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When I got home, I stuffed Claire's underwear at the bottom of my sock drawer and changed into clean clothes. If so many things hadn't been going on all at once, I would have paid her invitation for a future tryst a bit more attention. I had never seen myself as the younger man but that day in the restroom broadened my horizons. As it was, the young woman who had (probably) played footsie with me in the coffee shop was the only one making my dick hard. I had to concentrate and remind myself I'd offered her a room at my place so she could escape her father. Not so I could fuck her six ways from Sunday.

I dashed into the guest room and made a spot check of all the drawers. "Fuck, that was a good catch." One of my buddies left some condoms and a packet of lube in the night stand. Both extremely expired. I snatched them out and buried them under some garbage in the kitchen trash.

The hotline for pizza delivery had about a fifteen minute wait. Once I placed the order, I had nothing to do but wait. I tried to relax but a thought cropped up. What would Shelly think? I found myself hoping she'd be as ok with a young woman living in my apartment as she had been with Diane fucking me.

I dozed off on the couch until the doorbell rang.

The pizza delivery guy was in no mood for chitchat, much to my relief. I was a little surprised to see Gabriel sitting on the sidewalk, though.

"Hey, Gabriel. Why didn't you ring the doorbell?"

"I knocked," she said. Worry tinged her voice.

"Sorry. I'm an old man," I mimicked a cane and bad posture. "Come on in."

Minus the puffy eyes, she looked like she'd dressed for a semi-casual date. Light make-up and mild lipstick. She stood slowly from the sidewalk and pulled her bag, pillow, and teddy in with her.

After a brief tour of the apartment, we sat down and ate the pizza. The awkward pauses in conversation got to me after a bit so I cut on the TV and went out for a smoke after an hour or so. I'd thought about quitting for as long as I'd been a smoker but little escapes like this taught me not to try too hard.

Shelly walked up. Wearing more clothes than she usually did for her evenings over.

"Hey, Mike. No date tonight?"

I laughed. "No, no date. Just a new roommate."

She looked a little confused.

"Gabriel. Young friend of mine. Her father was beating her and since she's eighteen, I said she could have my spare bedroom."

"Oh," she laughed. "Well, as long as you still fuck me ..."

"Yeah, not looking to replace you. I already told her I had a lover and you're welcome to meet her if you want."

"I didn't really come over for a meet and greet."

My heart thudded in my chest. I always assumed the worst but my mind strained to think of anything since she still wanted to fuck me and--maybe I'd gotten her pregnant? "What did you come for?"

Shelly laughed. "Always so serious," she grabbed my hand and pulled it to her crotch. Her jeans felt hot and damp.

I grinned. "Well, we're going to have to do something about that, I think."

She squeezed my hand with her crotch. "Oh, I hope so." My bruised and aching cock swelled and I found myself holding my breath. I kissed her.

Shelly laughed. "Don't go getting sappy on me now, Mike." She kissed me back and rubbed her hand against the bulge in my pants. "We gonna go inside ... or give the neighbors a show?" She grinned.

"I think your husband would probably hear about it if we did it out here," I said.

"Maybe. Some days, I don't really care."

The harsh street lights flickered on. Other people went about their business. Some old man looked past us and I heard children shout and run a street over.

I knew she didn't love me. She just wanted the sex her husband was too drunk to give her and the idea of hurting him made her hot and wet. Did she wash my cum off before she crawled into bed with him or was she really that daring? I figured one day I'd probably find out the hard way.

She ground against my hand a few seconds longer and released me. I pulled my damp hand out of her crotch and we walked inside.

"Gabriel, this is my lover, Shelly," I said.

She looked up from the television. Her eyes looked like she didn't see anything at all. "Oh."

Shelly walked up to the couch and shook Gabriel's hand. "It's nice to meet you. I'm sorry about your dad."

"It's ok," Gabriel said.

"Well, Mike and I are going to spend some time alone in his room. I hope you like it here. It's not a bad neighborhood."


