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Monday morning came around far to fast for Megan, She tried to call into work as sick but her boss explained that it wasn’t his fault she drank too much on Sunday. Wearing a long sleeve shirt under her blue uniform the bakery forced her to wear this would be the first time since Megan got the job two years ago that she would not be getting yelled at for showing to much skin. A white bra and under underneath made her feel simple and plain.
Megan felt a hand on her shoulder she screamed and turned around. Looking into the eyes of a very scared old lady.
“My lord are you ok Megan?” asked her boss’s wife Prudence.

Yes.. im fine you just scared me for a second there. Guess my nerves are just fried that’s all” Megan said doing her best to get her body to stop shaking.
The rest of the day went by without any issues but Megan kept looking over her shoulder.
Friday night rolled around and Megan couldn’t help but think about her attacker she wonder where her attacker was that night. After blowing off her friends she decides to stay indoors this weekend. Jumping into the shower Megan let the hot water roll down her body. She lathers up her lufa and started to slowly wash her body. As she passed over her breasts she had a flash back to that night and his rough hands squeezing her breast. She felt a tingle run down her spine as that image played through her head. She moved the lufa further down her body making a quick pass over her pussy. Another image flashed through her head this one of him shoving his cock deep inside her. She dropped the lufa and leaned up against the shower wall. Pressing her fingers deep into her pussy she attack her clit with her other hand trying to bring herself to orgasm so she could get these awful thoughts out of her head. The more she thought about that night the harder she finger her pussy. After 15 minutes her hand started to cramp. She slunk to the bottom of the shower and started crying. She had not been able to get herself off, but yet she was so horny. Climbing out of the shower and drying off Megan started to put on her pj’s and walked towards her bedroom.

Standing outside Joe felt a small twinge of pain in his chest, Why was he here? Why was he going to do this? As he tried to talk himself out of breaking into this house he remembered the look on her face, the horrible things she and her friends had said to him. The way she treated him when he tried to help her to her feet. No this may be illegal but he had never felt that he was in the right like this before. She would pay for it. All of it, there would be no remorse for what she did. Walking up to her back door he pulled out his lock picks. “Funny. I bought these as a joke in high school to look cool, I never got to use them on a real door till now” He said to the empty cold night air.

After working on the lock for a couple minutes he finally got the door open. He walked quietly down the hall way trying to find his way around this house. He heard footsteps and started moving towards them. He saw a bedroom light flick on and in the light stood Megan. God she was beautiful, with her hair wet and those flimsy pj’s on. He got aroused as soon as he saw her. He moved towards the door a weak floor board gave him away as it squeaked, She turned around and saw him. The fear in her eyes propelled him forward and he grabbed her arms and threw her to the bed. As she attempted to crawl across the bed he grabbed her foot and pulled her back to him. She let out a scream till he slapped her arcoss the face.
“Shut your mouth! Do that again and I will make it your last” He snarled at her.
Pulling her closer to him he ripped down her pj bottoms revealing her wet pussy.
“I see you cleaned up for me, good I don’t like my whores dirty” He remarked as he ran his fingers across her pussy.

Megan felt a shudder go across her whole body but didn’t have time to enjoy it as the man ripped her top off exposing her breast. He laid on top of her she felt his hands roam across her chest, it felt good she admitted to herself, the press of his cock bulging inside his pants felt amazing, but her brain told her this was wrong, she should be scared not aroused. Her pussy must have been ignoring her brain because it was dripping wet and begging to be fucked. Slipping a hand down Joe felt her wet pussy and had to slide a finger inside.
“Damn I missed this tight snatch of yours” he said while sliding his finger in her. He pulled out of her pussy and sucked a finger into his mouth. His other hand was working on his belt getting his pants unbuttoned and down was tricky one handed but he manged to do so. Grabbing ahold of his cock he pressed it up against her pussy staring into her eyes in the dim light of her room. Was that pity? How dare this bitch look at him like this, like she was doing him a favor. His eyes flashed with anger and he shoved his dick into her pussy as hard as he could. With no thought running through his head of her at all. All he could think about was every girl that ever treated him like this. Ramming inside her as hard and fast as he could he wasn’t even enjoying the feeling anymore, this wasn’t about sex, it was about showing this bitch who was in charge.

When Megan felt her attackers dick press up against her pussy a feeling of lust over whelmed her. For a brief moment she felt like she was in love, Love? How could she be in love with a man that was raping her? No it was just the lack of sex that was making her mind act this way. She just needed to get off and then her head would clear. This time. This time she was going to call the cops. Get a rape kit done. That would show this fat pig. Teach him to break into her… “ooooohhhh god” she couldn’t finish her thought before a moan escaped her lips as she felt her body start to shudder from the over powering orgasm that ran through her. She reached up for a moment and ran her nails down her attackers back and bit into his shoulder.

Joe felt Megan bite him and reached back and punched her in the side. “You think that little bite is going to stop me? You have a lot to learn you stupid cunt. He punched her a couple more times then went back to pounding into her. What a stupid bitch… biteing me like im some coward who cant take a hit. He felt her shudder a couple more times figuring she was just scared from the beating till he felt he dick get flooded with her warm juices. The bitch just came again.. that thought put him over the edge as he unloaded his sperm deep inside her pussy.

Rolling off her Joe grabbed his clothes and threw them on in a hurry; He made his way out the way he came in leaving her lying on the bed with cum dripping out her pussy. As he got to the back door he noticed a uniform lying on top of the washer. He stopped and picked it up. This was the uniform for that nasty bakery down on Main Street. He had been there before the old people who owned it refused to make anything that tasted semi decent. “Well then Megan.. looks like I might be stopping by next time I want a tasty muffin.” Laughing at his own crappy joke Joe made is way out to his car and drove home. Another peaceful nite no dreams, no nightmares, and the images of war didn’t invade his mind this time he fell asleep. I could get used to falling asleep like this was the last thought that went through his mind.

Laying in bed well fucked and sperm dripping out of her. Megan couldn’t help but feel at ease. Her side was very sore and she was afraid she might have a broken rib. But she couldn’t help but feel a brief moment of happiness till a wave of sadness over took her and she curled into a ball and cried herself to sleep.

~I will try not to spend so much time between the next chapter and this one. i screwed up and only read day ones ratings and thought my story got down voted to 25% so i didnt write anymore chapters till now. I didnt know the ratings changed daily and that the first couple days i should ignore the ratings till it evens outs.~
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