2013-11-25 20:59:04
I don't get it. the story wasn't all too great

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2013-11-25 18:34:51
I didn't really care about punctuation, it just a story for fun not an English assignment.

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2013-11-25 13:05:52
good but concentrate on puncuation

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