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M/F mast, cons
Coyote Chronicles: THE BREAST LOVER (M/F mast, cons)
Written by Koyote


I ran across an advertisement in the personals section of the newspaper. It was a simple little advertisement but it was intriguing because of what it promised. The ad simply stated:

Large breasted woman looking for worshipers
Rewards given only to those who can worship properly.
There WILL be a test
Only serious need apply, call (nnn) nnn-nnnn.

Large breasted women are my weakness. I start drooling every time one of them gets their huge tits close to me. What was there to lose? What was there to gain? The test with possible rewards was the up side. The down side was it is more than likely a subterfuge, some hooker trying to drum up business. What is the worst that could happen; I could die. What the hell, you cannot be killed over the telephone. At least I never heard of that happening over the telephone.

I was apprehensive so I kept putting off making the call. A couple of weeks past before I got up enough intestinal fortitude to pick up the telephone. I always pay for my procrastination; the number was disconnected. Well I guess the large breasted woman had found a worshiper.

Two weeks later, the same advertisement appeared again with a different telephone number. I tripped over a chair in my haste to get to the telephone. Damn, no answer. At least the number was working this time. I just had to find out if this was for real.

A couple of hours and several unanswered attempts later the telephone was finally answered, by a machine. It verified the telephone number and instructed me to leave a message; I hung up. What could I say to a machine? Are you the machine with large breasts? I sat around for a while trying to decide if I should call again and what I would say if the damn machine answered. My horniness won out and I dialed the telephone number again.

The machine answered. "Ah, hello... I am calling about the ad you placed in the paper. I think I might be the person you are looking for. Ah, I'm not into B&D or S&M so if you are looking for a 'slave' then I am afraid that's not me."

A female voice broke in, "Hello, I don't want to know your name. Names are not important", she said, "The only thing important to me is how much you do like large breasts."

"I love large breasts; they are the sexiest thing in the world.” I replied.

"Well you WILL have to prove that to ME," the woman stated.

"Where and when?" Was my wily response.

"First you have to know there will be no fucking," she said flatly, "You only get to caress my breasts as long as I want you too, and that's it. Is that understood?"

"Jesus lady that's a little one sided isn't it?"

"That's the way it will be, that's part of the test. If you pass the test then I MIGHT give you a reward. But you have to prove to me that you worship my breasts as they should be worshiped.” She paused.

“Now, are you going to be the one to worship my breasts or not?" she asked.

"Jesus lady you drive a hard bargain,” I protested.

"Yes or no. I have other callers."

"Okay lady okay, where and when?"

"You know the observation lot by the airport?"

"Which one, the one on Airport Road or the other one?” I asked.

"The other one, in about a hour." she said, "Can you be there in an hour?"

"Yes I can... but how will I know if you're there?"

"You won't unless I want you to. What kind of car and what color of car do you have?"

I told the female voice on the other end of the telephone the information that she wanted and she gave me further instructs and then we hung up.

Pacing back and forth in my living room to kill time and figure out what the hell I was getting myself into. I was getting nervous about this meeting. Maybe I am just paranoid. No, I'm horny, damn horny. My last two girlfriends didn't have a decent set of tits even if you added them together. I think that is what I was missing in those relationships, tit lust.

So I have called a stranger, a woman who put an ad in the paper saying she wants someone to worship her breasts. I have promised to meet her without knowing what she looks like or even if she will let me see her breasts. And worst of all, she gets to check me out and if she doesn't like what she sees I won't even know if she was there or not. If she doesn't like me, I'll bet the telephone gets disconnected again too.

What do I get out of all this, a vague promise of a reward? If I worship her breasts, how do you worship breasts? Get down on your knees bowing and proclaiming 'Oh holy breasts'. Well at least I get to watch some airplane landings; I have not done that in a while.


There were seven or eight cars in the viewing lot when I arrived. I parked at the back of the lot, my car facing away from the airport as instructed by the female voice on the phone. I turned off my engine but left the key on so I could listen to the radio as I waited. I got out and walked around to the back of the car to sit on the left rear bumper as instructed. For about ten minutes, I watched cars pull in and out and tried to peer into the other cars to try to figure out if the large breasted woman was there.

It was getting dark rapidly on this warm moonless summer night. There was no illumination in the viewing area; all you could see was the headlights of the passing traffic and the landing lights on the aircraft and airport runway and taxi lights.

Someone approached me from the other side of my car. All I could see in the darkness was that it was a woman wearing a tube top and slacks and carrying a huge flashlight. She walked up to me and shined the light directly in my eyes. Totally ruining my night vision, all I could see was red stars.

The woman spoke first. She asked me why I was there. I responded with the phrase that I had been instructed me to say, "I'm here to worship."

"Get into the back seat on the passenger side and close the door."

I did as she told me. She got in on the same side in the front seat and closed the door. The woman twisted around and knelt in the front seat, facing in my direction. She reached out and pulled the headrest all the way up to the upper most position. Then she blinded me with that damn bright ass flashlight in my eyes again. I could not see shit. Very clever I thought. She had positioned herself so she could see out the back and side windows of my car, and watch for anybody approaching. In addition, at the same time because of the blinding flashlight, all I could make out of her face was a blur with red spots.

She instructed me to lean forward. As I leaned forward, I could see though the spots in my eyes what I had come to see. She had pulled down her tube top to just below her large magnificent breasts and positioned one on each side of the headrest post.

