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My story continues with Me and the teen Lisa being the participants in a game the guys invented called "Fuckball"!
Part 6: Mr. Bill and me! - Football or should I say "Fuckball!"

Once again I awoke after a night of being a total slut. Lisa lay facing me in the king sized bed we had now shared for two nights. She was so young, beautiful and so far from innocent! I began stroking her beautiful silky auburn hair. Making a soft mewing noise she cuddled up closer to me. I slowly began kissing her face starting at her forehead and then her eyes and on to her soft lips. Rubbing her firm back, she wriggled and her eyes fluttered and opened, revealing those emerald green enchanting orbs. She passionately returned my kisses.

"Oh my, we were really bad last night weren't we?" She asked breaking her lip lock on me. "I have no idea how much we drank, fucked, got fucked or how many cocks we sucked or loads of cum were shot into us, but my guess is it was a bunch of all of the above!"

"You are absolutely correct my dear." Was my reply. "I just know we were used, abused and totally fucked silly, wasn't it great?"

"Surely it was! I love cock and getting fucked in my mouth, pussy and ass, but my true love is the time you and I can recoup together. Your soft lips and your tongue licking my sore abused body parts is so healing, it magically makes the soreness go away. I just wonder what Bill and Jake have in mind for us today?"

"I'm sure it will involve a lot more fucking, that's a given. It just a matter of how much, how often and how hard! I bet since it's my last night here, it will be even more memorable than all the fucking so far. Why don't you let me start working on healing you, so you're ready for the action?"

"Sounds good, then I'll heal you, or better yet, how about we heal each other at same time and then we will see what the men have planned for us! You on top first!" Lisa excitedly replied!

Swapping ends, I got on all fours above Lisa. She spread my tender pussy lightly with her fingers and I lowered it to her face. Her delicate tongue went to work healing my sore cunt. She was so good with the soft licking of my pussy. It felt so good. Her fingers gently stroked my ass and she spread my butt cheeks and began licking my ass with long soft strokes. While she was tending to me, I worked on her. Spreading her legs, I lightly worked my tongue on her long pink outer lips. Occasionally I sucked lightly on them and blew warm breath into her vagina. Through a series of blowing, licking, nibbling and kissing her long clitoris, she softly climaxed a number of times. I was loving her taste and odor as her juices flowed from her cunt. She finished me off by licking me from pussy to ass and ass to pussy, then lightly kissing my swollen clitoris as she reached up and stroked my tender nipples and breasts. It was one of those great soft orgasms that only another woman can provide.

We switched positions. Now I was able to tend to her aching asshole and at the same time massage her tender tits and nipples. Circling her anus with my tongue and gently probing it must have felt good, as she softly moaned and cooed each time. Once again, lightly flicking her clit with my tongue brought her a pleasurable climax. All this was done as she licked and blew light puffs of air onto my pussy and clit.

We went back to facing each other and tended to each other's sore titties and nipples. Our nipples were very tender and red from the pinching and pulling of the nipple clamps attached to them as we were fucked last night. Our boobs still had marks on them from being bound, slapped and whipped. Through all the pain, however, the two sluts we were, enjoyed so much pleasure! Licking and softly caressing each other was having a profound effect on our recovery. We would be ready for what ever they poked us with today, or so I thought!

The smell of food cooking in the kitchen brought us out of our healing embrace. We went to the bathroom, showered, dried each other and both put on oversized tee shirts and nothing else. We left the bedroom and made our way to the source of the wonderful smell.

We found Bill and Daddy Jake preparing a wonderful breakfast, even though it was after lunch time! "Have a seat at the table girls." Bill greeted us. "After last night you both must be starving! You're going to need energy this afternoon for sure."

"It's Pro football Sunday." Jake added. "A bunch of boys are coming over later for the late game. The Broncos are playing the Cowboys in Dallas and it should be a good game. Y'all will be able to see Marcus and Darius in action on the football field instead of in your pussy and ass!" He laughed. "You think they worked you over good Friday night, just wait and see what they do to that Bronco offense today!"

Siting down at the table, they served us for a change. We had coffee, juice, French toast, bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs with cheese and breakfast potatoes. It was a fantastic meal. Just what we needed to recharge us.

