A Motherly Touch


Alternate Universe history:

The world is filled with unexplained miracles. Naruto had seen his fair share, good and bad. This… was the single, greatest in the universe. His mother, who he had not known until trying to tame the Kyuubi, Kurama, had been resurrected! While his father, Minato, had been a lost cause – as he was the wielder of the Dead Demon Consuming jutsu and could not attach a surviving soul to his son. Kushina, on the other hand, still had great life left within her when her soul was sealed in Naruto; therefore, she was able to be extracted from him after he had mastered Kurama’s chakra. Pretty much, it was not much different from Pain’s life-sucking technique; it could kill and revive. And due to the Kyuubi’s chakra being so filled with life, Kushina’s body materialized with her soul, though it was a slow process.

While she recovered in the room of light under Iruka’s team’s guard, Naruto went off to fight the war against the one who claimed to be Uchiha Madara and rather easily forced the massive army to retreat. The war was still on, but was delayed until an undetermined time. Therefore, for the most part, life had returned to semi-normal for Konoha, save for Kushina being resurrected. Sasuke and ‘Madara’ were still on the loose, and the search was ongoing, but at least peace was known for a while.

~~~Two weeks following the disbandment of the Fourth Great Shinobi War~~~

Uzumaki Kushina had a bright smile on her face as she roamed the once-familiar streets of Konoha, her arms cradling bags of groceries. Oh yes, after seeing her son’s mighty collection of cups of ramen, she swore that he would eat healthier, well-rounded meals. It was a rather humiliating encounter when Naruto introduced his mom to the ramen shop owner. Teuchi had laughingly said that her son singlehandedly kept his shop in business; she exploded with the temper she had been known for, accusing him of stealing her son’s hard-earned money and shouting that Teuchi shouldn’t be giving a boy such an unhealthy dosage of ramen. Needless to say, Teuchi closed up the ramen shack that night to sulk, even though Naruto assured him that he would sneak in for the usual orders of ramen.

Well, aside from his eating habits, Kushina was very proud of her son. He had made so many friends and was even declared the hero of Konoha. His friends were an interesting lot, though she noticed his particular eagerness and suspiciously shy behavior around the pink-haired girl named Haruno Sakura. She was quite the little lady, Kushina had decided; she even noticed a resemblance between Sakura and herself with the distinctive color of their hair and their fiery tempers.

“Good morning, Kushina-san!” Well, speak of the devil, Kushina thought with a pleasant smile when she saw the pink-haired medical kunoichi heading her way. Sakura truly liked Naruto’s mother, as she kept her rambunctious son in check, and she was admirably beautiful with her long, tomato-red hair.

“Hello, Sakura-chan. Are you looking for Naruto?” Kushina teased with a smile that was obviously inherited by Naruto. “He should be back at our apartment.”

Flushing in the face, Sakura embarrassedly denied any interest in her son, though Kushina just saw this reproach as children awkwardly twiddling around with one another. “Tsunade-sama wanted me to come in to do some training…” She trailed off, as if giving some thought to the matter as she stared at the bags of foodstuffs. Making up her mind, she held out her arms and said, “But I don’t think she’d mind if I was a little late. I’ll help you carry those.”

Without even waiting for permission, she relieved one of Kushina’s tiring arms. Kushina gave a grateful moan when the weight was halved and now distributed to both arms instead of just one. She thanked Sakura for her aid and headed for home, sharing usual small talk with her companion. Of course, Kushina couldn’t help leading the conversation towards Sakura’s feelings and future intentions for Naruto; Sakura once again flared with denial.

Kushina twisted the doorknob of her son’s apartment, muttering something about how he needed to be more careful and lock the door more often. Opening the entrance happily, she declared her arrival and the bounty of nutritious foods that she would prepare for dinner. However, her jaw dropped when she saw her son – startled and hasty to cover up – turn his back to her. “M-mom! I… I wasn’t…” Naruto tried to hide what was just in his hand, but Kushina and Sakura had already seen his shame. Sakura, deeply red, voiced his name in disappointment, but would leave disciplinary actions up to the parent.

“What did I tell you about eating ramen for breakfast, tebane?!” shrieked Kushina, spinning her son around to once again confirm that he was cradling a bowl of instant ramen in his hands. Though he protested, she tore away his favorite meal and tossed it in the trash. And while her son was left to grieve, she set her hand against her forehead and took deep breaths to calm herself down. She wasn’t called the ‘Red Hot-Blooded Habanero’ for nothing, after all, but those were her childhood days; she needed to calm down, she told herself. Still, she had hoped that her Naruto would have known how serious she was about his diet after she had thrown most of his ramen stash in the dumpster, allowing him only one cup a day, which she would slowly wean him off of to one time a week and so on. She couldn’t deny her passion for ramen, but she wanted her child to be more nutritional than that.

“Your mom bought a whole bunch of food for you, Naruto,” Sakura admonished him while setting both of the bags atop the kitchen counter. Before, there would have been no room for anything to be set anywhere, but upon her arrival, Kushina had done her motherly-best to keep the house nice and clean. “You can’t spoil your appetite.”

Suddenly swooning, Naruto leapt out of his seat excitedly, startling his mom from his sudden enthusiasm. “Does that mean Sakura-chan is going to make me dinner?” He had always fantasized about Sakura working over the stove and preparing meals – mostly just ramen – for him, and his naughtier visions included her wearing an apron and an apron only.

“No,” laughed Kushina, hiding the urge to slug him and ask if he did not think her own homemade cooking was not up to par with a much younger girl’s. “Tonight, I’ll be making steak with salad and rice. We need to work more of the essential food groups into your diet.”

Well, that didn’t sound very exciting. Naruto set his whiskered cheek on his fist when he fell back down in his seat. Ramen had been working just fine for him all these years, though he supposed Kushina felt a need to make up for all the meals he had missed out on. That thought, at least, brought a smile to his otherwise dissatisfied face.

Kushina rummaged through the groceries, setting out the food to be prepped. It was ten o’clock, and it took some time to prepare a truly glorious feast. However, she soon discovered that she was missing a few key ingredients, which she scolded herself for. “I forgot something, tebane,” she whined. She looked to Sakura, as she trusted her much more than her son to set out all the food and put it away; Naruto would most likely cram everything into one big mess. “Sakura-chan, I know the Hokage wished for you to go to her for training, but could I ask you to put away all the food first?”

Sakura could not refuse and told Kushina to take her time. Smiling, Kushina headed out the door and back to the marketplace. In the meantime, as Sakura began to organize foods based on size and type, Naruto was fawning over her again. “Sakura-chan’s all alone in my apartment with me,” he practically sang. He put his hands on her shoulders, but she didn’t turn away from her sorting. “What should we do… oof!” His eyes crossed when Sakura’s elbow rammed back into his stomach, causing him to double over.

