Hello hello, friends! King D here, back again after such a very long time of getting mushroom-slapped by the real world. After going back and reading all the wonderful and supportive commentary made by you guys, I figured, “Hey, why the hell not?” And what you’re about to read is my second installment of the sexual chronicles of Jake Toro, the Winter Break Gone Right being the first, although I view it as naught but a prequel of sorts. I typed this up in Word, so here’s to the hopes that the spacing and such doesn’t- pardon my French- fuck up like in Winter Break. If you, the darling audience, enjoy this story, I would be honored to write more. I’ve been running some thoughts on how to spice up Jake’s life with his family and school.
But enough of that, we still have a show to start, don’t we?

My name is Jake Toro, and I have a girlfriend. Crazy shit, right? The Orphan found an innocent and unassuming soul among the thousands of students to taint with his deceitful wickedness and evil intentions. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if that’s what the general student body population of Erich Hartmann High speculated, but what I AM surprised about, is that I have a girlfriend. Hot damn. And not just some sex-sleeve like all of my friends and any other bastard (scratch that, I have no room to call anyone a bastard. Whoops) desire and seek from the copious amounts of leg-spreading sluts that slutting up around the abnormally-squeaky hallways. Her name is Seraphina, and she’s in the same year as I am. She has succulent chocolate-colored hair that drapes down her gorgeous frame and hangs suspended down half of her back, and captivating green eyes that seem to pierce into the very heart of those she looks at. She’s a very calm and collected individual, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen her show much emotion, other than her amazing smile. Seraphina is the captain of the EHH Cheerleaders, as well as the Vice President of the student council, so she’s responsible and a role model, y’know, on top of being drop-dead gorgeous. Luckily, all those pretty eyes of her will find in me is an unwavering affection and admiration for the beauty queen that earned me rage-hinted jealous glares from the other guys at school. However, I would soon find out that there is something else lurking in those pools of shamrock green brilliance; something I, nor anyone else, would ever in a million years dream that Seraphina possessed.

My back conformed adequately as I leaned back on the mound of cushiony pillows as I grew tired of sitting in a completely upright position. I usually only slept with one plain pillow and, although the details eluded me on how these other flamboyant pillows found their way to my bed, I oddly welcomed them, their silky smoothness caressing every inch of my back like…well, I was so happy in that moment, that I couldn’t quite think of anything on Earth that could describe the sensations I was experiencing. I slowly hovered my hand down towards my lap, and ran my hands through the velvety hair, watching the shimmering brown strands run escaping through my fingers like rich sand. I played with Seraphina’s hair more, internally debating on whether her elegant hair or the gentle laps of her tongue on my shaft were smoother. The girl, who I was positive stated she was a virgin, was absolutely phenomenal at giving head on a caliber that felt as though her warm saliva would melt in satisfaction. Her beautiful pink lips slid wondrously up and down my penis as her head visibly bobbed, taking every opportunity to wrap her tongue around the best spots. Suddenly, she raised her head slowly until my rod was no longer occupying her mouth, and she gently planted a single kiss on the head. Seraphina looked up at me with those green eyes of her, an extra hint of warmth filled them, and I could have sworn that I could see faint trails of runny mascara from when she tried to deepthroat my entire cock. “Jake,” she spoke in her usual tantalizingly mellow tone, placing her hand gently on my cheek as I did the same. “…I, I love y-“

When I blinked, Seraphina was no longer the naked sex goddess I was gently receiving a confession from. My hand rested on the cheek of a different, slightly older female, who stared down at me with a hint of confusion, among other mental notes I couldn’t read in her hazel eyes. Like Seraphina’s, her hair was chocolate, although it was of a much darker shade. In my peripheral vision, I noticed she had a white paper plate of scrambled eggs in one hand, and a small glass of milk in the other. “Aw, Jake, I feel the same way.” She said without even a hint of affection in her tone. “Now here’s breakfast.” As I sat up (for real, this time), she gently placed the plate in my lap, which quickly ebbed heat over my Seraphina-deprived penis, and waited until I had a sure grip around the glass before releasing her own. As I began chowing down on a most-welcomed breakfast, the woman plopped down on the bed situated on the opposite side of the room from mine, bright sunlight filtering into the room and onto the beautiful female, casually examining me as I continued to eat. “Seraphina, huh? She must be something special, to be in your dreams and all.” I almost choked on a large accumulation of delicious scrambled eggs, painfully swallowing before I washed it down with a gulp of milk. “I-Izzy, it, uh, isn’t like that. She’s just a friend, is all.”

