She walked into the room and time stood still, about 6 men that were facing the door snapped from their conversations and stared at her. A skin tight red dress hung to her body showing off her slender beautiful curves. Her supple hips swayed as she walked providing a sexy base for her tanned slim legs to carry her. Wispy shoulder length dark blonde hair bounced as if doing its own seductive walk whilst framing that sweet heart shaped face. Giant full red lips slightly parted matched her dress exquisitely, I knew she had planned it. Her giant breasts were bulging from her chest, how I longed to squeeze and suckle them. With her heals on she was only around 5 foot 8; her petit body held those juicy jugs so well.

“Fuck, how could something be so beautiful that it makes you cock hard within seconds? How I just wanted to just grab her harshly without warning bend her hard over the bar that I was sitting at. Then grab the bottom of that dress and pull it up to revile that pert, supple ass that I knew was lying in wait.”

Her big blue eyes were scanning and suddenly snapped to me as she smiled upon recognising me. She hurried over in a fast walk making her breast’s juggle and bounce, it was impossible not to stare.

She finally reached me as I stood up to greet her he gave me big hug with those breasts crushing up against me.
“God she smells amazing”

She released her hug and looked at me with that angle like face.
“Hello brother”

“Hi’ya” I said, snapping back to reality

“Have you been waiting long? Sorry I’m late I can never seem to decide what to wear these days” her angelic voice hummed sincerity.

“No only 5 minutes or so”

“Ahhh ok good good” she looked over the bar and smiled at a handsome bar tender that was fixed on her, who I imagined had been staring for quite a while. Lara just smiled; she was used to men being bewitched by her. She had had most men’s attention for many years now but due to her lovely and kind temperament she never made a fuss or used her powers for evil so to speak. Instead she kindly pretended that he hadn’t been gormming at her. “A large glass of your house red please”

She got her drink and quickly downed it in one go, my eyes widened, she ordered another and asked for it to be added to a tab. I ushered her away from the handsome man, “she was mine tonight he could fuck off”.
We sat at one of the empty tables on a quite side of the bar. Lara had recently broken up with her boyfriend, an arrogant prick who I had always hated. Maybe it was because he was giving it to my big sister but from day one I had thought he just wasn’t good enough for her. I knew tonight she would want to vent some feelings off me and let some steam off, we had always been close, Lara and I, so talking about things like this had never been taboo.

“So hit me with it darlin, what happened?”
“Oh getting straight to it are we, you’re as subtle as ever hehe, no I don’t think this is something even we can talk about”

I looked at her shocked “what? Lar, this is me you can tell me anything”

She hesitated and took a big sip of her wine, marring the top of the glass with her bright lipstick”.
“Ok, well it was to do with the bedroom”

“You broke up over the bedroom why I’ve seen it; it’s perfectly nice why would you break up over th…. Ohhhh you mean sexual stuff”

She chuckled as light exploded from her face; the rest of the room went dull. Colours seemed boring my drink lost all taste. She was the most beautiful thing on the planet.”

“Can we just leave it at that please” she asked sweetly

“Oh come on we can’t just leave it at that we’ve talked about far worse”

She debated in her head about whether to continue and finally agreed

“You tit, no he just wasn’t up for anything, anytime I suggested doing something a little off the cuff or out of the blue, I would get shot down and feel like a total ass for bringing it up, after a while Jack you start to thing something’s wrong with you like you’re the ugliest thing in the world.”

“Don’t be so silly, Lara I mean this not as your brother but as everyman that has ever walked this earth, you are the exact opposite of ugly. There are currently 3 men in this bar that haven’t taken their eyes off you and I’m 99% sure one of them is gay”

She laughed again, making a perfect dick size hole to fuck.

“Thank you Hun” she conceded sweetly.

“Just out of interest what were these ideas of yours?”

“No, no, no, no can’t bloody tell you that”

“Come on I can’t help if I don’t know”

She sighed heavily and wrestled in head whether to tell me or not. I knew it had to be something quite off the cuff if she wouldn’t tell me but I was determined to find out what my hot sister’s deepest fantasy was.

“Ok but promise you won’t make fun”
“Of course”

“I mean it jack this is going to be stuff I have never told anybody”
I reached across the table and rested my hand on hers
“Lara, you can trust me”

“I wanted to do some role play, I saw a porno once, where the girl was being raped by her brother and she kept screaming for him to stop but all the while she must of cum about 10 times. He ravaged her, gave her orders and didn’t care what she wanted. He fucked everything, her mouth her downstairs, even her back door, although I didn’t want that bit, by the end her ass and breasts were bright red, she said she was sore in every area. I knew though even though it was porn and she was supposed to act like she loved it, she really did. It looked so intense but he wouldn’t do it”

“Bloody hell Lar maybe that is a bit too far” I tried to use the look of my shock overwhelm the incredible arousal that had stirred in my cock. My sister was a freak.

