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The dark lord captures a rebel with amnesia.
Wrath of Nexus
Part One:
The Awakening

By Alecgos
This is an original idea, with no characters or plots from another series, created by Alecgos. If you see this on another site, note the posting date and the date of this posting: November 25, 2013, to XNXX.

The first thing I felt was the cold. It swept over me like a blanket of snow, slowly drifting to sluggishly envelope me. Then the cold came crashing down on me like a hail storm. Biting into me as if it were a snake, paralyzing it's prey before swallowing it into the brief pain and endless bliss of death at the hands of it's digestive acids. The next thing I felt was the pain, washing over me, penetrating the numbing frost. I felt as if I had been beaten by a titan. The next, and last thing I felt, was an enormous hand grasp my ankle, and the nostalgic sensation of blood leaving my body and entering my head.

I had yet to realize that I was naked until I looked up to see the perpetrator. I screamed at the sight of his face, and looking back, that was the wrong decision. He slammed me into the ground. I was so confused, but over come by pain, confusion means little, so I kicked whatever it was in the face. Yet another bad decision on my part, as it's retort was to breathe a wave of fire onto my foot, likely not purposely, as it was yowling in pain. Then it spoke. “I like my to tame my brides. You will do very well.”, he said, with a devilish grin across his demonic face.

I have yet to describe my husband. He was a fearful sight then, but a regularity now. Nine feet in height standing, although he usually prefers to crouch in an ape-like position, in which he is only of six feet. His features are truly sickening, a wide, gaping maw filled with large, yellowing razor-sharp teeth. His cheek bones are very prominent, even protruding from his face a bit, looking like small horns. He also had two black ram horns where one would expect them, behind his ears, and a very large set of wings, at least thirty feet in length from side to side, and filled with small gaps. The wings are merely for show though, as he flies with his magic, and a long, spike-covered tail. Also another very big part, but we'll discuss that in a moment.

He slapped me with his monstrous, blue-black hand before slamming me back into the ground, foot solid black. I had just then gotten a good look at the landscape. The ground was made of dark crystalline ice that emanated a glow coming from a power deep beneath. I scratched at it to get away to no avail. He slapped my ass with a full open hand, sending me back onto the frozen ground, in a position at which my tits rubbed uncomfortably and my nipples hardened. He pulled my legs up off of the ground, one on each side of his waste, pulling me up one foot from the ground, as he was then standing completely upright at his nine-foot height. I only then got a good look at myself and remembered.

I'm not a beautiful girl, although my master lavishly complements my extravagance whenever given the chance. My hair is charcoal-black, bearing a purple headband adorned with braided golden strings, the only thing I had been wearing at the time I woke up. My face is average, no maskera or blush, with thin lips, long eyelashes and sapphire eyes. My skin is pale and soft, toned to the harsh environment, breasts of only twenty inches with small, perky nipples a bit lower than the middle, that were made perkier by the ice. My stomach is toned and small, falling to my groin, which tucks in three inches to a slit which my master now makes me shave, but was at that point a jungle of black hair. All leading up to my ass, the leading point of my entire body. It sticks out seven inches, receding to my long, perfect legs. I then remembered my name: Claudia.

Back to the point. I thought of screaming, but I couldn’t. This felt right, and I couldn't stop myself from letting it happen. A wet sound was made as the tip of his twenty-four-inch erection fought the tight opening of my cunt to get in. He pushed and heaved, and finally it entered. I must have been a virgin, because when he ruthlessly slid into home, I screamed in pain as blood leaked down my leg. He, not knowing I had been new, laughed a terrible roar that echoed through the wastes around me. “A VIRGIN, were you? Not anymore!” He laughed again, and pushed his penis all the way inside me. It went past the end of my vagina, tucking my clit inside as the tip touched my uterus and pushed even on that. He thrusted once and again, pushing his dick to new boundaries every time.

I was in both extreme pain and beautiful lust-induced ecstasy. It felt so horribly good inside of me, rubbing my clit at every stroke, but also tore at my pussy, turning it into a hallway that a grown man could stroll through. I came all over the shaft, squirting on his legs, hearing steam come from them as the fire that ignited his life-force evaporated it. My eyes rolled back into my head, and he grabbed my tits and did the same, squirting thick, gooey semen into my cavity. Next, he fell back, fists balled. I fell down, choking on my own spit that I coughed up from the sheer force of the orgasm. I regained my wit, and felt the cold once again. Standing up was regrettable, as a fountain of cum came trickling down and spilling out of my vagina, causing me to fall to my knees. “What, done already?”, he asked with the voice of a fox.

He shoved the tip into my asshole in one liquid movement, filling it with four inches of his dick. I screamed, only in pain this time, and fought as he shoved it further. I kicked him in the leg, and he shoved it all the way in. It tore and I felt the pain. I was crying, feeling my virgin ass being taken by the likes of a chair leg. It tore, and I swear I could feel it in my intestines, going past my rectum where no man (or monstrous demonic beast) had gone before. I then felt all of the good aspects of it. The slight wonder of having the unknown explored, the immense pleasure that could be found hiding beneath the pain, and the wonderful feeling it brought upon me. I then came once more, squirting on the ground this time, to have it freeze in a dirty cream color. He thrust and thrust again, obviously not going to give in as easily as I.

Eventually, a flood of the thick liquid filled my tight hole, and I whimpered. The tears I had shed had fallen on the ground, freezing immediately. He pulled out, and shoved my off of his pole to the permafrost below. “Clean yourself up and put this on, slave.” he said, obviously disgusted by my presence when he was not horny. He threw me a body suit made with the light brown skin of some sort of animal and lined with white fur on the inside and the borders. I put it on, still feeling liquid leek down both holes, and immediately fell afterward. “Can't walk?”, he taunted, laughing to himself.

I looked at him dirtily, and he flattened his expressing, making a hand gesture and lifting me upward with his strange magic. He turned around, and I levitated behind him as he spread his wings and pounced into the air, gliding, then controlling the very same mystic force to hold him above the ground as he soared toward a cave. My new home. The home of my children. The Dark Fortress.
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