Bring the Thunder!


Konoha’s Yellow Flash groaned, his eyes slowly fluttering open in the dimly lit shack. His head stung; he must’ve taken a strike to the back of it during the confrontation. His thoughts were muddled, and he wondered if he had in fact even been in a fight. A hand came up to touch the wounded spot, but he found that he had been bound at the wrist. His eyes broadened when it struck him; he had been captured and taken prisoner!

He struggled, but it was no use; the cords were strong and plentiful, and with his special kunai still holstered, he could do naught. His shouts for help were muffled behind the thick cord. Was he alone?

A couple of minutes later, the door to the shack was thrown open and was blocked by two people. One was tall and brimming with muscle, dark skin and white hair. He had a scowl on his tough face above his pointed beard. The other, lithe figure, Minato could easily recognize. He called the name of his wife behind the well-placed gag. “Minato!” Kushina cried to him, surging forward until A seized her by the wrist, keeping her from going to her betrothed. She struggled against the giant, pleading to go to Minato, if only to comfort him. “They came for me! I was looking for you in the forest, and they caught me!”

God… dammit! Her place was in the kitchen! Of course, that was not what Minato thought; he was too panicked about where she was now to think of anything else. If she suspected him to be in danger, she should have informed the Hokage. The Third would have taken the proper action. Now here the two of them were, captured by the brutal son of the Raikage.

“Let me go, ‘tebane! What are you planning to do?!” Kushina snapped back at A. She pulled violently against his massive fist. Tears of frustration and worry were building up in the corner of her eyes. “Are you Cloud bastards still after the Nine-Tails chakra?”

At last, A’s lips curled away from his teeth, baring his sharp canines. The chuckle sounded ominous, chilling Kushina to the bone. “You’re quite fiery,” he mused. His free hand came around to brush through her long, red hair, to which she turned away sharply and slapped his palm for such audacity; he felt nothing, but she received the backlash, hissing softly at the pain. Jeez, if his skin was this tough, his father – containing what was considered the Ultimate Shield at the time – must’ve felt like punching a dense wall of diamond. “Your hair suits you. I’ve heard it’s what attracted this man to you.” He nodded over to Minato, and Kushina looked over at him again, sniveling as though she had never been known as the Red Hot-Blooded Habanero. The hulking figure behind her knelt down, and his breath felt uncomfortably hot at her ear. “Go to him…” He released her wrist, and she didn’t hesitate to rush to her boyfriend, not taking any notice of the shack door creaking shut slowly. A stood there with them, ready to pounce if Kushina made any attempt to free Minato or try to take out one of his special kunai; the only place Minato could not transport to was to himself, so his kunais had to be on him at all times during his imprisonment.

Kushina made to pull down the binding keeping Minato from speaking, but it was too tough, and A hardly gave her any time to check on him. Her hands latched onto Minato’s until the last second. A brought her away so that he may stand in front of the man most likely to retain the name Hokage next. His predator-eyes stayed on Minato as he spoke, “You’ve challenged me for the last time, Yellow Flash. You’ve tested my patience, but in the end, you’ve lost like everyone else that has challenged me.” His had shot out to grip Minato by the throat; with the merest flexing of his strong digits, he could snap the smaller man’s neck. A then turned to the panicking Kushina, and his smirk was dreadful. “Dear Kushina,” he said in mocking politeness, “you will obey me, or I’ll squash this man right here and now, before your very eyes.”

Pursing her lips, Kushina’s eyes darted to Minato. Neither knew what A had in store, but Kushina hardly had a choice in the matter, lest she wanted to actually risk seeing if the burly A could back up his threats. She looked up at him. “Will you let us go?” Her voice was meek, a tone of submissiveness that A reveled in.

“On my word as the Raikage’s son,” A swore in a low voice, his smirk increasing in mischievousness. “You’ll both come out of this in one piece; maybe even feeling better than you had going in…” He touched her cheek with the hand that was once strangling Minato. It was hard not to lash out at him again, but Kushina steeled herself against the contact, bracing for what was to follow. Was he going to beat her, discipline the Yellow Flash by harming her while he watched helplessly?

She suddenly gasped when the large man took a bold and forward move, pressing his palm fully against her left breast. His fingers latched onto her, but with moderation; he could pop either of the mounds as easily as grapes should he choose to do so. When he began to knead, Kushina snapped out of her initial shock to retaliate as she normally did when someone tried to violate her so; she socked his jaw with one hand and went for his gut with the other. As expected, he merely chuckled at her offense and leered deeply in her eyes as she was left only with two sets of bruised knuckles.

