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Allie finds an admirer
Allie wiped the table and set the condiments back in place. She went to check on her other customers. She was happy to finally have a job that she enjoyed. It didn’t pay too well, but the tips were excellent. She had learned quickly how to flirt with the male patrons enough to encourage them to leave big tips. The guys seemed to like her, but who wouldn’t. She was an athlete so her body was lean and tight. The black button up blouse hugged her 34B breast tight; she always unbuttoned an extra button to show her ample cleavage. The black shorts hugged her plump bottom, and were short enough to expose her legs from the upper thigh down. She wore her mid back length blonde hair in a pony tail. She always wore a smile, showing her pearly white teeth to her customers.

Drew’s was a local sports bar in a small college town. It was nothing fancy, just a few tables, a long bar and several TVs playing football, races, and any other sports of interest. It was a hang out for most of the college men, students and professors. It was also next door to a gym. So after work outs, customers would come into Drew’s and replenish their bodies with fluids. The menu at the bar was typical of any sports bar; burgers, wings, and sandwiches of many shapes and sizes. Since softball season was over, Allie was working more, and loved the independence earning her own money had given her. She was able to buy herself and her lover, Kym, special things that had enhanced their love life. She was also able to break ties with her overly conservative parents. Allie was walking from the kitchen when Josh, a regular, and his wife Cindy walked in. Allie felt her smooth pussy grew wet as he walked in. Josh was an exMarine who had used his GI Bill to get a doctorate in biology and was in his second year as a professor. He always stopped by after his work out for a couple of Michelob Ultras and a salad. He also always wore loose basketball shorts. The shorts went to almost his knees, but what Allie liked was how she could always see the imprint of his flagellant cock inside the shorts. It swung between his legs as he walked. On this special occasion, his lovely wife Cindy was with him. Cindy was a knockout by anyone’s standards. She was a bit shorter than her 6 foot husband. Her straight, dark brown hair went almost to her shoulders. She was much tanned. She had on an under armor type tank top, that hugged her perfectly sized breast. She was thin, and on her bottom she was wearing a pair of tight yoga pants that showed her round buttocks and Allie could see a hint of a camel toe as she turned to sit at a table in her section. Allie walked over to the table and smiles as she hands them a menu. She looks down at Cindy admiring her breast down her tank top. They ordered their normal salad and Ultra. Allie turned and headed to turn in their order. As she walked she could feel her juices oozing from between her legs.

The bar was busy. It was Monday so the crowd was starting to grow for the MNF game. Allie rushed taking orders and taking care of her customers. Occasionally she would glance over to Josh and Cindy, and almost every time, they were looking at her. Allie shook it off as coincidence and continued with her work. When their order was ready, she took the food to their table and set it down with a smile. She looked at Cindy, who was looking back at her. They stared at each other for what seemed like hours, but only as few minutes. Allie had a warm feeling that flushed over her body. The moisture between her legs grew, and her nipples hardened. Allie quickly turned and went toward the bar. She asked one of the other girls to cover her section, and headed toward the ladies room.

She opened the swinging doors of the ladies room and went to the sink. She turned on the tap for the cold water and ran her hand under the water. She rubbed her face, trying to get the thought of Cindy’s stare out of her head. She bent her body forward, getting closer to the flow of water and was splashing her face, when she heard the door open. She rose up, and in the mirror she saw Cindy looking at her.

“Kind of hot in here isn’t it?” Cindy said while walking toward one of the stall doors.
Allie dried her face and left the bathroom. There was no way she could stay in there with Cindy and not rip her clothes off. Allie goes back to work, trying not to pay her new obsession any attention. She soon lost the urge as the bar continued to fill. She was so busy, she didn’t even notice Cindy and Josh leave. She hurried over to their table to prepare it for another couple. As she picked up the tip, she noticed a piece of paper folded in the bills. She placed it in her apron and continued to work. It was game time and the bar was filled with capacity. Allie ran from table to table, taking orders, refilling drinks and flirting back with the customers that flirted with her. One guy got a little too flirty and ran his hand up her thigh and rubbed her pouty lips. She screamed, more in pleasure than fright, but Tom, the bouncer, heard her and politely removed the flirty patron from the bar. The rest of the night went uneventful. At about 11:30, the game was almost over and the people started filing out. Allie was exhausted and hurried to clean the tables as they left. Just after midnight she untied her apron, and pony tail, letting her hair fall. She reached in and pulled out the nights tips, and smiled as she slipped the money into her pocket. Tom escorted her out to her car, and she drove home.