I heard the TV volume go up and realized the sounds coming from my room might make for some awkwardness. I had never fucked anyone louder than Shelly. I followed her beautiful ass and my racing heart and shut the door behind us.

"I've never fucked anyone with someone in the next room," she whispered. "This is going to be so fucking hot."

Shelly sat down on my bed and unzipped her jeans. She pulled my hand in close and pushed it down her panties. I leaned over her and kissed her deeply while I ran my fingers up and down her shaved pussy. Her pants fell to her ankles and she stepped out of them. "I want him to find your cum in my panties," she whispered. "I want him to wonder if he forgot fucking me and catch a whiff of you and know. Know that someone is loving me the way he's too pathetic to love me."

She scared me to my very core. I felt so alive and so on edge I could have screamed or howled and run naked into the night. I snapped her panties off and pushed her onto the bed. Her dripping lips stared up at me for half a second before I knelt down and pressed my mouth against her. My stubble rubbed against her smooth skin. I pushed my tongue between her lips and into the mouth of her vagina. She seemed to vibrate under me. I lapped up and down the sides of her labia while she wriggled beneath me. Finally, she bore down, bringing her clit against my tongue. She grabbed her breasts and moaned. I pressed her hood back with my lips and sucked her nub into my mouth. I flicked her with my tongue. She wrenched underneath me and cried out.

"Oh god, what the fuck are you doing to me?" Shelly shouted.

I unbuckled my belt and pushed my pants off while rubbing my tongue hard against her clit. Her scent covered my face and I felt like a wolf devouring prey on a cold winter night. She squirmed out of her shirt and tore her bra off. I sat up and pulled my shirt off. She hopped off the bed and pounced on me. I felt a momentary pain in my dick as she shoved it in with all her weight and momentum. I let her grind against it for a minute before I picked her up and threw her on the bed again. I stood over her and pressed my cock into her in one swift motion.

My crotch slammed against her again and again as she writhed with reckless abandon. If she hadn't landed in the middle of my bed, she would have cracked her head on something. I reached down and grabbed her breasts. I grasped them hard and hit her again and again with my dick. She screamed in frustration. "Fuck me!"

I pushed her farther up the bed and climbed on. My cock slid in her and I pressed myself against her, putting as much pressure on her mound as I could. The hair on my chest picked up every drop of sweat from her breasts they could possibly manage. Her hard brown nipples pressed into me with such urgency every time I thrust into her. She held her breath and pushed her pussy into me. I thrust harder and harder.

She roared in my ear. "Fill me up, motherfucker." Her body trembled and she clawed at my back. Great big ribbons of beautiful pain. My dick shook and squeezed out more than I could have thought possible. I kept pressing into the sticky mess until it died away and started to soften.

I climbed off her and laid down.

"That was the stuff," Shelly said. After a few minutes of heavy breathing, she reached for her panties and dried my dick off with them. She took the crotch of the panties and pressed it inside her and wriggled it around until she seemed satisfied. She put the panties on and kissed me. "Thanks, Mike. I know that's not really your thing but I can't even tell you how much I needed it."

"Any time," I said. I didn't quite mean it. I didn't get off on being rough like she did but, shit, did I get off.

She left her bra behind but put the rest of her clothes on and slipped out of the room. I had a momentary panic thinking Gabriel might spot me splayed out naked on the bed but Gabriel looked entranced by the television. Shelly shut the bedroom door behind her.

I crawled off the bed, tossed Shelly's bra into the drawer with Claire's undies and laughed at what someone might think if they went through my burgeoning collection of ladies intimates. I realized I hadn't heard the front door open or close and pressed my ear against the bedroom door. I frowned. Shelly whispered something to Gabriel but I couldn't make it out.

A minute or two later, I heard the front door shut and I put my pants on. I walked out of the bedroom and caught Gabriel blushing. I drank a glass of water and jokingly told Gabriel not to stay up too late.

The next morning, I got up early, took a shower, and headed into the office. Gabriel had closed her door and I guess she didn't have a reason to be up so early so I probably wouldn't see much of her in the mornings. I felt bad about the night before. I doubted very much she had envisioned quite that night when she accepted my offer.