She cursed softly, and then made a move to back away, ready to cover her chest, but A was satisfied where she was already; he merely had to set a hand on her waist to keep her from taking a step back. “Remember what I said,” he growled like a sadistic wolf. His fingers tightened slightly on her waist to demonstrate the power he possessed. “I’ll crush him.”

Kushina, turning red as a tomato, glanced over at her helpless husband. He was sweating with eyes wide with worry. He shook his head frantically to discourage her from being treated so maliciously, but she could not heed him; if to save him, she would endure humiliation this one time. When it was clear that she had made up her mind, Minato’s thoughts ran wild with where he wished Kushina was: at home, the park, the kitchen, in the shower, in a field, in the kitchen, doing laundry, in the kitchen, getting pregnant by him, in the kitchen, cooking, in the kitchen, nagging, in the kitchen, the kitchen, in bed, kitchen!

“Your devotion to this man is admirable,” A praised her mockingly to receive a harsh glare in turn. Both of his hands slid to her top now, and the fabric at her shoulders were gripped. Before she could protest, her high-collared blouse was split right down the middle and was pulled down to reveal to the Kumo ninja’s eye her chest. He chuckled and licked his lips hungrily when he caught sight of the twin mounds jiggling slightly from their sudden exposure. “No support? You must’ve been in a hurry,” he teased her.

Defensively, Kushina crossed an arm over her chest to cover her taut, light-pink nipples. It was so damn cold, she realized hatefully when she felt the hardened nubs poking against her arm. It was true; she was in a hurry to go find her fiancé and hadn’t done much thought into clothing since she was so panicked. But when she was bounding through the trees in her frantic search, she wished that she had added some gauze support since her breasts were floundering with every jump, which was uncomfortable and distracting.

“You’re a bastard,” she whispered venomously, turning away from A embarrassedly.

Let her spout insults; A couldn’t care less, but what truly bothered him was the obscured view. He easily pulled her arm away and latched both hands behind her back with one iron-strong hand, and not even handcuffs would be more effective. She struggled pitifully, but only succeeded in making her supple bosom sway and provide encouragement to the excited man. He put his palm on her again, and this time was not kept from enjoying her soft flesh. Kushina whimpered at the feeling, for although she hated this man more than anything right now, he knew how to touch a woman; he caressed her breasts with a confidence that was absent when her surprisingly shy boyfriend fondled her with the poise of a shy, little boy. A pleased gasp escaped her when A thumbed her sensitive nipple.

The sound gave him more power, for despite how she felt about him, she could not deny the pleasures bestowed upon her. He knelt down deeply, locking eyes with the redhead when he slipped his lips around the peak of her right tit. Again, she made a regretful pleasured sound when feeling his sharp teeth graze over the nub. His tongue ran circles around it, slathering it with a heavy coat of saliva. Then he began to suckle, roughly drawing on the breast until it started to hurt. Kushina couldn’t hold in the moan and yelps as he nursed, and although she was fighting against it with all of her might, her body was responding promptly to these ministrations, and even the situation itself was beginning to make her body boil: standing there with her clothes being peeled off of her like the skin of a banana, helpless in the grasp of one of the most muscular men in the land, all the while under the constant visual of her trapped boyfriend. She felt her nether region heat up and dampen the crotch of her undergarments. Gods, was she some kind of pervert?

She was going weak in the knees, but A caught her before she could collapse, unintentionally releasing her hands in the process. By the time he realized his first – and probably only mistake he would make in this shack – he saw there was no cause for alarm; she was his now, for instead of making an attempt at an escape, she put a hand on his broad shoulder to support herself in her growing, dizzying arousal. He made no sound, and just dipped back down to her bosom, now lapping at her other breast and nibbling on the tip. His sharp canines pricked the tender flesh and left marks that would surely be a reminder to her and Minato of this shameful experience.

“Ah!” Kushina couldn’t catch the sound when it escaped, and didn’t think she could have even if she prepared when A’s large, strong fingers went to cup the juncture of her thighs. He could feel the heat through the crotch of her shorts.

The mouth came away from her breast, though she had wished that it had remained occupied, if only to be free of the wretched man’s taunts. “You’re growing hot,” he whispered darkly before leering over his shoulder to get a visual of his rival’s expression. Fear, rage, and grief were all mixed together on Minato’s face when he saw just where A was caressing with his mighty hand. A cuss was spat behind the gag, which only led A to bellow with laughter.

