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This story was started a long time ago by an author who had a very good string of stories and then disappeared, as many do on this site... Hopefully this works. I'm sorry for any grammatical errors or mistakes in the writing.
What would you have done? It seemed so easy, so good, so simple that it couldn’t have had any drawbacks. Revenge, love, power, it was all in my grasp then.

My name is Terrance Graves. To sum up, I have a decent sized family. Two older twin sisters, a younger sister, and a younger brother… My parents were pretty busy people. But see, I was a mistake; the only mistake of the bunch, but a mistake. I must have been; my parents despised me. Absolutely despised me, to the point of cursing at me in front of my siblings. I don’t know what it was that I did or that I said, but it was all my fault, everything that had every gone wrong in our family. My twin sisters took up that same feeling and they enjoyed the pain that I was in. They did things to me mercilessly, toying with my life and what friends I could procure from my shitty little existence.

I’m getting ahead of myself with all of this… Here let me start over.

My Name is Terrance Grave. I’m six feet tall, long black hair and blue eyes and a relatively intimidating build. I’m no heavyweight fighter, but I had never lost a fight either. My life is a shit hole. My father is constantly out on business, working to support the large family that he had created, and my mother is a nurse so she is out as well at whatever local hospital she can work at. They got in their head to move recently to a place called Hartford… that made things interesting. They moved out and took everything to the new place, but I remained behind. They needed someone to watch the house and I wanted to celebrate my birthday with my friends and my girlfriend before I left town forever. I look back on the birthday with rue and mirth.

On Friday September thirteenth, my birthday, I watched the students of my school flood out of the doors as the bell rang. None of them knew I was leaving, but none really knew me well anyway. I stood there was a bouquet of roses for my girlfriend, and no one gave me a second look. I waited fifteen minutes before I saw her. She ran out the front doors, hand in hand with my archenemy, Gerard. He looked like an idiot, honestly: ripped body with a wide face and dead eyes. He was one of the star players on the football team of course. What else can a beefy guy do with his life while he has a name like Gerard? I had always despised him and made him look like an idiot by using my head. He fell for things easily and always provoked me to fight him. Needless to repeat I had never lost a fight.

When they saw me, they froze. The roses fell from my hand and my expression grew dark. Maria, my girlfriend at the time, looked scared. Gerard grinned like a monkey.

“Graves? Ha! This is too perfect, the day after you leave we finally get to show off our relationship and you show up out of the blue!” I should note that I had been absent from school packing the last of the house into boxes. Gerard and Maria hadn’t seen me all day, though I told Maria I’d be picking her up after school for one last night. Maria had tears in her eyes. I just spun around and started walking away. I didn’t want to fuck up my birthday any more than I already had.

“Terry!” Maria’s voice stopped me. I heard her run toward me but I kept walking. When she grabbed my hand I spun around. My face remained calm, emotionless. I feel like the emotionless expression hurt her more than rage would have.

“What Maria?” My voice was tired, absolutely exhausted. I let the weight on my shoulders weigh me down so hard I wanted to take a nap.

“Terry, I’m…”

“No you aren’t. I told you I would be here and that I would leave after I saw you one more time. I told you three times this week. Are you telling me that you forgot in your haste to show off your real boyfriend?”

“What…? Real boyfriend, what are you talking about, why are you doing this to me, we just got together…”

“Maria, I don’t know who you thought you were fooling. I knew that you were cheating on me for a while now… I just didn’t want to screw up my relationship. It was only hearsay and I didn’t think that I was such a bad boyfriend that you would feel the need to cheat.” The tears started to fall. Maria couldn’t even speak. By this time Gerard had taken her hand and glared at me. When he saw her crying he realized that he should probably do something about it.

“Hey, asshole, watch what you’re…” Gerard fucked up. I was pissed and tired, not looking for a fight. He tried to push me back with a hand on my chest and a glare, but my eyes hardened at that moment. Maria stepped back and stared as Gerard whimpered. I don’t know what about my look was so utterly terrifying, but they were both about to lose their bladders. Gerard kept moving with the push. His fingers touched my shirt and I grabbed the back of his neck, pulling him forward as I slammed my knee into his crotch. He wheezed and Maria screamed. The remained school body gathered around and recognized the three of us. The crowd grew faster after that.

