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My Wife’s 18year old sister
A little PWP for you guys no rhyme no reason just some fun, enjoy

It had been a little over a week since Kendra, my wife, Beckah’s sister had shown up at our door looking for her sister. I was shocked to find out that she would be staying with us for awhile.

There has always been something about Kendra that got my imagination going, she was barely 5 feet and very petite with a mass of straight long dark red hair, but I think the thing that spurned my fantasies was her eyes, light green with a hint of gold that made them sparkle so much they seemed fake.

I walked in the door from a hard day at work and there she was sitting on the couch reading a magazine, mouthing the words to a song silently as she sang along with the music that was blaring out of her headphones. How she was able to concentrate I will never know.

I stripped out of my pants and strode naked into the living room she didn’t even look up from what she was reading, As I stood in front of Kendra my hard cock inches from her face still she did not notice me. I lifted her chin with my fingers causing her to recoil at the sight of my hard cock staring at her, as she ripped the head phones out of her ears.

What the fuck, she exclaimed

I see how you have been looking at me when you think no one is watching I said as I lifted her chin with my finger. You know you want it.

No! she hollered

Yes you do I said as I put my hand on her head and slowly pulled her towards me, letting my cock bump against her tightly closed lips. I started running my fingers through her silky hair as I rubbed my hand along the back of her neck a slight moan escaped her lips letting the tip of my cock slide between them.

Ooohhhhhh I moaned at the feeling of her lips on my cock. I urged Kendra on stroking her hair as I lightly pushed her head down. Slowly her lips enveloped more than just the head of my cock until she was sliding the whole thing inside. I looked down as her little redhead bobbed slowly up and down taking more of my cock then I thought she could have. Sufficient to say I am a little larger than most guys so deepthroating my cock was somewhat of a problem. I have known only three or four women of which her sister was not one of them who could take it all.

Ooohhhh fuck I moaned where did you ever learn to suck a cock like that? I was not expecting a response because Kendra was in another world right now her tongue swirling around the shaft of my cock as she buried more of it in her throat. I almost lost it with her chin firmly planted on my balls a throaty moan vibrating deep inside me . My fingers that had been gently woven through her hair a few minutes ago were gripping it tightly as she slid back up my cock her teeth lightly grazing the shaft.

She pulled my cock from her mouth and looked up at me with those green eyes, her mascara smudged slightly , and smiled at me before diving back down onto my cock taking it in one fell swoop all the way back down her throat.

Fuck ..Fuck..FUUUUUUCCCCKK!!!!! I’m gonna cum I shouted as I reached the point of no return.
Oh god I groaned as I emptied my load down her nubile throat, pumping untold quantities of cum into her. Kendra kept lick and sucking cleaning every trace of our encounter off my cock. She stared up at my her green eyes shining as she slid my cock out of her mouth a thin trail of spit dangling between the two of us.

She pushed back on my chest lightly moving me a half step back as she pulled her shirt over her head depositing it by the side of the couch. My hands found her hips as I pulled both her shorts and panties down at the same time. As I bent down she pulled on foot and then the other out, as I was rising back to my feet I was greeted by a wonderful sight, something every man loves, a bald wet pussy. Without waiting I latched my mouth onto her sweet honey pot running my tongue up and down her slit tasting her sweet juices on my tongue. I think my sudden oral assault shocked her because she started to wobble but my strong hands held her firmly in place.

Holy …….fuck!! she moaned as she laid her hands on the top of my head drawing me in closer. I was throwing every trick that I had ever learned at her, the alphabet, the quick flick, the long lick, the slow lick, the corkscrew, everything and it was working. I could tell her legs were getting weak from all the stimulation and that I had had two choices 1. Stop, which was not going to happen, I chose option two. I pushed her back onto the couch with my mouth still attached to her delicious pussy. It also had an additional benefit, because when she fell backwards her legs flew up landing almost perfectly on my shoulders granting me even further access to her sweet spot.

With her legs on my shoulders I began to lick her from front to back my tongue swirling around her asshole brought further moans and scream from her.

OOOOOOOOoooo SSSShhhhit, she screamed I’m Cumming, as I felt her body go tense for what seemed like an eternity. Slowly her body began to relax, which coincidentally is also the time my tongue started moving again. About a minute in she was panting breathlessly as yet another orgasm wracked her body. This one was much stronger as she twisted and turned clawing at her exposed breast. After she came down I thought it might be time for a break as I moved my glazed face from her pussy returning her feet to the ground. She just lay there in a very blissful state purring contently

I Think we should get cleaned up your sister should be home in a few minutes.

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2014-09-18 23:59:16
Cool story stop being a bunch of dick...have fun relax good job author

anonymous readerReport

2013-12-01 01:37:54
Did you skip your punctuation classes entirely? You should finish school before you try to write. This is AWFULLY poor writing. If you insist in posting anything else, please let someone (who is literate) edit it for you prior to posting it. Better still, just don't post it at all.

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2013-12-01 01:30:09
Bad story, don't want to see part two until you learn how to properly differentiate between characters, describe a scene, and use punctuation.

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2013-11-30 14:33:52
" Kendra, my wife, Beckah’s sister" this was very confusing.
At first I thought Kendra was your wife and Beckah was your wife's sister.. but I couldn't understand why there was an '
But reading farther I realized Kendra was the sister..
It should be "Kendra, my wife Beckah's sister,..." if anything. Or fix it in a better way.

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2013-11-30 13:53:46
punctuation is your friend, you should try it sometime

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