So this story is different for my others. It is fictional. It is based loosely off of something I heard about a while back but 99% of the story is fiction. I utilized a different writing method with this story (hence, fiction). I wasn’t sure how people would react to this – send me your reviews and recommendations to write a second installment. I have plenty of ideas but I want to please the audience.

Ben Understands Everything

People don’t understand Ben; he doesn’t talk unless he knows you. He has his moments where he needs to be by himself; sometimes he screams and sometimes he screeches. Ben is autistic but he is very high functioning. His social skills are not there with 2 sometimes 4 words in a statement or a response. The one person he has known that understands him and does not get frustrated with him is his neighbor Kyle.

But there is one thing that nobody knows, including Kyle, is that he understands everything and anything that happens. At 9 years old, going on 10, the only problem is that he can’t put his thoughts into words. This is a typical Autism trait that Ben exhibits and is frequent among kids with Autism.

Kyle, who is 11 almost 12, doesn’t have any friends. He is bullied and is picked on everyday. The only person who is remotely his friend is Ben who lives next door. Ben comes over everyday to play Lego’s with Kyle. He has gone over and played Legos with Kyle everyday for the past 3 years. Kyle doesn’t like to play with Lego’s because he thinks he is too old but does it for Ben. There have been days where Kyle wasn’t home or he was out of town – that wasn’t good. Ben does not take that well; like any child who has autism; any change in schedule can be disastrous. One time Ben broke into Kyle’s house to play with Kyle’s Lego’s while the family was away. The police came in to find Ben calmly playing with the Lego’s while the alarm was blaring.

Both kids are only children and do not have other relatives that come over. Kyle would rather be by himself but doesn’t mind Ben’s company. He tolerates Ben because he knows know body else does. Kyle knows that Ben’s parents have a hard time with Ben in almost every aspect; he hears Ben yelling and screaming and throwing tantrums some nights. Most nights are ok but some nights are hard.

Ben throws these fits and tantrums because he is trying to say something or tell his parents something and they don’t understand. Ben understands everything and just can’t communicate it. But never has Ben thrown any fit with Kyle, he is remarkably calm with him and there has never been an issue.

One day when Kyle was at home with his Dad they heard a terrible shrieking coming from Ben’s house. This was not something new but what was new was the time of this fit. Usually they happen at night or in the morning during the week but this one were in the afternoon on a Saturday. Kyle, knowing something wasn’t right, went over to the house. He knocked on the door hearing the shrieking coming from Ben. Ben’s Mom opened the door; she looked frazzled and just done. “Kyle, come in, please” she said almost relived that Kyle came over.

Ben’s mom, Ana, wanted to go over and get Kyle because she knew they had a different connection than with anybody else including his teachers, therapists and helpers. Ana though didn’t like bugging Kyle because she doesn’t want Kyle to feel too involved or be pushed away because he is too involved.
Kyle didn’t like going over to Ben’s house, it smelled funny. Ben sometimes would wet himself or soil his pants and it would smell up the house. Ben never did that with Kyle at his house. He used the bathroom at Kyle’s house normally and Ben’s mom doesn’t know that Kyle has never thought to mention it.

“Look who’s here!” Ana said as Kyle walked into the room.

Ben was sitting on the floor Indian-style rocking himself. Ben looked up and saw him “Ky” he said standing up. He went over to Kyle and hugged him tight. Ben calls him ‘Ky’ because it is easier for him to say.

“Hi Ben” Kyle responded.

“His swimming lesson was cancelled today and he’s upset about that.” Ana said with her hands on her hips. “It’s the second time this month and I just can’t do this anymore.” Ben was still holding Kyle tightly. Ana sighed, “He really likes swimming but I can’t take him.”

Kyle started to think how he could help because he knew that he was stuck now into this since he went over. But he kind of knew this going into it. Kyle made a subconscious decision going over that he would have to surrender most of his Saturday with Ben, but it was a Saturday that he would be doing nothing anyway while his Dad watched college football.