Gerard picked himself up with the grace of a wounded chimp. He held out both fists like some cliché movie and I smiled at him. My fist slammed into his temple so hard that his stupid, empty little eyes and his breath left his body. I don’t know how bad I hurt him, but he didn’t get up again. Two of his friends shoved their way through the crowd and sprinted forward. One caught Gerard and the other came after me. Three hits: one to the stomach, the next to the lower sternum (I heard the small extension of the bone snap under my fist) and the last to the jaw. That one went down licking his wounds and groaning as the last one came forward cautiously. I hit him so fast that most of the people around us didn’t see the punch fly. The only thing they saw was the groan of the unconscious boy as he fell backward, a red mark forming on his right eye. Maria screamed and fell to her knees sobbing. I stood there with a calm look on my face, flipped her off, said something about cheating, and walked through the crowd toward my home.


I don’t know how far I walked before I met the stranger. He was standing in the middle of the sidewalk wearing a long trench coat and a hat. For some reason, his face was blurry to me. The only thing I really know is that his eyes were gold, burning liquid gold.

“Hey there Terrance Graves. Feeling a little shaken up?” I stopped a few feet from him. Looking him over, I decided that he was no threat. He freaked me out, made me want to run for my life. But then my entire family did that to me at one point or another. What really threw me off was his voice. It was like liquid magma moving over gravel and causing the stones to laugh in agony. It made me want to laugh along with them.

“Yeah. Sorry, sir, but I need to get by.” I stayed still, waiting for him to move. He didn’t move.

“You amaze me Terrance. Ask me why.”

“Why do I amaze you sir?” It never occurred to me to ask how or why this man knew my name and stopped me like he did.

“Because you have a shitty little life, and you still call me sir and address me as politely as any little rich screwball walking into a politicians office! I watched you for a long time, Terrance. I really watched you, trying to learn how you do what you do, but I can’t figure it out. I realized that it is your guts, your will, that keep you from going off. Let me tell you, that first one did. He nearly blew his top a few times before I met him. But then, he fucked his entire life up, so I shouldn’t speak of him to you. Now ask me why I’m here, Terrance.”

“Why are you here sir?”

“Because I want to give you a gift; a gift that should compensate for your shitty little life. I’ve been given the… privilege... to give three gifts to three underprivileged kids who bore the weight of the world and still came out smiling for the cameras. You took on too much weight for your mother, my boy, so now you’ll have the power to avenge the wrongs your family has done you.”

I’m not sure what happened next. Pain erupted in my gut, my head, and my loins- pain so terrible that I doubled over. I sat there on my knees holding my balls as lights danced in front of my eyes. The pain grew even greater until black engulfed almost all of my vision… and then it all went away. I stood up shakily. I felt taller, more calm, more sure of myself. It was a strange feeling.

“What…” the Stranger held up a hand.

“I just gave you the gift, the second gift of three. Let’s just call this divine justice. You’ve gone through puberty already, despite being only sixteen. Also, you’ll find that you’ve been… upgraded. Not to mention your charisma has been augmented, your speech pattern stabilized… ah, screw all the terms! Terry, my young friend, you’re from now on going to be the most attractive man in the room to anyone, in thought, word, and deed. Especially women. Don’t worry about that. You can’t get anyone pregnant until both of you are truly ready. Oh, and you have a head start: the perfect mind. I’ll let you figure out what that means.”

As I watched, the Stranger evaporated. I swear I saw a red, spade tipped tail flick as he disappeared, but I can’t ever be sure of what I saw. After he disappeared, I blanked. The next thing I remember…


“Come on in, ladies. It’s kind of empty…” I pulled the key from the lock and stepped inside, taking off my shoes and dropping my backpack to the floor. Behind me my best friend Hanna and her older sister Paula walked inside. Hanna had been my friend since forever. Her long blonde hair was so long that it fell down to her ass and her brown eyes always seemed to catch me with a smile on my face. Under her Nike shorts her legs were long and sexy but not so long that she seemed ill proportioned; her torso was even sexier than her legs. Under her baggy sweater a very flat stomach was hidden under a pair of c cup breasts. Hanna rarely ever wore clothes that flattered her for some strange reason. She’d told me once that she hated the way guys looked at girl’s cleavage, but I knew better than that. She dressed too provocatively underneath the baggy sweaters and blue jeans.

Her older sister Paula was just as incredibly beautiful as Hanna. Her hair was more chocolate colored but her eyes were the same. The only really large physical difference between them was Paula’s height. Paula was pretty tall for a girl, somewhere close to five foot seven while her younger sister topped out at five foot four. Paula was more socially quiet than her sister and much more laid back. Paula had an air of intimidation about her at all times.

“Jesus, they really did leave you to finish up, Graves.”