The woman was Isabella Ryan, an older friend of my sisters. Last year, my sister invited her to come live with us whilst they both began to prepare their first attempts at college applications in the fall, so that way they could study with one another and yadda-yadda-ya. Although she informed us during our first family dinner with her that she would be more than happy to sleep on the couch, both my sister Chloe and my mother Jennifer insisted they would have no guest, especially Chloe’s best friend, sleep on the couch. I spaced out into my plate of meatloaf in an attempt to spare myself from annoying estrogen talk, but was speared and yanked to reality’s surface with one suggestion. “How about you stay in Jake’s room?” I then almost choked on my meatloaf, and painfully swallowed it as Chloe jeered. “Yeah, you’ll be safe with Jake, he isn’t interested in girls anyway. Jenni playfully swatted at her biological daughter, and I looked up at Izzy, who was sitting right across from me and forced our eyes to meet. As if a sound-proof box isolated them from the jubilant and toying bickering of mother and daughter, along with any other noise that previously occupied the dining room, Izzy gazed into my eyes and gave a glamorous smile. It was a wolf’s smile, and I got the impending sensation of things to come as her pearly whites blinded me. “Promise not to bite, kay?” she asked sweetly, giggling softly as she did so. “Y-yeah.” Was all I could mutter as I swallowed down a lump that was formulating in my throat.

“So you fuck your friends, then? …No wait, only Chloe’s friends, right?” She produced one of her menacing giggles as her and I both knew no amount of milk would cool down my searing red face. She brought up Winter Break. She’s not supposed to bring up Winter Break. Unfortunately, I couldn’t deny her painfully-correct observation. On Winter Break in 10th grade, I had to fend off 5 of sex-crazed adults with merely my dick, and all of them were Chloe’s friends; Isabella was included in this list, and that’s what made things worse.

“Bah, I’m just messing with ya, kiddo. You better get going, or else you’ll be late.” She grinned brightly and got up from her bed as I did mine. We met half way, and she patted the suspense off of my head before walking to my side of the room, where she had commandeered my work desk with her papers. I watched as she crossed her legs in the swivel chair, and I couldn’t help but crack a smile as I shook my head and slipped into my uniform. I ruffled my dirty blonde hair a tad bit in the mirror as I brushed my teeth, before spitting into the sink and exiting the bathroom, sauntering out into the main hallway and hopping down the steps. I called into the entertainment room to my right, saying bye to Jenni and Chloe, who were curled up together on the couch watching what I thought was Schindler’s List. Sighing, I slung my backpack over my shoulder as I walked out of the house and to the bus stop. When the School Twinkie pulled up, I nodded to the elderly busdriver in greeting, and made my way to my usual spot 3 rows from the back. I leaned my head on the window, my temple becoming numb from the AC-cloaked glass. I usually fell asleep on the bus, but because of my sexy dream, I dared not doing such a thing. The last thing I needed on my records was dry-humping the seat in front of me; or worse, a student occupying the seat. So instead, I gazed silently out the window at the blurred scenery as rushed past my vision in a sloppy blend of greens, blacks, reds, and blues. When we arrived at school, I groaned as I slid out of my seat and shuffled down the cramped aisle, only now realizing that I was taller than just about everyone on the bus, who were mostly younger grades. Now that I was finally using my brain for the first time, I also took the time to notice I was the only junior on bus 645, and suddenly the surprise of my superior height diminished like my already-minimal desire to come to school.