“I’m working,” Sakura grumbled while he crumbled to the floor.


Kushina wandered through the rows of shops, spotting a few, newly familiar faces. That Shikamaru boy that was friends with her son was there, trailing after a loud, irritable woman who was probably his mother; she snapped at her son to keep up the pace and not let her shopping bags sag so much. Shikamaru just rolled his eyes and wished that he didn’t have to keep his smoking habit a secret from her; he could really use… a drag? Derp! The dog clan – the Inuzukas – was there as well. Kushina recognized them by the fang markings on their cheeks, and had even met Tsume, who was most discernible for her feral looks. Quick passing-by greetings were exchanged, but there was no time to dillydally and catch up on times past, not when the preparation of a well-made dinner was in the balance.

And so, she hurried about and picked up the small spices and vegetables needed to make the perfect meal for her son. She had been out of the game of cooking for so long, she had to make sure that she re-sharpened her skills. Fortunately, when she was heading home after a few minutes, all she had was just a small bag that weight little more than a pound. It was worth it, at least, she mused while climbing the stairs of the apartment complex. Considering his upbringing – or rather, lack of it – she had to commend Naruto for picking out a reasonable place to live, though he probably had a great deal of help from the Third Hokage.

She reached the room and turned the doorknob, only to find it fastened in place. It was locked? Odd… Did that mean that Naruto had taken off to do some training? He had told her that he did most of his practices in the forest with friends. Guess the spare key Naruto had given her would finally come in handy, Kushina thought with a laugh.

She made no announcement of her return, assuming that there was no one within to hear. When the door was gently shut behind her, her ears finally picked up faint sounds behind her son’s semi-closed door; it was left ajar, as though attempted to be shut, but wasn’t given full thought. “- might come back soon,” Sakura’s voice moaned out. Kushina’s eyes widened, and now giving it her full attention, she could hear the rhythmic squeaking of the bed – her bed since Naruto had elected to sleep elsewhere until they could get a bigger place – and the loud smacking of wet flesh colliding. Sakura’s whine was drawn out. “Aren’t you going to cum soon?” That was the sentence that confirmed Kushina’s suspicions and made her consider rushing out the door and wait them out. What made her stay? Curiosity.

Kushina swallowed hard, for she knew what scene lay behind that door. She heard her panting son reassure his partner that they would finish up with enough time to spare. How long had they been at it? Kushina hadn’t been gone for more than twenty minutes! Did Naruto really work that fast? “You said it was going to be quick,” sobbed Sakura as Kushina carefully went up to the door to peer inside. Her heart stopped the instant she saw the two teenagers. They were kneeling at the bedside, their backs to the door as Sakura rested her head and forearms in the mattress, looking as if she were in prayer. They had chosen to stay mostly dressed in case Kushina did come home earlier than they hoped, which actually was the case, even if they did not know it.

“Almost there, ‘tebayo,” Naruto assured her again before pounding his hips harder against Sakura’s ass. The pink-haired girl whined out and begged him to slow down. Kushina’s heartbeat returned at triple its regular speed when she noticed his sac swaying in between his parted thighs. “I’m gonna cum in you, Sakura-chan! Is that okay?!”

Kushina almost felt an obligation to run in there and personally extract her son from his ‘private friend’s depths, but she stayed right in place and just watched the events unfold. Her cheeks were flushed red as a tomato and her breath was hitched, but her eyes did not waver from her child’s bucking form.

Sakura’s pink head shook back and forth. “No! Not inside me! No~!” Apparently, it was too late to dispute, or rather, Naruto was just dead-set on it. Kushina’s breast heaved as she watched with wide eyes as Naruto cemented his hips against Sakura’s and his balls noticeably contracted. He grunted harshly and rocked against Sakura to signify each spray of his cum into her snatch, and she did not fight it.

Emotions were running wild within Kushina. Did Naruto just hastily impregnate his crush? How should she feel about that? And why was she feeling so hot and lightheaded? She whimpered softly and braced herself against the doorframe until she could collect her thoughts. Jeez, one look at her would give the impression that it was her who was just bedded. A hand gently dragged across her front, her bosom tingling from the contact. It was a sensation from far-too-long ago…

The two youngsters grunted when their bodies separated, Naruto’s cock tucked away before Kushina’s eyes could shamefully take a peek at it. She did, however, get a view of Sakura’s bare backside, red from the force of Naruto’s pounding hips and her snatch leaking an abundance of mingling juices. Very reluctantly, she tugged up her black spandex pants, complaining on how this room didn’t have any tissues. Before Naruto could issue a halfhearted apology – for he regretted not one thing about what just happened – Sakura slugged him, too blinded by rage to notice the blur of flowing red hair when Kushina ducked out of sight. “I told you to pull out!” Sakura shouted at the bruised blonde on the floor. “Now I have to go home and change and make Tsunade-sama wait even longer!”

“S… sorry, Sakura-chan,” Naruto wheezed, still reeling from Sakura’s unchecked strength. Huffing at him, Sakura, red in the face, started to make herself more presentable by pulling her bra back into place over her breasts and zipping up her top.

While the two were still straightening themselves out, Kushina panicked. She couldn’t be found inside the house, sneaking around and watching her son fuck his teammate. Acting and improvising was needed, so she scurried to the front door as quickly and quietly as she could and loudly jostled the doorknob to make it sound like she was unlocking it from the outside. Sure enough, she heard Naruto curse and scramble about.

She opened the door and closed it. “I…” Her voice faltered at first. “I’m back, Naruto, Sakura-chan!” Playing the fool, she retraced the steps she had taken when first arriving, only this time, she was purposely loud. “I’ve got all the ingredients for dinner. Where are you two?”

Naruto hurried out first, his face flushed and a sheen of sweat covering his face. He even looked to be out of breath, and Kushina knew why. Unfortunately, she shared her offspring’s complexion when their eyes met; she immediately looked away. “What were you two doing in the bedroom, Naruto?” she asked without thinking. Jeez, it was his room, technically; he had a right. And to automatically assumed that Sakura was in there with him just incriminated her further. Now she just made herself suspicious.

Of course, Naruto didn’t give much thought to it as he answered, “I… was just taking a nap,” he blatantly lied to his mom’s face. Chuckling nervously when her eyes returned to his face, he continued and said that Sakura had left a while ago. Well, that was enough to make Kushina sneer, for she knew full-well what she had witnessed taking place in her sleeping space.

“Is that so?” She rounded Naruto, surprised that he was keeping his cool even when she entered the room. She looked right and left and found Sakura’s escape point when a gust of wind blew in through the opened window. A smirk crossed her features; leave it to her prankster of a son to think on his feet when he was about to get into trouble. Hopefully Sakura was taking precautions while fooling around with him. Kushina turned around and looked at her boy. How could he stare at her so easily, even after what he had just done in this very room? She herself felt her heart starting to hammer again when she recalled the scene minutes ago, Naruto bucking into Sakura, his testicles discharging their load to her young womb.

