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As Homer was watching Bart's school basketball game, he could not help but notice Lisa standing on the other side of the court, she was only 10 years old, but she was beautiful... long blonde hair, big blue eyes, petite, and really pretty. A young version of her mom, Marge.

As the game went on, he could not help but just stare at her. She happened to look up into the crowd, and caught him. He was truly embarrassed. Uncomfortable, he smiled at her. She smiled back.

After the game, he was waiting at the locker rooms for Bart and noticed Lisa standing with some of her girl friends. Her back was to him, and his eyes were drawn right to her tight little ass. It was perfect, especially in the outfit she was wearing. Her friends were looking his way and giggling, so he immediately looked the other way. She hugged one of the girls, picked up her bag, and walked toward him. He would be dropping Lisa off at her girlfriend's house on the way home.

They got into the car and headed out. Bart asked if he and Lisa could watch a movie tonight since their mum was out with her friends. Homer thought, "yeah friends alright, she is probably at some sleazy hotel with 3 guys she picked up at the bar and getting her brains fucked out to get back at him for something he did not do"...but that was Marge, Homer knew it when he first met her and had to just put up with it because she is an amazing slut...when they first met he was number 5 in a train that fucked her on the night they met. That is for another story...

Lisa said she'd like to come instead of going to her friends house...he thought to himself "I know I sure would like to cum...hmmm". He could not stop thinking about his sexy 10 year old daughter since he had accidently walked in on her as she got out of the shower one morning.. God, what he would do to that perfect naked body...

When we got home, he asked if anyone needed something to drink. They said yes, so he headed to the kitchen. As he poured them Kool-Aid, he reached for the liquor cabinet and got some vodka to add a little something to Lisa's drink. This was an opportunity Homer could not pass up, he had big plans for tonight...

He delivered the drinks and started the movie. Then he "accidently" slipped in a porno and walked out as the opening credits rolled. He returned in a half hour to see both of their eyes glued to the screen and Lisa was definitely tipsy. The porno was showing a woman getting gangbanged by 20 guys, and Bart had taken advantage of a crush that his sister had on him because he had her pulled close to him and his hand down her white cotton panties rubbing her pussy.

Bart was startled and started to withdraw his hand, but Homer shook his head and nodded his approval. He sat down right next to Lisa, but she was so out of it that she didn't even moved over to make room...she was just purring like a kitten enjoying her first finger fucking. He noticed her legs starting to open up and her hand making it's way to his dick.

Homer asked her if she was doing OK, which she said yes but that she felt a little wierd and was getting hot. He told her that she needed to cool down some, so suggested she remove her school blouse. She thought it was a good idea, he quickly jumped to help her out. When his hand 'accidently" touched her small breast, she lost any control she had left in she is, 10 years old with two guys that have a finger in her pussy and hand on her breast. The vodka had definitely taken effect, she was charged up and grinding her pussy into Bart's hand. I guess they learn young thought her father.

They got her fully naked, sprawled out on the couch, ready for anything. With Bart kissing her, it was Homer's turn with her tight wet pussy. He dove in and started to eat her out. God did she smell and taste so good.

He licked her bald pussy a little more to make sure it was nice and wet, then made his way up toward her face with Bart and him both planting deep kiss's on her mouth. As she kissed back, he suprised her by pushing his hard dick into her tight wet pussy. She tried to scream out, but she only screamed into their mouths as they continued to kiss her.

Homer slowly started to pump in an out, not too deep...just enough to open up her tight wet pussy...this definitely was her first adult dick in her cunt. After a few minutes, he backed away and told Bart to take his spot...his dick was smaller and went right in.

With her brother pumping away at her tight pussy, her father positioned himself near her head so that he could kiss her small little mouth and rub her body. She was feeling new things, and living out the movie she had just watched. her father looked up a the movie still playing, and the woman was getting a double penetraion with two cocks in her pussy...that looks like a good idea.

We moved to the floor, where he layed down and then had her sit on top of him in a reverse cowgirl position so that her pussy was in full view of Bart. Then he stuck his rock hard dick into her tight little pussy and had Bart also stick his in. Then started to pump in and out of her in a was unreal and Bart must have thought so too. All of a sudden, he started to cum...shooting his load deep into his sisters pussy.

She moaned as his dick jerked and the warm cum filled her up, Homer could feel the warm cum dripping on his dick. When her brother pulled out, her father started to pump faster. Her fathers dick slid in and out so easy, using the fresh warm cum as lube. Then he layed her down on her back to give her a break, she was completely wiped out from the hard double fucking she had just endured...but this was not going to be much of a break, as his dick was hard and her pussy was finally ready for a good fucking...

Homer fucked her hard, thinking of her mom getting nailed the same way at that very moment by some well hung stud. It pissed him off and he took it out on Lisa's small wet pussy. He held onto her small hips, pulling her toward himself like a rag doll. His rock hard dick just plunged in and out, her pussy becoming sloppy from all the cum and blood that was now leaking out.

Finally he put her face down with her ass high in the air and fucked her from behind for a while until it was raw, then he started to feel bad that he was punishing his daughter for her mom being a slut. Homer layed her on her back again, she was nearly unconscious from the pounding she had just taken. He gently fucked her and kissed her softly....then unloaded a massive hot cum explosion into her tight wet pussy.

It was unbelievable.

He pulled out and Lisa just layed there on the floor. Her borther Bart was sitting in the chair, watching the end of the movie with his dick in his hand. Homer told him to not waste his hard-on and to fuck his sister again, which he did....and he did too about 15 minutes later, after he licked all of the cum and blood out of her destroyed pussy. He didn't think he had ever been so horny before.

Lisa must have had a good time too. She never told her mum or anyone else, and she likes their now once a week movie nights. Stay tuned for my next story because she may not have told anyone, but Homer did...and they would all love fucking his 10 year old daughter as much he did.

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