A year later Georgina came to my house and asked me to take her shopping.

“I need to go to the Mall, I want to get some new shoes and a dress for a party I am going to at weekend”
She was wearing a nice mini skirt and a silk top. I could see she was not wearing a bra, her tits filled out her blouse and her nipples poked out like bullets, my cock got hard just looking at them. She saw this and smiled.
I slung on some white summer trousers neglecting to put on underwear.
We got into my car and went down town.
“How are you doing?“ I asked
“Great, I still think about you and the great time we had”
“Do you have a boyfriend?” I asked.
“Nothing regular” She replied.
When we got to the Mall I parked up and went round to open the door for her. As she slid out I got a good look down her blouse, I am sure she had unbuttoned a couple of her buttons while in the car, I could see down inside her top to see the fully grown breasts of mature girl.
She took my arm and as we walked into the shopping area my elbow brushed against her tits.
“I want to get some shoes first“ she told me. She dragged me in to a shoe shop and told the assistant who could not have been more than 20 years old, what type of shoes she wanted. #
We were directed to a chair at the rear of the shop, I had a look round the shop to look at men’s shoes. When I came back to Georgina, I stood behind the boy while he fitted as very nice red high heeled shoe on her right foot. As he went to pick up the left shoe she spread her knees a bit and I realised what the boy could see between her thigh’s, she was not wearing knickers. Georgina looked at me and said “”What do you think dad?”
“Very nice” I replied.
The young lad was blushing. Georgina spread her knees more.
“I will have these, plus I will get buy slippers also”
The boy got up carefully, He had a hard on and turned around to go to get some for her to try. As he went to get some slippers his hand went to his crutch to re-arrange his cock so it did not stick out quite so much.
“Do you think he liked looking at my pussy”
“I am sure he did, I know I did” I replied
He came back with 3 pairs for her to try.
Sitting down he helped her to remove the red shoes which as he did Georgina spread her legs wider and gave him another good look at her bald cunt which glistened in the bright shop lights. I could see she was getting turned on showing herself to him.
The assistant took his time helping her to try on the slippers and she finally decided on a nice pink pair that were the same colour as her pussy lips.
By now my cock was hard and I had difficulty hiding it, I wished I had put on some underpants to contain it.
“OK I will have these” Georgina said
She got up and I went to pay for the items at the till while she looked around the shop.
“That is a very beautiful daughter you have there and please come again” the assistant said to me adjusting his cock again.
“Thank you for looking after her“ I replied
“I has been a real pleasure” he said smiling.
Lets go for coffee” I said to Georgina.
We sat at a table in the Coffee shop, she said “Do you think I am wrong to display my pussy to him?”
“Not at all, It will have made his day, it certainly made mine looking at your bald cunt, I hope to see more of it, do you keep it shaved?”
“Most of the time, but I shaved it this morning especially for you”
“Thank you, it is very beautiful” I replied
“Next I want to get a dress”
We finished our coffee and went to a clothes shop in the same Mall
There were a couple of young ladies in there taking things to the changing rooms to try on.
Georgina chose a few items and went to the rooms.
“Come with me to see if they look good on me“ she said
I waited till she came out, she had put on a black slinky dress I helped her zip it up. It fitted where it touched.
“That looks fantastic” I said
“Good, I like it, I will get this one” She replied
Georgina turned back to go back in to the cubicle. By now we were the only ones there.
“Come in and help me up-zip the dress” she called out to me.
I entered the cubicle and closed the curtain behind us.
I un-zipped the dress, she just let it fall onto the carpet.
Georgina was standing there completely naked. My cock jumped to its full hardness looking at her.
“Are you having difficult with your cock?
“Yes” I replied “You are so beautiful”
Georgina unzipped my trousers and said “let me help you with it”
She took out my cock and sank down on her knees and kissed the tip licking the per-cum off the end.
“Fuck that is good” I whispered
With that she took the head into her mouth.
I pushed forward and stopped at the back of her mouth the head at the entrance to her throat.