Blushing, Kushina laughed, her head tilting backward slightly. Her laughter was a little unladylike, but cute in a true, natural way. Still, what had her acting so strange? “I’ll get tonight’s dinner started, tebane,” she blurted out, brushing by Naruto quickly to scurry to the kitchen. Naruto watched her with a quirked eyebrow. She only said ‘tebane’ when really flustered. Her body was feeling so hot, receptive to everything around her, and she had to hurry and distract herself from it. Each step she took felt like it would be her last before collapsing. Underneath her dress, her breasts yearned for freedom. Oh, gods, she should not be feeling this way at such a time. Even her hands were shaking, and she needed to put that to a stop.

“Mom?” Naruto made a grab for her shoulder, and when he laid a hand on her, Kushina reacted as she normally did… if it was the perverted Jiraiya…

With a shouted “No!”, she pivoted on her left foot and slammed her right leg up right in between Naruto’s legs and successfully hit the two most sensitive targets on any un-castrated man. It was her mistake, but Naruto suffered for it. His eyes crossed while his jaw dropped. A silent scream echoed from his throat as the taste of his own balls found its way into his mouth; not a good feeling.

Realizing that she reacted too harshly for no other reason than violent habit, Kushina retracted, placing her hands in a mortified fashion over her gaping mouth. Her one and only child dropped to the floor, clutching his damaged groin. “Oh no! I’m sorry, Naruto! I didn’t mean to do that, tebane!” Immediately, she fell to her knees and pried one of his arms up. He was as stiff as a cadaver, but he was eventually hoisted onto the bed.

He was gritting his teeth and hissing out his agony, and Kushina could not feel more terrible. She looked down at the damaged area. Of all times to revert to her childhood, why did it have to be now and on her dear Naruto? He honestly hadn’t done anything wrong – aside from lying straight to Kushina’s face. She briefly considered if that merited a kick to a man’s sac; when Naruto howled in pain, she decided it did not.

What to do? What to do? “Uh, I’ll get an icepack,” she finally stuttered out before rushing to the ice box. As she filled the bag with frozen cubes, she had to chastise herself for getting into this mess. And for all she knew, she just pulverized any future grandkids! She would have to work fast. She dashed back to the room with the icepack in hand, though she suddenly became apprehensive. Her son’s hands were still cupping his groin, blocking where the coldness had to be applied. Of course, she knew the male anatomy and cold things weren’t exactly a friendly mix, but being new at this whole ‘mother’ thing, it was the best she could do. “Move your hands… Naruto…”

Reluctantly, Naruto obeyed. Crotch ready to be tended to, Kushina stared for a moment. Her mouth was feeling so dry and she could feel her heart beating in her ears. Well… maybe she should first… examine the injured area. Was that ethical? It was just her making sure that her son was not seriously hurt. That heat that was pooling in her abdomen was starting to flow like molten lava. This was her chance to see what she had missed earlier, though… though this was just a quick examination, she reminded herself.

“I’m going to check you, um… I’m going to check where you’re hurt.” She was not known to be so clumsy, but then again, she never found herself in a situation involving her son’s penis and testicles before.

“Wh-what? But… but you’re my mom,” he rasped out. That was a good sign; not only did he still habitually blurt nonsense, he also had a grasp of immorality and knew the places where parents should not tread after the child’s reached a certain age.

Kushina gulped. “I know. But, I need to see if there’s any permanent damage.” The mention of his balls being disfigured or on the chopping block renewed the vicious, unrelenting sting. Though he was making the sounds of a dying moose, he was making no further attempt to protest, so his mother went to work. Her hands were still shaking when they headed for the button of his orange trousers. When it came undone, she saw Naruto’s legs stiffen, but she continued nonetheless by dragging down his zipper. He uttered her name weakly, unsure of what to say, but she simply hushed him without taking her gaze from his green boxers. Underneath was the part of him that she should not see, yet all the same, she grabbed the underwear by the waistband and shrugged it and his pants down to mid-thigh. She had intended to lower them to her knees, but she withdrew from shock when she saw the bulk of Naruto’s shaft. Her son had obviously been blessed with talent in areas other than fighting!

Dangling from his surprisingly-groomed pubic hair was his flaccid member at a good five inches, just an inch shorter than his father’s, but he wasn’t even erect! She blinked several times while gawking. For that moment, she forgot why she even had dropped his pants in the first place.

Naruto, on the other hand, had not forgotten. The stinging of his abused balls was fading enough for him to be a bit more conscious of what was going on. With whiskered cheeks going crimson from his exposure, he looked at his mom and felt ten times more embarrassed when he saw how she was mesmerized by his cock. It was similar to the reaction Sakura had given her first time seeing it, but having his mother awestruck was weird. “Does it look alright?” he finally asked to break her trance.

“Oh? Heheh, yeah,” she sheepishly laughed while rubbing the back of her head. “I kind of lost focus, tebane. Sorry.” She looked back down at the crotch, her lower lip quivering anxiously. She couldn’t examine just with her eyes; that much was sure. She considered wearing gloves, but dismissed the idea. She was no medical personnel, and this was her son, her own flesh and blood. She shouldn’t worry… shouldn’t worry…

Nervously, she reached out and lightly ran her fingertips over the soft surface; no reaction. His penis looked okay, but it was the contents underneath that concerned her. When she carefully grasped him, he gave a soft grunt and pursed his lips. Mother or not, it felt good to have his cock held by hands other than his own; of course, Kushina was the second person to touch him there after Sakura. Kushina eyed his testicles; they were in motion, gradually retracting as the scrotum began to tighten. Carefully, she wrapped her free hand under his sac and squeezed each sphere respectfully before cupping them both, fingering the loose skin to search for any damage. Naruto groaned. “Does it hurt?” Kushina asked softly.

Naruto’s head nodded slightly. “A little, dattebayo,” he exhaled. It was a lie; the pain had faded the moment she touched him. He just wanted to feel her startlingly delicate hands on him a while longer. The way she handled him was much different than Sakura; Sakura was usually a bit rougher that Kushina’s motherly caresses.

Kushina kept her blue eyes trained on her hands. Her complexion matched her title of Red Hot-Blooded Habanero as she massaged her son’s testicles, hoping to do some good after her shameful act of senseless violence against him. Still, she feared that what she was doing was wrong. There had to be boundaries between her and her child. This would be like Naruto fondling her because he accidently hit her breasts with a ball or something. The thought of it popped into her mind, causing her to bite nervously on her lower lip. She could just imagine her impulsive, energetic boy pawing at her chest, molesting her nipples as she was molesting his testicles.