“How about we go to my house and play Lego’s?” Kyle asked and got a quick head shake while he was still holding on to Kyle.

“I don’t know what you can do, I’m at a loss with him” Ana said flustered.

“Oh, I’m sure we can think of something.” Kyle said trying to diffuse the situation.

After a couple of minutes thinking Kyle thought of something that he knew there was really no option of anyway: go swimming. He offered that as an option, and Ana was not reluctant to let them go but she didn’t want to take away Kyle’s Saturday. Kyle said it was really not a problem and it would be fun to go. Ana told Kyle to go check with his Dad first and to come back to let her know.

Kyle was able to break free of Ben’s grip and went over to his house. He told his dad that he was going to the swimming pool. Kyle wasn’t that specific on who he was going with or when he would be home. Kyle’s dad asked if he would be home by dinner and Kyle said that he should be. Kyle went into his room and got his swim stuff, a towel, and some goggles.

Ana was waiting outside for Kyle in the car. Kyle came out and went to the backseat where Ben was sitting. Ben smiled at Kyle and patted the seat next to him to indicate to sit down next to Ben. “Sit down” Ben got out. Kyle really didn’t have an option so he did. He put on his seat belt and Ben wrapped his arm around Kyle’s and put his head on Kyle’s shoulder. Ana drove off.

Ben likes to snuggle with Kyle. He always likes to be beside him, against him or have some form of physical contact with him. When they first met three years ago Ben used to want to sit in Kyle’s lap but Kyle wouldn’t let him. So this was the middle draw for the both of them. Kyle doesn’t mind it much anymore because he likes the affection. It’s not constant and it’s not something that he’s stuck with all day, everyday.

They pull up to the swimming pool, actually a center that is all indoors with a mini water park inside. “Will you be fine if you go in alone? I have to run a couple of errands today and it would help me out a lot.” Kyle really didn’t an issue with this and didn’t know how long Ana needed Ben to be occupied for. “I don’t know, a couple of hours?” Kyle got out.

“It’s 1 o’clock now, so say 3 o’clock?” Ana said from inside the car as Kyle and Ben got out. “Ok, I’ll see you then.” Kyle said turning around. “Wait!” Kyle heard from the car. He turned around “Here’s some money for the pool and some snacks.” Kyle took the $20 bill and there was a card too. “There’s my phone number in case anything happens.” Ana drove off quickly and Ben and Kyle walked toward the entrance. Kyle was a few steps ahead of Ben so Ben caught up and grabbed onto Kyle’s hand to hold it as they went in.

They paid the entrance fee and went into the locker room. It was a fairly large locker room and they found an empty locker. They put their bags down and Ben said “close off!” as in ‘clothes off.’ Ben took off his shirt and shorts. Kyle stood there realizing that he would have to get changed too in front of Ben. Ben was just in his briefs and sat down on the bench to take off his socks. Kyle took off his shirt then his flip flops. Ben stood up and took off his underwear. Ben just stood there naked watching Kyle. Kyle tried not to look but he caught a glance. “Close off, close off, close off” Ben repeated. “Yeah, good job, put on your swim shorts now” Kyle said while he was taking off his shorts and boxers.

Ben was circumcised like Kyle, though Kyle’s dick was a little bigger than Ben’s and Kyle has a couple blond hairs above his dick like his hair. Ben had a average size dick for his age and he was circumcised tightly with the head a little bigger. Kyle was finding he was having a hard time not getting a hard on seeing Ben naked. Ben giggled looking at Kyle’s dick, “Naked” Ben said while pointing to Kyle’s dick. “Yes, here’s your suit” Kyle handed Ben his swim suit and Kyle quickly put his on hiding his chubbing dick.

They both went to the pool. Over the course of the next hour and a half, they would do the slide, the diving boards, the lazy river, and the play set. Kyle and Ben had a fun time; Ben would often hang on to Kyle. Then they go into the river and Ben is holding onto Kyle’s back, Ben shifted around to his front and Kyle was holding him like a small child. Ben’s legs are around Kyle’s waist. Ben is giggling and smiling – then puts his head on Kyle’s shoulder with both his arms wrapped around back.

