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This is the second chapter. Again criticize is tolerate so I can become a better writer. Again more chapters will come soon. Enjoy :)
Chapter 2

“Fuck….your pussy is so tight, you fucking cunt!” A huge cock fucked me hard and fast. He started to pull on my hair hard. My hands were tied down; my breast was also bonded. Tears ran down my face. A empty room. All white with a large window. You couldn’t see anything behind the window. The cock kept pounding hard inside me. My tight pussy hurting me; making me scream for help, but he’ll slap me. I cried harder. Where am I? Who he is? How did I got here? Why is he fucking me? His cock went deeper; hitting my hymen hard making me bleed. Is he taking my virginity? No it can’t be. I feel like a slut. A stranger is actually taking my virginity! I was being raped off my virginity!
“Stop fucking me! Please stop fucking me! It hurts! My fucking pussy hurts! Someone hel-” He slapped me then covered my mouth. The black masked was creepy looking as if he had no face but only eyes, His pants down to his knees, fucking me over a table, his body was defined as if he overworked himself. Not like a bodybuilder, but close enough to become one. The hard cold gloves touching my breasts while it bounced. “Mmmmmm!”
“AHHHHH!” I woke up screaming. Derek went in my room, and attempted to help. I push him away. My eyes closed, I kept on slapping the air. Maybe to scare him off. “No you fucking rapist! Stop fucking me I done nothing!”
“Amy it’s me!” I open my eyes, and gaze into Derek’s eyes.
“What happened Amy?”
I downcast my eyes. Mainly because I don’t want him to know. “It was nothing.” I breathed hard. Catching my breath.
He chuckled. “Are you serious Amy? You were screaming like someone was raping you and your only excuse is nothing?”
“Yes it’s nothing Derek and it is not an excuse.”
“Stop lying Amy. I’m not leaving until you tell me.”
“Seriously Derek.”
“I’ll wait here all day.” Derek crossed his arms together and stare at me. "I'm waiting." I bit my lip. Should I tell him? It’s embarrassing. How can I tell my best friend whose a guy, that my dream was me being raped. I thought for a moment. Derek lost his patience.
“Damnit Amy! Tell me!”
“Alright!” I hesitated. I was going to black out. Just thinking of it makes my skin boil. I eventually told him. “I had a nightmare that some masked man raped me on a table in some place. I was tied down to the point that I couldn’t move. It was white with a window, but nobody was there. And no matter how hard I tried, he’ll slap me and-”
“It was a dream Amy.”
“It never felt that way Derek!”
“Amy calm down….”
“I need to move out today.”
“Really Amy? Today?”
“Yes! Fucking today Derek!”
“Okay! Calm down.” Derek rolled his eyes. Annoyed but he kept his cool. “Does 2pm sounds alright with you?”
“What time is it now?” I touched my head. I felt a strong headache from all the screaming I done.
“I think it’s fine. I don’t think I’ll sleep right now. Enough sleeping for me. Wait….what time is it again?”
“Shit! I forgot to drop out of college yesterday! I was so fucking lazy I never thought of going to the fucking computer to drop out! Fuck I have to wait till December 1. Urgh, it fucking sucks to be me.”
“You don’t have to drop out of the semester.”
“What do you mean?”
“This semester don’t end till December 15. You can end that semester, then drop out.”
“I guess you're right.”
“I know I’m right.”
“I’ll get dress now….okay.”
“Yeah.” He left out the door. I downcast my eyes on the bed. “Am I ready to do this? Leave all this behind….just to feel normal again?”
I inhale deeply. “Maybe….” I got out the bed and straight to my closet. I took off my plaid shirt, and put on my black striped bra. I replace that plaid shirt with a Paramore shirt, and on top of it a black and white plaid shirt, I also put on some dark skinny jeans with black converses. I went straight to the mirror, and fix my hair. Straight and narrow. “I love it.” My red hair shining above all, since I am a red-head and my skin glowing as ever. I was not in the mood to put on eyeliner, but then again I never felt like wearing my eyeliner for the four week period.

“Do I look okay?”
“Amy you always look fine.”