Naruto grunted again, and it was finally at that time that Kushina realized something was very wrong. It was not the deep flush on Naruto’s face or the feel of the testicles tightening in her hand; it was the feel of his shaft!! Her mouth gaped when her stare went to the penis gently cradled in her fist. It was beginning to swell and lengthen, growing harder with each intensifying surge of blood. She was getting her son hard! Of course, it wasn’t her intention, but she should’ve known something like this would’ve happened.

“Uhn, Mom,” Naruto gasped out while clenching his teeth. He fought to control himself, fisting his hands in the blankets underneath him. His sapphire eyes peered down at the hand around his cock. He tried to resist the tenderness of it, but it did not matter if the woman was his mother; his body reacted to the stimulation. Mother and son finally met each other’s eyes. They said nothing.

Her breath snagged in her throat. There it was; that dreaded feeling of the heat pooling in her stomach rushing down to her loins that should not be felt for her child. No, no, no! She suddenly felt weak when she felt her sex suddenly quiver and moisten with need, a need that had – for far too long – gone unsatisfied. Tightening her lips in a line, she made a soft whimper deep in her throat as her thighs clenched together. She felt the heat radiating from her crotch, a patch of wetness spreading over the light-pink fabric.

Naruto’s heart was racing while staring at Kushina. His cock had become fully swollen, standing at its full, thick eight inches, which she could not pry her eyes from it. Hard in his mom’s hand; he should be feeling embarrassed and sick to his stomach. He had gone through such trouble since her arrival, ensuring that his mom hadn’t caught him sneaking into the bathroom in the dead of night to rub one out in a wad of toilet paper. Now, he was shivering in immoral delight, but it wasn’t enough. “Um, it looks like…” Kushina tried to find the right words. Nervously, she cracked a smile as a few trickles of sweat rolled from her brow. “You have some ‘pressure’ building. I think you should… I’ll go so you can take care of it.”

“Wait,” Naruto said, his hand catching the wrist before it could leave his erection. Sucking in her breath and holding it, she looked at him. “Mom, could you…” He paused. This was not something he should ask his mom, but with his arousal awakened and intense, he damned the consequences. With a quaking voice, he asked, “Could you… rub it a little, ‘tebayo?”

Kushina was taken aback by the bluntness of her son. He couldn’t possibly expect her to…? “Naruto, we’re… We can’t do that, tebane,” she blurted out. “I shouldn’t… even… be touching you… there.” Even so, she hadn’t released his cock from her hand. It pulsed, and a transparent fluid beaded from the slit. He was more worked up than she thought. Experimentally, she strengthened her hold on him and gave one pump. As she had suspected, the droplet at the head increased in quantity, enough to spill down his shaft and ooze onto her hand. She wasn’t about to lie and say that they couldn’t; they very well shouldn’t, but they still could. “Are you sure?”

He did not pause for long and whispered a “Yes…” She wasn’t about to keep him – or herself – waiting a second longer. It was a mother’s obligation to make sure that her child was comfortable, after all. Holding his balls firmly in her right hand, she began to stroke her son’s dick. The pre-cum that leaked from the tip acted as effective lubricant, so she rotated her fist to spread his fluid along his shaft. More spilled from his excited penis, and soon, her hand was easily gliding up and down on him.

But boy, did he have a lot of stamina to be able to get it up even after a successful, uninterrupted release into Sakura. Kushina considered that credit for this insatiableness went to the Nine-Tails’ chakra within him, for it replenished his strength and his body, which included his reproductive fluids.

Naruto’s back arched. “That feels good, ‘tebayo,” he gasped out, making his mom give a rather cocky smirk. Deciding to switch strategies, she stilled her left hand at the very base of his shaft and place her right above to jerk him even more vigorously than before. Naruto instantly howled from the feeling, his hips lifting from the mattress and almost bumping against her bowing face; she was surprised that it almost happened a second time, almost like he was driving for her face. She knew of his impulsiveness, but she hadn’t expected him to be worked up to such a degree to actually be thrusting against her pumping hand. The ferocity of his bucking hips was akin to those powerful thrusts he had made in Sakura earlier. It was apparent that, even after shooting his sexual tension into his teammate’s womb, he hadn’t slaked his youthful lust.

A devilish smirk that she and Naruto were known to possess before heading into mischief flashed on her face. She gave him a few, more controlled jerks to his dick, making sure to rub the tip with her thumb. “Is this helping with the ‘pressure’, Naruto?” she tauntingly sang to receive a somewhat-shamed nod from her son. “Well, if it hasn’t been released yet, maybe I should try… a different method?” Not giving him time to catch onto her suggestion, she took her left hand from him to tuck several strands of hair behind her ear as she descended her face to his groin.

Naruto shot up with a strangled gasp when he felt her wet lips kiss the leaking head of his cock. “Ack! Mom!” He could not forge words to describe what he was feeling; he could only watch in paralyzing fascination as she kissed his cockhead a second time, strands of his pre-cum latching onto her lips until she finally did the most amazing thing he thought possible and accepted him into her hot orifice. Wheezing, he felt back on the bed, his eyes wide with unrestrained pleasure and his back arching off the mattress.

Breathing was difficult, but doable, even with Naruto’s large member sliding into her mouth, its girth forcing her tongue to cram against the floor of her mouth. With a little bit of mental and physical fortitude, she wedged him in to the back of her mouth. A new dose of his natural lubricant was smeared over her pharynx, which caused her to reflexively swallow, giving Naruto the exquisite feeling of her throat muscles fluttering around his sensitive tip. Naruto gave a few gasps and moans when Kushina started to draw back up the shaft, naughtiness flickering in her leering eyes. At a quicker pace than before, she lowered her mouth on him. Soon, she was taking him in and out of her mouth at a more comfortable pace that had her son on the verge of hyperventilating.

She splayed her left hand over his stomach, over the Kyuubi’s seal, and bobbed her head as fast as she could. Small whines vibrated around him from her mouth while keeping up this tempo. Her tongue, running frantically over him, detected the taste of what must’ve been Sakura’s juices; she was tasting her son’s ‘special friend’ while giving him head. The wrongness of it all was almost unbearable, but it only spurred her on. Her panties had become unbelievably wet, her copious nectar starting to run down the insides of her thighs like off-shooting streams. Her whole being wished to be touched, to be caressed, to be filled by her son’s magnificent cock. She gave his father head a few times, but never had she been this hot. Her very core was throbbing with need.