As we finished stuffing ourselves with the excellent meal, Bill explained our part in the afternoon football protocol. "Similar to yesterday, the two of you will start the pre game festivities by serving up drinks and snacks to the gang. RJ, you will wear the colors of the Cowboys. Lisa, you will be in Bronco colors. We have the outfits here." They handed us each our team outfit. It consisted of a tiny apron the color of our team's bottoms and an equally tiny top the color of our teams jerseys. "Just before game time, you will stop serving and we will put each one of you on a special sex table." Lisa and I glanced at each other, we knew this would be good! They continued. "These tables can be adjusted so you can be fucked in many different positions. You will both be "Fuckball" girls!" With that they both laughed. "The rules of Fuckball are simple. Each guy here will draw a team and a number when they arrive. The guys that draw the Cowboys, will fuck you RJ. The guys that draw the Broncos will fuck you Lisa. The guy with number one of each team will start fucking you when your team has the ball. He gets to keep fucking you as long as the team keeps possession. With each change of possession you get fucked by a new guy. If the team scores a touchdown while your being fucked, the guy fucking you gets to blow his load in your pussy or ass. If the team scores a field goal, he has to blow his load on your face or in your mouth. Which ever of you gets the most loads of cum will be the winner of Fuckball!" He continued, "Jake and I are the refs. If there is a penalty on your team, you get the penalty yardage as strokes to your body from our Cat O' Nine Tails. You best hope your team isn't penalized too much! During halftime, you can get some refreshment and prepare for the second half."

There were several guys in the room around the big screen television. We came out in our little team outfits and served the drinks and snacks. The guys were sizing us up and checking us out. Just prior to the game starting, Bill and Jake took us to the fuck tables and strapped us in. They announced to the guys that the number one Bronco and Cowboy players were to take their place next to the respective team Fuckball whore and remove their outfits in preparation to play "Fuckball"! They stripped our outfits off and tied them to the machines. Then they removed their clothes and got ready to see who would win the coin toss and get to start fucking one of us first.

The Cowboys won the toss and the big blonde guy standing by me started the game by driving his handsome dick deep in my pussy. Meanwhile the tall black guy with Lisa began playing with her tits and pussy. Waiting for the Broncos to get the ball. As the Cowboys marched the ball down the field, I was fucked hard in the cunt and ass by the blonde hunk. The guys were cheering him on and telling how close they were to scoring so he could shoot his load into me. The Cowboys kept possession for almost a full eight minutes and I was well fucked by the time they scored a touchdown. With a mighty shove, blonde boy shot most of his load in my ass and the rest on my pussy and stomach. Then he came to my face and had me lick and suck his cock until the Cowboys kicked off to the Broncos. Meanwhile, player number two, a Hispanic guy readied himself to take me when the Cowboys had the next possession. He rubbed my clit and sucked on my titties in anticipation of his fucking me.

Lisa's tall black guy shoved his long black dong into her pussy as the broncos received the kickoff. There was a penalty of holding on the kickoff. The black guy had to pull his dick out and Lisa received ten stinging lashes by Daddy Jake with the Cat. There were red streaks from her breasts to her crotch left by the whip. That done, the black cock entered her pussy and began pumping her again. He only fucked her for a few minutes when a roar from the guys and a shout of "fumble, Cowboys ball" came. He had to stop fucking her and return to wait in hopes he would get another chance.

The Hispanic guy smiled at me. Then, turning me over on the table, he began fucking me in the ass. Once again the Cowboys scored after a good drive and I received another nice cum load in my ass. I was now ahead of Lisa by two full loads of cum. Guy number three started playing with my pussy and pulling my nipples as he waited his turn.

Lisa's received her second guy's cock in her ass as the Broncos received the football. The Broncos wasted no time in scoring and her guy had to rush to fill her ass with his sperm. Score was now me two loads to Lisa's one.

