She wanted me to write down what I would do to her if we actually meet. If she wants more and gives me guidence I will give
The slave had a name. She knew she had a name and regularly used it. Most days the name was how she thought of herself, but today her master said he was coming to get her. She had never met her master and only vaguely knew what he looked like. He knew her intimately though. He had demanded and she had sent intimate pictures of her breasts and pussy. All of her was his to command.

They had met using the Whisper app. The slave had expressed a desire to be used and abused and he had met that need admirably. She had almost cum from his words. They had chatted on Kik for almost 4 years and during that time she had a few steadfast rules.

First rule that it would be sex only. There would be no secrets or emotional attachment. She had threatened him several times with a complete cut off if he ever found her secrets.

The second rule was no actual meeting. She had wanted to meet him and actually fuck him but she was nervous he wouldn't actually want her in person. He kept insisting that she was too good for him, but she knew the truth.

The third rule was no pussy shots. This rule fell in the first month but she was holding fast to the other two, or had been. She got a picture today of her master frowning. He was obviously upset, sad or distraught. The message was followed by a time and a location. The location was a corner just off campus and the time was 3:00 pm, just after her last class.

The slave was scared. She was standing on the corner in ripped jeans and a t-shirt. It was an old t-shirt she didn't care much about. Likewise her bra was one of her older ones and it barely contained her massive D cup tits.

It was a warm spring afternoon but still she felt a chill in her spine like something was going to happen. She twisted her toe in the ground as he pulled up next to her. He shoved his car door open and she hopped in and tossed a small daypack in the backseat. It landed with a bit of a jangle. She took a look and saw bags from the local sex shop.

When she looked over at her master she saw that his cock was already out of his pants and erect. She knew what to do without being asked. She hungrily bent down and started to suck on his cock letting the hard member slide down her throat. She had loved to give head, but she hadn't in a long time. Her master had control over her body and told her he didn't share.

She could feel her pussy moisten as she sucked on his salty member enjoying the manly smell of his crotch.

The master took one of his hands and slid it down the back of her pants and cupped her ass. She moaned in pleasure, the moaning vibrated his cock and made it twitch. She wasn't paying attention to where they were going but the road had turned into a minor road well shaded with trees. She kept sucking his penis, wrapping her lips around the head and teasing his pisshole with her tongue. The taste grew saltier and the texture changed and she knew that it was his precum starting leak.

She felt the car slow down and then turn down a dirt road. When they had gone a half mile more she was sure he was close to cumming he pulled the car to a stop and shut it off. The master gripped his slaves long dark hair and pulled her off of him. He got out of the car. He stood in front of it and barked a command for her to get out.

The slave got out of the car and assumed what they had come to refer to as the position. She stood with her feet a bit more that shoulder width apart so he had free access to her ass and pussy. She laced her fingers behind her head and leaned back jutting her tits out.

Sir, her master walked around around her appreciatively. She couldn't take her eyes off of his slobbered covered dick, which was bouncing as he walked. As he passed her side and she turned her head to watch him he barked, "Eyes front!" and swatted her ass with his large powerful hand.

One thing that had surprised her about him was how big he was. He had told her he was tall but he towered over her and made her feel like a small child. She knew that he could have her any way he wanted to and there was nothing she could do. They were so far out into the woods that screaming wouldn't help.

She was astonished at how wet her pussy was getting. She was getting nervous now. His eyes front command wasn't to be disobeyed but he was taking so long behind her.

When he came back into view he gripped the front of her t-shirt and in one swift movement tore it off. Her skin hurt from where the fabric pulled and tore off her skin. Then he grabbed her bra between her massive D cup tits and pulled. She almost fell to her knees but the garment didn't give.

Sir steadied her then said, "Stand still slave."

"This slave is sorry she stumbled, Sir is too strong for her."

He reached into a pocket and pulled out a folding knife. He deftly flicked it open and slid the point between her breasts and the razor sharp blade parted the material of the bra like it was nothing. Her breasts popped out of the shredded garment her pink nipples instantly hardened.