“Ugn, cumming,” he grunted. “Ah, Mom!” Kushina hastily retreated to the crown of his penis and just held him there. Her right hand stroked him to help coax his load out, and it came rushing into her mouth in the next instant. His salty seed splashed over her tongue in a heavy gush, a taste that reminded her of salt ramen, her favorite. Her son grunted and exclaimed with every shot of his load, transferring his incestuous semen into his mommy’s waiting mouth. By the third burst, her throat began to hungrily drain her orifice. The hot cum rushed down into her stomach in slimy gulps that thrilled her. Honestly, she hadn’t even let her husband ejaculate in her mouth before, having disliked the taste of his bitterer essence. Without a second thought, she had downed every last drop of her baby’s seed and moved her tongue around the tip for any remaining traces as the spurts died down.

Naruto fell limp. Had it ever been that good with Sakura? He recounted the few times she let his dick near her mouth and decided that his mom won, hands-down, when it came to giving head. “Mom, that was…” He searched his vocabulary for the best word to describe the experience as the red head brought her head up at once and took a much needed gulp of air, but he could not find anything to come close to the heavenly rapture of just shooting his spunk down his beautiful mother’s throat. He simply exhaled heavily with a goofy smile.

Yes, her son looked truly satisfied, but Kushina had only grown hotter from having his sperm sloshing around in her stomach. She could not be sated now just because Naruto was satisfied. Acting rather brashly, taking advantage of Naruto’s defenseless moment of recovery, she joined him on the bed. He weakly looked at her, expecting her to either cuddle with him and speak motherly words to him, or continue this taboo by straddling his hips and grinding her moist sex against his. She did neither of those things, but straddling was involved. She hiked her dress up to her waist to reveal that she wore nothing underneath but her underwear, her very wet underwear, Naruto observed with flushed cheeks.

Kushina’s smirk was on her face, feeling empowered now with her son reeling beneath her and at her mercy. “I hope you know how to repay a debt,” she purred. Her hand slipped to her crotch and pulled her panties out of the way to reveal her wet pussy, the trimmed, red hairs around it glistening and matted to her skin from her constantly-flowing juices. It was a beautiful sight to Naruto. His once-dry mouth was instantly salivating. He loved the decoration of his mom’s pubic hair around those pink lips. Sakura had kept her own bush restricting to only a thin patch above her snatch; his mom just kept it well-groomed.

He needed no urging. He put his hands up and boldly cupped his mom’s ass cheeks to situate her nether lips closer to his mouth. He still had to lift his head a bit, but it was worth it to have his mother’s secretions flood his taste buds. A whimper was heard when he began to kiss her swollen labia with quick flicks of his tongue. His lips brushed through her pubic hair, reveling in how it tickled before he eventually kissed the gem where she was most sensitive. He heard her give a cute whimper when he circled the clit with the tip of his tongue before pressing flat against the button. Taking his hands from her butt, he put them above her pubis so that his thumbs could pull back the hood of her clit to further expose it to his tongue’s treatment.

Arching her back, her hands coming up to grasp at her clothed breasts, Kushina moaned her boy’s name and began to grind against his mouth. He must’ve had more practice with Sakura than she thought, for his tongue confidently rolled along her folds, gathering up her nectar, before spearing through to invade her opening. Rather than just wriggling his oral muscle inside of her, he withdrew and then thrust forward again, mimicking a driving cock – albeit a small one. Kushina enjoyed it, a bit too much, perhaps, for her hand snagged his spiky hair and forced his mouth on her clit, demanding that he stop teasing her and eat her out.

She had quite the mouth on her when she was wound up like this. Being an obedient son, Naruto obliged her, locking his open mouth against her vagina while his tongue probed her. The walls shuddered around the muscle, coating it with her deliciously unique flavor. As he wriggled his tongue within Kushina’s vagina, his hands went behind her again to audaciously grab her posterior, kneading both cheeks firmly. The dress Kushina wore was a real obstacle to work with, but he eventually spread the crevice of her ass. The feeling was sudden and foreign to Kushina, as Minato – for the most part – never really played with that particular area. Even with her clothes on, she felt exposed. “Naruto, don’t do that, tebane,” she whimpered far too girlishly than Naruto was used to; she sounded like Hinata.

A little too excitedly in a habitual need to test his mom’s wavering fortitude, he pressed her up a bit more on his face so that his tongue could reach further back, slipping into the open fissure. She gave a slight squeal when his slimy tongue left a wet trail over her asshole, making it tighten involuntarily, and he was encouraged to do it again until Kushina shoved his head away, pinning him on the bed. She may have briefly sounded like Hinata, but now the Red Hot-Blooded Habanero was aflame with an aura not unlike the Kyuubi’s when she clunked him on the top of his head, shouting, “Not there, tebane!” The strike didn’t really hurt, but it dissuaded him from teasing her and invoking her true wrath.

Now with his lips back against her nether ones, Kushina went back to riding her son’s face. Though she had pretty much forbidden him from trespassing to unchartered territory, the feeling of his tongue and the lingering spit over her anus made her body so hot and needy. She glanced down and watched as her son’s tongue sifted through the folds of her pubic mound. His eyes had squinted into happy lines as he continued to eat her out; he had no intention of leaving her tasty snatch any time soon.

Kushina stifled a moan as waves of pleasure rolled up her spine from her pubic region. A mini-orgasm had caught her by surprise, making her convulse and shove her pussy harder against Naruto’s mouth. His hands tried to steady her gyrating hips in an effort to maybe escalate her pleasure by swiping his tongue over her clitoris. A small increase of her juices was offered, and he slurped it all up faster than the broth of his favorite ramen.

Kushina lost herself for a moment, falling until she caught herself with her hands bracing against the wall in front of her. “Oh god,” she panted. Her muscles trembled and tightened randomly. Just a moment, she told herself. Just a moment, then she would get off of her son, form a pact with him to agree that this never happened and never would happen again. What had she just done?! Her poor, little, innocent boy! She breathed in deep. Just a moment…

A moment too long, perhaps, for Naruto was on the move with his teeth flashing in an eager smile that brightened his face. He wriggled his way up underneath her, pressing up in between her bracing arms until her hands hand to slip over his shoulders. “N-Naruto, what are you doing?” his red-haired mom stammered, apprehensive when his hips began to squirm to settle underneath hers, hitching only because of his revived hard-on pressing against the cleft between her butt cheeks. Well, of course he wasn’t going to stay flaccid after seeing his mom’s fiery pussy and licking it.

While his hands went to her hips to bring her up, she stuttered. His cock snagged on her dress, but was inevitably revealed, ready to spear her. It was amazing how intimidating it look as it throbbed, ejecting a heavy droplet of pre-cum from the slit. She shivered when his deliberately angled the tip to rub again her dripping sex. Her body, obviously, was anticipating the penetration much more than her mind was; it was not prejudice to the blood that they shared. “Naruto, this is wrong. Family… mothers and sons… aren’t supposed to do this, tebane!” she frantically reminded him, as though that was enough to dissuade either of them from giving into their lust. If that was really a suitable argument to stave off this incestuous relationship, she would’ve put an end to it the moment she pointed out their relationship right before giving him head.