“I told you. It’s just typical.” I walked into the kitchen from the door and poured a glass of water. Both of the girls refused and sat down at the table as I sipped at the drunk and leaned up against the counter.

I can’t believe he has to put up with this shit from his own family…

The voice in my head caught me in mid sip, making me burst out in a fit of coughing. The girls looked at me with worry until I calmed down and assured them that I was okay. Suddenly I heard two different voices whispering in my head, splitting my brain in three pieces as I tried to think straight. Finally I took a deep breath and they receded. I looked at Hanna and an idea struck me. The first voice had sounded a lot like hers… I focused on her and the voice reappeared in my head.

... if he wants to talk about what happened at school. I bet not, considering how shitty his life has been lately. If only I could get him to open up one more time, I could finally move…

Apparently I’d caught her mid thought. It took all of my power not to scream and do a dance in my joy. ‘The perfect mind’… so that’s what the Stranger had meant. I could see into people’s heads and hear their thoughts. I pulled out of Hanna’s mind and focused on Paula.
Man, is she gonna make a move or not? I want to get out of here already. Maybe it’s me…? I should leave so that she has a chance to be alone with him. Maybe then Hanna will grow a pair and show him…

I lost my concentration and looked at Hanna. We were idly keeping conversation though neither of us had our hearts in it. Finally I realized that Paula was right. Nothing would happen in front of her and I didn’t want it to. I thought of her leaving and concentrated.

“You know, Hanna, I think I’m gonna head home. Graves, can you get her back to our house later tonight? I’m really kind of tired…” Once again I had to restrain myself from jumping up and down. I pushed into her head and heard nothing. It took me a minute to realize that she was operating, without thought, on the action I’d wanted. I kept my face emotionless, tired, with some focus. I walked her to the door and shut it behind her, listening for the sound of her motor as she started and drove away. I heard her drive away and realized I could accurately gauge the distance by the sound of her engine. The gift was incredible.

I felt a presence behind me, something else that I did without any understanding of how, and turned slowly. Hanna was leaning up against the wall, a few feet away from me. Her eyes were on fire with something I’d only ever glimpsed before; something that I recognized now as desire. I wanted to punch myself in the face. I’d always wanted her, and she had the same feelings for me. As she started talking I closed the distance between us and caught her off guard with a kiss. She grabbed the back of my head and pushed her tongue through my lips, her passion flooding through both of us.

“Hanna…” She pulled away, her eyes full of tears. I was almost scared to know if they were happiness or sadness. “I just broke up with Maria; I don’t want to hide that. But this isn’t just angry emotion… I want you so badly...”

Hanna grabbed my head and kissed me so fast my words ended in her mouth. I grabbed her hips and pulled her close, holding her tight against me. My body was on fire with the love I’d held inside of my body for her. It wasn’t without lust, but it was much less lust than it had ever been. I yanked off her sweater, revealing only a bright red bra underneath. I smiled at her as my shirt flew off my body and she jumped on me, wrapping her legs around my waist. The kiss had barely even broken when we were at it again. I carried her toward the large old couch that had served as my bed all week. We fell onto it with a thump and a moan as my member pressed hard against her lips. Her back arched as my hands roamed her back, releasing the clasp of her bra and pushing her shorts down a little ways. Her legs unwound from my waist and I pushed myself up onto my elbows so that she could push the last of her clothing down her legs. Her hands flew to my pants and pushed them down my thighs. My hardened shaft jumped up and both of us gasped. Where once a six and half inch shaft had stood, a nine-inch long dick proudly throbbed. We didn’t stop to question it; I kissed her again as my pants fell to the floor with hers and my bare throbbing cock pressed against her soaked slit. She moaned so loudly that my teeth rattled in my head.

Finally I pulled back and aligned my cock with her entrance, pressing the head against her hot sex. She whimpered anxiously as I pushed and the head popped inside of her. We both nearly screamed when I finally pushed and felt her tight hole stretch around my girth. I pushed gently, trying not to hurt her, as I stroked her body and caressed her pointed pink nipples. She screamed and finally I connected with her and nearly passed out from the sensations she was feeling. She was screaming in a mix of pain and pleasure that was so intense…

“Fuck, Terry, push… God that… feels… amazing!” Her body shivered and I pushed harder. After several difficult thrusts I bottomed out inside of her, still on the edge of heaven. Under my hands Hanna’s hips began to buck up and down. Her breaths became desperate heaves for breath and she cried out. As her orgasm rocked her body my cock tensed and filled her. She moaned as she felt me cum and kissed me deeply.

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I was wondering who the other author was? Would definitely be interesting to read them.

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