He lightly traced the point of the knife around the nipple and the reached down and pinched it. The slave and master locked gazes. His blue eyes meeting her magnificent blue and gold ones. He smiled in approval and she felt her heart jump.

His strong hand then grabbed the waistband of her jeans and then he cut the jeans off of her. Soon she was standing in just her tiny thong panties and the tattered remains of her bra.

Sir bent down and kissed the slave long and deep while fingering her virgin pussy. She had had offers of course but for some reason they didn't feel right. She had had other finger there but no one had touched her and made her feel that way. She moaned in pleasure at the touch of his hands.

"Very nice." he said and pinched a nipple. She moaned in pleasure, her entire body was on fire and the pleasure and the pain mixed together. He then grabbed her long curly hair and dragged her over to the car and shoved her down on it face first. He pulled aside her panties, a thong that she had actually sent a picture of herself wearing when they first chatted. He had said he was going to pull it aside and fuck her while she was wearing it and now he was.

She felt his hard cock slide into her pussy. Just after the head entered there was a pause as if he caught on something. He pulled back a bit and then slammed into her soaking pussy hard. She could feel her hymen tear but it was all so fast and bound in the pleasure of being fully penetrated. He didn't slow down but kept working at a steady pace. She was moaning in pleasure. Wave after wave of orgasm rolled over her. It felt like pleasure was a rising ocean around her and she was going to drown in those feelings.

Suddenly like a flash of white light the world became entirely clear, she saw the scratches in the paint of the hood of the car, flecks of pollen from the early spring. She heard the birds chirping and the rustle of the wind in the leaves. She felt the warm metal of the hood against her breasts and warm sticky liquid leaking down her thighs. Then she felt nothing.

The slave awoke naked lying face up with her arms and legs spread and tied to the legs of bed. The ceiling showed wooden beams, she knew she must be in one of the hundreds of hunting cabins in the area. She gave a pull on her wrists and ankles and confirmed that she was in fact held tight and had almost no chance of movement.

"So you are awake." The master said with a commanding voice. "You came and passed out before I came. That means I didn't get to cum yet. The slave needs to learn self control."

She turned and saw him standing over her naked. He was holding a coffee cup and his penis covered in her blood and cum. He took a sip of the coffee and then lowered his cock to her mouth. She tentatively started to suck on in, put off by the blood. When she got past the blood she realized that mostly what she was tasting was her own cum.

Her master wasn't idle, while she was sucking his dick he was alternating between pinching her nipples.

She was in heaven. She loved to have her tits played with and he was teasing her with it. He alternated light touches and rough ones. He would pinch and pull then lightly drag a finger across. She was getting close to cumming from the attention. Her back arched and it was all she could do to keep from biting down on his penis.

He pulled his cock out of her sucking mouth. "Slave, you really need to learn to control yourself." He started to jerk his cock and started to spurt it over her face. Some landed on her nose and around her eyes and a bit at the corners of her mouth.

"Please master, let me taste your cum?" She pleaded.

"Very well," he said as he scooped some up with his finger and lowered it into her mouth. She sucked at it greedily reveling in the taste of her master. He was dragging the rest of his cum around her face and then traced circles around her nipples.

"Yet again I went away unsatisfied." He walked out of her sight and came back with a 12" wooden ruler. He slapped the inside of her creamy white thigh and she tried to pull her legs together but couldn't. He slapped the inside of her other thigh. "The slave needs to learn to control herself."

He took one of his powerful hands and started to rub her pussy lips. "Very nice." She could feel her pleasure building. She bit her lip. She knew he was trying to make her cum and was going to punish her for it.

She lost all control when he bent down and started to suck on her nipples. Her back arched and she started to cum again. The master took his hand out of her pussy and stopped sucking on her nipples.

"Please master..." She begged.

He took a ruler and slapped a breast. The flesh bounced and and wobbled. A tear came to her eye and he slapped the other one.

