Gloria sat on the sofa, once again her day had been a bore, looking after her new screaming baby, cleaning the house and taking Manny to school. It was 2pm, the leather sofa squeaked as she readjusted herself on it, she turned on the T.V and flicked through the channels, mostly it was mindless American adverts and stupid reality shows. She slammed the controller down in frustration, the truth was, Gloria was bored, she was bored of her husband who was significantly older and much less sexually active than herself, she was bored of being alone in such a huge house, but most of all she was bored of the same old cock.

When Gloria married Jay, everyone assumed it was for the money, and nothing more, but in fact they were wrong. It was in order to give Manny a life worth living and to stop herself from stealing or resorting to fucking guys for money. However, Gloria used to be glorious, she used to hit the town in search of some fine Spanish meat and then ride it all night long. Part of her wanted to go back to her old life, but the other remind her that she had two children now, it would be impossible... So as she sat on the sofa, Gloria felt horny, confused and guilty, she didn't know what to do.

The doorbell interrupted Gloria's thoughts, it must be some sort of delivery or something. She strutted to the door, wearing a small pair of shorts and a tight tank top accentuating her huge, glorious tits and her bubble butt. She wore her dark red lipstick and had her hair free flowing. When she got to the door she noticed who it was through the window, Phil, a good looking man who was married to her husbands daughter - Claire. Gloria often hated and envied Claire for having such a young, good looking man to fuck whenever she wanted, however it was rumoured within the family that they did not have much fun together anymore since Claire was becoming more uptight.

"Hellooo Phil!" Gloria exclaimed in her heavy Spanish accent as she opened the door, Phil looked a bit shocked as to what Gloria was wearing, he had never seen her dress so provocatively. When his eyes readjusted, Phil replied quietly
"Hey Gloria, sorry I can't stop by for long, Claire wanted me to pick up some sort of lunchbox or something? I think Luke left it here when he came round last week with Manny"
Gloria was frustrated, he had barely said hello and was clearly here to do whatever Claire wanted, his wife had him on a hook. Nevertheless, Gloria played along
"Yes, yes I think I saw that, come in and I'll get it for you, would you like a cup of tea?" Gloria was being very friendly
"Just a really quick one cos I got to get back home later, Alex wants to show us some science project thing"
Gloria pulled him in by his hands and winked
"I promise, it will be quick!" suddenly she began to feel quite horny, being alone in the house with Phil...

Phil was clearly flustered as he followed Gloria and her bouncing bubble butt into the kitchen, and Gloria knew it... She put on the kettle and began to search for the lunchbox, in the most provocative way possible. She bent down slowly to look in the cupboards under and sink, pushing her ass out and brushed Phil with her hair and body every time she passed him in her search, she was just teasing and it was clearly getting to Phil...
"Hey Phil I think the water is boiled, you want to make the tea? Cups are in the cupboard over there" Gloria was talking in a husky voice, yet she didn't know why.
"S...S...Sure, yeah, in this one? Yep good" He took out a mug and began to pour the water as Gloria watched him do so. With his concentration clearly elsewhere Phil spilt the water over his finger, scalding him
"Fuck! Ouch" He shook his finger, Gloria giggled and then gave a sympathetic look
"Phil, don't worry just relax!" She took his hand in her own and slowly began to suck on his burnt finger, licking it as if it were a lollipop, Phil stood dumbfounded and shocked, Gloria had him hook line and sinker. She took his hand and led him up the stairs, Phil watched and simply obeyed Gloria and her powerful movements, watching her ass bubble up and down as she took each step upwards on the staircase. She pulled him to the nearest room and pulled him into an embrace, their tongues collided aggressively as Phil bit and Gloria's lip's, she found the whole idea of this encounter dirty and loved every second of it. During the embrace Gloria made her way down to Phils cock grabbing his member through his tight jeans, jesus it felt big. The two lovers were panting, their breath in sync with one another, she unbuckled his belt and ripped down his trousers, from which an 8 inch cock sprang forth. Not only was it big, but it was also pretty, the hair was ordered and the head of it shone, as if polished. Gloria removed her top as Phil panted violently, her beautiful tits, fell into Phils sight, perky, with hard, horny nipples. She touched his cock for the first time, hearing him gasp as she did so, rubbing it up and down she licked her lips seductively and began to talk dirty.
"Oooohh, it's so much bigger than Jay's, so much prettier, God I love it"
This pleased Phil, he had always hated his father-in-law and Gloria knew this would send him over the edge. Phil groaned as she finished talking and plunged her head upon his cock, her wet mouth slid up and down his cock so quickly, she licked the head expertly and rubbed her tits whilst doing so. Soon Phil began to panic, the situation was becoming too much and he realised he could not last much longer. He pulled Gloria from her knees and chucked her onto the bed, her ass bubbled as he ripped off her shorts to reveal she was wearing no panties, Gloria felt like a dirty slut...

She lay face down on the bed as Phil ploughed his head between her thights, licking whatever his tongue could get to. Despite his clumsiness, Gloria remained in escatasy and began to moan and groan. Phil continued to lick for what felt like forever, she knew from past experience that her pussy tasted good, Phil clearly agreed. On the verge of orgasm, he stopped, Gloria swore and begged Phil to continue, but he resisted the pleas of this amazingly sexy woman, and prepared he cock to enter her sexy pussy... He lay down and slowly lifted Gloria onto his cock, she winced as she climbed onto the huge cock below her, but soon her pussy got used to it's girth and she begant to swil and bounce on Phil's cock, grabbing and rubbing her tits as she did so. Phil held onto the bedsheets with on hand and spanked her gorgeous latina ass with the other, the two were both in oure ectascy...

Little did they know, the door to the pritchett household had just been unlocked, someone else had arrived...

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2013-11-28 07:09:31
Great build up, sex was disappointing. jdm320

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2013-11-28 01:15:32
its good but you could make the sexual parts longer... please? everything seemed so fast. take your time describing everything more and it will be a knockout

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