“I guess we going to move the things right?”
“Yeah, I guess so.” Thank God nobody took the apartment since Sarah paid for my rent since I lost my job. No one ever knew I move out to begin with except Sarah. I always lied that I was, “hanging out with Derek, or it was too late for them to visit me or my favorite, I’m too busy.” Already 1:55pm and I had my stuff on the moving truck. My apartment was five minutes away from Derek, but by walking it’ll take almost twelve minutes. I walked inside the building. Apartment 2B. The second floor to the left. I walked in my apartment. I love my apartment. It was because….like I said I needed company. It was a studio apartment, but it was big for a studio apartment. The living room combined with the dinner room was long, as if it could fit twenty people, and the kitchen was spacious. My room could fit six people, and my bathroom could fit four. Even though, everything sound perfect, the one who made it dull was me. Nothing wasn’t done all the time, my stories were half-written, my video games were dusty. Everything was dull. I’m finally home. The movers helped and everything was in place by an hour. Everything was back to normal….I guess.
“Thanks for helping Derek.”
“No problem….if anything Amy….please call me okay.”
“Yeah….thanks again.” He walked away. I had everything in place, then I left out after everything was fine. I walked out to see Sarah. Sarah is across the street, and have her own business of selling futuristic technology. When I went inside the beads rumbled, but Sarah wasn’t there. I walked in, saying, “Hello? Is anybody here?” No one answer. I went inside the employee only door. There was a Television on with a woman naked masturbating. The woman had blonde curly hair, fully naked. Her body is beautiful. Her breast D+, her ass perfectly round and big. She looked like a model. Her body was marvelous. Everything about her screamed beauty. I never seen this before. Was this….pornography? Or was this actually a real woman Sarah was spying. I knew Sarah was a lesbian, but I never knew Sarah would spy on women.
“OOOOOOO….fuck yeah!” The woman said bouncing up and down this penis like toy.
“I’ve never seen a toy like that.”
“It’s called a dildo sweetie.” I done a small jump scare. I turned around to then see Sarah half-naked looking on me.
“Hey sweetie.”
“Hey Sarah….why are you dressed like that?”
“I’m a dominatrix. That woman on the TV is Kat. Kat is my sex slave for now.”
“What you mean sex slave?”
“She listens to whatever I say, and if she don’t follow, she is punished.”
“Like dominance?”
“Yes dominance. Plus….I have more videos since the college days. I really love dominating other sluts like Kat. I preferred blonde women with huge tits and round asses. It makes me feel….superior.” She walked with her latex thong and cut breast bra. Swaying her big ass side to side. Sarah is an African-American woman. Two years older than me. I believe she is 24 years old. Sarah was light skin for an African-American. Also, she have a beautiful body. Her eyes almond shape with hazelnut colored pupils, her nose model like, lips medium sized but beautiful, her tits were D-, her ass huge like almost watermelons. She looked at me with a whip on her hand.

“Kat is a dirty bitch. Hot dirty bitch. She was disobedient. So....I tied her hands toward her pussy so she can only finger herself, and had her legs tied so her ass and pussy can be lined with the dildo. Look at her ass.”
“Yeah it looks nice.”
“C’mon sweetie, never seen a woman and wonder how it’s like to fuck her.”
“Not really. Remember my nickname.”
“Oh yeah….Innocent Amy. You never knew what masturbation was.” She giggled.
I scratched my head. And crossed my legs in a shy way. Sarah grin.
“When did this happen?”
“I don’t feel comfortable talking about it.”
“I’m a woman, so there’s no problem for you to tell me.” I hesitated for a moment, but then I decided to tell her.
“Yes….I masturbated….twice.”
“Ooooo sounds sexy Amy.”
“The first time was that….I looked at my reflection and got a little carried away.”
“Well you do have a nice body Amy. What’s the second one sweetie?”
“Derek masturbated me, while I sucked his dick.”
“Derek? Your best friend? What happen with that picture.”
“I caught Derek fucking my cousin Kim, so I finger myself, while watching them, but then I by mistake hit the door and Derek and Kim saw me. When Kim left….Derek fingered me, while I sucked his dick.” Sarah looked at me in excitement.