Guy number three entered my pussy as Dallas got the ball back. He slapped and pulled on my tits while he fucked my pussy hard. He had fucked me through the end of the first quarter and the start of the second, when he had to stop and pull out. Dallas had a penalty and I received five stinging lashes across my body from Bill for the infraction. He re entered my cunt and began fucking me once more. The guys yelled field goal, so he had to pull out of my cunt. He jacked his big load onto my face and into my mouth. Then I licked and sucked his tasty cum as my next player arrived. I was ahead, three loads to Lisa's one!

Lisa's new guy was licking and sucking her pussy waiting to fuck her. He plunged his cock deep in her cunt as the Broncos took over on the twenty. While he was driving his cock in and out of her pussy, a roar came from the guys. Dallas had committed another penalty.

Bill came to me, Cat ' nine tails in hand. "Well, RJ, you can thank your big dicked fuck buddy from last night for these. That was a personal foul on Marcus!" and I received fifteen strokes from the whip. That made me ahead in whipping too, twenty to Lisa's ten! My tits and the inside of my thighs were streaked red from the lashes. I soon received another five! I was not happy with Marcus or the Cowboys and their penalties, but the guys were loving seeing me punished. Denver drove in for another touchdown and Lisa received a cunt full of jizz. I was still ahead, three loads to her two.

The next guy had me sucking his cock waiting for the kickoff. He had a thick curved cock of about seven inches. His ball sack was huge. I was hoping for a touchdown and not a field goal as his load might drown me! He had barely started fucking my wet cunt, when the Cowboys fumbled and he had to stop. I was almost as disappointed as he was!

Lisa now got another cock in her ass as Denver took over. Then the fucking Cowboys got another penalty and I got nine more lashes! They were really pissing me off! Soon Peyton Manning threw another TD pass and Lisa tied the score at three loads each, as she received a cum load in her ass.

A cute young Hispanic guy was next to fuck me as the Cowboys again had the ball. His smooth thick cock felt so good in my cunt. He moved his hips just right and touched me in all the right places. I was so looking forward to him shooting his load into me, but, they failed to get a first down. When they punted the ball away, he pulled out of my pussy with a disappointed look on his face and a pair of swollen balls!

Lisa was being fucked by a really good looking guy. He would extract his cock so the head was just out of her cunt, then, slowly push it back in. She had a look of ecstasy on her face as he slowly up fucked her all the while sucking on her large nipples. A cheer went up from the game and sure enough, Dallas had another penalty! Five hard lashes brought more red streaks to my already reddened tits and body! The guys let Lisa's man know it was getting close to a score and he began pounding her pussy harder and harder. When the cheer "Touchdown" came from the crowd, he exploded into her cunt. He pulled his slick wet dick from her. Gobs of his creamy white cum spilled out of her throbbing pussy. She had a sweet look on her face as she looked at me before licking the remaining sperm from his cock. She was now one cum load ahead of me.

My new player was a medium sized black guy with an enormous cock and ball sack for his size! As most black men love to do, he began fucking me in the ass as my team received the kickoff. His cock felt so good in my ass. I knew the second quarter was nearly over and so hoped for a Dallas TD so I could take his cum in my ass. Unfortunately, "field goal" was shouted from the guys. His big black cock pulled out of my ass with a loud sucking noise. He came up I sucked his dick until he exploded into my mouth and onto my face. He had so much cum in his large nuts that I thought I might drown! Lisa's and my cum load score was tied at four each. Although we were tied, the score of the game was 28-20 in favor of the Broncos. Lisa had four loads of cum inside her and I had two. I had two great facials though!

We were released from the tables to clean up and get refreshed for the second half. Lisa and everyone laughed at me as we passed them on our way to the bathroom. Looking in the mirror I saw their reason for humor. My last player's giant load of cum was covering my hair and face, with gobs of cum dripping from my chin. My oh my, what a load that was!

Returning to the Fuckball room, we noticed there were a few new faces. We were strapped back down. This time, however, our legs were secured in such a position that it was much easier to fuck either our cunt or ass. Legs spread wide and pulled back towards our heads. Looking up into the ceiling mirrors, we would be able to watch all the action as we were being fucked. Our arms were spread wide also. We were in a very fuckable position.

