Carl gets stuck in the snow on his way to a thanksgiving dinner. He finds shelter in a cabin, but ends up with company.
As he watched the snow falling outside the car window, Carl knew he shouldn’t have tried it. He should have known better, after all he had been raised here, had hunted these hills and had been caught more then once by a freak snow storm.

But he had been in a hurry to get home for Thanksgiving. It would have been the first time in 20 years he had been home for the holiday. When the main road was closed, he though he would be smart and take the back road over Black Crow Pass.

He hadn’t figured on the snow. His car had skidded and landed him in the ditch. Now here he sat, stuck, unable to drive out, watching the snow fall as the darkness got deeper, wondering what to do. A moment later a solution hit him. He remembered there was an old hunters cabin just up the hill.

Hoping that it was still there and usable, he climbed out of the car, grabbed his sleeping bag and pack which held his clothes, flicked on his flash light and began to slog through the now knee deep snow. After climbing for what seemed like hours, the cabin materialized out of the soft haze of darkness and falling snow.

It was still standing and in one piece. As he clumped onto the porch he glanced to the side and noticed the unmistakable silhouette of an outhouse 20 yards from the cabin someone had built since the last time he was there. He unfastened the rope latch and pushed open the door.

The walls of the single room, punctured only by the door he stood in, one small window and a cupboard on one wall, were bare. The room held a table, two chairs, a potbellied stove and a rough wooden bunk. The bunk had a thin mattress which was rolled tight, covered with a plastic bag and tied with twine.

‘Someone must still be using it during hunting season,’ he thought.

He looked about but didn’t see any fire wood for the stove. He decided to wait until morning before he had look around outside. He untied the twine, pulled the mattress from the bag and rolled it out on the bunk. He rolled his double sleeping bag (he liked a double for the room it afforded him) out on the mattress.

He was starting to feel cold, so he climbed into the sleeping bag pulled it around him and surrounded by silence drifted off to sleep. He woke with a start. Cold dim light filtered through the small window. He could tell it was much colder then the night before as he unzipped the sleeping bag and crawled out.

The cold bit into him. He beat his arms around his body and cursed himself for wearing his clothes to bed. They had gotten damp from being in the sleeping bag with him. He shivered as he opened his pack and began to pull out his extra clothes. Before long he had most of them on, but was still feeling the effects of the cold.

He opened the door and was greeted with a blast of frigid air. The temperature was well below freezing and the weak sunlight didn’t afford any warmth. He set out to scout for fire wood but an hour later he had only found a few small pieces. He decided the area must have already been scavenged clean by past cabin users. On his way back he lucked out and stumbled onto a dead alpine fir. He broke off as many branches as he could, then carried them back to the cabin.

He was inclined to build a fire, but thought he should finish his next chore before he did. He had decided to return to his car and leave a note and retrieve the food he had in his car. If someone did come along, which was possible but unlikely, for a while anyway, and spot his car they would know where to look for him.

He trudged down the hill side, finding it hard going in the fresh snow. It took him 20 minutes to make his way down to his car. As he approach he noticed what looked like a snow covered lump behind the snow covered lump of his vehicle. As he got closer it became apparent it was another car.

He slogged to it and brushed the snow from the window to peer in. In the dim light he could just make out a body curled up on the front seat. He tapped on the window, but there was no response. He tried the drivers door and found it locked. After trying all the other doors and finding them locked he was frustrated.

Then an idea hit him. He began to feel around inside the wheel wells and under the bumpers until he found what he was looking for inside the fuel door, a magnetic key holder with a spare key. He unlocked the drivers door and opened it to reveal what appeared to be a young woman in her mid to late twenties. curled into a fetal ball.

She was dressed in a thin blouse covered by a light jacket, a skirt and a pair of high heels. He glanced around, but there didn’t appear to be a coat or any type of heavier outer garment in the car. Carl shook her, but got no response. He touched her cheek and found it to be cold, very cold. He checked her breathing, which was shallow, then shook her hard to see if he could awaken her. He didn’t even get a groan from her.