I felt my dick stir as my thoughts drifted into lust. I tried to press it down but couldn't help remember her big breasts pressing against her shirt and her--innocent?--game of footsie. I didn't have a lot to go on there so I felt like a dirty old man perving on some young woman I had supposedly rescued from a bad situation.


The first hour of the work day went quickly. At about nine, Harry stepped in my cube. "Hey, Mike-o."

"Hey, Harry."

"Feeling better?"

"Yep. Must have just been 24-hour flu."

Harry laughed. "You're telling me. Food poisoning will have you feeling like shit for days. Glad to hear you're in tip top shape. I'd hate to whoop your ass on the green if you were feeling green."

I had forgotten about his attempts to get me to the course with him.

"Nope, I'm ready and willing to get my ass handed to me fair and square."

He laughed and slapped my shoulder, "That's the spirit. We leave in twenty minutes. See you then."

I fired off a few emails, took a restroom break, and headed to Harry's car.

We met Claire and Jim at the course, which took me by surprise.

"Haha." Claire said, "I see you've brought reinforcements, Harry. It won't work. I'll beat all of you."

"We'll see about that, Claire."

I could have predicted the outcome based on that exchange. Claire handed our asses to us and I didn't feel so bad about my horrible score if for no other reason than that I was only a few points away from Harry. Jim came the closest.

On our last hole, Claire took two below par and then reached for her cell phone. I felt my pocket buzz on the upswing and nearly muffed the shot. When I got a chance, I checked my messages and saw one from Claire. "Meet u in boys room? ;)"

I instinctively looked around to see if anyone had caught my reaction. Jim and Harry were too busy talking about wind velocity and club types. Claire winked at me and flashed her skirt up for a moment. I caught a glimpse of grey hair peaking around a red thong. I texted back saying yes.

After we put our clubs in the cars, I excused myself to go to the bathroom and Claire did the same. She kept a decent distance behind me so by the time we arrived, Jim and Harry didn't see that we went into the same restroom. I let myself exhale relief when we stepped in. The restroom had full doors for each stall. Fancier places sometimes did. This one had slats like venetian blinds so you could see out but someone would have to be laying on the floor to see in. Claire followed me in and shut the door behind us.

She lifted her skirt and tucked the bottom into the waistband. I kissed Claire.

She pushed her thong to the floor. "We don't really have time for the niceties, Mike. If you make me cum with your tongue, I'll make it worth your while later," she grinned. She spread her legs and put her back up against the door. I got on my knees and cursed whatever gods might have been responsible for kneecaps aging so quickly.

Her scent melded with the antiseptic cleaner smell of the bathroom. I brought my mouth close to her and she parted her bush. Her clit looked out at me, proud and brave. I wrapped my hands around the back of her legs. I made a conscious effort to breathe through my mouth so her taste wouldn't be marred by the smell of chemicals. I pressed my tongue against the tip of her clit and massaged it firmly. Her sweet musk sent my mind on a lazy walk through a summer field.

She grabbed my head and pressed me close. I licked her lips and nibbled them gently before pressing insistently against her nub. Her legs tensed and I had to crane my neck up to keep my mouth pressed against her pussy. The cellulite in her thighs stood in stark relief in my hands and I slid my right hand off her thigh and brought it between her legs. My fingers brushed against her coarse wet fur on the way to her hole. She gasped when I pressed my middle and ring fingers into her pussy.

The slats of the door creaked with Claire's weight. She steadied herself against the door frame. Her pussy leaked so much that I nearly found a pool of her juices in my hand. She smacked her palms against the frame and bore down on me. Her thighs clenched against my face and I backed up. My fingers brushed against her hair as I pulled out.

After a moment, she grabbed my sopping hand and pressed it to my face. I lapped up every last drop.