Georgina put her hands behind my ass and pulled my to her taking my cock down her throat till her nose rested against my body.
I held her head keeping my cock deepthroating her.
We held each other till she needed to breathe.
I pulled out knowing I would cum if I stayed there any longer.
“I want to taste your cum” Georgina said.
“If you do that again I will surely cum” I said.
With that she again took my cock down her tight throat and again held me there
After a minute I said “I’m cumming”
She pulled off and just as she did I gave her the first spurt.
Georgina sucked my cock using her tongue till I could not spurt any longer.
“That is so tasty” she said cleaning the remaining cum from my cock..
Finally we composed ourselves and tucking my cock away Georgina tried on a few more dresses but did not like any of them.
I paid for the black dress and we went into another shop. We went into 4 more shops without finding anything else she liked.
“Let’s go to Ann Summers I‘m so wet I want something for my pussy”.
We went into Ann Summers, I was a bit unsure going in with a young girl but she certainly looked a lot older than her young age and no one took any notice of us as we browsed.
“I want something I can put in my pussy and keep there as we shop, How about a vibrating ball or an egg” she told the assistant
We found a nice gold egg with a wireless remote control. “Can I try it?” she asked the assistant .
“Only if you buy it” was the reply.
“Put it in me” Georgina told me. lifting one leg putting her foot on a chair.
I put the gold egg to her cunt lips and pushed it slowly. It slipped in easily.
“This feels good, this will do fine” Georgina said
“I took hold of the remote and put it on low. Georgina shuddered.
I turned it up and Georgina’s legs nearly gave way.
“Turn it off” she said “It is too much”
I turned it back to low and said “Is there anything else you want”
Gasping for breath she said “A nice nightdress or teddy for me to wear for you when we get home. Turn the egg off and we will have a look around”.
We found a couple of slinky night dresses and some crotchless knickers that would please me and finally left after purchasing a few more items.
Another cup of coffee was due.
We sat down at the table. Fumbling around I the bags I accidentally (on purpose) turned the egg back on to low.
“If the egg keeps vibrating it will make me cum” Georgina said.
I reached under the table and put my hand on her cunt. I could feel the egg vibrating inside her.
I turned the egg up to medium and played with her clit pinching it gently. She took hold of my cock through my trousers and squeezed it. After a few minutes she squeezed my cock really hard and came all over my hand.
I turned the egg off so she could calm down before we left the coffee shop.
We did a bit more shopping me teasing her by turning the egg on and off just before she came.
When we got to the car Georgina said “Drive to the top of the car park, I want you to fuck me right now”
I obeyed and we went to an area where there were no cars. By the time we got there Georgina had removed her clothes and was naked. I stopped, she got on my lap, undid my trousers and took out my cock before guiding it into her bald wet cunt.
She came almost instantly covering me with her cum.
“Let’s go home” she said, before I had time to come myself.
Georgina climbed back to the passenger seat and put on her seat belt staying naked
I fingered her soaking wet cunt as she continued to play with my cock. Almost making me cum but squeezing me at the base of my hard rod to stop me cumming fully.
When we got to my house Georgina just got out and walked to the front door naked.
I am glad there was nobody around to see her, although secretly wanting to show her naked body off to the whole world.
I took her straight upstairs to the bedroom and fucked her so hard I pounded her into the mattress her saying “Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck me“. I turned her over and fucked her doggy style till we both came hard.
“You did not fuck my ass” she said.
Later I replied “I am so fucked right now”
“After dinner then?“ she said “Can I stay the night with you?”

We fucked till we fell asleep both well fucked my cock still inside her young cunt.

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2013-11-30 20:33:38
I love to go shoe shopping in a short skirt with no panties on, I fuck the assistant if they give me a good foot massage.

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Made my cock hard showing off your girlfriend to the shoe sales assistant.
Great story

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