“I can’t believe I just told my brother that, that’s the wine talking. Oh and it wasn’t the brother thing that turned me on it was the rape I promise” she looked ashamed of what she had just told me. She chuckled but I swear I saw I lie across her lips for a millisecond.

After about 2 or so hours of laughing and drinking more and more we decided to call it a night, I let her walk ahead as we walked out the bar, so I could watch those cheeks smack together. We got a taxi and I suggested that I camp at hers to save a bit of money on the taxi and to keep her from sleeping in the house alone. She instantly agreed.

We reached her house and stumbled up her stairs giggling like we were in high school again. We reached the top of the stairs and said our good nights; she thanked me for being there for her and wondered off into her room. She was quite drunk right now, the physical effects weren’t there but I could tell.

I stood at the top of the stairs not going to my room. The alcohol in my system seemed to pause every muscle in my body. Dark thoughts that were swimming were now grabbing onto my brain and forced me to do the unthinkable. I couldn’t, I shouldn’t. She wants it. There’s never going to be a better time. Do it. Just do it.

I pushed the door to my sister’s room open; she was standing there in a flowery laced white bra, the top of her dress folded down on her tight body. She looked startled by my intrusion. (That wouldn’t be the only time tonight). Those breasts god those breasts, they must have been at least E’s the skin was tanned and soft, they would be mine. I needed them and she wanted me to need them.


I walked over and spun her around forcing my arm around her stomach and grabbing on to her hair
“Don’t you fucking dare speak bitch unless spoken too. Your fantasy is about to come true”

My big cock was becoming hard very fast the snugness of her bubble butt was making a soft home for it.

“What the fuck, Jack, what are you doing”

Tears began to swim around her eyes. I pushed her onto her bed spinning her as I did. I looked over that tight body; she was too petrified to do anything. She was still in shock. It had to be this way.

I pounced on her like a cat, straddling her, my rock hard cock resting over her belly. I pinned her arms down to the bed. Pushed my face down to meet hers and kissed her hard. She spluttered around thrashing trying to get me off. Her head spun trying to avoid my kiss put I persisted. Then I pulled back.

“Look you fucking slut this is going to happen, you bite on anything that I don’t tell you too, I will cut something you value a lot off your body, you hit or punch there will be problems do you understand?”

The pure horror in her eyes made me feel sick; I wanted to stop, but how? I was too far in. it had to be this way, just fuck her, rape her and think about the consequences after.
She nodded out of fear. Her eyes were still watering.

I took my hands of hers and like a good bitch she kept them in place, I grabbed her bra and ripped it off that supple body. There they were, Lara’s breasts. The thing of legend in our town. My friends in high school would often joke about her and her assets and I had always shrugged them off as stupid boys having fun. Now as I stood straddling the most beautiful girl in the world I had to agree with them. They were perfect, giant globes so sweet and sexy. She had tiny nipples that almost looked out of place but they were beautiful, encased around light areolas. They were mine.

I dropped my head down again a made a reach for those nipples, I grabbed one in my mouth and began to suck harder than I had ever sucked anything in my life. Lara began to squirm as she reached down and to push my face off her breasts.

I pulled back and grabbed her hands that were fighting me all while. I placed them both in one hand and shoved them about her head. I undid the tie around my neck and began to tie her hands around the top of her head bored, in all it took about 5 minutes due to her screaming and wiggling about but I got there in the end. I moved off my little sex puppet and admired my handy work.

“Jack please stop this, you can’t, were brother and sister you can’t”

“Shut the fuck up slut you’ve been a tease to me every single day of our lives and now it’s your punishment. You want it too, I know you do”.

She began to sob even harder, I loved it.

I grabbed two belts from her wardrobe, and set about fixing her legs to the bottom of her bed frame which proved just as difficult as binding her hands due to her thrashing about but in the end I got there.

I looked over my bitch, still crying uncontrollably. She was mine, all mine. I proceeded to take off all my clothes all the way down to my boxers which were now standing like a tent.

I straddled her again my cock just below those giant breasts. I grabbed hold of one of the giant orbs and caressed and squeezed. Playing like a child with a new toy.

“Please stop it hurts” she said again still crying uncontrollably.

I ignored her and set my mouth on her nipples I played with them one after another sucking harder and harder whilst fondling her breasts roughly with my hands. God they were perfect.
“Tell me you want to give me a tittie fuck”

“No please stop” her crying had subsided a little by now but her eyes were still red and puffy
“Tell me you want a tittie fuck or else”

“Fuck off!”

I grabbed her nipple and squeezed as hard as I could. She screamed in shear pain, I could tell they were very sensitive.