“Finally you done something Amy.”
“I know but I felt ashamed. My own best friend. I don’t know why, but then I had this dream. I was petrified.”
“What was it sweetie?”
“I was tie down to a table. A masked man raped me. It was empty. Four walls and a empty window. He kept raping me. I couldn’t scream, because he’ll slap me and eventually when he covered my mouth fucking me harder….I woke up frightened.”
“Don’t worry sweetie. It was just a dream.”
I downcast my eyes. “I know but it felt so real.”
She lift my chin to see my face fully, then smirk to reassure me. That reassurement that everything was going to be okay. “Every dream feels real.”
“Now excuse. I need to go back to my sex slave.”
“What do you want me to do then?”
“You can snoop around the store, but it’ll be great if you watch me on the Television.”
I looked at the television. The breast bounces hard, her pussy swollen, her ass jiggling. Oh my God. I wanted to see more. I shrugged. “I’ll see.”
“Don’t worry I won’t be too long out.”
She went out a door which contained stairs. I started to think. Snoop around or watch this. I’m too lazy to snoop around. I’ll sit here and watch them. Minutes later, I saw the woman look back and smile.
“Shut up bitch and keep on riding that huge black cock.”
“Yes master.”
Her pussy swollen in pleasure as she went faster on the dildo. Next thing I know, my eyes widen as Sarah brought a huge purple dildo strap onto her waist as if she had a penis. “What’s the name of that?” I thought. My pussy got wet. Mmmhmm watching Sarah untied Kat’s legs and bent her over was overwhelming. Ass up and face down.
“What do you have to say to master you slutty slave?”
“Please give me it master. Please give me your large, juicy, cock inside my slutty fuck hole.”
“Good slave.”
Her strapped dildo push inside her pussy nice and easy. Kat moans out.
“Mmmm yes master! Please fuck me like a slut I am!”
“Shut the fuck up and keep on moaning you fucking slut!”
She rams in and out her pussy. Her ass jiggling, her tits bouncing hard, her pussy puffy and swollen, pussy juice flow down like a river. She was enjoying it. And so was I. My pussy was getting wet. My nipples tighten. I couldn’t help it. I unbutton my pants, put them down enough to touched my whole pussy. I took off my plaid shirt and lifted my shirt and bra to have space to touch my breasts. Her pussy pound harder and her tits bounce harder. Her ass jiggles harder and faster. I could feel my pussy’s pulse pound from my vessel. “Oh God! Mmmmm it feels so good master.”
“It better you little cunt! Now climb on top of me. I’m going to fuck your ass.”
“Yes master.” Sarah lied down as Kat went on top of her on the opposite. Her ass faced the camera.
The dildo goes deep her ass. I don’t know how’s that possible for me to finger my ass. It looked as if it can be soreful. I started to tease my breasts, while my right arm finger fucks my pussy. “Mmmmm fuck that slut Sarah.” I moaned out. Her ass jiggles hard and fast. Mmmm it looked so good to slap around. I guess she heard me, because Sarah started to slap her ass. Her ass red. She goes faster on the dildo. My finger fucking hard inside my pussy. The river is flowing down there. My nipples hard and horny. Ooo I was so fucking horny. Kat climax on the dildo. Sarah demanded Kat to climb off the dildo. Kat did so. Sarah goes to Kat’s left side to see her perfectly on the camera. Kat’s ass push out till you can also see her pussy. Sarah started to whip her ass. Lashes appeared, Kat moaned and screamed loudly. Sarah kept on until her ass was completely red with multiple lashes. Sarah put down the whip, then started to open her ass cheeks and licked her asshole. She lick it for two minutes, then slap her ass another minute. She repeated the steps about eight times. I kept finger fucking myself, while still playing with my breasts. I eventually started to use two fingers. Sarah started to stretch Kat’s asshole then brought a bigger dildo and started to fuck her with it. Her hole stretched out. I thought, “that looks sore.” I couldn’t stop masturbating. “Mmmmm….so fucking good master.” Kat said.
“Hold that ass cheeks open.”