Dallas kicked off, so Lisa got the first cock. It was another black guy with a big cock. This would end up being a long possession for the Broncos and Lisa was fucked alternately in both her ass and pussy by the thick black dick. Their fucking was interrupted one time as Denver had a five yard penalty. Lisa received five strikes from the whip, then the fucking resumed. He pounded her pussy and ass unmercifully! She came two times before Denver neared the end zone. The crowd let him know it was getting close to touchdown time. He decided to load her ass for the score. When the touchdown cheer erupted, he grabbed her tits and nipples squeezing them hard as he increased his tempo and erupted into her butt! A thick stream of cum oozed from her hole when he extracted his cock. He then proceeded to her mouth where he had her suck his cock until they kicked off to the Cowboys.

My new guy that had been sucking on and squeezing my tits while he waited, was ready to receive the kick off as I received him in my cunt. He was a nice looking young man, probably in his late teens or early twenties. His long thick cock felt good in my pussy as he slowly fucked me. Just my luck, as I was enjoying this nice slow fuck, Romo threw an eighty-two yard bomb for a touchdown! The poor fellow had barely started fucking me. He had to pound my pussy hard and fast as they kicked off to Denver to get his score inside me. Thank goodness for commercials!

As Denver received the kickoff, Lisa received another cock. The guy had a nice thick dick. He started by rubbing the head up and down just inside her long pussy lips. I watched as the head of his cock became shiny with her juices. "Penalty!" Came a shout from the boys watching. Denver was guilty of holding. The guy stepped aside as Lisa received ten stinging lashes administered by Daddy Jake. The red welts of the whip showed brightly on her milky white skin. Her tits looked like they had red tiger stripes. That finished, the guy resumed rubbing his cock in her pussy before he plunged it in to the hilt. He then began slow fucking her, pulling on her nipples as he pumped her pussy. "Field Goal!" Came the shout. With a disappointed look on his face, the guy withdrew his now shiny wet dick from Lisa's cunt and moved to her mouth. She sucked his cock while he jacked it until it exploded in her mouth and onto her face. I was amazed at the amount of cum that squirted from this guys cock. Lisa now had a face full of creamy sperm!

Score of the game was now Denver 38, Dallas 27. Score of the fucking, Lisa five loads in her and one facial to my three inside me with two facials! We were getting thoroughly fucked!

Dallas received the kick. I received another nice dick. My Fuckball player was another younger guy with a nice big uncircumcised cock. He peeled the skin back to reveal a nice shiny big cock head. Unlike the other guys, he moved to my head and had me start on him by sucking his cock prior to moving to my cunt and plunging deep inside me. After a few plays, Denver committed a twenty yard pass interference. I watched in horror, as Daddy Jake administered twenty hard strokes to Lisa's body. He seemed to really enjoy this. When he finished, her body was now totally streaked with bright red welts! The young guy's cock became even harder and thicker as he watched Lisa's punishment. He extracted it from my pussy and moved to my ass. Once there, he inserted his nice wet cock and pumped me hard while squeezing and slapping my tits. After a while of ass fucking, the cheer of "touchdown" came from the boys. With a good number of extremely hard thrusts, he growled exploding with a load of creamy cum in my ass.

The next guy was in Lisa's pussy pumping as Denver ran the kick back twenty five yards. His pumping her pussy didn't last long, as Manning threw an interception on his first pass! It was probably for the best, as I could tell she was still stinging from the previous lashing.

I received my third cock of the quarter. This guy was a Hispanic guy with a very large dick. He entered my already creamy ass with no problem and started pumping. As the third quarter came to an end, the score was now Denver 38, Dallas 33. The Fuckball score was now Lisa five in her and one on her face to my four inside me and two on my face.

During the commercial break the Hispanic guy fucked my ass hard as he reached up and pinched my nipples. As the fourth quarter began, he began rubbing my clit as he pounded me. I exploded with a nice orgasm! He smiled at me, pulled his cock from my ass and plunged it into my quivering cunt. Dallas marched down the field. He exploded in my pussy just as the "Touchdown" cheer erupted! I sucked his cum covered cock as Dallas scored a two point conversion. Now it was Dallas 41, Denver 38, and I had the Fuckball lead too!

