Phil has some relaxation time with most of the kids gone for the night.
Phil was relaxing on the sofa watching college football and sipping a well-deserved Grey Goose and tonic. His company had just closed their books for the quarter and it was by far the most successful in its history. Bonuses would be paid to the sales and management, with a healthy profit share going to the owners. Even though his ownership stake was only 30%, his portion would still be significant, and he had been integral in doubling the size of their market to make it all possible. The knots were unwinding from his neck and shoulders and he was looking forward to a weekend at home.

His two oldest kids, Susan and Jim, had gone with Jim’s friend Mason up to the high school for the Homecoming football game and bonfire. His wife Terry had taken them and decided to stick around to watch the game and keep an eye on things, it was a beautiful fall evening and she had run into an old high school friend. That left Phil with a little quiet time as Sammy was next door at Tyler’s house and his recently-turned-12 year old Missy was upstairs with her friend Christina planning a project for social studies. Chris would be spending the night and the girls were going to the mall tomorrow with Terry and Sue.

He had freshened his drink and sat back down to flip through the channels and see if there was something more interesting on when Missy and Christina came bounding into the room in their pajamas, giggling breathlessly, like they were racing each other. “Hey Dad, would you mind if we watch TV in here?”

“Sure honey, no problem” he replied. “I was gonna go upstairs and get out of my work clothes anyway, watch whatever you feel like.” His eyes lingered for a second on his daughter and her blossoming body, which he had seen naked on many occasions, and once again marveled at her youth and beauty. He then turned to smile and say hello to Christina. She was Missy’s shy Asian friend and she had a face that could stop your heart; once you caught her eyes in your gaze it was hard to look away. She’d grown several inches in the last year and was getting close to 5’ tall now. Her jet-black hair hung down her back and her breasts had finally started to develop a bit, they were noticeably perky through her nightshirt. Phi’s mind wandered unbidden to the night of Missy’s 11th birthday when she had Chris and another friend Sara for a sleepover, during which Missy seduced them, and the action was watched by the rest of the family on webcam. He pulled his eyes from her and headed out of the room while mental images of her tiny nude body danced in his head.

*** *** ***

Once comfortable in cotton-flannel pants and a long-sleeve t-shirt, he drained his glass and headed back downstairs. He stepped back into the family room to find the girls watching ‘The Hunger Games’, it was only about 10 minutes in. “Uh, Missy, that movie is PG-13. Are Chris’s parents ok with her watching it?”

“I’ve already seen it Mr. Morris” Chris answered. “The new one is coming out soon and we both want to go see it, so we figured we’d watch the first one again. It’s a really good movie . . . and I’ll be 13 before Missy!” she said teasingly.

“You could watch it with us if you’d like dad” Missy offered.

“Sure, why not” Phil responded. Besides, that Jennifer Lawrence was kind of hot.

He relaxed back on the left side of the sectional while Missy and Chris were huddled together under a fleece throw in the L-corner on the right, with Christina nearer to Phil.

Phil was half watching the movie and half letting his thoughts and eyes wander to the two very young beauties a few feet away. He noted movement under the throw at times and the girls were pressed right up against each other, sometimes whispering in each other’s ears. Missy tried to be subtle about it and keep her movements hidden by the blanket but Phil could tell the she was slipping down her pajama bottoms and then she lifted her foot to step out of them. After another minute or so, Chris started shifting, acting like she was just getting comfortable, but her hips came off the cushion slightly and he was picturing her sliding her panties down those pretty light-brown legs. Missy and Chris then settled back in position and the movements stopped.

The boner that was growing in his pants had crept down his leg and Phil needed to do some shifting and adjusting himself to get it into a comfortable position. He looked over at Missy and she gave him a quick smile and a wink back at him.

The girls were fingering each other, they had to be! Right here on the couch, with me sitting here! It was so hot he didn’t know what to do besides watch them. Chris had been watching the movie but now her eyes were closed and she was obviously concentrating on the stimulation she was giving and receiving from her friend. Missy nuzzled her ear and whispered something again, to which Chris gave a slight nod. Missy looked back up at her dad as, still under the blanket, she moved her right hand up to Chris’s chest and began massaging her tits. Chris moistened her lips quickly and began breathing louder.

