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This story is complete fiction, inspired by a chat conversation I had a couple days ago. I hope you enjoy. (If you want to show me how much you enjoy it, that would be great...)
I'd never touched another cock before and I deeply wanted to, I met him online and we talked for a while and jerked off a few times while talking. He is 30 years older with a hairy, 7 inch cock that happens to be very thick compared to my 6 inch and medium thick cock. He was excited to touch another cock for the first time also and, even though I'm the submissive, he wanted to get down on his knees and suck me off into his mouth. He was ok with just being jerked off by me, but truth be told if he had said that he wanted me on my knees in front of him I would have done it. We agreed to meet after dark on a very quiet stretch of beach; I would walk up the beach and he would walk down it and we would meet and get each other off. A couple days before our scheduled meet he messaged me that he wanted me to wear some sexy panties for him and I readily agreed, mentally picking out a black pair of silky boyshorts to wear under my jeans. The evening of the meeting came, neither one of us had cum in 3 days, and I was very excited. I took a hot shower and shaved my cock and balls, then dried off and combed out my shoulder length blonde hair and slipped into my black boyshorts. I had to keep myself from rushing off early so I wouldn't look suspicious sititng near the beach at night checking the time continuously. Finally the time came to leave for the beach and I somehow managed to stay under the speed limit and arrive almost exactly on time. I parked and headed onto the beach and started walking north, he had parked several blocks away so we wouldn't arouse suspicion. The beach was dark and empty, I was nervous walking around alone wearing a pair of panties, until I saw him walking towards me. I quickened my step as my cock started getting hard and when I got close he gestured towards a shrub covered dune that we could stand near to disguise our outlines. We stood next to each other and wordlessly dropped our pants to our ankles, he reached over to feel the outline of my cock in its silky confines and I reached over to find his cock semi-hard with no underwear covering it. His right hand grabbed hold of my panty covered cock, while his left hand opened a small bottle of lube and squirted some onto his cock. His cock felt huge in my hand as I started to slowly stroke it, I was really getting into it when I heard a voice from behind us say "Well well, look what we have here. Looks like my husband found us another pantyslut." I started to turn around but I felt her grab me from behind and whisper in my ear that she had this all on video so I had better cooperate. She pushed my panties down and told me to step out of my pants and panties and get on my knees like a good slut, then she spread a beach towel out in front of me. She grabbed my panties and tied them tightly around my cock and balls and gave them a slap before getting on the towel, hitching up her skirt, and leaning back on her elbows. "Eat me slut, I want to cum in your mouth" she growled as she grabbed my head and pulled me into her hairy pussy. There I was, on all fours, naked from the waist down with a pair of panties tied around my packaged and my face buried in a womans pussy while her husband held his lubed cock behind me. I didn't know what was going to happen, but she didn't keep me waiting for long. "Well hubby, you didn't come all the way out here to stroke your own cock, I want you to fuck this bitches ass until you cum deep inside him so he knows that he is our bitch." I could almost see him kneel behind me and squirt more lube on his hard cock before he put one hand on the small of my back and used the other to position his cockhead at my virgin hole, his wife told me "Just relax slut, it hurts more if you fight it" as he started to push his thick shaft into my tight ass. He knew what he was doing and did his best to go easy on me, but I could tell that he was going to lose control from having his big cock in a virgin ass. When he got the last inch inside me, he only paused for a moment before pulling back and beginning to fuck me like the slut I knew I was becoming. He grabbed my waist and started pistoning his cock in and out of my hole, hitting my prostate with every thrust, and driving my tongue into his wife's pussy with every shove forward. It didn't take but a few minutes before the two of them were both moaning their way to an orgasm, his thrusts got harder and she started grinding her clit on my mouth. When the pleasure was finally too much for them it was almost instantaneous; she pinched her nipples and clamped her thighs onto my head as he grabbed my waist and buried his pulsing cock as deep as he could as their fluids squirted into me from either end. When the last aftershock of their orgasms subsided she told her husband to put his clothes on and go back to the car, then she told me to put my hands behind my back and sit back on my heels. I did and she explained that this was the position I would be in whenever I was in her presence, then she untied the panties from around my cock and laughed as my cum oozed out of my softening cock. She held one hand under my cock head to catch my cum and put the other on top of my head, bringing her cum filled hand to my mouth she said "A good slut always eats cum for their Mistress", and laughed even more as I ate my own load for her. She told me to get dressed, go home, and sl**p because I would be spending the entire weekend pleasing her and her husband. I must have looked shocked because she stopped smiling and reached into her purse "I can tell you're thinking about not obeying, so I'm going to give you what you need and make sure that you come when called." She pulled out a cock cage and deftly slipped it onto me and locked it, she held the key up in front of me and dropped it back into her purse. "If you're a good slut this weekend, maybe I'll let you out to have a real orgasm." She walked away laughing as I stayed there on my knees and my cock strained, trying to get hard inside of it's new home.

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2013-12-03 22:17:04
Not a submissive myself so I got into the domination part, but you need to learn how to space out between sentences, break apart occasionally to give paragraphs, otherwise not bad at all.

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2013-12-03 22:17:00
Not a submissive myself so I got into the domination part, but you need to learn how to space out between sentences, break apart occasionally to give paragraphs, otherwise not bad at all.

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2013-12-03 22:03:28
i came when they did, that was a great story. write more!


2013-12-03 21:07:31
very good story cant wait for the next one

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2013-12-01 09:17:14
I love it. Use him and abuse him.

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