Daddy Jake now took his turn at Lisa. He had a smug look on his face as he roughly pushed her legs farther apart and slid his big cock in her pussy. "You having fun my little slut daughter? You like being fucked in all your slut holes by all these guys? Well now Daddy is going to really fuck you good and hard. I want to hear you squeal as I pound your slutty whore holes!" That being said, he speared her ass with his thick dick. As he slammed in and out of her ass he pulled her nipples as far as he could. Her breasts were being stretched he was pulling on the nipples so hard. She couldn't help but squeal in pain. "That's what Daddy wants to hear, squeal baby squeal!"

As Jake brutally fucked his stepdaughter, the shout of "Dallas, penalty!" Came from the guys. Bill came over to me and administered five hard lashes to my already whip streaked body. He concentrated on striking my tits and nipples, leaving them stinging and reddened.

Jake continued to pummel Lisa's ass. Then, to his dismay, "Field goal" was shouted from the crowd. Jake reluctantly withdrew his cock from Lisa's ass and went to her mouth. He then brutally throat fucked her to the point of gagging. As Denver kicked off, he pulled his cock out of her mouth and shot thick streams of cum into her mouth and all over her beautiful face. Score was now tied at five each in us and two on our faces. Game score, Denver 41, Dallas 41.

My fourth cock of the second half was a milky, white skinned, red headed guy. He had red pubic hair with a nice hard cock poking from it. Penetrating my cunt he had a smile of ecstasy on his face. That smile quickly turned to disappointment and mine to dismay, as he had to pull out when Dallas held on the return. The penalty earned me ten more sharp lashes on my sore body! Looking in the ceiling mirror, I could see some tiny trickles of blood oozing from a few of the lash marks. Red head plunged his cock into my pussy once more and began a rhythmic thrusting in and out. Then on the next play Dallas committed another foul! I received six more lashes! It would have been ten, but, it was a half the distance to the goal penalty. Once again, red head began pumping my pussy. Romo completed another long pass and the guys started chanting "Go Cowboys, get a touchdown!" Red head picked up the tempo of his thrusts and sure enough, Dallas scored. It took him a few extra hard pumps of his cock inside me, but, he moaned and shot his hot sperm into my cunt. Now it was Dallas 48, Denver 41 and I was a cum load up on Lisa.

Bill was now Lisa's new player. His thick cock entered her cunt before red head exploded in me. I could tell he was really enjoying fucking his little niece. He was grinning from ear to ear as he slowly drilled her pussy. His cock was shiny, covered with her juices as he withdrew it all the way then plunged it back in. "Penalty" was once again shouted, and I prepared myself for more strikes from the whip. However, the penalty was on Denver instead. Trouble for Lisa! Daddy Jake approached her with a determined look on his face. He was soured that he didn't get to cum inside her. Bill withdrew his cock and Jake announced, "This penalty lashing is with great pleasure, you little whore! Ten strikes. Boys, help me count them down!" The guys counted down the lashes to Lisa's body. Squealing and straining against the restraints as each lash brought bright red welts to her creamy white skin, Jake had a wicked grin of satisfaction on his face when he finished administering the lashing. That done, her Uncle Bill resumed fucking her.

Two plays later, Denver scored a touchdown and Bill blew part of a load in Lisa's pussy. Pulling his still pulsating thick dick out, it continued to squirt streams of cum onto her reddened body. The score was once again tied at 48 to 48. Lisa and I were back to even on cum, at six each in us and two facials apiece!

My next fuck was quite short lived. The black dude had barely began fucking me in the ass when Romo threw an interception and he was forced by Fuckball rules to stop. With a disappointed look on his face, he pulled his long, shiny, thick black rod out and returned to watch as Lisa was fucked again.

The guy now fucking Lisa was an old guy. He looked old enough to be my father! He had an enormous cock and huge nut sack. He was sliding it in her pussy then pulling it completely out. Each time, her pussy hole remained open for a few moments. Just as it would start to return to normal, he would slide it in her again.

The game was nearing the end, but with all the time outs and commercials, Lisa was getting a good fucking from this old dude! He started massaging her clit as he pumped her cunt and she exploded with a good orgasm. Then the boys shouted "field goal" and the guy came up to Lisa's face and started spurting cum all over her face and tits. The amount of cum this guy produced was amazing! She was frosted like a cupcake!

