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My husband and I have been together for five years – we are happily married, and for the first 3 years of our relationship enjoyed fairly conventional sex. But in the last year we dug a little deeper and realized we both have fantasies that we are exploring. These are our fantasies, bot fulfilled and yet unfulfilled. This story is the first of many, and we hope you enjoy.

Last week my husband took me out to dinner at a nice Italian restaurant. While we were getting dressed he told me he wanted some “E.X.” so I put on a short, tight skirt with tights, boots and a sweater. The sweater was the type that most would wear with an undershirt – I did not. It was cold, but the air was almost refreshing on my bare nipples, that poked through the holes in the sweater. We enjoyed our dinner, but about half way through our meal, I saw his face change. He looked at me like he wanted me, no needed me; it’s the look that makes my stomach tighten up with anticipation. He told me to flash him, and I did. I was facing the bar, the bar tender definitely saw, I did not notice if anyone else did. My heart was beating fast, I felt like a slut, but looking into his eyes, I didn’t care – his look said that I am his slut, and he wants people to know. He told me to do it again, but for longer. I did, and noticed our waitress saw me as she was bringing over our check. She was a cute brunette about my size, with bright blue eyes and a big, round ass for her frame. I was highly attracted to her, and stroked my nipples while holding her gaze. If she wasn't scared, I was going to invite her to come home with us - but when she handed my husband our check she avoided me and wouldn't speak to me. Clearly she was uncomfortable, and not open to the idea. My husband paid for the meal, and ordered me up, he was clearly ready to go, when we stood up, I went to adjust my skirt, and he ordered me to stop. We walked out of the restaurant with my skirt riding up high enough to see the line of my pussy through my tights, my nipples pushing through my sweater and my husband’s cock growing under his jeans. I was already wet, shaking with anticipation. I love when he takes control, I never know what he’s going to do next, or tell me what to do next and the anticipation makes me so wet. As we were walking to the car, I had millions of possibilities running through my mind, but was not prepared for his decision. We were parked in a parking garage on the first level, from the car you could see the entrance to the parking garage, office building windows and the street. He looked at me, bit his lip, and tore off my skirt. He pushed me down to my knees and forced me to suck his cock. I have come to love sucking my husbands dick – I love sensing his body react, feeling his cock push harder and harder against the back of my throat. He loves to make me choke and he did it then, and for a minute I was afraid my delicious dinner would come back up, but it didn’t. Suddenly he picked me up and bent me over with my hands on the car. There’s something I should explain – my husband is 6’4”, and I am 5’3”. He weighs 290 pounds, all muscle. I weigh about 120 pounds. He is black, I am white. We look great together, and the upside to the size difference is when he decides to throw me around, there is absolutely nothing I can do. When he bent me over, I had no choice but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I love it when he hits it from the back, because I can feel his cock in my stomach that way (and when I’m on top). My naked ass was in the air, and he was pounding into me, and I heard a car coming. Neither of us wanted to stop – in fact the idea of someone seeing me bent over by my gorgeous husband turned me on even more – I started to moan. He was stroking it so well – I busted all over him right as the car went by. My husband started to stroke even harder, pinching my nipples, saying,

“That’s my girl, show them how much you need my dick. He saw you baby, he heard you moaning, he saw your ass, he saw me inside of me. Is that how you like it?”
“Yes daddy don’t stop, don’t ever stop.”

This went on for a couple minutes, and as I felt another orgasm building with in me, I couldn’t hold it off anymore, I begged him to let me cum. He said,

“Are you going to cum on this dick? Cum with me.”

As usual we time it perfectly – as I felt my world shatter in waves of pleasure around us, I felt his hot cum shoot into me, relieving the tension even further. My orgasm lasted for a couple minutes. I was so spent by the end of it that he had to pick me up and put me in the car.

When we got back to where we were staying, he made me strip in the elevator and finger myself. By this time, my clit was so hard and swollen from busting twice, it almost hurt to play with is – but pain makes me wet, to the point where it runs down my leg. (He recorded me stripping and fingering myself, it’s on vine; follow us at Fun4Days for this and more videos.) Two people walked on the elevator while I was doing it, and I didn’t stop. He didn’t even have to tell me to keep going, I was ready for round two…


2014-09-22 21:51:12
yea we got delted fine us on ig

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2014-01-12 17:45:49
I can't find your vine...did it change?


2013-12-08 05:20:14
i don't think this ever happened! of you have pics, i will print a formal apology for all to read!

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2013-12-05 19:23:48
Can't find the vine you speak of.

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2013-12-01 19:36:21
Stupid woman loving a nigger

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