He rose up to his full height then, towering over Kushina and making her feel so tiny. She hadn’t any strength to fight him now; it was futile before, and even more hopeless now that her thoughts were jumbling. She was in love with Minato, yet here she was, getting wet for another man while her beloved watched.

All too easily, her lower dressings were taken from her in one fell snatch from the powerful hand, and she was left to shiver and cover herself modestly. She still wore her pink panties, but with how impatient A was being, they no doubt would become shreds in another moment. She was right, dropping her head ashamedly when she felt the fabric rip around her waist. Immediately, she dropped a hand to cover her crotch – more to hide the fact from Minato that she was moist down there than to conceal her private parts from A’s hungry eyes.

“None of that,” A half-chuckled. He moved behind Kushina so that she was in full display for her panicked husband. Her eyes met his and relayed to him her regret. “We’re far past the point of being shy…” His breath was against her ear; he had lowered himself somewhat so that he may reach for his prize. “Right, Kushina?” Her hand was pried from her groin to expose the neat patch of fiery curls around her glistening lips.

Minato’s wide eyes were set on her crotch, dreading the violation of it. A didn’t make him wait, pushing his hand against Kushina’s pussy and testing her arousal. She squirmed against him with pitiful mewls. Her eyes closed tightly, and she involuntarily set a hand back on the offender’s waist to keep support. “S-stop, ‘tebane,” she gasped out, but A could not be convinced.

A grunted, forcing his dark body against her creamy one as he explored her. His index and ring fingers spread her nether lips, and his middle finger tested her entrance. “You’re tight,” he observed, and his tongue run up her flushed cheek. She inhaled shakily and her entire body convulsed when the digit began to probe her, stretching her tight, wet channel. “Hmm, I’ll take care of that soon enough.”

Kushina gulped noisily as she imagined what he had in store for her. All in front of her fiancé… The hand on A’s thigh tightened as his finger dug deeper into her snatch. “Please… stop…”

Surprisingly, his hands came away from her, and she breathed a relieve sigh when her entrance was vacated. At least those feelings that should have only been shared exclusively with one that she loved finally stopped. For the moment, she just stood there, barely, with the strength of a rag doll. Her right foot slid subtly towards Minato, but the advancement stopped there.

There was a shifting of cloth, alerting the poor redhead to A’s activity. She turned around slowly. Her throat clutched when she set eyes on his muscular frame; he had removed his flak jacket, and then stopped disrobing. Kushina, though terrified, was in awe of his stature. Did he have steroids pumping through his veins in place of blood?

But her eyes were diverted from his brimming torso when his hands moved slowly, deliberately, to his fly. What awaited her? She sucked breath in deeply, and it seemed that she had forgotten that Minato was even there, watching event unfold from behind her. The pants were too loose to reveal anything definite, but she could tell he was swollen. “Ready?” he asked with that accursed smirk of arrogance, and then, as if given an answer, he brought down his trousers.

“Oh my god!” Kushina stumbled backward when the jutting appendage sprung from his dropped pants. The sheer bulk of it, the length, it didn’t seem possible to her, and she couldn’t take her astonished sight from it. The bulbous head was lightly saturated with beading pre-cum that had smeared the inside of his pants. The shaft was long and thick, stretching to the same length of her face with almost the full thickness of her wrist.

At her reaction, A shot a malicious grin over at Minato, a grin that said ‘you’ll never get that sort of reaction’. After exchanging glares, A turned back to the girl still hypnotized by his cock. He gestured to the floor. “On your knees, Kushina,” he told her gruffly.

Kushina gazed up at him, seeming like a terrified little girl. Could he seriously mean…? When she hesitated, A put a heavy hand on her shoulder, and there was hardly any resistance as she sunk down to her knees. She faced the pillar of throbbing flesh, her mouth feeling dry and wet at the same time. He wanted her to put it in her mouth; he could choke her, she wanted to scream at him, but knew that if she expressed such concern, he’d only laugh and figure he’d earned some more bragging rights. Aside from that, she’d hardly even given Minato head; now she was expected to give this man a blowjob.

A could tolerate her reluctance, since he was no doubt the largest man she had been with. He angled his erection to point at her face; she had to lean back a bit to avoid getting pre-cum smeared over her nose. His other hand went to her head to slowly bring her toward his cock. Her lips parted, and a whimper came from her throat. “I… I…” She was stammering nervously, her nostrils picking up the heavy scent of his cock. Embarrassedly, she felt her juices oozing down the insides of her thighs. Her body was reacting too strongly to his advances; it was treacherous. The merest of contact was made with her lips and his cockhead, and she was tempted to take it in just then and there, to get it over with and give into her impulses. Oddly enough, she hadn’t been so flustered – or rather, excited – when it came to sucking Minato’s dick. “I can’t,” she finally sputtered out.

