The second of three teenagers learns about sex from her Granddad
My Little Virgins Part 3

Micki and Don ran water into his large garden tub. As his exploring, yet loving hands helped the girl bathe, he wondered if the tub would be big enough to add Dani’s slim body and have room for Cassie’s, too.

‘Three young pussies, three tight young assholes, three little mouths with luscious lips and tongues, what more could a man my age ask for?’ Don’s mind queried, ‘except the six smooth, perky tits.’

His hands lingered on Micki’s boobs as he washed and fondled them. Her head tilted back and eyes closed as tingling sensations ran all the way down to her pussy. Until now, she had never been aware of their sexual sensitivity, “Mmmm, that feels good Granddad. How do you know so many things about making girls feel… horny?”

Dropping one of his hands into the water, it sought out her hooded clit and began, gently, massaging it between his thumb and forefinger, “You mean things like this?”

“Oh, God yesss. Oh that feels amazing. Uh… can you put your finger inside me… down there?”

“Move up here, onto my lap, we’ll see what we can do.”

Don never released her love button as her legs straddled his hips and she scooted her body next to his. His cock was below her, the top of it now rubbing against her butt cheeks.
His left hand pulled her face to his, where he met her lips with a kiss she’d never forget for the rest of her life.
He had been kissing females all his life, but never had his mouth encountered another, as hungry as Micki’s.

She opened her lips, thrusting her tongue past the older man’s teeth, trying her best to suck his tongue into her own at the same time. Both her young hands pulled at the sides of Don’s head, searching for a way to pull him closer, tighter, hoping his lips (magically) would somehow meld with hers.

Billy Jones, three houses down from her custodial grandparents, had talked her into kissing him twice. Micki remembered how good it felt… the second one even better than the first.
Now she was in the naked arms and lap of the man she loved most, and she was starving for more.

Don’s left hand was tweaking her nipples. He kept his right thumb rubbing her clit, while his index and middle fingers sought out her slit. The middle finger found her hole first, sliding inside with little effort.
Her eyes popped open as his index finger began forcing its way past her pussy lips, beside the first one.
She released her kiss long enough to gasp and say, “Ahh, yeahhhh, Granddad. Your fingers feel so gooood. Fuck me with them. Make me cum, again.

Once both knuckles were inside the wet, hot cunt he began ‘typing’ her g-spot with them. The sensation drove her to orgasm, quickly.
“Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God… Oh, fuck yessss. Oh, oh, I’m cummmming! Augggh! Gggggggg! Oh, Shit, Granddad! Oh my fucking SHIT!........”

Somewhere in the middle of her dialog, she managed to bite the end of Don’s tongue. When he tasted the blood, he pinched her left tit hard and twisted it, resulting in considerable pain to the teenager.

“OWWW! Why did you hurt me, Granddad?”

Don stuck his tongue out, showing her the blood seeping out of the tip, “I had to make you turn loose. You were about to have my tongue for lunch. I’m sorry I hurt you, baby, but you’ll have to control your teeth a little better. I’ve never had an awesome kiss like that before, though. How ‘bout one more good one, then I’m gonna put a real dick in this sweet pussy of yours.

All reservations and fear had completely left Micki’s entire mind and body. Trusting her Granddad completely, she and Don dried each other’s bodies, each paying extra attention to the other’s genitals.
Don picked the girl up in his strong arms, snatched a squeeze bottle of lube gel and took her to the king size bed.

As he lay beside her, caressing her youthful body, Micki spoke up, “Granddad? Would you be too mad at me if I changed my mind? I think I’d like to wait a while before I lose my virginity. I promise, when I do get ready… you are going to be my first. I mean it… I promise.”

Don’s heart dropped. His mind flashed back to when he had told her he wouldn’t do anything she didn’t want to do, “Honey, I could never be mad at you. At first, I thought I was disappointed. But, I guess I’m really proud of you, Micki. Dani and I had it figured out that you could easily be led to do anything. We were wrong.”

He kissed her soft lips and continued, “When you’re ready, I’ll be happy to be your first.”

“Okay…,” she giggled, “I was teasing you. I’ve waited long enough, now I’m ready.”

Don grabbed her ribcages and started tickling her, “You little shit, I’m gonna get you for that.”

Micki squealed and started wiggling. Her legs were young and strong, as Don discovered when he tried to force his own between them. It seemed as though she got stronger, the harder she laughed.
Finally, he caught one of her feet and began tickling it. When she jerked it away, his right knee slipped between her thighs.

“Okay, Okay! I give up… stop! Hahahaha.. I quit! I give up, Granddad!”

He rubbed her pussy with his knee. It felt good enough she lay back and spread apart, flaunting her virgin cunt, “Mmmm that feels good.”

Suddenly, Don moved his leg away and grabbed her waist. He rolled her onto her stomach, then hauled her up and back, forcing her ass into the air, “Don’t move.”

He squeezed the lubricant onto his fingers and pushed a little into her slit. Another liberal amount was smoothed on his hard dick. He moved forward, his objective was lined up and glistening.
Moving his cock head up and down caused her hole to start opening. That was all it took.
The mushroom head popped inside her on the first push. The second was met by nature’s restriction. The third… eliminated that restriction and sank seven inches deep into Micki’s young body.
A gasp and one small whimper was the only sound Don heard from his granddaughter. He held still, cock imbedded.