She was suffering from hypothermia . He knew he had to get her warm and soon, or she’d die. He pulled her from the car, kicked the door shut and frantically began to struggle back up the hill. He was tiring fast and it seemed like forever before the cabin finally came into sight.

He kicked the door open, entered then kicked it shut. He knew he didn’t have time to build a fire, so he flipped open his sleeping bag, laid her down and quickly removed her jacket, blouse, skirt and shoes, leaving her in a blue lace bra and matching panties. He covered her, then just as quickly removed his clothes right down to his underwear.

He climbed into the bag with her, pulled her limp body close to his, grunting as her cold skin touched him. He held her close and pulled the bag tightly around them, allowing his body heat to transfer to her. As he lay there, he became aware of her scent, a mixture of musk and lavender.

Over the rest of the day and into the night he dozed off and on. Finally he woke to find she was shivering and moaning, a good sign. He pulled her even tighter to him and she seemed to quiet. But a moment later he became aware that her breasts were pushed up against his chest and the soft and by now warm, skin of her thighs were tight against his and he could feel his cock begin to stir.

He didn’t want her waking to find a strange man holding her tight with a hard cock pushed against her, so he pulled back and turned his hips so his crotch wasn’t pressed against her. He checked her cheek with his lips, and found her temperature was close to his, which was to say she was almost warm. He moved back from her, then shook her gently. She groaned but didn’t open her eyes.

He pulled her close again, wrapping her in his arms. He held her tight until she slowly stopped shivering. He drifted off to sleep with her pulled close. He started awake to find cold dim light filtering through the window. He looked at her and found her breathing was normal. He touched her neck to find her warm, as warm as he was. He figured he’d better try to wake her, and see if she was alright.

Gently but insistently he shook her and said,”Come on wake up. You have to wake up. I need to see if you’re ‘gunna make it.”

Her eye’s fluttered, then opened. She stared about unable to focus on anything. Finally, she seemed to snap awake.

She stared at Carl, then stammered,”Who....Where......How....”

Carl smiled and replied,”Steady now. Easy. You were in your car remember? I found you there, almost frozen. I carried you here and I’ve been trying to get you warm, that’s why we’re in this bag together.”

Her pretty brow furrowed for an instant, then comprehension flashed over her face.

“I was headed for Oreville to have thanksgiving dinner with my family. The guy at the gas station at the junction told me the road was closed and that I could probably get through over Black Crow Pass. I was getting worried, with all the snow coming down, when I saw your car,” She stopped and added,”That was your car?”

Carl nodded and she continued,”I stopped to see if anyone was in it. When I found noone I tried to turn around but my car got stuck. The car stalled and I couldn’t get it started again. It seemed to get colder and colder. The last thing I remember I was curled up on the front seat and it seemed to be getting a little warmer. ”

Carl grunted,”You were damned close to freezing to death. The feeling of warmth comes not long before you hit unconsciousness and it’s not long after that the body shuts down. How do you feel now?”

“Cold.” She said shivering.

“Well I’ll stay in here with you for a bit more then I’ll climb out and start a fire. And your name is....?”

“Jenny.” She replied,”Jenny Green. And you are??”

“Carl Vermeer.” Carl replied pulling his hand out of the sleeping bag an offering it for her to shake,”Nice to meet you Jenny.”

Jenny took his hand an held it for a moment. As she did Carl caught the shine of a ring on her left hand.

“Are you married Jenny?” He ask.

“Yes”, she replied,” My husbands a minister with the New Christ Church.”

She rolled a bit to change her position and her hand touched his bare thigh. She lay still for a second, then she ran her hand over her own body. She stiffened as it hit her that all each of them had on was their underwear.

She looked at him, eyes wide, gasping,”What..what are we doing in here with no clothes on?”

“Calm down.” Carl replied,”Had I wanted to do anything to you I could have done it over the last 24 hours while you were unconscious.”