Kyle knows this is weird but he likes it. He likes the feel of Ben’s body against his. Then to Kyle’s surprise he felt Ben rubbing himself against Kyle. He was going up and down against Kyle and it was against Kyle’s dick. This is starting to give Kyle a hard on. Kyle just figures that he’ll stop when he’s done. Ben did stop after a minute but not before giving Kyle a full hard on. They got around to the bench and Ben pushed off Kyle to swim to the bench.

Kyle looked up at the clock “Ben time to go” he said. Ben leaped from to bench to Kyle “Time go” Ben said. Kyle was surprised that it was that easy. They get into the locker room again and Kyle went to the locker. “Shower” Ben said shivering and trotting his feet in place. Kyle is shivering too and he is not opposed to the idea. He grabbed their towels and headed for a shower stall. Ben went into one stall and Kyle went into the stall next to his. Kyle turned on the shower and 10 seconds later Ben comes in. “Cold” he says shivering holding his hands by his face. He backs against Kyle. “Hang on, me too” Kyle turns on the shower. “Hot!” Ben jumps aside. It is taking some finagling with the knobs to find the perfect setting.

Ben turns around after Kyle finds the right temperature and grabs him again and hugs him. “Ky warm” Ben says. Kyle figures ‘what the hell’ and wraps his arms around him “Ben warm.” After a minute Ben let’s go of Kyle, puts his fingers in his waistband and pushes them down. He steps out of the shorts and he is naked. “Close off” Ben said. “Yep” Kyle says. “You close off” Ben says motioning to Kyle’s pants. Kyle hesitates for a minute but he knows the stall door is locked. He is a little shy but Ben has already seen him naked. Kyle unties his board shorts and before he can Ben grabs his shorts and pulls them down for Kyle. Kyle’s dick pops out as the shorts come down. Ben lets out a giggle.

Ben likes to play with himself frequently. Some times he will have his hands in his pants jacking himself off in the middle of school. No one is really around to see him so it doesn’t really matter. Ben’s parents have caught him several times jacking off or putting his fingers in his ass but they don’t think a lot of it considering sometimes there are worse problems with this. Sometimes when he gets home he’ll go to his room, take off his pants and underwear, lie in bed and stroke himself for an hour. The doctors have said that this is like a ‘tick’ for him or it could be related to anxiety and he has to ‘relieve’ himself. Though he has never done it around Kyle, he wants to.

Ever since he discovered he could get a hard on, jack himself off, and finger himself; he has wanted to do this with Kyle. Kyle doesn’t know this but Kyle also jacks off at least once a day, sometimes two. This is one thing that Kyle and Ben have in common is they both jack off once or multiple times a day because it feels good or because of anxiety. Neither of them knows this about each other though. On a couple occasions Ben had tried to pull his pants down but Kyle disregarded and thought nothing of it. But Kyle thinks that Ben isn’t ‘all there’ mentally anyway – when he really is.

About a week prior to swimming with Ben, Kyle had figured out that if he fingers himself while jacking off, the orgasm is much more intense than if he didn’t. Kyle isn’t gay and really doesn’t think about guys, or girls, when he jacks off. He has thought about it though but he is confused. Kids at school call him ‘gay’, ‘faggot’, ‘queer’, ‘homo’, and a laundry list of other names. So he really doesn’t know what to think about himself because of the confusion with the teasing and name calling from other kids.

Kyle was standing uneasy being naked with Ben. His dick was starting to get hard so he sat down Indian-style in the shower and covered his dick with his hands.

“Soap time!” Ben said. “Yep, soap time.” Kyle responded.