I scanned around the hallways for Seraphina as I was shuffled into the hallways with the other students dressed in our black uniforms shoulder-to-shoulder like pigs to slaughter, but my girlfriend was nowhere to be seen, like a graceful swan among the bumbling idiots of EHH. I didn’t bother trying to unlock my locker, since I could remember, I merely had to shove my lock upwards and pull back, and voilà, I could grab my shit and grudge my way to class. With a binder in hand, I continued my trek to General Chemistry. I wouldn’t see ‘Phin till Lunch, so I simply went to sleep in every class until then, having no need for anything other than to see her for real, in the flesh (and not on my flesh). When Lunch came around, I loitered by my locker for a while, which is where the two of us usually met up to walk together. However, there was no beacon of perfection awaiting me with cool affection. I frowned and made my way towards the cafeteria, where I bit into a bland sandwich and went over a couple things for Web Design until the bell would ring.

Although I was disappointed I didn’t get to see Seraphina all day, I knew there would be one last place she could be. I walked in the opposite direction of everyone else, fighting the overwhelming crowd as they rushed out every door possible to escape school and go the Hell home. I scanned the identity plaques located on the outside of every door, until I read in bold print “STUDENT COUNCIL”. I didn’t bother knocking, instead I slowly opened the door and silently closed it behind me as I entered the room that had towers of papers that pushed ceiling tiles out of their regular place. I walked back three office-like spaces until I reached the cubicle of one Seraphina Jones. I saw a head of succulent chocolate hair leaning over a binder of Lord-only-knows. I smiled and spoke softly. “Knock knock.” Seraphina didn’t look up from her work, only acknowledging me with a “Hey, babe. I’ll be done in a second and we can leave.” “Sounds good. I’ll just, uh, sit here and…uh, wait.” I said as I walked in and popped a squat on a ridiculously small blue plastic chair located in an empty corner of her cubicle. I dug into the pocket of my dress pants and brought out an ice mint, chewing on it as I began twiddling with my thumbs.

I didn’t realize I had dozed off until I heard the hushed squealing of a chair backing up on the floor. I looked up at Seraphina, who bent over to kiss me on the forehead. “Okay, we can go now.” She said, and I smiled before standing up and grabbing my backpack. I escorted her to her car located in the student parking lot, her gray Honda Civic, and we both stepped in and buckled up. The only reason that I was the only senior on Bus 645 at the time was because Seraphina had to drive to school, what with her duties as Vice Prez and such. I envied her for it, really; I hardly wake up with Izzy’s large chest inches from my face, and I know good and damn well that’s more motivation than to file paperwork on the pig-headed fools of our school, or whatever else it was that she did. We chatted about how our days were, and our workload, although I did keep one thing out of conversation; the dream. I’d be damned if she knew that after a year and a half of zero sex that I was dreaming about getting a blowjob from her. “So what are you doing this afternoon, Jakey?” I quit what I was doing at the time, which happened to be drumming on the dashboard of the car with ‘Phin’s pens. “Oh, I- uh, I think we’re cleaning up around Casa Del Toro. Especially my room, what with having a roomie and all now.” Seraphina pondered for a minute, picking at the aspects of my quick-thinking lie, and spoke once again when she parked her Civic in front of my house.

“Your roommate is one of your sister’s friends, right? Isn’t her name Bella or something?”

“Isabella. And yeah, she’s mah sister’s best friend. They’ve known each other for a looooong time.”

“Oh, that’s uh, that's cool. So since you’ll be doing chores and stuff, I take it I can’t come in?”

I gulped inaudibly. I can’t recall ‘Phin ever wanting to come over. If we studied, it was always at her house, and I figured she’d keep things that way.

“Yeah, sorry babe. How about tomorrow? Things’ll be clean by then, for sure.”

“Okay. Tomorrow, then.” She gave a smile, but for some reason, it seemed awfully weak. Clearly something was troubling her.

“Right. Thanks for the lift.” I gave her a cheesy grin and brought her in for a hug, bringing my face back to give her a series of quick kisses before exiting the car and waving to her as she drove down the street.

As I walked up our brick porch, I fumbled in my pockets for the key to our house, jamming it in and wiggling it around in different spots until I could get the door unlocked. I came in, kicking off my unpolished dress shoes at the front door, noticing neither Chloe’s nor Jenni’s sandals were to be seen in their usual cubby hole.