“What happened to all that bravado?” A asked with a snicker. “Go on, Kushina. No need to prolong this.” He stroked her hair with wretched tenderness that made her skin crawl. “Is there?”

Kushina scrunched up, went deep inside her mind for a moment, and then peered at the length before her. She swallowed hard… Get it over with. She took a deep breath, and her mouth was wide when she took in the helmet. When she heard Minato protest and flail anew, she closed her eyes tightly and wished that he could just shut up; it was hard enough to betray him like this without hearing him right behind her.

“Be sure to watch the teeth; I say this for your own wellbeing,” A said, eyes watching intently as Kushina nervously took more of his rigid staff into her orifice. “You’ll break a tooth before you break skin.”

Kushina could have rolled her eyes at the obviousness of that statement; it felt like sucking on an iron pole. He tasted bitter and salty in her mouth. Her tongue moved subtly along the underside of the shaft; perhaps she would have used more movement if he didn’t fill her mouth so completely. When he jerked his hips slightly against her, she grunted and was forced to abandon the progress she had made on his foot-long prick. She coughed, and then shot a glare up at him; her usual boldness flashed in her eyes, and A found it exciting. “Don’t just try to ram it all home! You’re… you’re…” She eyed the cock, and blurted out, “You’re fucking huge, ‘tebane!”

In the next instant, she was plucked off the floor, squealing as she was suddenly turned upside down, her hair flooding the floor underneath her. The positioning made her feel so exposed with her legs splayed out above her. A’s hands held her up by the waist, letting her arms and tits dangle. While hanging in such a way, her face was right at A’s prick. “Maybe you’ll find this more suitable,” A mused before shifting his full attention to her red crotch. He licked his lips and said that she looked delicious. Without further ado, his mouth was on her, slurping up her flowing nectar and teasing her clit. She wriggled violently in his grasp, crying and moaning as his quick tongue moved against her cunt.

Holding her up still with one hand, A brought the other to the back of Kushina’s head, moving her forward to accept his shaft into her mouth once again; she did so begrudgingly, filling her mouth with his cock and bobbing rather enthusiastically. It was either the sudden rush from being held upside down, or the feeling of having her pussy eaten out that made her so eager to suckle on A’s penis.

For several, heart-wrenching minutes, Minato was forced to watch as his girlfriend’s snatch was pillaged by A’s fervent tongue. What made it even worse – aside from seeing Kushina’s crimson head bobbing back and forth on his monster of a member – were the snide glances given by A, who relished the fact that he was being watched by the only man who bested him in speed. He gave a long lick, like sampling the last morsel on a dinner plate. “You have good taste in women, at least, Yellow Flash,” he mocked him, feeling Kushina halt her mouth-work on his cock. His breathy chuckle met her pussy. “If you know what I mean…” He began eating her again, and her muscles tightened. The legs sprouting over his head closed about him, and Kushina pulled away from him.

“Oh god, I’m cumming!” Kushina cried in jubilation and shame. A continued to lap at her pussy while she convulsed and spilled her juices. He hummed in approval as he cleaned her up with his long tongue. Then she went limp, hanging from his grip in a satisfied mess until she was set down. She did not compose herself right away, even though she was chilly on the floor; the most she could manage was curling up a bit. And was she smiling, that look of satisfaction after a long-denied release?

A said nothing as he stared down at her, standing impassive like a statue. She barely regarded his dark form while chiseled muscles defined in the slight flicker of candlelight. Wheels were spinning in his head, and Kushina was suddenly afraid when he turned away from her and walked away. Was he leaving? Improbable; he simply picked up the only other chair in the room – significantly larger than the one Minato was strapped to – and set it up facing Kushina and her fiancé. He plopped down, laying his arms along the armrests.

His feral eyes went down to her, and he ordered, “Get up, Kushina.” His right hand patted his bare, muscular thigh. “Now.”

Kushina, dizzy from the orgasm, could hardly acknowledge what was being said, but she still rose. She didn’t seem to care that she needed to brace herself on either of A’s knees as she came to her feet. Her eyes were glazed over with lust when she eyed his member again. So large; it put Minato to shame. Where was Minato anyway? She had temporarily forgotten that he was even there, at the mercy of the Raikage’s son.