I did not have a lot of interest in seeing her face at that time. My only interest was in those fantastic tits lying on the back of the front seat begging to be kissed and fondled. She had told me that she did not want to be romanced. All she wanted was exactly what her advertisement had said. I was more than willing to accommodate her desires.

I reached out slowly and gently caressed her huge breasts with my hands. I could feel the weight of those monster tits in the palms of my hands. Slowly I traced my fingernails along the sides of each breast toward her nipples. The woman did not respond. However, her nipples did. Nipples do not lie. When a woman gets stimulated, her nipples stick out. This woman's nipples were about a half on an inch long and about as big around as the eraser end of a pencil. I wanted to see if I could make them longer.

Lowering my mouth to her left breast, I flicked her erect nipple with the tip of my tongue. The woman responded this time. She let out a soft moan. I flicked my tongue on the nipple of her right breast. She moaned again but this time her moan was just a touch longer and a little louder. With just two flicks of my tongue, I had figured out what I wanted to know. Yep it is her right breast. Being a breast lover has taught me that every woman has one breast that is more sensitive than the other one.

Therefore, I started on her less sensitive left breast. Opening my mouth wide and gently sucking in as much of her breast as would fit. Then very slowly, I started rotating my tongue around the nipple in small circles while lifting and squeezing as I was trying to force more tit into my mouth. It had the desired effect on her that I wanted. The woman moaned again and leaned even farther forward trying to force more of her breast into my mouth.

This erotic situation had an effect on me also. While toying with her magnificent breasts I grew one hell of a hardon. It had been a very long time since I had the pleasure of playing with large breasts. The more I sucked and licked her breasts the more she moaned and the harder and more uncomfortable my dick became in my blue jeans.

The woman started humping against the seat back with her groin. It was then that I got a whiff of the odor. That pungent odor that emanates from a woman’s pussy when she is in lust, it is the most aphrodisiac odor a man can smell. My dick throbbed painfully in my pants. I figured the only way that I could smell her arousal was if the woman had one hand down her slacks, fingering her pussy. Just the thought of her fingering herself while I sucked her titties had my dick leaking in my underwear.

It was now the right time. I switched my tit sucking efforts to her right breast. Her reaction was both expected and appreciated. I love knowing I am doing a good job. As I alternated between sucking hard and then gently but firmly flicking her nipple with my tongue, she started moaning constantly and humping the seat harder.


I felt the woman's hand at my crotch tracing the outline of my hardon through my jeans. She had reached around the seat with her free hand and was trying to pull my zipper down. Releasing her breast with my hands, I helped her. I unsnapped my jeans, unzipped them, and with great difficulty pushed them and my underpants down until they were at my ankles, I exposed my aching dick.

As soon as my dick was freed and I scooted up to the edge of the back seat, the woman's hand immediately encircled the shaft of my dick. She definitely knew what she was doing. Slowly she stroked and squeezed my dick in time to my tit sucking. Her thumb rubbed across the head spreading my precum all over the swollen head of my dick. Her fingernails were scraping the rim of the head. She tickled the base of the head with her nails, squeezed the shaft to produce more precum, and massaged it over the head again. Her experienced hand was driving me up a wall. This woman knew how to tease a guy’s dick. Well I know how to tease tits.

I started sucking and licking her tits with totally abandonment. Using my thumbs to squeeze the inside portion of her breasts forcing her nipples closer together so I could flick the nipples of both tits at the same time. This had the desired effect; she moaned louder than ever and started humping against the seat back very hard, she momentarily forgot about my raging hardon.

Her breathing and moaning came rapidly with little "oh oh oh oh". As she was getting real close to getting her rocks off, she maintained a death grip on my dick. I didn't mind, it did not hurt, and I don't think that you could have hurt my dick by squeezing it even with a vise because it was so solid. Just as she was getting to the peak of her climax, I let her feel my teeth as I bit her nipples just hard enough to send her over the edge. I love to make women have an orgasm.

As her orgasm subsided, I slowed my sucking and nibbling down to let her down gently. She on the other hand did just the opposite with her hand on my dick.

Her hand started sliding rapidly up and down the shaft of my dick. The shaft was slick, well lubricated by the gallons of precum she had already coaxed out of me. Now I was the one moaning with a mouthful of tit.

The orgasm that she gave was one of the best that I have ever had. She squeezed my dick exceptionally hard on the last upstroke. It made cum shoot out of my dick like the shuttle taking off the rocket pad. Every time my prick pulsed out another load of sperm, she would squeeze my shaft very tight on the up stroke helping it and me reach new heights. My sperm squirted all over the back of the front seat. The woman just kept jacking my dick until my testicles were completely drained and my body was in a state of almost total collapse.

All I could do is sit there with my head resting against the seat back and pant, trying to catch my breath. The woman released my rapidly softening prick and a few moments later the dome light in my car came on. The car rocked back and forth, as she exited. I was too tired to lift my head up to look at the woman who had given me so much pleasure. Besides, if I tried to look at her she would just blind me with that damn flash light again, so I did not even try. I felt her hand caressing the hair on the back of my head through the open window just before she turned to leave.

The last thing I heard her say as her footsteps crunched off into the distance in the gravel parking lot and the darkness was, "Call me tomorrow."



2013-12-03 19:22:07
I love breasts and breast-sucking. This story was a dream come true. Thanks, Koyote.

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