“Jenni? Chloe?” I cupped my hand and hollered, my voice echoing impressively across the house.

“Noope, it’s just Isabella.” A voice called back, imitating a viral taxidermy video Izzy had showed me on the Internet a couple days ago. I chuckled as I shuffled upstairs and down the hallway, turning to my door, which was the final door on the left. As I walked in, I closed the door behind me with my foot, and underhanded my backpack on the floor at the foot of my bed, I myself having collapsed on the mattress in exhaustion.

“How was school today, kiddo?” Izzy asked, her back turned to me as she lay crossed in the chair, exactly how she was when I had left her early this morning.

"Yeah, it was good, I s’pose… Well, except for one thing. But it’s, uh, no biggie, so it’s been a good day.” I said as I sat up, loosening my red and gold tie and slinging it over my dresser lamp as I began the process of undressing. I wasn’t worried about doing so in the presence of Izzy, since I had my P.E uniform under my regular school uniform. Stomping out of my black dress pants, I wiggled them down until the waist was wrapped around my foot, and I kicked into my usual not-so-dirty pile of school clothes and other articles of clothing I’d actually wear by the door, so I would be spared having to search through dressers and closets and whatnot. I sat on the end of my bed idly in nothing, save my black gym shorts, out of sheer boredom and lack of motivational drive. I about jumped out of my skin, however, when I felt a pair of warm breasts pressed against me as Izzy wrapped her arms around my stomach and rested her cheek on my bare back.

“Did something happen with your girly-friend, Jakey?”

I was stunned, to be honest. We had known each other since I was first adopted into the Toro household, but I didn’t think she’d be able to hit the bull’s-eye that accurately in such a short time window. It was also due to the fact that we were such old friends that I wasn’t making such a big fuss over a part-time model hugging me like a lover.

“You nailed it, Izz. She asked what I had planned for this evening, and I guess I just panicked that she wanted to come in so abruptly. I just told her we were cleaning, and that we’d have it all nice and pretty tomorrow for her, y’know?” I looked up at my Ghost B.C poster of the Infestissumam album cover among the other music posters I had hung up around the room as I waited for a response from the woman embracing me. Eventually, the warmth of her bosom tucked against my back began to stir the outline of my penis that ran down the side of my leg, the outline being considerably more noticeable than usual since I was only wearing my PE shorts.

“So you volunteered me to cle- …Oh? What’s this?” I prayed that she was talking about something other than what I already knew she was referring to. Isabella ran her fingers lightly along my unnatural bulge, giggling as if she was aware that the sensation made me wince in…well, anticipation or apprehension, I don’t think either mattered at this point. She slid the palm of her hand up and down my shaft forcefully, and I couldn’t help but let out an involuntary moan as she did so. “Bingo.” She said, taking my moan as a signal for more, which she didn’t seem to have any objections with giving. She ushered me to stand up as she herself squatted down in front of me, roughly eye-level with my crotch. She raised herself slightly to kiss my flat stomach as she slowly inched herself downward, running her tongue playfully along what I’ve been dedicating my weekends to turn into a formidable six-pack. She curled both pointer fingers into either side of my gym shorts, tugging them down slightly by the waist, and letting them slap back up teasingly.

“Jakey, would you kindly get me a pillow?”

As both a gamer and a sexually-deprived teenager, I couldn’t ignore the request if I wanted to. Reaching back and grabbing the only pillow on my bed, I handed it to her, which she thanked me for it with a smile, and I awkwardly scratched my head and let out a nervous chuckle. She let out a girly little squeal, apparently eating up my nervousness. She was a sadist like that, no doubt about it. Izzy pulled down my shorts, sliding them down until the only thing keeping them from dropping was the head of my penis, and the suspense was killing me. She closed her eyes and began to lick up and down my shaft while it was still suspended downward because of the shorts. She finally shoved them down, and my cock bounced up freely, resting on the side of her face as it came down. She laughed, mockingly scolding me. “Again, Jake?” I couldn’t help but laugh again, though my wind was cut off as I felt half of my dick snugged by Izzy’s mouth. She began sliding her head back and forth slowly, going down half-way, then coming back to where her lips barely both fit on my head, but her mouth never did entirely leave my cock. With a shocking sensation running around my groin, I did the only thing any man would do in my situation; make her go farther. I placed one hand around the back of her head and forced the rest of my penis down her slick and tight throat. Her eyes went wide and I heard a choking down, to which I instantly brought all of it out of her mouth and dropped down to my knees to see if she was okay.