Slowly, he began withdrawing, followed by a slow return to her depths. After three or four minutes, he had progressed to slow withdrawals and fast, hard jams to the hilt.
Hearing no complaints about pain, he fucked Micki intently, forcing his cock to the bottom with each push.

Don’s mind was out of control. With his hands firmly gripping her waist, he jerked her ripe ass to him, “OH, SHIT, MICKI!”

“What, Granddad? What’s wrong?”

“Oh, fuck! Nothin’s wrong.. I’m about to fill your pussy with cum, baby! Oh, my fucking Goddddd… here it comes!! Eeeeahhh yeah! Oh yeah. I’m.. fuckin’.. cummmming! Ohhhh yeah, ohhhh yeah, ohhhh Goddamn yeahhhhh…”

Don fell to his left side, rolling Micki with him. His dick remained inside her, taking it’s time to go soft. He was hoping it would stay hard enough to go again, long enough for Micki to experience an orgasm, too.

“Did I do okay?”

“Oh, hell yes, sugar. You are a fantastic fuck. I wish I was eighteen, again. I’d fuck you six or seven times today.
“Mmmmm, I just can’t believe you weren’t in pain, this being your first time.”

She patted his right hand and thigh, “It did hurt. It hurt like hell, but I wanted to please you, Granddad. It got better, MUCH better toward the end, when you started squirting inside me. THAT felt good, real good. I didn’t expect you to screw me from behind, though.”

As he kissed her neck and fondled her breasts, Don suggested they break for lunch. The local town’s only Chinese restaurant delivered from 11am to 11pm. In twenty minutes, Don and Micki sat looking out the picture window at the lake. The Chinese food was delicious, and her young, naked body was a delightful sight to watch… and fuck.

“So… now that you’ve filled my mouth, my pussy and my belly, do we take a nice nap this afternoon?”

Don reached out and tweaked a nipple, “And how much sleep do you think we’ll get.”

“How soon can you go, again?”

“Honey, I’m a lot older than you. I can’t recuperate as quick. Let’s do get some rest and we’ll see what cums up later.”

An hour and a half later, Don awoke with his hard cock being stroked by Micki’s small hand. Two fingers on her other hand were coated with the lube and were forcing her anal sphincter open. When he opened his eyes, Micki said, “We may have to go to the store this evening, we’re about out of this slick’em.”

Placing his hand on her young ass, he answered, “You got something in mind?”

“In one of Sabrina’s DVDs, there was a lady getting screwed in the butt. Two men were switching back and forth between there and her mouth. As much as I like it in my pussy, I was wondering if it felt as good in my butt… I don’t think I’ll want to switch it back to my mouth, though.”

“Well, you do have a wonderful mouth. But I have to warn you, asses aren’t really made for fucking. If we do this, it will hurt… big time. Eventually, you’ll be able to accept it as easily as your pussy will, but you need to always keep your asshole as clean as possible.”

“I love to hear you talk that dirty, Granddad. Can we try to get it in me, now?”
Don helped Micki straddle his raging hard-on. As she positioned herself, she said, “My fingers felt pretty good, I think I’m gonna like it this way, too.”

Don couldn’t believe how easily his cock head slid through her entrance. She used a circular motion to work her body downward, forcing his cock up, into her bowels. He was a little shocked when Micki moaned, “Mmmmm, that feels good, Granddad. When does it start hurting?”

Dani never refused his anal desires, but Micki was actually enjoying it. She began working her ass up and down, back and forth. She smiled down at Don and winked, “Taking a good shit doesn’t feel this good. Oh, yes, I want to do it this way… a lot.”

With both hands on her ripe tits, thumbs rubbing her sensitive nipples, Don shot his load into Micki’s guts within three minutes. His blasts set Micki into ecstacy, “Oh shit… oh, shit… oh, oh, ooooooh, shiiiiiiiit! Unghhhh…. Ahhhhhh… oh, yes, yes, yes, yes…”

“Okay, sugar, just stay on my dick. I’ll carry you to the toilet. When I pull this plug, cum, gas and shit will go everywhere. I’ll get some wet hand towels… we’ll have a big mess to clean up.”

Sandwiches for supper, followed by another sixty-nine put Don and Micki in a mood for a peaceful evening for movies. He let her decide what to watch… ‘Deep Throat’. He knew his cock and balls had already exceeded his expectations, so he just held her close and answered her questions.

Half way through the DVD, they took a bathroom break, during which Don popped a Cialis 36hr tablet. He dozed off before the movie was over and woke up a little before midnight, with a firm grip on his stiff shaft. Since Micki was fast asleep, he carried her to his bed and pulled the flannel sheet over them both…

She woke up first and, upon spotting Don’s morning ‘woody’, straddled the tool and helped herself to another ass fuck. He didn’t cum this time, but she had two powerful orgasms before falling across the man’s chest, exhausted.

“Let’s have breakfast, honey. Then we’ll get cleaned up before your sisters get here. Dani wants to teach you how to eat pussy before you have to go back home.”

“Really? Wow! I never would have guessed I’d do the things I’ve already done. Now I get to eat my sister’s pretty cunt.” She kissed Don’s smiling lips, “You’re the greatest granddad, ever…”

Part 4 cumming soon…


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