Final score was Denver 51, Dallas 48. Lisa and I were tied in cum loads at six each inside our holes, but she won by a facial, three to my two. And what a great facial she won by! Due to a record high scoring game, we had been thoroughly fucked and facialized!

Bill came over to us. "You ladies were very entertaining. You were perfect little Fuckball fuck toys. The boys had a great time. However, There are still a number of them that didn't get to sample either of your goodies or were cut off by the rules." He then addressed Lisa, "Lisa, congratulations on being the Fuckball slut champion." He said releasing her from the sex platform. "Your victory earns you the right to watch the loser, RJ, as she gets gang banged by the rest of the guys! Take a front row seat and enjoy your title of Fuckball queen. Here is a refreshment and a hot towel to aid you in relaxing."

"RJ," Jake now spoke. "You are the Fuckball slut loser. You are now fair game for all the guys that haven't fucked or finished fucking either of you." He rearranged my sex table so I was completely spread eagle. By moving some parts of the platform, it became similar to a rotisserie on a barbecue and I was the main course! I could be rotated which ever way one wanted and penetrated by multiple participants. Almost every inch of my body was totally accessible!

When all the adjustments to my sex table were finished, Bill and Jake stepped away. Looking up in the mirror, I could see Lisa, still naked, seated in a chair at the foot of my table wiping the cum from her face with the warm towel she had been provided. Someone brought her a cold beer, which she was enjoying while she waited to watch my loser's fuckfest. Bill spoke again. "Alright, listen up you guys. Only those that didn't get to fuck these sluts is eligible for the post game sex activities. That includes those that may have started fucking, but, due to a failed first down attempt or a turnover were unable to complete their turn. Lisa is off limits. RJ is on the rack and waiting for you. Go get her!"

Before I knew it, I was being double penetrated and sucking cocks! The feeling of having two cocks in me at once, one in my cunt and one in my ass was great. It brought back memories of Andy and Rich in the parking lot at the old strip club. The black dude with the long thick cock, that barely had a chance to get his cock wet before the Romo interception was in my ass now. The guy fucking my cunt was the guy with the thick curved cock of about seven inches and the huge ball sack that was so disappointed when the cowboys fumbled after he had just begun his fucking turn. In my mouth was the black dude that had been fucking Lisa when Manning threw his interception. Another of the guys was the cute Hispanic guy that never finished fucking Lisa. He exploded in my pussy with a full load. I believe about six or seven guys took part in my ravaging. Due to the high scoring game, there weren't too many guys left for the gang bang!

When all of the participants had unleashed there cum loads either in or on me, Bill released me from the restraints. I was barely able to stand my legs were shaking so bad. I was dripping creamy cum from every hole and I could feel it drying on my face. Lisa helped steady me and handed me a much needed glass of water which I greedily drank. Next she gave me a cold beer. After I finished it, we bid goodnight to Bill and Jake, and she guided me to the stairs.

We climbed the stairs up to the bedroom. Once in the bedroom, Lisa drew us a nice hot bath while I took a shower to wash the cum from my abused body. I joined Lisa, face to face, in the large bathtub. Lisa had added some healing bath salts to the bath. It felt so good to soak in the hot water. We gently washed each other's welts and lash marks. Some of Lisa's, that her Daddy Jake had struck, were especially tender. Her firm large breasts had been the attention of his hardest strokes and were streaked red. Both of us had broken skin from our penalty lashes.

As I tenderly held and washed her breasts, I was amazed at the weight and firmness of each one. Her nipples hardened as the washcloth moved over her skin. I had to resist the temptation to lower my lips and suck on them. Returning the favor, my nipples hardened at her touch also.

"If we weren't so exhausted from all the fucking, I would be sucking your nipples right now." Said Lisa.

"Sounds like a good morning plan to me." I answered.

Having soothed our weary bodies for quite a while, we stepped out of the bath and dried each other off. The soft sheets of the bed felt so good. Once again, we fell into a deep sleep wrapped in each other's arms.

Coming soon, Part 7, the final Chapter of Bill and me!


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