“Holy shit, Izz. Are you okay?! I’m so sorry!”

She had her hand cupped over her mouth, and tears were welling in her eyes when she spoke. “That’s a…that’s okay. Not going fast enough, eh?”

“No no no, it’s not that at all, it’s just-“

Isabella tightly wrapped her arms around my neck in an embrace as she giggled softly into my ear and whispered with mild-innocence. “I’m ready to fuck, Jake. Won’t you sweep me off my feet and take me, kind sir?”

Such sex appeal almost made me explode with excitement at her perfect execution of seduction. Instead of throwing her back and relentlessly fucking her senseless, I calmly brought her in closer and wrapped my arms around the small of her back, squeezing her in my hug. “It would be my honor, madam.” We both snickered, and she let out a cute noise of surprise as I curled one arm under her perfect ass cheeks, and the other I kept around her back, picking her up and laying down, gently placing her on top of me.
“Since you’re in a relationship, I must keep myself from letting you ravage my pussy, unfortunately, so you’ll have to do with my ass. Is that okay?”

I completely forgot about Seraphina, the fact she was my girlfriend was washed away with all other thoughts as this yoga-instructing model had her way with my long john. I gulped and nodded. “But do you have any lube? I heard that stuff hurts, y-y’know.”

She grinned sheepishly, reaching behind her back as she was squatted right over my crotch and grabbing a silver-colored bottle of what I assumed was lubricant. Izzy squirted some on the palm of her hand, and wrapped her fingers around my cock, the coldness of the liquid making me wince as she did so. When she touched down her asshole on the very tip of my penis, Isabella brought her torso back, holding herself upward with her arms behind her. I watched her swallow her nervousness, and pushed her butt down, the head of my penis barely entering.

“O-okay, just a litt-” I cut off her sentence as I rammed the full length of my dick inside her, the tightness of her anal walls almost made me cum instantly. The initial contact made the both of us mutually lunge ourselves at one another, she clung so fiercely to me that her neatly-kept nails clawed into my back. When she spoke, her breath was ragged and I was afraid she might faint. Tears welled in her eyes as she talked gently into my ear.

“I was GOING to say t-take it…slow, b-because I’m a virgin at t-this, you…idiot.”

I frowned, hugging her tightly in sympathy. “I’m really sorry, Izzy. You just feel so great, I-I couldn’t h-help myself.”

We stayed in this naked cradle for a duration of time I didn’t bother measuring, until she gently planted her sweet lips on my neck before leaning back, giving me the intent gaze of someone who- er, wants to get fucked in the ass, if that has its own definitive gesture, I s’pose. She bit her lip as she slowly rocked her hips on my rock-hard, bringing the walls of her ass up and down my cock as she did so, the wondrous sensation forcing me to throw my head back and groan happily. I looked back at Isabella as I felt her bouncing becoming more familiar and less forced, and the sun filtering through the window bedazzled both her face and her gorgeous hair. I placed my hands on her hips, thrusting my cock upwards in sync with her bouncing downwards, letting out a roar of pleasure as I felt hot cum traveling up my dick and unleashing in her anus. Izzy let out an extremely feminine and downright-cute squeal as we came together, clawing and squeezing my bed sheets with her hands and toes as we climaxed.
As soon as she came back to the world of the cognizant, she jumped out of my bed, her feet lightly thumping the wooden floor and her voluptuous curves swaying as she rushed off to the bathroom. I folded my hands behind my head as I lay in my bed, smiling up at Eddie the Head as he glared back at me, suspended in still-motion, forever holding his tattered flag and sword in hand. I couldn’t help but chuckle slightly as I jokingly hoped I rocked Isabella worthy of the heavy metal gods that are Iron Maiden; having experienced such a high degree of sexual joie de vivre, I wasn’t surprised my mind was thinking a little off-set, if not flat-out stupid. I cracked out into a giant cheesy grin, until I suddenly felt my heel submerge into something searing-hot and goopy. I let out a surprised holler and flung myself off the bed, slamming my shoulder onto the wooden floor and jumping back up, ripping my bedsheets off my bed as if they were toxic, and trudged down the hallway, dragging my foot on the floor to get off as much of my own cum as possible.

