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This is my first story ever so please don't hate I tired my best.

Let me tell you a little about me and my family before I start.
My name is jax I was 14 when this all happened I have brown eyes, dark brown hair, I am 6'3, I am a good looking guy well that's what all the girl say at school, I work out, I have a muscular body.
I have a sister name Nina she is 17, she has brown eyes like me, black hair, she is 5'11 and she's really hot, she's got a great body and a really nice ass, she's got 36c breast like my mom.
My mom's name is Mila, she's 33, she was 16 when she had my sister. She has blonde hair, blue eyes, has a great figure still, nice big round ass.
My dad victor is 36 not much to say about him.

One day I was feeling sick and I did not feel like going to my last class, so I decided to walk home. When I got home I see the mail mans truck parked in out drive way. I didn't think anything of it.

During this time my dad is at work, he is a doctor so he's always at work but at least were rich so I don't care that much, and my bitch of a sister is at school. But my moms at home usually she is a realtor she sells houses.

So when I got inside, it looked like no one was home so I went up stairs to my room, I threw my bag on my bed when I heard a thump in my parents bedroom.
I went to check it out when I saw my mom getting her pussy eaten by the mail man. She had a freshly save pussy god it looked so juicy. I was right about to run in and stop it when I noticed I was getting an erection, I don't know why but I took out my phone and took pictures of this just in case I needed it one day. Then when I was done taking pictures I ran in the room and threw the guy off my mom and the mail man pulled up his pants and ran off. I looked at my mom and said "how could you do this?". She started to cry "your dad's cheating on me with one of the slutty nurses!"

I started to laugh cause last week I thought the same thing. I followed my dad last week to one of the nurses homes but when I looked through the window he was not having an affair he was helping her and her husband out with money problems.
I told my mother about what was really going on an she started crying even more and said "how could I be so stupid"
I started to get angry so I yelled "how many times have you done this!" She then said "this is my first time, he only ..... Ta..ta..touched me down there and we kissed a little." "what are you going to do mom your going to ruin our family!" I said. She started to whimper "please don't tell your father"
At that moment it hit me, I can take advantage of this moment, I have never thought of my mother this way but seeing her naked like this I couldn't just pass this up. "I took pictures of you with the mail man, if you don't want me to tell dad then suck my dick right here an now" I don't know where all this confidence came from. I was a virgin I have never done anything with a girl except make out.
"WHAT! NO! She yelled.
"I'll just have to tell dad then"
I started to walk away when she said "don't cum in my mouth I have never let anyone cum in my mouth" she then got on her knees and hesitated and pulled my pants down and grabbed my 10 inch penis. "You fucking little prick, I am your mother" a couple seconds later she said "this is so big way bigger than your fathers, it might not fit in my mouth, your father is only 6 inches."
She then started sucking, god it felt so good, I grabbed the back of her head. "You little bitch I'll cum in your mouth if I want to and you'll swallow it all down" she tried to pull back and say something but I need to cum, so I pulled her head all the way until my whole dick was in her mouth she was deep throating it and I blew my load right down her throat. Then I let go of her and she started yelling "you little shit, you choked me I have never deep throated anyone, and I have never tasted cum in my ......." "Shut the fuck up you whore you love the taste of my cum" she then got up and was headed for the bathroom when I grabbed her. "I'm not down yet, I'll tell you when I'm done" I then started kissing her, she wasn't kissing back then I said "if you don't kiss back and make this feel real I'll call dad right now bitch" she then started going wildly kissing me sticking her tongue down my throat. I threw her on her knees and said "suck it clean" she did then I picked her up and threw her on the bed I started fingering her pussy. 1 finger....2 fingers....3,4,,,, then 5. Then I put my whole fist and she started screaming "no no no, ohhhhh myyyy gooddd, yes yes yes yes" then I started Kissing her pussy then licking then sucking on it until she had 5 orgasims then I got on top of her "no no I'm your mother please no I'm not on the pill please don't" I pushed in all the way not caring if it hurt her I started real fast.
"Please don't cum in me please I can't get pregnant again especially with you, your my own son I don't even let your father cum in me any more"
I then pulled out and cummed on her belly button it made an big puddle on her belly and I told her "better eat every last drop or else"
She did and it looked like she enjoyed it I got off of her and said "this weekend when dad goes for a doctors thing and sister stays at her friends, you will be my sex slave and then I will delete all of the photos and you can forget about this" I left the room when I remember I forgot my pants, so when I went to get them I saw her walking to the shower she looked so hot, she could barley walk and I saw this video on the counter, it didn't look like one of ours so I went to go see it. It recorded every thing that happen it must have been the mail mans so I took the video camera and hid it in one if the floor boards in my room. I deleted all the pics because I had something way better.

To be continue......

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2013-11-29 01:53:32
This needs a lot of work to get it vaguely readable.
As has been noted elsewhere 6'3" (at 14 years old) and a 10" cock (at any age) is stretching the bounds of the believable towards the realm of the impossible.
The narrator's name is (perhaps) Jax, not jax.
At one point you correctly used a possessive apostrophe but at others it is missing, also occasionally the final 's' is missing.
Try this: Once the story is written, (before publishing) try to read it back to yourself ALOUD. If you get to a point where your tongue struggles to verbalize what you are reading pay extra attention. Your mind is probably trying to tell your tongue one thing while your eyes are trying to tell it something else.

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2013-11-28 23:57:04
14years and 6'3 with a 10" dick really

anonymous readerReport

2013-11-28 22:29:37
Well, if you really "tired" your best, don't quit your night job. Go back to school for 5 or 9 years, cut 3 inches off that dick, and then "tire" again.

anonymous readerReport

2013-11-28 22:29:33
Well, if you really "tired" your best, don't quit your night job. Go back to school for 5 or 9 years, cut 3 inches off that dick, and then "tire" again.

anonymous readerReport

2013-11-28 11:35:15
What a waste of thirty seconds. Get a clue idiot ,or maybe use some of your daddy's money to go get a education. This is all a bunch of lies and made up from little Johnny jokes

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