“Ride me, Uzumaki bitch,” A suddenly demanded after snagging a fistful of her red hair in his palm; he did not mean to harm her, just insistently urge her.

Kushina grunted when her lovely red hair was yanked, biting sensually at her lower lip. “But… but, Minato. I’m engaged… to Minato,” she reminded him as if it would have any effect on A’s decision.

He simply smirked. “Yes, you are. Now ride me.” His hand slipped from her hair to her hip, and she was suddenly spun around to face Minato. She looked at him as if she hadn’t expected him to be there. She breathed his name passionately, loving him, yet she moved accordingly as she was eased onto A’s lap. He effortlessly cradled her against his massive body, highlighting her pale form with his own complexion.

She made a small sound of concern when she gazed down at her crotch to see the saliva-slickened penis jutting from between her legs. She could not get over the girth of it, even after having it crammed into her mouth. Her head turned slightly towards him.

His hands shot immediately to her chest, gripping her plump bosom completely in his palms and kneading them skillfully. He pulled at her nipples, his chest rumbling with a pleased sound. When her breath was becoming uneven with rekindled arousal, he paused so that she could pay rapt attention to his words: “I’m going to fuck you now, Uzumaki Kushina, right in front of the man to whom you’re betrothed.” His right hand pulled on her right thigh to better spread her. “All I ask of you now is to put it in yourself.”

Kushina’s eyes went wide as she sized up his staff and thought of her pussy – and how she hadn’t been intimate with Minato for some time. “It’ll never fit!” she exclaimed, seizing his cock as if to test and see if it were actually real. “You’re… you’re too big!”

“Give it a try,” A suggested after an arrogant chuckle. He adjusted himself underneath her for an easier angle to pierce her. “You may be surprised.”

Kushina pursed her lips, her cheeks hot and red. What would it be like to be stretched to – or past – the absolute limit? What if Minato was not there, she pondered while quickly looking over to him, so helpless and pathetic tied up there. Would she be less hesitant, for if she was willing while being watched, what would she be capable of in privacy? She felt so dirty, so naughty… Her eyes didn’t leave her intended as she nipped her bottom lip and lifted her waist with an arch of her back. She directed A’s long, black cock to her waiting pussy, halted for a moment or two, and then moaned deeply as she impaled herself on him. He was right that he could fit inside of her, but it did cause some discomfort. Thank the gods she was so wet now.

“Oh my god,” she panicked, trying to steady her hyperventilating breath. She tried to stuff the fourth inch into her cunt, but lacked the willpower. “I can’t…! I can’t…! It’s too big, tebane!”

“Perhaps you’re just too tight…” A was more than happy to lend assistance when he put his hands on either side of her waist and began to force her down in a left-to-right screwing motion. She yelped as her walls spread forcibly around him to create a vacuum-seal around him. His grunts were deep and rich with satisfaction as he bore his way deeper into her body until it was confirmed that he could go no further; nine inches were embedded in her convulsing snatch, leaving three inches outside her warmth.

Kushina thrashed atop of him, arching her back in a way that made her breasts heave with every breath. She squealed at the painful pleasure. It took some time to get accustomed to, but eventually, when A began to rock against her, the discomfort began to fade. Soon, the cries and whimpers of agony shifted to the sound of pure pleasure. She moved her hips clumsily to meet the subtle, upward thrusts of A. Minato’s distorted pleas to end this madness were lost underneath his beloved’s screams of pleasure; A was glad he chose such a secluded area, for this woman’s racket would’ve drawn the attention of a number of bypassing ninjas or other people.

Kushina did well to keep up the pace for as long as she had, but to match A’s stamina was impossible. Five minutes in and several orgasms later, she was close to passing out from exhaustion. In view of this, A took it upon himself to twist her around to face him. Though he enjoyed watching her bounce on his lap while facing Minato, he liked the view of her tits mashing against his steel-hard chest more.

He held her on either side of her waist, spreading the crevice of her ass to provide a perfect view for Minato to witness as Kushina’s pussy was ruined right in front of him. From now on, whenever she and Minato made love from this point on, it would feel like putting his dick in a loose sleeve.

Her red hair was all over the place, and A made a point of saying how nice it felt sliding smoothly up and down his torso, if only to aggravate Minato further. He grunted and picked up the pace of manually moving Kushina against him, burying the tenth inch of his shaft into her after working her harder. The remainder of his shaft became streaked with her flowing nectar that ran down to his swollen testicles.