“Tell me bitch”


She was a stubbed fucker.

I began slapping her other breast harder and harder she was screaming louder in response to every slap
“Tell me” I bellowed at her.

“I WANT TO GIVE YOU A TITTIE FUCK!!!” she screamed as loud as she could, all the pain must have swelled up inside her.

I smiled an evil grin
“Good Girl”.

I pulled the front of my boxers down to find my long thick 7” dick standing full to attention and soaked in pre cum.

I grabbed her tits and pushed them hard against my dick, I began to rock hard and fast against her tits. God they were so soft. It felt better than anything that I had ever done in my life. Softer than pussy I had ever fucked. Tighter than any asshole, she was a perfect fuck. I kept going looking at that beautiful face crying in horror of what was happening to her, it just spurred me on even further. God it was so good. My grunting was drowning out her soft sobs. My dick was becoming lost in her giant boobs god it was perfect.
“Oh god you’re going to make me cum oh you fucking bitch”

I exploded a load straight into her face the first glob hit her straight on the cheek and the second hit her in the chin. The rest fell limply onto her breasts.

I sat back exhausted and looked at the slut before me. She was staring at me wide eyed not believing what I had just done.

“Fuck Lara those tits are perfect.”

I stood up and left the room very weak from my tittie fuck. I slowly returned to the bedroom with a pair of scissors from her kitchen, I walked in with her trying to wriggle free from her bonds.

“No, don’t you dare you whole, or ill use these on those nipples!”

She stared at me wide eyed. She couldn’t believe I was being so violent.

“Now it’s your turn baby”

I stood at the foot of the bed and began to cut up her dress and quickly made it to her pussy and began to go slow to make sure that I wouldn’t hurt her there yet. I finished in cutting the whole dress off her tight body. I stood not three feet from her panties. Lara Wilson’s panties. FUCK!

I stared at her as she shook her head mouthing “no” crying still. I ignored her and grabbed her panties and ripped them clean off. I stood face to pussy with the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. It was fully shaved and the two sides met perfectly in the middle to hide her inner lips. Her clit was showing and was defiantly throbbing. I knew she was getting off even if she didn’t want to.

I rushed down to meet her clit and she squirmed from her hips trying to shake me off. She stayed silent for around a minute and I knew she must be trying everything not moan or say anything. She was a proud one.
I looked up at her and she had her eyes closed trying to think of anything to take her mind off her clit.
I slid one finger in her tight pussy and it made her mouth widen in surprise but she still kept silent. I slid a second in and began to gently move them in and out. She was wiggling begging me to stop. God she was sexy. After a while she began to make little noises, finally I was cracking her.

Now was my chance, I placed my hand on her pelvis and began to push my fingers hard against her G-spot. She was now making sharp breathless noises, the sound of her juices was slapping against my fingers. It was getting so warm.

“Tell me you like it” I said menacingly to her

No reply

I took my fingers out and starred at her surprised expression

“Tell me and you can cum”

“Fuck off”

I forced my fingers back inside and began to repeat the action again I could hear her juices slapping, there sounded like there was more in there this time. I got her close again I could tell from her breathing and her squirming. Then I pulled out.

Lara screaming in pure frustration again

“Tell me and you can cum, simple as that, I’ve got all night baby”

She looked at me again disgusted that her brother was doing this.

I entered for the third time wondering if she would stoop for my ploy, again after a couple of seconds her pussy began to get warm and she was close, I pulled out and all I heard was a scream.

“Please, I like it”

I smiled a horrible grin and ploughed my fingers back into her pussy. I worked it again and finding that G-spot. She got warm again but this time I would reward her she was moaning now uncontrollably, the orgasm was grabbing her and she didn’t care about the situation.


I suddenly felt her pussy clamp onto my fingers as her whole body lifted from the bed, apart from her bound limbs. I pulled my fingers out of her pussy as warm liquid sprayed out; about half a cup streamed from her pussy and soaked the sheets, her legs and me. It took me by surprise and I bolted from the bed. I looked in amazement at what my beautiful sister had just done. She was shuddering and twitching from an explosive orgasm, I knew she just wanted to hold her own body; her pussy must have been so sensitive.

“wooow what a surprise that was, you’re a sexy little minx aren’t you?” don’t worry baby that’s gonna happen a lot over tonight, it’s only just begun”.


2013-11-26 11:37:01
eh. it was a good try for sure.
the random "quotes" when no one was speaking was annoying.
the dialog between the two wasn't very great...
many other punctuation and spelling errors
i like the concept of the story, but all in all, needs to be improved. thumbs down on this one

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2013-11-25 23:50:52
Not that bad, has potential. Maybe if you stopped using the word god it would be less annoying but other then that after the story my pussy was soaked, thanks! =)

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