Ben reached over to the different pump handles on the wall and pumped several times of the body soap into his hand. He knows how to wash himself perfectly fine but Ana doesn’t think he does because he rarely does and she usually has to help him. After Ben did a few pumps he started washing his body. Kyle was sitting there watching him wash his chest and he would look down to his dick. He looked at it for a few seconds and looked back up to Ben. Ben smiled and giggled; he knew what Kyle was looking at.

Kyle hadn’t seen another boy’s dick, or man’s, besides his dad’s. Ben’s dick was a regular size for his age – about 2 inches soft and 3 inches hard. Kyle’s dick was just a little smaller than boys his age – about 2.5 inches soft and about 3.5 hard. But Kyle is also small for his age. He is about 4 foot 4 inches and weighs about 68 pounds. Where as Ben is 4 feet tall and weighs 59 pounds – they are very close in size but Ben has more muscle weight than Kyle.

Kyle was rather admiring Ben’s body and his dick, he was surprised how defined he was given the nature of Ben’s disability. Ben was fairly active and plays sports so he gets out his extra energy. Then Ben started rubbing Kyle’s head standing over him. Ben pumped more soap out and started washing Kyle’s hair. Kyle closed his eyes so that way soap wouldn’t get in them but also because it feels really good to Kyle. Ben was more massaging his head with the soap. He carried on washing Kyle’s head for a couple minutes – it could have put Kyle to sleep. Kyle was amazed that Ben could be so caring and nurturing; it was then that he thought maybe nobody understands Ben.

When Ben stopped Kyle stood up to rinse out his hair so he could open his eyes. Kyle really didn’t care anymore that he was naked with Ben; nor was his dick hard or chubbing, because he wasn’t thinking about it anymore. He got his hair rinsed out and he felt Ben’s hands on his chest. He was washing him. Kyle went a long with it, he didn’t care but the feeling of Ben’s hands on his chest was making him chub again.
“Washing” Ben said looking at Kyle while he was circling his hands on his stomach.

Kyle was nervous because he was inching down closer and closer to his dick that was now half hard. Then Ben started rubbing his dick with soap; it took all but 2 seconds for his dick to be fully hard. Ben looked up at Kyle and giggled more and Kyle did too.

“It’s hard like me.” Ben said. Kyle looked beyond Ben’s hands and noticed that Ben had a hard on too. Kyle was so concentrated on trying to not get a hard on that he didn’t notice Ben having one. “Yes it is” Kyle managed to get out with Ben jacking him off. Ben basically stopped washing other areas of Kyle and focused just on Kyle’s dick.

It took Kyle a minute to adjust to what Ben was doing. It felt good to him and its something he does sometimes multiple times a day but having Ben do it, he isn’t sure if it something he should be doing. Then he saw Ben doing it to himself with his other hand while he was still jacking off him.

“Do you like this?” Kyle asked. Ben nodded his head with a smile still stroking Kyle.

“Have you done this with yourself before?” Kyle asked knowing he probably has.

Ben gives another nod and smile “It feel good” he said. “I do it at home all time” Ben added.

Kyle was surprised. “Me too” he responded.

“Now we do together,” Ben said. This was the most he had heard Ben talk before. Usually his responses are one, two or three word responses or sometimes headshakes or nods.

“But we don’t tell do we?” Kyle asked worried.

“We not get in trouble, Ky no get in trouble like Ben has.”

Kyle was shocked but relieved. He was shocked because of the level of understanding Ben has - that no one thinks he has.

Kyle reached over to the soap pump and pumps some out to his hands. He rubs his hands together and starts rubbing Ben’s chest like Ben did to him. “Lower” Ben said wanting Kyle to do rub his dick like Ben has been. He obliged and took Ben’s hard dick in his hand. He went in an up and down like motion just as Ben is doing.

“It feels good” Ben said.

“Let’s get closer” Kyle said while he was getting more into it.

Ben stepped closer to Kyle and their heads were against each other. They were both looking down, each watching them selves jack each other off. Ben then stopped and wrapped both hands around Kyle and pulled tight. Kyle did the same. They were now rubbing each other’s dicks together, up and down, and twirling. Ben would go on to his toes so that way he could get closer to Kyle’s height.