Either tired of this position after ten more minutes, or just eager to reach his release, A snarled and switched their places so that Kushina was on the chair and he was looming over her. He didn’t hesitate and began to ram against her in vicious abandon. Kushina awoke from her orgasm-stupor with this sudden spur of lightning-powerful pleasure. She screamed and moaned anew, hands clawing at the muscular arms on both sides of her lithe form. No longer caring about Minato’s presence, A growled savagely as he pounded little Kushina into the chair with jarring force. She grunted out curse words, sometimes calling him a bastard or another insult, but she would be struck down by God’s judgment-lightning for lying so profusely if she said that she wanted this to stop.

Of course, A’s strength was too much for the structure of the wooden seat, and after a few more powerful thrusts, it shattered. Kushina was doomed to meet the floor if not for A’s quick reflexes; he cradled her and brought her against him, holding her by the back of her thighs while she hooked her hands over his broad shoulders. “How do you like it, Kushina? Being fucked like this?” He snickered evilly as he awaited an answer.

Kushina would not dignify him with a response. Could he not just take the orgasms he bestowed upon her, one right after another, and be satisfied? She chanted over and over to her god as she was constantly dropped on his shaft. Eventually, she was set on her feet to face the wall, and knowing what was expected of her, she leaned forward to present herself. A mounted her all over again and fucked her with such force that she feared the wooden wall would meet the same fate as the chair that was now fit only to be firewood.

“Oh fuck! Oh god, tebane! Fuck it all!” Kushina struggled to fight off the impulses to scream how good it felt to be fucked by the Kumo ninja. With all the strength she had left, she pushed back against him, her ass bumping against his crotch when she finally managed to take him all in, despite how it ached her womb and would probably do some damage that the Kyuubi’s chakra would have to heal later on.

His hand swatted her backside, causing her to yelp and trigger an unexpected climax on her part. Just how many had she had? It couldn’t possibly have been past twenty, could it? Another spank to the other cheek. She would be decorated with A’s handprints for a while to come.

He leaned forward, a giant blanketing her, and he whispered into her ear. “Are you ready for my cum, Kushina?”

She looked at him with weary eyes and face plastered with sweat and red strands of hair. Dumbly, she nodded. With her willingness, A straightened his posture and gave the loudest grunts he could as he banged his cock into her destroyed pussy several more times; Kushina heard some threatening cracks from the wall she was fucked against.

And then she was unplugged. Without any support, she dropped to the ground until A plucked her head up to be aligned with his prick. Knowing what was to come, she closed her eyes and awaited the spray. A continued to snarl as he pumped his thick member in a tight fist, and he bellowed his release when it shot out like molten lava over Kushina’s face. She whimpered and flinched under the first mighty gush splashed over her face, covering her left eye and cheek. The second shot sprung higher to catch her forehead, losing none of the potency and quantity of the first. Kushina had never taken a load to the face, but she hadn’t expected it to be so hot, or so much as five more gushes painted her. Usually, Minato wore a condom or pulled out to cum on her belly. What did it taste like, she wondered when feeling A’s jizz oozing over her lips. Her tongue flicked out briefly, and that was it; maybe if Minato wasn’t there, she would’ve latched her mouth securely on A’s pillar to siphon out every ounce of the cum.

White semen poured down her face like a sloppy mask, yet A was still not done, aiming the rest of his load to mark her lovely tits. He had so much, Kushina mused; Minato would’ve been done and asleep by now. A came for what seemed to be a full minute before he drew away, exhaling heavily only once before he composed himself. Without another word, he turned and made to collect his clothes. “That was a good fuck,” he complimented her. “I could go on, but if I am absent too long, a search party will come after me. Return to your village; and Minato, remember this day.” He chuckled wickedly as he looked over at the moping Yellow Flash. A was done, and he left them.

It was a while before Kushina managed the strength to drag herself over to free her boyfriend. When the leeway was presented, Minato tore away all of the cords holding him and took off his jacket instantly to cover her naked body – a lot of good that did while she dripped with sperm. Minato hissed with anger. “Why?” he asked finally. “Why did you come after me? Why did you have to go through all of that?!”

Kushina said nothing and just continued to stare at the floor. How shameful it was to have enjoyed that fucking so much… She figured she would need to secretly obtain a dildo of large proportions to satisfy her sexually now.

“Don’t worry, Kushina,” Minato said determinedly. “The Kumo will pay for this. When he becomes Raikage, I’ll tell everyone the truth… He’s a big meanie!”

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