Claire spread her legs wide and hunkered down. "May as well clean up the rest, Mike. I can't put my panties on like this," she laughed. I saw her point but felt indignant. Toilet paper would have done the job just as well. I found my tongue slurping every spare bit of moisture from her crotch, even squeezing the sticky mess from her bush. When she was satisfied, she climbed around me and drained her bladder into the toilet, flushed, pulled her thong on, and situated it. She put her skirt back in place and smoothed it out.

I caught a glimpse of the red strip of fabric between her sagging cheeks and wondered how I found myself in these situations. I assume my desire to pull her thong back down and fuck her from behind, no matter how weirded out I felt, was a factor.

I washed my hands on the way out and as soon as we walked out of the restroom, she smacked my ass. My face was nice and red for lunch.

Nothing much else happened.

When Harry and I stepped in his car, he immediately pestered me for details about the tryst I had alluded to the day before.

"Alright, man. It's time to come clean. What were you talking about yesterday?"

"One of my neighbors is married to an absolute drunk and she's horny as fuck. For the last few months, she's been coming over to my place and getting her rocks off with yours truly."

"Oh, that is fucked up," he laughed. "Is she hot? Young?"

"She's a few years older than me. Got some wrinkles and some sagging--"

"But she more than makes up for it in ferocity, am I right?"

"Oh yeah." I felt like I'd talked it up more than necessary but Shelly did have a ferocious streak in her. Less so than Diane but I didn't want to bring that up.

"So, give me some stats, man. I can't imagine the tail you're getting with just those little hints," he laughed.

I didn't really feel comfortable talking about Shelly like this but told him, "She's blond, mid-forties, little bit of sag but not overweight at all. Just a little bit of sag. Shoulder length hair."

"Mm mm mm. I can see her now. You know if I was her husband, I'd never let that go to waste."

I laughed sheepishly. "She's not my wife but I certainly don't."

"I know that's right."

We talked about golf for the rest of the ride which suited me just fine.

The rest of the day passed relatively uneventfully unless you count the texts Claire and Diane sent. Claire sent a pic with her rubbing a golf ball on her pussy and some pics of her in and out of her bra. Diane sent a summons to join her in the bathroom.

I found her wiping her ass and worried I'd have my tongue up against her sphincter. She had other plans, though.

"Strip and get on all fours," she ordered. I took my clothes off and tossed them on the floor. She pulled her panties over my head again but placed the crotch over my nose this time. Perversely, I thought I must have been a very good boy indeed. She rubbed my asshole with something. I flinched but it didn't sting. It felt goopy and cold. She pressed a finger against my anus and rubbed counter-clockwise.

My dick hardened a bit and I wished like anything I could tell it what to do. She pushed her finger in and pressed down. I squirmed.

"I've got to keep my boy's prostate healthy, don't I? Can't let mean old Claire have you sucking her pussy with no relief, can I?"

"I don't think my prostate is in any danger--ow!" her fingernail scraped against something tender.

"Did I tell you you could talk?"

"I'm not comfortable with this," I said. I felt almost proud of myself.

"You don't have to be comfortable with it. You've just got to unleash your pent up load on the floor," she cackled and rubbed more insistently. I felt her lean over me and suddenly felt indescribable pain. She bit my back.

I yowlped and my jizz dribbled out onto the cold tile.

"That's right, baby," she picked up the pace and hammered at my prostate for a sold minute. Then, she eased her finger out of my ass and put the index finger of her clean hand into the puddle I'd made. She swirled her finger around and brought it up to my mouth and forced my own seed into my mouth.

I felt a little sick at the thought but the taste wasn't so bad really. I just don't ever want to do it again.

She laughed. "Oh, it's not so bad, kid. Oh, ha. I guess I wouldn't know." she stuck her finger back in the mess and I heard her slurp at it. "Nope, it's definitely not so bad." She swatted my ass with her right hand--the hand whose finger had probed my asshole just moments prior.

Diane washed her hands and slid her panties on. She walked out the door while I tried to figure out the best order for me to clean the mess up. I realized just a moment after the door latched that someone could walk in on me. I tripped on the way to the door but got it locked on my way to planting my face on the cold floor.
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