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A fan gets the night of his life.
Damn, she turned me on. That blue and orange jersey with "New York" on the front.. it hung tight to her body so well. She was curvy too and her hair was black, tied into a ponytail.

My eyes wandered down to her shorts. The Knicks logo was patched on to the side. Those hung tight too. She had a firm ass, alright.

Oh, what the hell is wrong with me? I'm just a fan. I could never get her. She's practically a celebrity. First female NBA player ever. Plus she was not just a player, but a star player. A female Allen Iverson.

That's when she moved the basketball from her left to right hand quickly, then burst forward, laying it up at the rim. Wow... She was good.

Denise. Denise White was her name. That was the jersey I wore as well, as big a fan as I was.

After some more eye balling of her, I was saddened to go home knowing she and the Knicks had lost. I sighed, walking out of the stadium. I needed something after all that eye balling of her.

So, as all men do, they go to the nearest bar. Well, at least in my day and age. I sighed and sat at the counter, atop one of the stools. A commercial played on the screen of the TV above.
"Make sure to tune into the 2023 NBA Playoffs! Beginning April 21st! Don't miss it!"

The bartender stood in front of me. "You drinkin'?"

"Yeah.. Just a beer." I say, fixing my jersey a bit.

The bartender nodded, handing me the bottle a few moments later. Out of the corner of my eyes, I could see someone sitting down. "I'll take one too." A female voice said.

I turned to my right to see who it was. To my surprise, it was the basketball star herself. I was frozen. I couldn't say anything. All I managed to mutter out was a, "Wow..."

She turned to look at me. She smiled and laughed, the light bringing out the color in her blue eyes. "You must know me from somewhere." She said with a giggle.

"I just saw you playing..." I struggled to say. "I was court side.."

"Oh, so you must have money then." We both laughed now. "I checked the prices for my relatives to come see a game. And woo.. prices are sky high."

I braced my elbows on the wooden counter. "What are you doing here then?" I said. I noticed she hadn't changed really. She wore a light blue track jacket with the team logo on it. She still had her shorts and sneakers on. I also noticed she had a duffel bag under her seat.

"I'm sorry for being a human being who likes to enjoy them self like everyone else." She said sarcastically with a laugh.

"I'm apologize, it's just.."

"Never met a player before?"

"I haven't.."

"Ah well. We're people too, you know!" She said, taking a sip.

"I always wondered.. what's it like being in a locker room full of guys?"

"Sucks at times, because I want to talk about certain things, but I can't. I wish one of them was gay."

I laughed. "What exactly do you want to talk about?"

"Girl things, you know. But that's just the way it is, right?" She rose her bottle, asking for cheers.

I nodded and tapped my bottle with hers. "Yeah, just the way it is."

It was silent for a few moments. "I see you're a big fan of me." She laughed, poking my jersey.

"Well, uh.. yeah." I said in a shy way.

"Hmm... do you have a car? I took a cab to the stadium today." She said. Her hand slowly moved over and put it on mine.

I felt my cheeks getting warm. "Y-Yes... I do.."

"So would you mind driving me home?" She gave a wink.

"Yeah, no problem." It was time to pull myself together. I stood up. "Follow me."

She stood and picked up her duffel bag. With a smile, I said, "I'll carry that." She replied with a smile and handed it to me. I noticed she was not that tall, despite her talent. We were both only 6 feet tall. Which was tall compared to the players on the court.

We walked to my car, chatting about various things. Things like the sport in itself to her own personal life. I learned that she grew up in New York, making her a hometown hero. Which was absolutely amazing.

I drove her home. It was just a casual drive, really. She did, however, slowly put her hand on my right shoulder as I was driving. Her hands were soft and gentle. That's when she started rubbing. I felt my face get hot again, but I focused on the road.

She smirked and went lower, rubbing my chest gently. Her nails were short, which made sense to me, since it'd be hard to dribble as well as she could with long nails.

"Denise.. what are you doing?" I said, even though I didn't want it to stop.

"Oh, nothing..." She said casually. Her tone, as well as her smirk, told me that she knew that was not true.

I sighed and kept driving. I still had those butterflies in my stomach at times. This was a swarm of those so called butterflies.

Her hands eased lower, down past my stomach and onto my crotch. I knew she felt my erection. She just had to. The bulge was just popping out of my jeans practically. She brushed over the bulge a few times.

I was surprised no one looked into the car and noticed when we were at red lights. New York is not a small place at all, and I'm pretty sure someone would've recognized Denise White.

Denise didn't hesitate at all. She just unzipped my pants and pulled my rock hard cock out. She smiled and took it into her hand, giving the head a kiss. "Oh..." I moaned. This was amazing.

She slowly took the head into her mouth, sucking soft. "Damn.." I used one hand to run through her hair for a moment, before focusing on driving again.

Her head only went lower, inserting more of my cock into her warm mouth. I was a good size, about 8 inches long.

I expected her to pull away and then continue sucking, but no. She surprised me and took my shaft down to the hilt, holding it in her mouth for a few moments. "Ah fuck!" I said over a moan. The feeling was amazing.

I had to focus on the road. When could I park this damn car? I needed to badly..

"We're almost there." I heard her say. "I live in a condo on Fifth Avenue."

"Must be fancy.." I say, still trying to catch my breath. "Damn, your mouth feels good. Sorry I don't cum fast enough for ya'." I say with a laugh.

"Oh really?" She said with a smirk. I felt her hand wrap around my shaft tight. Shit.. I knew what she was going to do.

Denise began stroking me, but not just some easy stroking. No, she went hard as a motherfucker, stroking me hard and fast. She was trying to get me to cum, but I kept my focus. On the road too, of course.

"You're going to cum soon." She teased. She was right. I could barely hold it back any longer. I was moaning loud enough that I rolled up the window to prevent anyone from hearing. Like that would help.

"Fuck!" I released my cum finally, the white, warm liquid spilling onto her face.

"Mmm..." She said softly, starting to lick it off. "I'm not finished." She winked. I just shook my head and parked out front of her condo.

Holy fuck. This was probably the best night of my life. Probably.

To be continued?
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