Stubbornly, Naruto refused to heed his mom’s words and made an unguided jab against her in hopes of a triumphant insertion, but wound up missing, the underside of his cock sliding up her pussy lips and over her clit. Seeing that he would not be swayed, Kushina covered her mound with a hand to block off any other attempts. Her son looked pleadingly at her. “Please, Mom! It’s just that… you’re so hot, dattebayo! I can’t help it!” He vainly probed his cockhead against her guarding fingers.

Kushina wasn’t all too surprised by his blunt proclamation of her attractiveness; he fawned over it during the time they first met in his soul, before he extracted her and gave her new life. Still, for him to throw away morality and sink into the depravity of incestuous attraction just because of her beauty, there was something hot about it. She sucked on her lips and looked off to the side, truly considering joining him in this immoral act to its bittersweet end. Finally, her eyes fell on his cock, his big, thick cock that put his father’s to shame. And it had been so long since she felt truly satisfied. “It’s… pretty big, tebane,” she considered softly, and then the fingers blocking her cunt spread, opening her lips and granting him actions. “But just this once, Naruto,” she made him promise, the tone of a dutiful mother returning to her attitude.

Naruto was willing to say anything if it meant getting up inside her. “You’re the best. Mom,” he cheered before looking down at their crotches that were soon to be joined. Kushina pulled up the hem of her dress a bit more so that the view of her son’s cock slipping into her would not be obscured. With one hand on her hips to guide her down, Naruto directed his penis to line up with her pussy. Both held their breaths when Kushina was carefully lowered. His cockhead nudged against her lips and easily punctured her thanks to her body’s readiness. He learned firsthand just how tight his mother’s snatch was as he wedged through her contracting channel.

Kushina gasped from the feeling of her pussy spreading around Naruto’s cock. She was so wet that he didn’t even need to rock into her; it was just one, long, smooth push until he bumped against her cervix, and even then, he tried to cram all of himself in. Kushina yelped at his insistence of pushing deeper; she had never had this problem with Minato since he bottomed out at a lesser six inches. Now her son was hell-bent on stretching the boundaries of what she could tolerate. It almost felt like labor pains when he finally did urge the small passage of her cervix apart to embed his cockhead in the womb that once house him; it was a miracle that he didn’t seriously injure her. Kushina seethed, pressing both hands down against her son’s waist. “Oh my god,” she squealed. Her body convulsed as pain and newfound pleasure swirled together in an indiscernible mix. “It’s so big, tebane!”

Naruto surged upward with an exclamation, causing a bit more hurt to his mom when he recklessly charged into her vulnerable womb. The passage of her womb’s neck was a vice that held him firmly within her, making it a little difficult when he retracted. With a rather forceful tug that made them both hiss, he popped out of her uterus, his emerging cock coated in a heavy dose of her vaginal mucus that made the return journey into her even easier. He looked down and marveled at the sight of his cock burying back into her petals.

It took a few minutes for the incestuous mother and son to build up a rhythm, but after having her tunnel accommodating his rod, Kushina finally started to put her hips into action. She held onto Naruto’s shoulders for leverage and began bouncing up and down on his lap, sometimes grinding to create a variety of pleasures for them both to share. Her womb was occasionally assaulted when Naruto’s blunt tip popped through her forcibly-stretched cervix, sending jolts through her that she could not help but announce with a cry of pleasure that scared away the birds roosting atop the apartment; Kushina and Naruto hadn’t even the foresight to close the window, but fortunately, there were no passersby recently to hear their taboo pleasure.

While he loved the feeling of his mom riding him, the pace was – for him – painfully slow. He grasped at his mom’s ass, his fingers digging into the toned, but still supple flesh until he left lucid marks that she could scold him over later. His face twisted in pleasured frustration before he finally rasped out, “Sorry, Mom! I need more!”

Before Kushina’s hazy mind could even make an understanding of what he had just said, she was knocked off balance. She gasped and threw her arms out to either side of her to clutch onto the mattress, fearing that she might fall off, even though she had ample room to lie down on. In a trice, her son was looming over her, catching her knees in the crooks of his arms to elevate her hips to meet his crotch, her green dress now being pushed up to bunch around her midsection. At this vantage point, with gravity on his side, Kushina knew right off the bat that she was going to wind up sore with a limp in the morning when he plunged into her, and he wasn’t known for control. “W-wait! Wait, Naruto! Ahh~! Haah!”

Naruto drove straight down in her, deaf to all of her cautions. Sure enough, like this, it became much easier to plunge deeper into his mom with his weight bearing down on her. His crotch rammed against her as though he wanted to leave her bruised. Her clit burned with pleasure as it was pounded and tickled by his trimmed pubic hair. “Ughn, I can’t stop, Mom!”

Writhing beneath him with tears of unbearable ecstasy welling up in her squeezed-shut eyes, Kushina squealed and wheezed. “Oh god, Naruto! I’ve never been fucked so hard before, tebane!” she confessed to him. “So deep! Please!” She begged for mercy, but her son did not give it, and for that, she was thankful. Her decision was final when her orgasm crashed on her, making her toes curl in her ninja sandals: she would choose the ‘Orange Spark’ over the ‘Yellow Flash’ any day!

Hearing her mother spew such words of encouragement and praise was working against his stamina. And now, with her orgasm gripping at him, begging him to stay seated deep within her, he felt that he would spill himself inside of her in a matter of seconds. All at once, he pulled out, a splatter of her plentiful fluids going airborne from his cock to stain his bed – as if the sheets weren’t saturated enough with his mom’s essence.

Kushina awaited the inevitable burst of white seed from the head of her son’s penis. It throbbed madly, but the most it produced was a large amount of pre-cum that fell onto the side of her leg. What was wrong? She looked up and searched her son’s pained face for an answer. “I… I don’t want to cum yet,” he admitted like a child in scolding. “Mom’s pussy just feels so good; I want to make it last.”

Make it last? Kushina was dumbfounded, for in this one encounter with her son, she had been more satisfied than she had been her entire life with Minato. He was a good lover, sure, but their son definitely one-upped his father in the bedroom. And to think she was going to miss out on such an incredible fuck over something like shared-blood and morality.

Kushina gave a small laugh and gingerly set back some of her disheveled red hair. “Alright, take a rest to calm down,” she told him, her eyes opening partly in a look filled with desire that had Naruto’s heart racing in anticipation. She had something planned, and it involved extracting herself from the bed. With her back to him, showing off her lovely hair as it swayed with each of her movements, she began to undress, her soiled panties being the first to fall. Because her back was too him, he did not get to witness the glorious unveiling of her breasts, but it was enough when she pulled her dress over her head, carrying with it her red hair to expose her bare ass to him The green dressing was tossed thoughtlessly aside so that she could remove the blouse underneath. After unzipping it, it fell away and was followed by her pink bra. Lastly, she kicked off her sandals to clutter against the wall across from her.