Kyle wasn’t expecting the next move Ben had, he slipped one hand down between Kyle’s ass cheeks and starting rubbing around his hole. It caught Kyle by surprise and it felt weird for Kyle but he returned to Ben with the same motion.

“Break time” Kyle said a little overwhelmed with what was going on.

He sat down against the wall. Ben looked at Kyle turned around and sat in his lap. Kyle loved that feeling he got when Ben’s warm, wet body went up against his. He still had a hard on but Ben didn’t care. He slid Ben into a position on his lap where his dick lined up against his ass crack – his dick fit right between his cheeks. Ben lay back against Kyle and Kyle wrapped his arms around Ben. Kyle looked down and saw that Ben still had a hard on. He reached down and slowly played with his dick while started slow motions with his dick between Ben’s ass cheeks.

“Nobody but Ky understands Ben” Ben said after some silence. He often refers himself as a third person.

“What do you mean?” Kyle asked.

“Ben loves Ky and has for a long time” Short pause “Ben has wanted to play with Ky for a long time.”

“We’ve played before, my Lego’s” Kyle added.

“No, play like now. Mom says I can’t play like this but by myself.” Another pause “But Ben keeps secret about our play time.”

“I will too otherwise Ky get in a lot of trouble and Ky wont be able to play with Ben anymore.” Kyle said. Sometimes he will use third-person references too just so Ben understands more.

“Yeah” Said Ben.

“Up” Kyle said standing Ben up while he gets up. “Let’s finish, Mom will be here soon.”

They finished washing off and turned off the shower. Kyle went to grab the towels and realized he only grabbed one from the locker.

“Crap, I only grabbed one towel.” Kyle said.

“Cwap!” Ben said laughing.

Kyle dried himself quickly then dried off Ben. Kyle put the towel around his back.

“Turn around,” Kyle said so that way Ben would be facing away from him. He pulled Ben closer and wrapped Ben in the towel too.

“Lets get to the locker so we can the other towel.” Kyle said. Kyle opened the shower stall and waddled out with Ben in front of and against him.

Kyle liked the feeling of Ben’s body against his. They made it to the locker and Ben came out of the towel. He got out the stuff and Ben picked through the bag to get his clothes.

They both got their underwear on and the rest of their clothes. Kyle paused for a minute.

“What did you mean when you said nobody understands Ben but Ky?”

“People no understand Ben because… Ben chooses not to talk… or listen. I know all …what is going on, I just… pretend.” Ben said with some breaks between the words.

Kyle paused putting on his socks because then it all made sense. Yes, Ben has this disability but he can control it and chooses not to communicate. “So why the fits and tantrums?”

“Because Ben get so mad when parents no understand Ben.”

It made sense at that point to Kyle.

“But Ben likes to p-l-a-y and has wanted to with Ky for a long time.” Kyle said exasperating play to mean playing with each other,

Ben nods his head putting on his shirt.

They make it outside where Ana is waiting is in the car. She gets out. “I was just about to go in there to check on you boys.” She seemed more relieved that she got away from Ben for a couple of hours.

“How was everything?” She asked excitedly.

“Good” Kyle responded.

“No problems, or issues?” She asked inquisitively.

“Nope” Kyle responded shaking his head. They get into the car. Kyle is against the door again and Ben is up against him in the middle seat.

“He just adores you!” Ana said referencing Ben snuggling against Kyle. “Did you guys shower?” She asked surprised smelling the soap from the activities they just did.

Kyle got nervous. “Yeah, is that OK?”

“Did Ben shower and use soap?” She continued.

“Yeah, well I helped him.” He said trying to be semi-honest.

“It is always a hard time getting him in the shower and washed. I should pay you to come over and motivate him!” Ana said excitedly.

They were driving off and Kyle looked at Ben and Ben looked at Kyle, they exchanged a smile.


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