When she arrived home, she quietly opened the door and went inside. Her girlfriend and room mate, Kym, was already asleep. Allie was horny, but knew Kym had an early class and decided not to wake her. She went into the bathroom and turned on the hot water, and began to undress as the tub filled. She unbuttoned her blouse and tossed it into the basket. She pulled her arms from her bra straps, and twisted it around her waist, unhooking it, letting it fall. Her fingers went to the button on her shorts and unfastened them, pushing them down her long legs. Then she hooked her fingers into her thong and removed them as well. She looked at her naked body in the fogging mirror. She squeezed her tits together with a moan and turned stepping into the hot bath. She lies back in the tub and let the hot water relax her tired body. She closed her eyes. Her thoughts went back to Cindy. Her hands moved down her stomach as she remembered there little exchange in the ladies room. The tip of her middle finger touched her clit as she imagined following Cindy into the stall and eating her while she sat on the toilet. She massaged her engorged clit as she imagined tasting Cindy’s sweet juices. Her fingers slide inside her wet pussy and she works them in and out, causing a soft moan to escape her lips. Two fingers work inside her wet lips as her mind pictures Cindy’s legs on her shoulders pulling her closer. She is working her fingers as her orgasm approached. She cums just as Cindy coats her face with her sweet juices. Allie regains her composure, stands and stepped out of the tub and dried herself. She slowly moved to the bed room and lies beside her lover and drifts off to sleep.

The next morning, Allie woke up as she felt Kym get out of the bed. She watched as her lover stood and stretched. Her pale, freckled arms reached over her red hair, bending at the waist gave Allie a perfect view of her slender ass and puffy lips between her legs. Kym turned and bent down to kiss Allie, before she walked to the bathroom to get ready for class. Allie rolled over and looked at the clock. Then got up and walked into the kitchen to start the coffee. When Kym returned, dress in her conservative jeans and t-shirt, Allie handed her a cup of coffee and gave her a kiss, before she walked out to go to class.

Allie headed to the bathroom to relieve her bladder. As she sat on the toilet, she reached and picked up the shorts she had worn the night before. She reached into the pocket and pulled out the roll of money and began to count it. Then she saw the piece of paper and remembered it had come from Cindy and Josh. She placed the money on the bathroom counter and opened the note. Her eyes widen as she reads the note; “Was hoping you would have followed, xoxo Cindy 555-5303”Allie took the note with her to her phone. Her fingers tremble as she dialed the number. Cindy’s phone rang and after four rings the voice mail answers. Allie left her number and then began to get ready for class.

All through her classes, Allie could not get Cindy and the words on the note out of her head, and she checked her phone every five minutes. At lunch, she thought about calling Cindy again, but didn’t want to sound over anxious. She just sat and watched her phone. After lunch she went to her next class, biology. She walked into Professor McDonalds (Josh) class and sat in her front row seat. He was typing away on his computer as the class filled. As always, Josh began to lecture, not showing any attention to Allie or anyone else in the class. Allie hastily took notes as he talked. Soon she was normal. Her mind was back on her work and when the class ended, she got up and left, just like everyday. Just as she walked out of the door, her phone rang. The number on the ID was unfamiliar but she answered it anyway.

“Hello,” she answered in her sweetest voice.

“Allie, this is Professor McDonald. I would like to see you in my office around 4 pm. Are you free?”

“Yes sir, I will be there.”

“Thank you Allie, see you then.”

She ended the call and smiled. She wondered if this was a pleasure call or an official one. She was passing his class, so why else would he want to see her. Her mind raced, wondering if he would be alone, or if Cindy would be there. She hurried home and showered. She pulled her hair up into a pony tail then slipped into a pair of denim shorts and a t-shirt then slipped her feet into a pair of flip flops. She anxiously began her journey to the professor’s office. She walked into the building, and to the door. She takes a deep breath and knocks softly. The door opens almost immediately. Standing inside the door with a smile, was Cindy.

She was wearing a white tank top. Her erect nipples were clearly visible through the thin material. She stepped aside as Allie entered the office. Josh smiled at her as he stood from his desk. Allie’s eyes almost popped out of her head when she seen the outline of his erect cock in his trousers. She nervously looked at the both of them. Cindy sits on the leather sofa, and pated the seat for her to sit. Allie sits down, as Josh walks from behind the desk, and leaned back on it.

“Allie, I am glad you came. I understand that you gave Cindy a call this morning?” Josh asked.

“Yes sir. I saw the note.” Allie replied.

Cindy slid closer to Allie and placed one arm on the back of the sofa and the other on Allie’s leg. Allie slowly turned toward her. Cindy moved closer and their lips met. They kissed passionately for several minutes. Cindy’s hand moved up between Allie’s legs and she rubbed her hand up and down her covered slit.

“Ladies, slow down. Please let’s get more comfortable,” Josh interrupts.