“24 hours?” She said with alarm in her voice.

“That’s how long we’ve been in this bag. It took me a long time to bring your body temperature back up to normal. The only way I could do that is by using the best heat source I’ve” He said.

“Oh...I.....I see.” She said and seemed to relax.

“Well, I’m going to get out and see if I can get a fire going.”He said,”Well, here I go.....1, 2, 3....I’m getting out.....”

He lay still in the bag and went through that monologue at least 3 times.

Finally she laughed and said,”I know it’s cold and I know you don’t want to get out, but go if you’re going.”

He sighed, then quickly jumped out of the bag and pulled on his clothes, yelping about how cold they were as he did.

When he had his clothes on, he moved to the stove, opened it and quickly laid a bed of twigs torn from the branch pieces on the floor. He lit a match and with a bit of coaxing got a fire going. Before long the fire was roaring.

“Great!” He grinned,”Heat!”

He turned to Jenny and said,”I need to go back to my car. I’ve got some food in it I was taking to a Thanksgiving dinner. You don’t happen to have anything in your car eatable do you?”

“Yes I do,”She said,”I was also taking some things for dinner and there’s bread and other stuff in the trunk.” Then she added a bit embarrassed,” I need to go to the bathroom.”

He rummaged around in his pack and pulled out some of his clothes.

He tossed them to her and said,”You can use these. Get dressed and I’ll go with you to the outhouse.”

He laughed when he caught the look on her face and said,”Don’t worry, I’m just going with you to make sure you will be safe. I won’t look, I promise.”

A short time later they returned from outside and she quickly climbed back into the sleeping bag.

“I’ll be back in a bit.” He said as he stepped out the door.

It took him an hour in the now thigh deep snow to walk to the cars and return. He had discovered a cloth bag in her car which he used to carry the food. As he placed it in the cupboard he took stock of what they had. He decided if they were frugal it should last a week.

He opened one of the cans of beans and set it on the stove. After it was warm he shared it and some bread with Jenny.

After he cleaned up he added the last of the wood to the fire and said,”I’m going out to see if I can find more wood.”

He returned to the tree from which he had scavenged the limbs the first time and tore off as many more as he could. After he had those next to the stove, he decided to look around the cabin. As he was checking the back wall he found a wooden panel that looked like a door. When he pulled it off, he found it was an access panel to the under side of the cabin.

As he peered into darkness under the cabin and his vision adjusted to the dimness, he became aware that it was filled with split fire wood. An hour later he had a large pile stacked next to the stove.

Carl sat in the chair close to the stove while Jenny lay snuggled in the sleeping bag.

“How long have you been married?” Carl ask.

“Phillip and I were married when I was 18,”Jenny replied,” That was 9 years ago.”

“Do you have children?” Carl ask.

“No,”Jenny replied with a note of wistfulness in her voice,”We’ve tried but God hasn’t blessed us with children yet.”

“Have you two been tested for reproductive problems?” Carl ask.

“You’re being very forward!” Jenny said,”I’m not sure you should ask questions like that!”

“Sorry,”Carl replied,”I’m just trying to make conversation.”

It was silent for several seconds then Jenny said softly,”I ask Phillip about getting checked, but he said he wouldn’t and we would have children if it was God’s will.”

Again there was silence for a time, then Jenny said in an even softer whisper,”I went to the doctor. He said everything with me was fine. I never told Philip though.”

“Well,”Carl shrugged,”perhaps God will find a way to fill your womb with a child.”

It was silent again for a few minutes, then Jenny ask Carl about his family. Carl told her about his children and ex wife, then he told her about the rest of his family.

By the time he was done it was starting to get dark so Carl said,”We need to talk. That sleeping bag is the only warm place we have to sleep. We are going to have to share it.”

Jenny laid still for a long time, then quietly replied,”I’m not sure we should. I’m married. And my husbands a minister. I can’t just share a bed with another man, even if it’s to stay warm. Can’t we stay in our clothes while we’re in here?”