Naruto swallowed hard when she turned around, smiling like a blushing bride while wrapping an arm underneath her c-cup breasts to support their slight heaviness. Did she think this was going to calm him down?! She looked irresistible! He was on the verge of leaping on her to finish himself off inside of her.

She grinned at him as he eyed her body all over, taking most interest of her red-haired mound and then her breasts, so perfectly shaped and proudly presenting a set of nipples that literally made his mouth water. Yes, she had gotten those stares before, even when fully dressed in her rather-unflattering dress. Surely, she might outshine even the legendary beauty, Tsunade when set next together. Hey, now there’s a thought…

“Have you calmed down enough?” she asked Naruto in her motherly tone, as if she didn’t know how her looks would affect him. Her feet took her to him slowly, her hips swaying and her tits bouncing a little when she let her arm fall away from underneath them; god, for all their weight, they still looked so pert.

Naruto’s cock bobbed eagerly when she came close enough to him for her scent to fill his nostrils with each breath. He had thought that she would join him on the bed and allow him to plug her snatch again, but instead, she held out her hand to bring him to his own feet. They stood at almost the same height, but Naruto’s gaze immediately when down to gape at his mom’s tits. They were considerably bigger than Sakura’s, he mused, but they both retained such youthfulness.

The zipper of his black and orange jacket came down slowly, exposing the solid black shirt underneath. Both layers of clothes were taken off relatively quick with his cooperation, and his mother’s eyes and hands moved over his well-toned sternum, caressing the seal at his stomach, bumping his nipples, and fondling his necklace which would stay on as they wrapped up.

Finding it unfair for her to touch him when she was the one with the more desirable body, he slid his hands up to cup her breasts and gave not a single warning when his mouth swooped down to take a hardened nipple into his mouth. He suckled ardently on the breasts he had been denied to nurse from as an infant. She moaned from the feeling and held his head to her bust, stroking his yellow hair lovingly, whispering softly to him of how much she loved him and how good it felt to have his mouth on her.

When he finally took away from the breast, he looked into her eyes, breathless and awaiting her instructions. She simply strode past him to the bed, and instead of climbing on it, she bent over at the waist, presenting her ass to him and spread her vaginal lips for him to target, though the puckered hole above it was a rather tantalizing aim as well, but he knew what would happen if he tried such a ‘misfire’. “Put it back in me, Naruto,” she breathed, her voice vacillating when she spoke his name passionately. “Start fucking me again.”

Having to be told twice would be a sin even greater than fucking his own mom, and Naruto didn’t wait. Lining himself up appropriately with her quim, he pushed in, rocked twice, and then dove headlong into her womb, slowing only when wedging through her cervix again. Kushina threw her head back with a cry of delight and began to thrust her body in rhythm with Naruto’s. “Oh, yes,” she groaned out. “Naruto, oh, you’re so deep in me!”

That was an obvious fact, but it was arousing nonetheless to hear her proclaim it. Naruto was huffing and puffing, trying to hold back the torrent that was surging in his swaying balls. It was a fruitless fight, but he wanted to hold off for another few seconds. Leaning over, her hair feeling like silk in between their two sweaty bodies, he warned his mother, “I’m gonna cum, ‘tebayo. I’m going to… cum!” The battle was almost lost…

Kushina shook her head frantically. “Pull out,” she beseeched him desperately. Even as she protested his internal release, she continued to move her body against his cock, feeling the swollen head repeatedly jab through the tight channel leading to her womb. “I could get pregnant, tebane!”

That was the clincher! Steeling his hips against her ass, his cock fully embedded in her and twitching like mad, Naruto announced his release with a powerful grunt. Kushina cried out when she felt him noticeably swell with discharging seed; in spite of her wishes for him to pull out and prevent any risk of pregnancy, she pushed back against him, her womb expectant of the jets of Uzumaki seed.

The first burst was powerful and felt like it thudded against the walls of her womb. It felt like molten lava had just spilled inside of her when Naruto’s cock fired more bullets of his semen into her to practically flood the entire chamber with white. Each wad was accepted with a gasp from the recipient’s mouth, who found it incredibly erotic to have her insides painted with her own son’s cum. Yet, it only pushed her near a climax, but it wasn’t a successful release. Now she was left pining when Naruto, finally spent in her uterus, began to back out. When he drew out of her, she gave a pitiful whine of disappointment.

“That was incredible.” He wobbled in place and looked down at his cock. It lost some of its luster, but if he kept ogling his mom, that would quickly be rectified.

Kushina panted heavily, still hot and ready for her son. A hand slid up her flat stomach, her skin slippery with sweat, and finally cupped her breast. She squeezed the supple flesh, her finger and thumb closing around the pert nipple at the peak of the hill. Lingering at the abyss of an orgasm to shake her very foundation like never before, she anticipated her son’s rejuvenated cock to refill her and bring her to absolution. Her eyes glanced down the valley of her breasts at her child. Rather surprisingly, he was already erect! Did he ever know satisfaction?! Sure, she knew that the presence of the Kyuubi offered great stamina, and she could admit that maybe she tested Minato’s limitations in bed, but their son seemed to not know the meaning of ‘satisfaction’! Just as well, she mused excitedly, her legs spreading further apart to allow him access to her body once again.

However, Naruto had set his sights on a different area. His lips were tightly pursed as his eyes were trained to the spot just below his mother’s vagina. Swallowing roughly, he continued to inspect that hole that he had never explored before. He could only imagine how tight it would be around him, the sensations he’d never known since Sakura was quite protective of that region. He hadn’t even realized that his hands were on the move, gliding up his mom’s bent knees and down to her crotch. She expected him to stop and play with her hot snatch, but much to her surprise and disapproval, he dared to bypass her sex to probe and even spread the hole of her ass with his thumbs.

The stun of disbelief quickly wore off to wrath. Her hand lashed out to grab a fistful of his flaxen locks, making him yip in pain. “What do you think you’re doing, tebane?!” she exclaimed, her face red with a mixture of embarrassment and anger. What agitated her even more was that Naruto’s hands hadn’t strayed from that forbidden area. She gave a twinge when his thumb accidentally – or stupidly boldly – pressed against her anus; in response, she tightened her grip so that he would seethe with pain. “I told you: don’t go there!” She looked as though she would breathe fire at him to punish his impulsiveness.

Even so, a desperately horny Naruto hastily grunted out, “But… but…! I’ve never done it there!” This did not persuade Kushina to lessen her hold on his hair. “Please, Mom! I want the first time to be with you!”

