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Notice – Following part contains child sex. Viewer’s disclaimer needed
Welcome back guys. I am extremely sorry for the 1st part. I hope this part does well. This part has no relation to the 1st part.
I am writing this part to revive my memories of my childhood. As these memories are true and of many years ago the details are very few .Cant help , sorry about that

Seduced by my GF-1.1-The Start

“Scarlett looks more sexier than Lindsay or Angie ” looking at some sexy pics of actresses on google images with my friend beside me.
“ Oh really then what about Isabella?” said my friend Josh
“What are you talking about?”
“Cmon stop lieing. Everyone in the school knows about u and Bella”

Hey Guys ! I am Luke(name changed) . Being 12 there is nothing much to do with your life. Just play games, sleepovers, hangouts that’s all. But I have a thing which most of the guys of my age love to have. A girlfriend – Isabella (name changed) She was in my class since 1st grade
We did not become boyfriend girlfriend suddenly like they show in most of the most of the movies as if we bumped into each other, her books fell, I picked it up, stood up looked in her eyes and fell in love or she was drowning in the swimming pool and I rescued her; no nothing of that sort . Actually our mothers were besties since they lived and studied together for almost 20 years. They had many things in common. They were both looked almost the same expect her mom was 1 or 2 inch taller, slim, rich and divorced though it is not appositive thing to boos about. A lot of people thought they were sisters .They hung out very often. Sometimes she and her mom would come over or otherwise me and my mom would go over to their house. Me and Bella would just play cards , xbox or roam around on our bikes and explore the neighbourhood . We were just friends at that time. She was blond girl with light tanned skin.
But things changed. After we had our first sex education class in which they thought us about penis and pussies she started to be closer to me than ever before . She even tried to flirt with me. But you know boys of my ages only interested in girls having big tits. But after she turned 12 though I was still 11 (as she was older than me by 6 months) her breast suddenly began to blossom. She changed completely. Her baby bubbly ass was now almost replaced with a slim and tight ass. That’s when I began to notice her. Now she had become one of the most popular girls in the 6th grade. She turned out to be so beautiful that the boys in the older grade also began to notice her. Now instead of other actresses she used to come in my dreams. We eventually came very close to each other. Now we started to feel our hung outs were more like dates. When I told her she could be the next “Spice girl” , she simply blushed and punched me. Though our friend circle were completly different ( she used to be in the popular kids group while I being in the less popular group) we always managed to spend some quality time together

It all started in the 7th grade winter. She had came to my house to complete some stupid history group project. Though it was winter it was not that cold do she had worn a T shirt and a yellow shorts .My mom had gone with her’s to do shopping. So we both were alone. After finishing our project we sat down to watch some TV. I flipped through the channels until we both agreed on American Pie
As I said earlier we both had many things in common and watching adult movies was one of them. After half an hour of suffering from a huge erection I excused myself to the bathroom. As soon as I closed the door I started jacking off my dick as well as fingering my ass as I tried to remember the face ad the body of the actress in it. But the only image I could get was of Isabella and her slender skinny legs. I started chanting Bella’s name . As I was near to cumming I Felt a warm feeling of lips on my neck. I turned around to see that it was Isabella!!!
“ I didn’t know you masturbate thinking of me” she said
I realized that the I had not locked the door. I opened my mouth to say sorry but I was greeted with her lips on my mouth. WE slowly started to French kiss. It lasted for about 10 secs . Then she sat on her knees and looked at my 5 and ½ inch cock.
She licked her lips and said the words which every first timer wants ”Can I touch it? ”
“ Sure”
She touched my cock with her little hand which gave me an electrifying felling. She slowly started to move my cock up and down as I moaned. Then suddenly she stopped. She hesitated for a minute and then slowly kissed my cock. After that she started licking every part of my private area and opened her mouth to slowly taking my cock. At first she could take just maybe 2 inch in but she was not willing to give up. In the next attempt she managed to take in 4 inch of my cock and as she went deeper she gagged. She looked up at me with sorry feeling in her eyes as she could not take all the cock in but I comforted saying she did well at her first try. Then she started licking my tip ,underside of my dick in her mouth. The wetness of our mouth felt great. Within two minutes I was nearing to come.
I told her I was about to come half expecting that she would remove my cock after hearing that. But she smiled ear to ear and increased her momentum.
“ Aaaaaaaaahh” as I cummed in her mouth. I shot a half a dozen cum shots in her mouth .She spilled some on the floor but swallowed the remaining.
After recovering from the shock
“ It tastes not as bad as I expected. Just a little salty but otherwise tasteless ” she grinned and continued “ now my turn. My pussy is dripping wet from the time when I saw your big pee hole” As I put my hand on her shorts zipper to undo it suddenly I heard the garage door opening.
“ Shit! Looks like our mom’s our hear.” I said.
“But I wanted you to fuck my brains out “ she said pouting her face.
I felt as if I would have cummed again at that moment.
“ not now next time my little slutty.”
I received a playful punch and a quick kiss on the cheeks as she ran downstairs.
I quickly dressed and followed her.

As I waived to her as her car drove off from sight I started to think about the next time we both were alone together. I jacked off again that night wishing the day would be not far away when I will pop her cherry
Hope you like the chapter
Posting chap 2 very soon

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