“No.”Carl replied,”Our clothes will get damp and we will get chilled when we get out. I guess we could take turns sleeping. That way we wouldn’t have to be in the bag at the same time.”

“I don’t know.....” Jenny said again,”I’m still cold.”

“Ok,” Carl said,”I tell you what, I’ll try sleeping in this chair, but if I get cold, or if I can’t sleep,
I’m climbing in that bed with you and you’ll just have to get use to it.”

Jenny seemed to consider, then replied,”Perhaps we can sleep together. But if you do, you have to promise not to touch me.”

“All I can promise is I won’t touch you while I’m awake.” Carl said.

“Ok, then I guess that will have to do.” Jenny conceded.

Carl leaned the chair back against the wall and closed his eyes. He was more tired then he thought. He woke sometime later shivering. The fire had died down and the cabin was getting cold.

He first stoked the fire. Then sat thinking. After a few minutes he decided he wasn’t going to try sleeping in the chair, it was to uncomfortable and he needed to be rested incase something happened and he needed his strength.

He stood, walked to the bed and with a few quick moves had his outer cloths off. Jenny was facing the wall as he crawled into the bed. He faced away from her and lay there staring at the embers of the fire light flickering through the crack in the stove door.

Carl woke a few hours later to find himself snuggled up to Jenny’s back with his arm draped over her, his hand cupped around one of her firm breasts. He lay still for a moment listening to her breath and finally decided she was asleep.

He slowly moved his hand from her breast and began to pull his arm off her. A moment later his arm was at his side and he lay there snuggled against her body thinking about how warm she felt, how good the scent of her filling his nostrils was and how great her breast had felt in his hand.

He fell back to sleep only to wake a while later to the feel of Jenny’s hand on his. He kept his breathing steady and deep so she wouldn’t know he was awake. He felt her pull his hand slowly over her, then press it to her breast. He kept his breathing steady and left his hand against her breast to see what she would do next.

He felt her hand move downward, then he felt the muscles in her arm moving. It took him a moment to figure out that she was fingering herself.

‘What the hell!’ He thought,’ She’s laying here next to me fingering her pussy!’

He lay there letting her finger herself for a short time, then he grunted and moved as if in his sleep, cupping her breast tight in his hand as he did. She stopped instantly when he moved, but a moment after he settled Carl could feel her hand again moving between her legs. He could also hear her breathing in short sharp pants.

Carl let her get into it for a few minutes letting her think he was asleep. After a while he began to get angry.

‘She doesn’t want me touching her,’Carl thought to himself,’but she’s using my hand to help her get off. Well I think I want more then just a feel.’

He whispered in her ear,”Why are you masturbating with me laying next to you, when you were so insistent about religion and not touching?”

Jenny stiffened as he began to talk, then when he finished she stammered,”I....I....I can touch myself, that’s allowed. But you can’,’s not right.”

“So why did you pull my hand to your breast?” He ask, squeezing her breast as he did.

“I never.....” She began to protest.

“Don’t lie to me! I felt you pull my hand over and put it on your tit.” He growled, starting to get perturbed.

“I...I....I’m sorry. I don’t know what came over me.” She said in a nervous whisper.

“I do.” Carl whispered to her,”And I know what you want.”

Jenny said nothing but Carl could feel her trembling.

”I think you need some help with that.” He whispered, as he slid his hand down her arm and covered her hand with his.

“Oh...oh.. You can’t!” She gasp as his fingers slid over hers and found their way to her wet slit.

“Please,”She gasp,”You can’t do that! I’m married...and my ...husbands a minister...please...”

Carl was aware that even though she protested, her legs spread a bit more and her fingers, mated with his, kept sliding in and out of her wet hole.

“You want me to and you know it!” Carl growled,”You wouldn’t be fingering your pussy right next to me if you didn’t. I’ll bet your husband has never made you cum has he? Tell me, has he ever made you cum?”