I hobbled down the large flight of stairs, being as precautious as possible, since my vision was blocked by cummy sheets. I slid open the door that led to the laundry machines and garage, dropping the sheets on my feet and opening up the white hatch, bringing my leg up to grab the wad of sticky sheets and threw them in with an exaggerated heave. When I put in the detergent and started the washing machine, I turned around and hopped up on the vibrating machinery itself. I had cheated on Seraphina with my hot supermodel roommate; no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Would she find out? I highly doubted it, seeing as the act was committed within my own bedroom, with a woman of that had never spoken to my girlfriend a single time, to my knowledge. The thought that I was getting away with my unethical crime did very little to console me from the fact that I had thoroughly violated the trust that was given unto me by Seraphina; the calm and collected girl that opened up to no one but myself. The girl that risked her reputation (and my safety from all the jealous fellows) to sit next to me in the cafeteria, the two-person table having been vacant of a second body since 9th grade. The girl that gently kissed me when nary a soul was in-sight, enchanting me with those irresistible eyes that teased my soul with the foreshadowing desire of romance. I let out a deep and elongated sigh, tucking my legs to my chest and resting my forehead on my knees, somehow managing to fall asleep despite my washing machine was roaring up a storm with the extra weight on it.

I woke up when the door separating the laundry room and the garage busted open, my foster sister Chloe and my foster mother Jennifer standing in the doorway with bags of groceries in their hands, our eyes locking in a three-way of awkward ignorance to the current situation. Chloe broke this tension with a raised eyebrow and chiming in.
“I know we said you aren’t technically family, but this isn’t Harry Potter; you don’t have to sleep under the stairs, dude.” She said so with enough indifference and lack of comical effort that I honestly wondered if she meant that. Chloe walked out of the laundry room and into our kitchen, the dim light of the laundry cabinet casting off her long golden hair.
Jennifer was pretty much a larger clone of Chloe, and they looked as if they were sisters, not mother and daughter. Jenni was an extremely gorgeous woman for being mid-30’s; she was roughly 5’9, with wavy blonde hair and an hourglass figure that was highlighted by her tight office-like apparel. She too raised her eyebrow, and spoke in a slower and worried tone.
“Jaaake, honey, what are you doing on the washing machine?”
I gave a shy and flustered smile, trying to cut the tension that rolled right back in like thick fog after Chloe walked out, the incoherent chatter of the television as it was turned on in the other room was nearly muted as I alternated shifting my eyes from Jenni’s high-heels to her electric green eyes.
“Well, I..uh, y’know Jenni, just trying to be a wizard…and- er, stuff?”
She stared at me for a second, before immediately bursting out into a fit of cute giggling. She walked up and I brought my knees down to hug her, before hopping off the machine, relieving Jenni of the 4 plastic bags she was carrying, and escorted her and our food into the enormous kitchen. It was once I finally finished placing the last can of pineapples into the canned-goods shelf, that I heard light creaking of the stairs. I turned around to see Isabella, who I presumed was the descendent of the steps, and I had to immediately plug my nose to prevent it from gushing with blood.
Isabella was wrapped only in a white linen towel (the one I could have sworn I used earlier today) her sleek dark chocolate hair cascading down her perfectly-tanned back. The two best friends did that excited squeal all females do when they see one another, and I had to turn my back to them and occupy the time I estimated it would take Isabella to greet the girls and go back upstairs arranging the canned-fruits, as to not arouse my lower and equally-brainless half. I heard the sound of Jennifer exiting the kitchen to join her daughter in the entertainment room; which left Isabella and I alone. I pleaded in my head dreadfully. “No no no no n-“
It was that time that I felt her toned arms wrap around my stomach, her towel-bound chest pressing against my back, the moisture from the towel soaking warmly into my shirt.
“Tisk tisk tisk, Mr. Toro. Why ever would you wait till so late to wash your bed covers, my dear boy? It looks as though you’ll have to sleep in my bed tonight, doesn’t it?” She stood on her tippy-toes and kissed my neck before giggling seductively into my ear and trotting off. I expelled the sexy thoughts that nudged their way into my head with a deep release of breath, before shaking my head and fiddling with my arch nemesis Rubik’s Cube until the belated dinner was ready, where we ate and chatted nonchalantly about our days before excusing ourselves to our respective rooms for the night, exchanging hugs and good night wishes before doing so. When the time came and I did in-fact have to sleep in Isabella’s twin-sized bed, I kept my back to her the entire night, having only her plump and muscular ass pressed against me, which didn’t exactly make it harder to fall asleep, I had to admit.