“Yes master.” Both of Kat’s hands held her ass cheeks open, so Sarah can use her left hand to fuck her, while she played with herself with the other hand, then she ceased. She demanded Kat to level her butt to hers. Kat did so. Sarah brought a black dildo big enough for two of them. She put one end to Kat and the other to herself. For the next fifteen minutes, Kat and Sarah were fucking the huge dildo like they were both fucking one cock. My pussy drench with my fingers. I climax with all the excitement that was happening. Also did Kat and Sarah. They both collapsed on the bed, breathing hard. I look down on the mess I done. I didn’t want to put my pants on. I was too wet. I just put my bra down and shirt instead. I look up on the screen. Both were gone. I heard the door open. It was Kat and Sarah. Kat was dressed. Kat had strapless corset with a mini-skirt and pump leopard shoes. Sarah was still on her latex thong and cut off bra. They both glared at my half naked body. I was embarrassed.

“Don’t be embarrass sweetie.”
Kat looked me up and down then smiled. “Yeah. You look delightful.”
“Thanks….I guess.”
Kat faced Sarah shaking her hand with a huge smile on her face. “Thank you for the pleasure Sarah.”
“No problem sexy.”
“Bye” She waved to both of us. Finally she was out the door.
Sarah faced me. Knowing my pussy was drenched in ejaculation.
“Take off your pants and shorts.” She commanded. Is all my friends dominated? Derek and now Sarah.
“I don’t know Sarah.”
“C’mon you can use my shower.”
“I don’t know Sarah.”
“Don’t worry. Do you want to walk with your pants around your ankles up the stairs? Or do you want to have them on? Which will result your shorts and pants to be ruined with your pussy juice.”
I done a nervous giggle. “You’re right. Silly of me.”
I remove my pants and shorts. I could feel Sarah staring at my ass.
“I’ll take you there.”
We walked up the stairs. It wasn’t long. In fact, it took about thirty seconds to reach up the door. When I walk in, I was amaze of how she change up this apartment. When she was a senior and I was a sophomore in high school. We use to go up these stairs to see her 'coolest room.’ High tech computers, talking robotic humans. Now it’s different. It was still high tech stuff, but for sex tapes and etc. There was whips and chains, bondage equipments, sex toys, sex robots, sex machines, etc. Sarah was a freak.
“The shower is on your right near the end. I’ll get your stuff ok.”
“Okay….and thanks.”
“No problem sweet heart. Anything for you.” I smiled. She walked away from me. I walked to the bathroom. Gorgeous! Her bathroom was massive now. I remember her bathroom being like a storage room size. As if only three people could fit. Exclude the fat people though. But now the bathroom looks like it’ll fit thirty people. A new installed jacuzzi and a brand-new bathtub. I chosen the bathtub. I don’t want to go to the jacuzzi without her permission. I remove my shirt and bra, and sat inside the bathtub. Sarah came in time, but this time she was fully naked.
“Sarah! What the heck!” I covered myself.
“What? I can’t shower too?”
“I mean….no….yes….I don’t fucking know. I mean….you can….by yourself….but….wit-with me….I don’t know.”
“Amy don’t worry. I’m not doing anything weird with you ok. Plus hop on in the jacuzzi. I think it’s much better than the bathtub.”
“You are right about that.”
I climbed out the bathtub, and climbed in the jacuzzi. Sarah turned on the jacuzzi. Nice and hot. I felt the jet bubbles strong around my pussy. That felt so good. Sarah hopped in.
“So Amy. Ever done nothing else than mastubate?”
“No actually.”
“Have you-”
“No, I’m still a virgin.”
“When are you losing your virginity?”
“I don’t actually know.”
“Do you want to try something?”
“Like what Sarah?”
“Are you relax?”
“Thinking about it….yes….I feel totally relax. But what does that have to do with-”
“Okay. Turn around and let me see your ass.”
“Turn around and let me see your ass.”
“I want you to experience a sensation.”
“What type?”
“Have your ass fingered.”
“What? Are you crazy? I never done that. I don’t think I’ll risk that Sarah.”