*** *** ***

“Your dad!” Chris whispered with her lips touching Missy’s ear. She couldn’t believe that they were touching each other right in front of him. The blanket was covering them up to their necks but she thought it must be suspicious by now . . . but he hadn’t said anything.

“He’s falling asleep Chris, don’t worry” Missy whispered back. She moved her head to catch her dad’s eyes and gave him a commanding look, closed her eyes and then opened them back up. Phil quickly took the hint and closed his eyes so that they were barely open a slit but that he could still see the girls. Chris turned her head to confirm that he was going to sleep and then turned back to kiss Missy on the mouth.

Missy pushed down the blanket and displayed Christina to her dad’s view. Her silky smooth legs were completely exposed and spread open about 60 degrees. Missy’s left hand was working at her pussy, her middle finger easing in and out of her young slit. Her nightshirt was up over her hips and Missy now had her hand under it to grope her developing titties. She is gorgeous, was all Phil could think as he could feel his pulse in his cock. Missy removed her hand from Chris’s cunt long enough to pull the nightshirt over her head, then switched to her right hand as she turned toward her and began sucking her eraser-like nipples.

Chris surrendered to her, turned a bit to her right, spread her legs wide and leaned all the way into the back cushion.

With Chris now mostly facing the other way Phil could open his eyes for a better view and Missy smiled at him after her friend’s nipple popped out of her mouth. She grabbed one of the throw pillows and eased Chris’s head down onto it so that she was laying down on the cushions completely.

Phil eased his lounge pants and boxers past his hips so that he could free his aching cock. Pre-cum was oozing from the tip as Missy smiled at him, removed her pajama top and bent down to begin eating Chris’s pussy.

*** *** ***

Chris began to moan softly to the expert touch of Missy’s tongue and lips. They had done these things last year at Missy’s party with Sara too, but Chris had only slept over one time since. All they did that night was finger each other and kiss as they lay in Missy’s bed, but that had been so exciting too. Sometimes they kissed on the bus when they had the back seat to themselves. Missy seemed to know so much about sex and she made Chris feel so good it was incredible. She never said anything to anyone else and she certainly never had tried anything with anyone else. But kissing her felt natural, it was always light and tender. Touching her pussy had been weird at first but now it was just thrilling and perhaps a bit naughty. She was glad that she had become close friends with Missy and right now her friend’s mouth was on her privates and is was sending electricity through her. She grabbed both her nipples and pulled them to make them even harder; she licked her finger tips to rub them with her saliva.

*** *** ***

Phil continued to stroke himself as Missy brought Christina to orgasm. Her hot little Asian body twisted and then curled up to hug his daughter’s head. Missy crawled up her body to lay on top of her and kiss her deeply, giving her the taste of her own pussy for the first time in her life. “Do you trust me Chris?” Missy whispered into her ear after they broke the kiss. Chris’s head nodded beside her in reply. “Can I trust you?” Another nod. Missy sat up and pulled Chris up from her prone position, turning her so that she could see her dad. His lounge pants were almost to his knees and his fully erect cock was clutched in his fist.

*** *** ***

“Oh, my god, Mr. Morris!” Chris exclaimed, trying to process what was going on. She was completely nude but she was more shocked by seeing HIS privates than by him looking at her.

“It’s OK, Chris . . . it’s OK! Let me explain” Missy said quickly.

Chris looked into Missy’s eyes and then back at her dad, who had taken his hand away from his penis; it appeared to be getting smaller. “How can you explain this? You knew your dad was watching us?”

“Not right away, Chris. I was trying to keep it from him and I thought he might fall asleep. But then I could tell he was paying attention and I knew that he’d enjoy watching us have fun together. We . . . uh, we do things a bit different around here, Chris. We’re very open when it comes to sex and we masturbate together all the time. Kind of like when I first showed you how to do it.”

“So . . .you’ve . . . seen your dad’s thingy before?”

“Yep. It’s bigger than either of my brothers’, that’s for sure. Had you ever seen one before?”

Christina just shook her head slowly, still trying to process the information.