"Please master. This slave will obey, and if she cums and passes out please continue to fuck her. Use her. The master needs to get off."

The master moved between her legs and slid his dick into her sore vagina. She hadn't realized how much he had hurt her and stretched her until he was back in. He was pounding away at her like he truly did need it.

The slave was normally quiet with her vocalizations but she knew that they were truly alone and she could scream to her hearts content. She started to gasp lightly and then then started saying "oh, oh, oh!" The masted was starting to grunt as he leaned into her her. He drove his cock into her using his weight to drive in in deeply. His hip bone banged in into hers rubbing her clit as he drove into her.

"Damn you are tight." He said. He turned and untied her ankles then grabbed and lifted them up so they were resting against his shoulders. The change in the angle gave him just the extra bit of depth he needed to hit her cervix. He was pounding deep into her.

"Fuck me! Fuck me master! Use your slave! Fill me with you cum!" She started to orgasm and in her writing and contorting she was trying to push him off with her legs but he was just too strong.

He was grunting and thrusting using her pussy for his carnal needs. He was hurting her and stretching her and there was nothing she could do about it. She felt like something was tearing and opening up deep inside her as he was slamming his hips into hers.

"Fuck me master! Fuck your slave." He was breathing heavily and gave a three last long deep thrusts.

The slave could feel his cock spurting inside of her. As his cock twitched in her it set off another rolling orgasm inside of her. The master untied her hands and then lay on top of her and kissed her deeply.

"You are a very good slave. Master is pleased."

The two of them fell asleep in the position. When the slave woke up her pussy was sore and aching for more of her masters cock. He was asleep next to her in the bed. She bent down and started to suck his cock to stiffness and had mounted him and was in the process of riding him when he woke up.

"Very nice slave. You remembered that I liked this position." He reached up and started to play with her breasts. He was squeezing them and twisting her nipples as she rocked back and forth. He was driving her pace with his rubbing of her tits. He would pull her nipple and then she would lean forward. He would push her back as he squeeze and she would lean back.

She looked down into his eyes and saw something there. He was staring up at her and she picked up the pace the pace. He was squeezing her breasts and she started to bounce up and down on his penis. She loved the feeling of him inside her filling her up. She rested her hands on his furry chest and started to bounce faster. She would pull up until she was almost off of him and then let her weight carry her down. She would land on him with a thump, his dick stretching out her pussy and their hips banging together. Soon he started to match her thrusts lifting her up and letting her fall back down. She had started out fucking him now he was fucking her.

Master moved his hands from his slaves tits and put them under her armpits. He lifter her up and then rolled over her and laid her on the bed. His hands holding her shoulders down. With a little maneuvering he lined up his cock and pushed it into her. He picked up the pace as he stared into her eyes. She looked up at him with fear and lust. In his eyes she saw only need. He was fucking her like a machine now. His cock was driving into her cunt and his eyes were locked on hers.

The bed was creaking with his powerful thrusts. She wrapped her legs around his hips trying to keep him from pulling back trying to control his insistent thrusts but she couldn't. He was pumping her how he wanted to. She did manage to get a hand down and started to rub her clit as he was fucking her. She was enjoying it but as he started to pump his cum into her she knew she wasn't going to get off.

He rolled off of her and laid there and started to suck on her nipple. She was fingering her cunt working his sperm around inside of her and across her clit. She was enjoying his sucking on her nipple and had a long slow orgasm.

They lay there a bit longer while he sucked on her nipples. An hour passed and he said, "Come on slave, time to go." He tossed her her day pack and she threw on a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. Her stiff nipples were poking out in the thin material and his cum was leaking down her legs wetting the crotch of her jeans.

She walked into her apartment alone and sad on the bed. This was what she had wanted. She had been used and fucked good and hard. No emotion, no commitment. There was pain and pleasure.

Her phone buzzed and her heart skipped a beat. It was a message from her master. "Your eyes are just as incredible in person."

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