Carl’s finger tips were rubbing her clit as a tiny whispered answer came from her,””

“Well,”he grunted as he pushed his fingers deep into her tight wet hole,”I...will!”

“Oh....oh...oh...please...don’t.....I’m...married!” She gasp, but Carl felt her legs spread even wider as she protested.

He used his free hand to grab her by the back of the neck and turn her face to his.

“Shut the fuck up!” He growled, then mashed his mouth to her’s. She lay still, not responding until he snaked his tongue between her lips and began to explore the inside of her mouth. He felt her tremble, then she tentatively kissed him back. A moment later she stiffened and groaned. Carl felt her pussy grip his fingers as a climax rolled through her body.

He pulled his fingers from inside her and with a quick jerk, pulled her panties to her ankles, then off one leg. Before she could react, he rolled between her legs and placed the head of his leaking cock against her wet cunt. Just before he lunged forward she realized what he was about to do.

Her eyes grew wide and she stammered,” can’t do that! You can’t...”

Just then he slammed, forward burying his cock to his balls inside her.

Her eyes grew even wider, her mouth formed an “O” as she felt herself filled with his hard rod.

He grabbed both wrists and held them in one hand pinned to the mattress above her head.

“Now, your going to get what you want. You pulled my hand to your breast, so I know you want this. And you’re going to get it. I’m going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked. I’m going to ram my cock as deep into your prissy little pussy as I can. And I’m going to make you cum a few times. Then I’m going to spill my seed into your belly.”

He began to fuck her with long hard strokes. She lay there, her eyes wide. Her gaze locked on his face as he violated her. Soon her eyes rolled up into her head and they fluttered shut. Her breathing came in gasps and moans.

As he fucked her Carl leaned down and whispered,”Tell me you want it. Tell me you want to be fucked hard. Tell me cunt...TELL ME!”

In an almost imperceptible whisper she said,”Oh....please.....I....I....I want it.”

“What? I can’t hear you cunt!” Carl growled,”Louder...tell me louder....TELL ME!”

“Oh please.......”She moaned, then in a voice that grew from a whisper to a scream she said,”Yes...yes.....yes... please....please....OH.....PLEASE.....I WANT IT!!”

Carl grinned, released her wrists, grabbed both her ass cheeks and fucked her even harder.

“Oh, yea...oh’re...a ..great...fuck!” He grunted in time to his strokes.

“Oh....oh.....oh....OH!!!!” Jenny screamed as Carl felt her pussy pulsing around his cock.

He was close and a moment later his cock throbbed, blasting rope after rope of sperm laden cum deep into her pussy.

He lay on top of her, his cock still buried inside her for a time, unwilling to pull out. Finally his cock grew limp and plopped out of it’s own. He slid to the side and lay beside her.

“ raped me.” She said.

“Bullshit!”Carl grunted,”You wanted it, you said so.”

“I....didn’’t...... I...wasn’t myself.”She whispered.

“Sure you were. You loved it. And you know what else?” He ask with a grin.

She didn’t say anything but looked a question at him.

“You’ll let me fuck you again anytime I want.” He said.

“I...I.....I.....” She started to say, then trailed off.

“Exactly! And I will.” He chuckled.

He wrapped his arm around her and pulled her to him so her head was pillowed on his chest.

“Sleep now.” He ordered,”You’re going to need your strength.”

He lay there and drifted off to sleep. He woke sometime later. He had one leg over Jenny and her breathing told him she was asleep. It was still dark and the final embers had burned out in the stove. Carl could feel the soft skin of her legs under his and it caused his cock to stir.

Soon it was again hard. Carl slid slowly between her legs, reached down and positioned his rod at her entrance. He felt her stir, then felt her legs spread, giving him more access. He pushed forward, sliding his cock into her cum filled tunnel.

He fucked her slowly, savoring each stroke. In until his balls touched her ass, then out until just the head was inside her. He felt her arms come up and circle his neck, then felt her hips begin to rise to meet his strokes. He said nothing to her, nor she to him, they just fucked.