“You’re a very beautiful girl, Christina” Phil spoke up. “When I saw what you and Missy were doing I just had to watch you. It’s one of the sexiest things I’ve ever seen . . . and I’ve seen a lot of sexy things.”

“You think I’m sexy?” Chris asked, genuinely surprised. She always felt like she had the body of a boy, and even now her boobs were barely an A-cup.

“I KNOW you’re sexy” Phil assured her. “What you two just did was beautiful, truly beautiful. And I can tell how close you two are with each other. That is never something you should dismiss or take for granted.”

Missy gave her a hug to confirm her dad’s words and then another smooch on the lips. “Do you want to see it again?”

“See what?”

“My dad’s dick” she said just above a whisper.

Chris blushed furiously and said back “I can still see it right now” she looked down at the rather soft member in Phil’s lap.

“Well, yeah, but it’s all soft now Chris” Missy replied. “Let me show you how a dick gets hard and then it squirts out semen.” Chris’s eyes went wide with a look of disbelief.

Missy moved over to her dad as he pushed his pants past his knees so he could open up his legs a bit more. Chris went to pull the throw back up to cover her nakedness. “No, Chris. Let my dad look at you. It will help him get hard again. Move that pillow so that he can see your pussy.”

Chris looked up at Phil with those dark fathomless eyes of hers and he stared into their depths, nodding his concurrence. She moved the pillow and pulled her left leg up onto the sofa so that she was spread to his view and felt a shiver go through her at this exposure of her body to a grown man.

Missy got on her knees beside the couch and began fondling and stroking her dad’s penis. “You see, Chris, when guys get excited their dick gets hard so that it can go inside of a pussy. Just like your pussy getting wet, he’s getting ready for sex.”

Chris stared raptly as Phil’s dick stiffened and lengthened at Missy’s touch and, apparently, from him looking at HER naked body. “So why does it help for me to be naked?” She asked innocently.

Phil responded “because men are very visual when it comes to sex, we like to see things and it gets us
excited. You look so beautiful and sexy Chris, you’re making me hard. Women and girls are more emotional about sex. That’s why guys look at porn a lot more than girls do.”

“But I like to watch things too” Missy added while continuing to stroke her dad. “We watch dirty movies together, Chris. My whole family. We watch people fuck, and give blow jobs, and women eat each other out, and fuck each other with dildos that they put on their hips like a belt, and some weird things that we haven’t even tried . . . but . . . I like doing that too . . . watching . . . it makes me wet in my pussy.”

Chris had never heard dirty talk like that in her life and she found herself becoming freshly aroused.

“Rub your pussy for my dad, Chris. Put your fingers in your pussy . . . show him.”

Chris was under Missy’s spell but she didn’t want it to be broken. She hadn’t felt such an erotic thrill since that first night with Missy and Sara . . . and this was even more intense. She opened her legs wider and used two fingers to part her tender lips, opening herself to Phil’s hungry eyes. His penis was back to the size she’d originally seen it, at least 7” long, she guessed, and Missy was gripping it with her whole hand as she moved up and down like a piston.

“Watch this, Chris, I’m gonna suck my dad’s cock. If you’re good you can suck it too.” She straightened up, still on her knees so that she could bring her mouth over Phil’s cock and took his head into her mouth without hesitation. She still held on with her hand as she swirled her tongue around the head, tasting the pre-cum. When she removed her mouth she ran her hand over the head to coat it with the saliva she had left there. Phil moaned out “fuck . . . yeah”.

Missy bobbed down on him twice more and dribbled spit down onto his head as she removed her mouth once again. “Get over here Chris and come taste my father’s cock, just do like I did.”

Chris crawled across the single cushion separating them and stared down at the tip of Mr. Morris’s dick. The pee-hole opened and closed with each stroke down and then up of Missy’s fist, it was so weird looking!

Missy took Chris’s hand to replace her own on her father’s shaft and Chris’s new, cool touch made him moan again. The hardness of his cock amazed her, it actually felt like there were bones inside it, like a turkey neck or something, but she knew that there weren’t. She looked up at Missy hesitantly.

“You trust me, right Chris?” was all Missy said.