I was stirred from my slumber abruptly in the middle of the night, feeling the sensation of a thin finger pressed over my lips before opening my eyes. Instead of a naked Seraphina riding my dick like my dream fed my brain, it was Chloe who was kneeling over my chest.

“Shut up, and come to my room.” I nodded slightly to assure her I had no intention of hollering out for help. When she let me up and escorted me out of my room to make sure I at no point bolted back to bed, I noticed only after venturing into the pitch-black hallway that Isabella was absent from her half of the bed. I turned the corner of the extended hallway, and followed the pink light that spilled onto a section of the hallway wall in a wedge shape. I slipped through the crack in the door, not wanting the creaking of the door to wake up Jenni, who was located down the hallway, on the other half of our T shaped second floor. When I walked in, I was temporarily blinded by the sudden brightness, my eyes having not adjusted from the darkness of sleep. When I rubbed my eyes and blinked excessively, I looked at Chloe’s gigantic bed, which was occupied by none other than Izzy, who was laying in one of those “Paint Me Like One Of Your French Girls” poses that she executed so flawlessly and enchanting me with one of her gorgeous smiles. I smiled nervously to Izz, when I heard the door softly click shut behind me, turning around to watch Chloe wedge a blanket under the crack in the door, which would block out any light that would otherwise filter into the hallway. When she got up, she spun on her heels and glared at me, which I had no natural defenses to aid me in my attempts to not spontaneously combust from such an intimidating stare. She folded her arms and huffed before speaking sternly.
“You did it again, didn’t you, Jake?”
I stared at her, and my eyes slowly widened as I suddenly realized what she was asking, my fear-drained head filling once more with Isabella’s candy-coated giggling as she herself heard Chloe’s astringently-frank question.
Lemme know what you think of this in the comments, ladies and gentlemen! Thanks again, and until next time, friends! –KD.

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I'm usually not bothered by the language barrier (English is not my mother tongue, but I understand it fairly well) but I have to admit I had much difficulties to understand your story. For instance, I have the impression that there's an incoherence after the sex : your character rushes to the laundry, then stays there, the family comes back and so on, and it looks like he's naked the whole time (as you don't say he dressed up) but no one notices it. That's what I understand, but the telling is so entangled that I'm not really sure about it.


2013-11-27 13:54:46
Well, Anonymous, I must say that your criticism is neither constructive nor necessary. Your usage of the word "gay" makes no sense, as this story was very much heterosexual, haha. I'm sorry you feel that way. Perhaps if you would like to actually make a coherent statement to help, my upcoming work might be improved and, as you put it, wouldn't have to be "very bad gay", unquote. Thanks. -KD

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hi this is very bad story gay

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Please continue. This is starting to be great series. Very well written.


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Thank you, Anonymous! I'm still trying to get good at this shit *sigh* so I'm thankful that you're bearing with me thus far! I will most definitely keep at it, and if there's anything in particular that you think I could do to better my writing, please feel free to PM me! Have a nice day, my friend, and thank you. -KD

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