Cindy broke their kiss, and stood up. She pulled her tank top up over her head. Allie watched as her breast bounced free. Her chest was just as tanned as the rest of her body. Her perky C cup breasts were smooth, toped with small erect nipples, surrounded by dark brown areolas. She turned her back to Allie as her fingers slid under the waist band of her yoga pants. She slowly twisted her hips as she pushed them over her round ass. She bent at the waist, and gave Allie a perfect view of your puffy pussy as she stepped out of the pants. She turned and sat back on the sofa and opened her legs and began to rub her wet pussy. Allie noticed the trimmed bush above her lips, and felt her nipples harden.

Allie started to stand but her attention was drawn to Josh. He was unbuttoning his shirt. She sat and watched as his muscular upper body come to her view as he pulled the shirt off his big shoulders and placed it on the desk. Then his hands moved to the button on his trousers. He unbuttoned them and stood up as they fell to the floor. He did not have on any underwear and his erect 7 inch cock stood proudly. His big hand wrapped around the base and he began to slowly stroke it.

Allie felt out of place. The only one of the three that was still clothed. She slowly stood to her feet, tossing the flip flops to the side. She unbuttoned her shorts and twisted her hips as she pushed them down her hips, and off her legs. Her fingers pull at her thong, the fabric stuck to her smooth wet lips. Then she pulled her t-shirt over her head, then her bra. She sat back on the sofa and leaned back. Cindy quickly moved between her legs. The sexy brunette’s tongue instantly touched her engorged clit. Allie moaned loudly. Josh moved closer to the ladies, pushing his hard cock toward Allie’s lips. Allie opened and let him enter. She tasted the precum ooze onto her tongue as he pressed into her mouth. With Cindy’s tongue rushing over her clit, and Josh balls deep in her mouth, Allie was in heaven. Josh pumped his hips against Allie’s pretty face, while his wife’s fingers and tongue penetrated her tight pussy. In just a few moments Allie’s body began to tremble. Her legs tightened around Cindy’s head as her pussy erupted. She sucked feverishly on Josh’s cock as he began to moan. She felt his hand on her head as his hips rocked. Suddenly he pulled his cock from her mouth and his cum shot all over her face and breast. Allie laid there covered in cum and out of breath.

Allie felt Cindy as she moved up her body. She felt her warm tongue begin to clean her husbands cum from her breast and up to her face. Then they connected into a long passionate kiss, sharing Josh’s crème. Cindy then moved to her knees in front of Josh. She took his limp cock into her mouth and began to suck it back to life. Allie moved to the floor and lay on her back, and moved between Cindy’s legs. Cindy lifted and let her slide under her so Cindy was straddling Allie’s face. Cindy lowered her pussy onto Allie’s face and began to move her hips in a circle, grinding her wet pussy onto Allies face. Josh pulled away from Cindy. His cock now rejuvenated. Cindy readjusted; She turned to watch Josh as he knelt between Allies legs. She placed a hand on the floor, and the other on his cock as she guided it toward Allie’s pussy. Allie continued to lap as the sweet nectar that flowed from Cindy’s pussy. She felt the head of Josh’s cock penetrate her wet lips. He slid his entire length into her in one thrust. She moaned into Cindy’s pussy. Josh began to fuck her slowly. She could feel every inch of his cock as her moved it in and out of her. She had never felt so much pleasure, so she thought. As Josh continued to pump in and out of her, she felt Cindy’s tongue return onto her clit. Allie ran her tongue deep into Cindy’s pussy as electricity shot through her body. She was now on the verge on loosing consciences as Cindy sucked her pussy while her husband fed her hungry pussy his big cock.

Allie’s orgasm was non stop for what felt like an eternity. Cindy’s sweet juices continued to flow into her mouth while the sexy couple pleasured her pussy. With a hard jolt, she felt Josh’s cum begin to fill her. He continued to pump as her pussy tightened around his thick shaft. She felt empty when Josh pulled his cock from her. Cindy slid down her body, and smeared her juice from her face to her lower stomach. Cindy’s mouth covered Allies pussy as she cleaned her husbands cum from the young girl. Allie pushed her hips driving Cindy’s tongue deeper, as she released one final orgasm into the mouth of his teacher’s wife. Allie was spent, she felt herself drift into unconsciousness.

Allie slowly woke up. She sat up and looked around. She was in the floor of Josh’s office still naked. She struggled to get to her feet; her legs were like pudding as she braced herself on his desk. She wobbled over and picked up her clothes and began to redress. She slipped her shorts on, sticking her panties and bra into her pocket then pulled her shirt over her head. As she started to the door she looked at her phone to see how much time had passed and seen that she had a text message. She opened the message;

“Cindy loves you, please come back anytime, Professor McDonald.”


2015-03-31 22:55:46
I've never been attracted to a women so I dont know if I'd love it, but a very sexy story, and I enjoyed it a lot . Thanks J , I hope you post more of your fantastic work soon . Soon ! Xx

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2013-11-27 11:38:36
Amazing loved every bit make more

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