An interminable time later, he knew he was close. He pulled her legs up until her knees were pushed against her shoulders. Without a word he placed a thumb on her clit and rubbed it as he fucked her. To his surprise it took only a minute or two of rubbing and he felt her stiffen, then felt her pussy gently pulsing around his cock. It drove him over the edge. He rammed deep into her, deep enough that he could feel her cervix against his cock head and for the second time filled her with his seed, blasting his sperm directly into her womb.

Carl climbed off and stretched out next to her in the sleeping bag. As he drifted off to sleep he realized that neither of them had spoken, which brought a grin to his face.

Carl woke with sunlight streaming in the window. He turned to find Jenny curled tight against his side. He watched her face as she slept and for a moment felt bad about fucking her.

But only for a moment, then her voice echoed from his memory,”...OH.....PLEASE.....I WANT IT!!” And he grinned.

He slowly coaxed her onto her back, trying not to wake her. He carefully slipped between her legs and placed the head of his morning hard on against her pussy. He nudged forward, pushing the head into her hole. As the head of his cock slid into her she stirred, then her eyes opened.

She was disoriented for a moment, then her eyes cleared and she looked up at him poised above her.

“Again?” She ask, uncertainty and wonder filling her voice.

“You’ve never been with a horny man have you?” He ask, pushing the length of his cock into her until his balls touched her ass.

He grinned and said,”Now that I’ve had some of you, I’ll probably fuck you three or four more times today.”

Her eyes grew wide and she said with disbelief coloring her voice,”Three...or four..more times??”

“Yep.” He said as he reached down and pulled her top up.

“What....?” She began to protest as he reached behind her and unfastened her bra.

“I want to see and taste those luscious tits.” He said, pulling up the cups of her bra and allowing her breasts to pop out.

“ can’t....” She again began to protest.

“I can,” He said with a grin taking one of her nipples between his thumb and forefinger,”And I will. Besides, you’ll love it.”

She gasp and her eyes widened as he squeezed her nipple, then rolled it between his fingers. He leaned down and took the other one in his mouth, sucking on it. At the same time he began to fuck her.

“Oh god.”She moaned.

He pulled his mouth from her nipple, grinned and said,”Perhaps.”

He fucked her for a short time then slowly pulled his cock out of her by now slippery wet hole. She didn’t say anything, but looked puzzled. He grinned and urged her to turn over. When she was on her stomach, he pushed her legs apart and pulled her hips up until he could get his cock into her glistening snatch.

He grabbed her hips and with one had lunge buried his rod in her pussy. He felt his cock head hit her cervix and heard her groan as it did.

He leaned over her shoulder and whispered to her,”Now for a little doggy fuck my horny little bitch!”

He began to hammer into her, his balls slapping her clit with each stroke. He knew he would last a while and he did. He made her cum twice before he was ready. When his cock exploded he rammed into her until his cock head was pressed to her cervix and ejaculated his seed into her pussy. Rope after rope of rich sperm laden cum blasted into her, some of it going directly into her womb.

When he was done he pulled out slowly, savoring the sight of his hard rod, shiny and slick with his cum and her juices, sliding out from between the puffy, swollen lips of her well used snatch. When his cock head plopped out, he grinned as his cum dribble out and down the lips of her cunt, dripping off onto the sleeping bag.

Jenny plopped onto her stomach and said,”That air is cold! Come back down here and cover me up!”

He laid down beside her, curled his leg over her and said,”One more time, did you want it?”

She lay still for a moment, eyes closed, then a smile curled her lips and she said,”Yes I wanted it. Yes I want more.”

Carl grinned and kissed her on the cheek, saying,”I’ll give you all I’ve got.”

For the next 3 days they did nothing but eat, sleep, and fuck. Carl fucked her at least three times a day and in every position he could think of. On the morning of the forth day Carl came awake with Jenny sitting astride of him

“My turn!” She giggled as she reached down and placed the head of his cock against her pussy.