“C’mon Amy. Ever since the college days I’ve always told you I wanted to finger your ass, but you kept denying me. At least this once Amy.”
My thought process was blocked, because my body urged me to do it. ‘Experiment Amy. Your changing and so is your body.’ Oh please shut up. I don’t want to do this, but my body took over control. What’s going on with me?
Sarah applauded. She was that content to finger fuck my ass?
“I always thought your ass was nice for a woman your type. Now turn around and let me see that glorious ass.”
I turned around and push out my butt. Sarah grabs it. Smiling.
“I can’t believe it’s happen.”
“Me either.” I mumbled.
“You said something Amy?”
She started to kiss my buttcheeks, kissing both sides for a bit. She then slapped my left cheek.
“Don’t worry pain is for pleasure.”
She slapped my other cheek.
She licked my cheeks all over; all the way up to the crack. She spread the ass cheeks and there it was. My tight asshole. She spit on the tight hole, then proceeded to lick my hole. Oh what a sensation. It felt so good. Especially Sarah doing it. I can’t believe I’m experiencing a woman licking my asshole. “Fuck Sarah. Your tongue is so good.”

“I know.” Sarah began to circle around the hole. I can feel it opening for her. Her tongue so warm and good. My eyes exploded as I felt her tip of her tongue inside the asshole. Bit by bit I could feel her tongue go inside my asshole. I held on the outer part of the jacuzzi. “Oh fuck Sarah.” Her tongue fully inside my asshole and I’m enjoying every inch of it. Sarah paused. I was unsteady as I felt her tongue move away from my hole.
“Sarah why did you-” My body jerked as I felt something warm go inside my asshole.
“Ooooo fuck!” I tilt my head to the side. Sarah’s finger was inside my asshole. Oh what a sensation. Sarah was finger fucking my ass. It kept on for a couple minutes. I began to play with myself, rubbing my pussy fast and hard. Sarah licked and fucked my asshole, while her other hand rubbed her pussy fast and hard. Both of us at it, and finally I climax. Sarah ceased and released her finger out of my asshole.
“Amy I’m going to lift myself up. I’ll teach you how to eat my pussy out.”
“Till this point, I don’t think I’ll deny.”
“Good. Go ahead sweetie. Eat me out.” Her hips lift up and then it was her pussy. Her pussy pink, swallow and ready for me to eat out.
“Go ahead. Start licking it.” I lean in and started to kiss her clitoris for a minute. Then started to suck on it. “Oooo yeah Amy. Suck my pussy real good.” I started to multitask by sucking and licking her clitoris. “Finger me while you eat that pussy baby.” I lifted my right finger and inserted inside her pussy while still licking her pussy. Sarah tilted her head back in pleasure. I inserted another finger. Now two fingers inside Sarah while I eat her out. I was changing. No more innocent Amy or shy Amy. It’s changing Amy. Sarah back was a bit arched, putting her pussy more into my mouth. Don’t worry her pussy is shave. I finger fucked her faster and harder while licking and sucking her for a few more minutes. “I’m cumming Amy. I’m fucking cumming. I’m cummmmminnnnngggggg!!!” Sarah pussy juice went inside my mouth and her breathing went from breathing hardly to slowly breathing normally. “Wow Amy. That was wonderful.”
“I know.”
We relaxed in the jacuzzi for a bit then got out. I put on my clothes. Sarah left the bathroom and finally put on a normal outfit. A blue v-neck shirt with tights and black flats. “Before I go Sarah. I want to do something else.”
“What is it Amy?” I leaned into Sarah and kissed her. My first lesbian encounter and for the first, I scored really well. Sarah kissed back. Tongues intertwining, our heads moving with the mouth.
We both stopped and looked onto each other.
“Wow Amy. You’re different now.”
“I know right.”
“I’ll see you later.”
“I guess I’ll see you later.” I got depress. I don’t know why but I became boring Amy. As I walked down the stairs, boring Amy became part of me. Leaving her shop and heading to my house was like leaving home and never looking back. Then that dream haunted me. 'Why did I had that dream? Why did it felt so....

Chapter 3 is coming soon.
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