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I'm a triplet, and the other two are my sisters, Emily and Morgan. Emily was a blonde, freckled one. With small breasts and glasses. While Morgan was a Brunette, still freckled, but with massive boobs for her age. Emily was cuter, but Morgan was hotter.

It was around 8th grade, we were all 14 years old. I was still devolping, and was rather awkward. But like any other male middle-schooler, I was horny as fuck.

Earlier that day, both my parents were leaving on a 3 day trip, and left us alone with money and food. After saying bye, I told the girls I was spending the night at a friends house. Since us being siblings, Morgan said "Later, dorkweed." Emily was silent, with a small smirk on her face.

I left to go to my friends and it was getting late, so we decided to crash. But, all of a sudden my friend was feeling sick, and threw up all over the futon. His mom said it would be best for me to go home, so I sighed and got a car ride home. As I got home I realized the door was unlocked, which was rather strange, because it was 2:00 AM. Thinking one of my bonehead sisters left the door unlocked, I walked in and locked it behind me.

Entering, I decided to be quiet, since it was dark and everyone was asleep, or so I thought. After walking up the the living room, I heard a faint moaning noise. I panicked. Is there a murderer in my house? Is that why the door is unlocked? Oh God, what do I do. I went to the kitchen and grabbed the sharpest thing I could find and headed upstairs. Slowly and silently making it up the stairs, I heard Morgan moan "Oh Emily, you're the best sister ever!"

Shit. It was just Emily and Morgan Screwing around. I put the knife back where it belonged and went and got ready for bed. Before going into my room, I decided to tell the girls that I was home. Opening the door I yelled "Hey, Im home because my friend thew up and it got all over the-"

Into the wide open door was Morgan lying down, naked, with Emily's face deep into her pussy. I stood there in shock, and Morgan screamed, which caused Emily to look up and scream too. "Wh-Wh-What the hell?" I said. "No, no, its not what It looks like, it-its-" stuttered Emily. I quickly shut the door and ran to my room, with a massive hard on of course.

I actually have thought dirty of my sisters, but It was never serious. Of course I pictured them naked and stuff, but that was just my teenaged brain. Sitting in my bead thinking "Was Emily just eating Morgan out? Are they still doing it? Should I go and check?"

An hour later, still with the picture in my mind, I started pumping my 6 inch cock. Just as I was about to jizz, I heard a knock on my bedroom door.
"Y-Yeah?" "Stevie, its Morgan. Come into our room, I have to ask you something."

Dammit. Well, atleast she didn't come barging in on my whacking it like I did to her and Emily. Pulling myself out of bed I put some pajama pants on and tucked my boner into the waste band. With no shirt on, I walked down the hall and knocked on the door. When it opened I walked in and sat on the couch between both their beds. "What do you want, I'm tired." I groaned. "Stevie, do you know what were were doing when you walked in?" asked Emily, in a serious tone. "Uh, yeah. Kinda." I said slightly quieter. "Well, we were thinking, and..." "And what?"
"Did you like what we were doing, because it seemed that you had a boner just as you walked away?" "Yeah, obviously. I'm a teenaged boy, we get horny and shit." "Are you still horny?" Asked Morgan "Yes." I said blaintly.

Getting straight to it, Emily and Morgan both stripped of their clothes, and my dick was bulging through my pajama pants. Since they were both naked, I awkwardly took of my clothes one by one, and they both looked at each other in amazement. "Th- Thats big" they both sputtered.

Emily got down on one knee and grabbed it by the head. She licked in and it was the best feeling I could imagine. She did it perfectly. Cupping my balls and gently licking my shaft. But, Morgan had a different plan. She pushed Emily to the side and said, "My turn". She took her huge tits and put them around my dick, and gave my a boobjob, reaching the climax, I jizzed all over her tits and face.

"Damn Stevie, nice load." Weirdly, my dick was still rock hard and I still felt horny. Round 2, I guess. Emily and Morgan were giving me a double blowjob at the point, and I couldn't believe it was happening. I then picked morgan up and threw her on the bed, and threw Emily right beside her. Getting on top of them, I asked "Who's first?" "Me!" Shouted Emily. I took my cock and shoved it down Ems pussy. "ooohhh myyy" she said and I started to thrust. Morgan decided to make things better by licking the hairy part that wasn't completly penetrating Emily. "Ah- I'm coming!" I shouted. I pulled it out, and jizzed all over both my gourgeous sisters faces

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2013-11-30 21:46:21
Very poorly written. Many misspelled words ( used "of" instead of "off" twice, "...sitting in my bead(sic)", "gourgeous" instead of "gorgeous", "waste(sic) band" instead of "waist band", etc.
Obviously, you did not proofread this or else you should have caught the duplication of words in your sentences. (i.e. "walking up the the living room." , "...gave my(sic) a boobjob", "...what were were doing..."
This is pretty pitiful writing even if you are only 14.

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2013-11-30 00:30:15
Started out great and then you tried like hell to end it in half a paragraph

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2013-11-30 00:29:54
Started out great and then you tried like hell to end it in half a paragraph

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2013-11-29 23:01:05
Good, but way too short. Needs more detail. I mean, you have them alone for a 3 day weekend and the sex is a quick BJ and a quick fuck that lasts only a couple of sentences total. The idea of this story is good, but the execution of it falls way too short of hitting the mark of being a great story.

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