She slid down onto it and began to slide up and down. It wasn’t long and she was moaning in the grips of a climax as her pussy squeezed his cock. Carl arched his back, pushing upward, shoving his hard rod deep into her pulsing cunt and exploded, filling her for the untold time with his sperm.

They lay together for a while, enjoying the warmth of each other, then Carl decided it was time to get more wood for the fire. He dressed and went out to get an arm load. As he was stepping off the porch he heard the unmistakable sound of an air horn.

He struggled down the hill, slogging through the thigh deep snow, excited and hoping who ever was there would wait. When he got within sight of the road he could see a road grader sitting next to the cars. He yelled and waved his arms until the operator saw him.

When he got to the grader the operator opened the door and yelled over the engine noise,”I wasn’t sure anyone was around. I was about to go on up the pass!”

“We took shelter in a hunters cabin over the hill.” Carl yelled back,”Can you pull us out?”

“Sure thing!” The operator yelled.

He got a chain out of the tool box and ten minutes later both cars were on the road and clear.

As the operator drove off Carl waved and yelled,”Thanks!”

Carl slogged back up the hill and as he came in the door Jenny ask,”Where did you go? I thought you were going for wood?”

Carl told her about the grader and that both cars were on the road and clear.

Jenny looked sick as he finished the story.

“What’s wrong?” He ask.

“I....I don’t want to go. And..and... I don’t know how I’m going to explain this to my husband.” She choked.

Carl smiled, hugged her close and said,”We have to go. We can’t stay here forever. And as for your husband, don’t tell him. There’s only two of us who know what happened here. Tell him you were alone.”

“Lie to him?”Jenny ask, her eyes wide.

“Sure.” Carl replied, “What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.”

“But....But,” Jenny stammered, tears in her eyes,”What if I’m pregnant? What will I tell him then?”

“If?” Carl yelped a laugh,”I don’t see how you can’t be. But if you are, it’s his right?”

Jenny seemed to consider for a moment, then Carl said,”God provides, doesn’t he? That’s what you said. If you’re pregnant, it’s his will.”

Jenny smiled and a look of joy crossed her face as she said,”You’re right! If I am it’s his will. And it’s Phillips child.”

They got dressed and bustled around the cabin putting things away. When they were done Carl looked around the small room and made sure everything was neat and in it’s place, all the cans were in the cabinet, all the fire wood had been put back under the cabin and the mattress was back in it’s plastic bag.

He lead the way and broke trail for Jenny back to the cars. When they got there, he helped her start her’s and she let it warm up.

“Thank you.” She said.

“Have a great life.” He replied, leaning in the window to kiss her gently, then stepped back and waved her on.

He watched her drive away and wondered why he hadn’t ask for her address. Deep in his mine he knew why, because he would want to go see her and she needed to get back to her life without him around.

As he climbed into his car and headed home it hit him that she still had on his clothes. It also hit him that he had left business cards in all his clothes in case he needed access to them.

‘That’s funny.’ He thought,’she’s going to know how to get hold of me but I won’t be able to find her. That’s probably for the best..’

Carl thought about Jenny often over the next two years. He wondered how she was doing, wondered if she had gotten pregnant and if she had, if Phillip accepted it as his. But mostly he thought about how it felt to hold her legs apart and fuck her to a climax.

The week before Thanksgiving two years after their time in the cabin, Carl got an envelop in the mail. It didn’t have a return address and when he opened it, it contained a card and a picture.

The picture was of a dark haired little boy about a year old or so. Carl was a bit puzzled until he opened the card. It was plain on the outside and the only thing on the inside was a handwritten note that said:

“Phillip wants a little brother or sister for Phillip junior. I told him I wanted to go spend a few days with my family. I’ll be at the Black Crow pass cabin the day after thanksgiving.”

Carl grinned as he began to pack his bags for a thanksgiving trip.

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2013-12-29 13:34:39
Incredible story. Part 2!

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2013-12-29 05:03:44
Great story write more!

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