Chris leaned down and kissed Phil’s dickhead, then parted her lips and took a bit of it into her mouth before leaning back again. She began moving her hand up and down like she’d seen Missy do and Mr. Morris groaned out “fuck . . . yeah” again, so she must be doing something right. When she bobbed down again she took the entire head insider her mouth and felt its heat and the tenderness of the skin that covered it. She ran her tongue along the ridge where the head met the shaft . . . that must be where they circumcise boys when they’re babies, she thought absently . . . she’d sometimes wondered about that.

“Good job Chris, you did good” Missy complimented her. Christina’s smile lit up her face as she sat back and looked at them both.

Missy took back over, slurped down on her dad’s cock and continued to pump him. His dick was sloppy with saliva now so Missy decided to just jerk him off and talk dirty to him. “Fuck, Dad, you’re so fucking hard . . . look at her dad . . . isn’t she fucking hot? . . . those beautiful little titties . . . she’s just a little girl daddy but I know you want to fuck her . . . don’t you daddy?”

Chris looked at her with wide eyes, both from the filthy language and from even THINKING about her having sex with her dad . . . she couldn’t conceive of that.

“You can’t fuck her though daddy . . . no . . . you won’t be fucking any of my friends daddy . . . not until you fuck me at least.” Phil groaned as she pumped him and unthinking reached out to rub one of Chris’s ultra-hard nipples with his thumb and forefinger. She flinched slightly at the touch, but then responded with “ummmm”.

“Maybe you could suck her titties daddy . . . if she lets you . . . will you let him suck your titties Chris?”

Chris responded by shuffling forward on her knees to hold her chest up for Phil. He leaned over and pulled her brown, turgid nipple between his lips, sucking hard. Chris moaned and grabbed her other tit and Phil suddenly grunted as his spunk shot from his cock. Missy watched as a stream of cum splashed onto his shirt and a second pulse spilled amongst his dark brown pubes. She continued to pump him, running her fingers over the tip as the last of his seed oozed out of his hole. Her dad shuddered and released his lip-lock on Chris’s tit as she teased his head one final time.

“Wow” said Chris. “So that’s . . .?”

“Cum” said Missy matter of factly. “Semen, sperm, jizz, baby juice” she continued as she licked a bit of it off her finger. “Do you want to taste it?” she held out her hand toward her friend.

Chris pondered for a few seconds and then leaned toward Missy, who held her hand up to her mouth. Chris stuck her tongue out to touch the milky substance and then quickly put her lips over Missy’s finger to suck a little into her mouth. She looked confused and in awe of her situation, then just said “it’s slimy . . . that was so weird.”

Phil excused himself to go clean up and Missy wiped her hand with a kleenex from the table. “Not everybody likes the taste of it Chris, but guys seem to love it when you swallow their cum if you’re giving them a blowjob. Now” her voice dropped low with the import of what she had to say, “you can’t say ANYTHING to ANYBODY about what we did here tonight, OK?”

“Of course, Missy, that’s pretty obvious! I always knew you were a bit unusual with how much you knew about sex but I didn’t know it was because you did things with your family. Don’t worry, I know how to keep a secret. Besides, this was really fun and exciting.”

“You didn’t mind my dad seeing you naked?”

“No . . . I, uh . . . I kind of liked it.” She admitted. “He said I was sexy.”

“He was telling you the truth . . . would you want to do things with us again?”

Christina grinned broadly and nodded her head to her good friend. “I can’t believe you say ‘fuck’” she whispered the word, “to your dad and talk so dirty like that . . . where’d you learn all that dirty talk?”

Missy laughed and gave Chris a peck on the cheek and then answered “from my mom! You think I talk dirty? When she gets going she’ll curl your hair with the shit she comes up with.”

They began to gather their discarded pajamas and Missy asked Chris “would you feel like having another orgasm or do you just want to go to sleep?”

“No, I want another one . . . or two” Chris said demurely, like she wasn’t sure if she deserved it.

“Ok, let’s go to my room and I’ll show you how to do a 69!”

They raced from the room like they had entered it, only now they were stark naked and clutching their night clothes. Phil emerged from the bathroom in the front hall in time to watch their beautiful bare backsides disappear up the stairs.


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