Kushina put her lips together in a straight line as she glared at her boy. His eyes were so pleading, and she could see how eager he was to ‘explore’ her body. And though she was most protective about her posterior, she couldn’t honestly say she wasn’t at the height of arousal that her son was; experimentation and treading past the usual boundaries seemed a bit more enticing in the haze of lust. Truthfully, she just wanted his heat back inside of her! Still, she was cautious about letting him shove that in her virgin hole. She tried to imagine the pain of him squeezing it in, and knew it would be ten-times worse than what she could picture.

The decision was hard to make, and she was almost positive that she would regret it later. Turning away with disapproval evident on her face, she grumbled like an unwilling, pouting child, “Just for a little bit.” She then became fierce again, tugging on Naruto’s cheek threateningly to mask her insecurities, “But if I say ‘stop’, you stop! Got it, tebane?!”

Against the painful sting of his whiskered cheek after she let it go, Naruto lit up with excitement. It was a response he, honestly, did not believe he would ever be given since Sakura usually violently declined. “Really?! You’re the best!” he cheered, much to her embarrassment. Looking away from him with a pouting lower lip, Kushina hesitantly reached underneath her to pull in either direction at the hole she had agreed he would puncture. Never had she felt so exposed since Minato never pressured her into this. Naruto definitely got his stubbornness from her.

Knowing that it wasn’t wise – or easy – to just ram himself into her, Naruto chose to prep his mother’s asshole before inserting his cock. He went to his knees. Pushing her thighs further apart, which irritated her a bit, he leaned in. His bright-blue eyes gazed up at her to watch for any disapproving gestures when his hot breath touched her intimate areas. Briefly, his moved his tongue out to touch her quivering snatch, which she appreciated with a lustful moan.

He would’ve liked to continue eating her out again, but the presence of his seed slowly overflowing from her snatch didn’t exactly tickle his fancy; odd, considering that the next place his tongue touched was her asshole. He heard Kushina give a sharp his while the muscles of her sphincter tensed from the wet, foreign contact. He kept his tongue out to massage his mom’s anus, swirling spit around the outer ring before poking the entrance. The juices of her cunt had spilled down to offer some extra lubrication and flavor to the hole, but it wouldn’t be enough.

Kushina moaned, surprised at how good it felt to have that part of her tended to in the throes of sexual frenzy. Her muscles involuntarily clutched against the threat of invasion. Naruto’s tongue tried to force its way in, but it seemed that her body was intent on staying shut, even though Kushina was trying her best to relax during the foreign touches. Well, he could help with that. He brought up his hand and angled two fingers at her. They twisted and pushed and finally wedged through her, spreading her much wider than she thought herself comfortable with. Deliberately, he stretched her out by scissoring his fingers and adding a third.

He crossed the threshold of Kushina’s patience. Two fingers were already pushing it, but having a third started to cause her pain. Her hips rose and wiggled a bit. “Ugn, take it out,” she gasped. It felt like her throat was closing up when he carefully shoved the digits deeper into her, spreading her so much. “Just… just do it already, tebane!” She couldn’t believe that she just encouraged him to penetrate her with his cock. If she couldn’t handle three fingers creeping up her backside, how was she going to manage his thick eight-inches?

Naruto gave his fingers a few more pumps into her tight hole, and then stood up, anxious to have his first anal experience… with his mother, no less! He had to bend relatively low to be lined up with her asshole, but he didn’t mind. Her sphincter had yet to completely close up after being widened by his fingers, and he seized the opportunity to push in. Her hands pulled harder at her asshole to help his insertion. Of course, even with the preparation, it was a tight fit that had Kushina weeping in pain. She felt like she would tear around him, but that was not the case; it just stung.

For Naruto, it felt like being strangled to death, but loving every second of it. His breath was uneven as he swayed his hips slightly, wedging in a bit further each time. “Are you alright, Mom?” he asked, grunting as he forced a fourth inch into her. He supported her legs with his hands to help keep her stable.

“Get it over with,” was all she hissed at him while her face contorted with pain. Both of her palms pressed against his lower stomach to try to fend his insertion off, but it was a vain endeavor. Naruto felt a bit guilty from her apparent pain, but he couldn’t deny his arousal. Back and forth, they rocked, her breasts bouncing with the movement. It took several more minutes and a great deal of effort and pain, but at last, Naruto’s cock was settled in his mom’s rectum and she didn’t feel as much pain as before.

Thrusting was still difficult, as her passage seemed like it was fighting to retain its tightness, but Naruto assaulted her bowels nonetheless. The friction was lessening, and he took advantage. In no time at all, he was pounding into her ass in almost the same careless abandon as when he was in her vagina. Kushina yelped and hissed, confusing rapture and agony each time her son drove in her colon. Gods, she was going to be sore tomorrow. She kept begging her son to take it slow, howling in pain when he lost himself and pushed too abruptly. Her arms stretched out over her head to push against the wall underneath the open window, making feeble attempts to meet each and every one of his powerful thrusts. And all the while, her tits jiggled for his viewing pleasure; at least until he reached up to fondle them, tweaking her hard nipples like dials.

It wasn’t long before this new experience finally broke Kushina. Crying loudly, her body tightened around him. Every muscle group locked in place, and even her snatch visibly quivered. Naruto could not withstand the clamp of her already-suffocating ass around him and made a hasty retreat. When he was pulled out of her hole, he pushed himself slightly on the bed between her legs and stroked his cock vigorously. Kushina heard him groan deeply in his throat before a warm splash of liquid poured over her stomach, followed by another and another until the smaller bursts were deposited in her pubic hair. Lazily, weakly, Naruto ran his cockhead through the crimson curls, flinching and panting as he pushed out the last drops of cum to smear in the tamed forest.

Both exhausted, Naruto fell down to lie next to his mother. They stayed like that for a while, their hands reaching over to entangle their fingers. Where exactly did they go from here? Were they just supposed to get up, get dressed, and go about normally? Perhaps, more importantly, would this ever happen again? Secretly, Naruto hoped so, having found incest to be even more enjoyable than his times with Sakura.

Kushina picked herself up and looked down at her son. She smiled sweetly and said, “Naruto…” Her hand suddenly pinched his cheek and pulled roughly until he howled in pain. Her grin became a bit less sweet and a bit more sour. “Don’t lie to me again about Sakura-chan!”

“Ow!” His cheek snapped back, sore and red. He stared at her with embarrassment in his eyes. “You… knew?”

Kushina looked away, red staining her stern face. “Ahem, a mother has her intuitions about her son’s intentions,” she lied. Naruto sulked.

“Hello~? Naruto? Kushina-san?”

Both mother and son suddenly bolted upright. Sakura was there… and had walked into the house!

The pink-haired kunoichi arched an eyebrow as she looked around the kitchen. A first look told her that both residents were not there. “But the food is still out,” she considered thoughtfully as she stared at the groceries still lying over the counter. She heard something in the room, and since the door was not closed, she went to inspect. “Hello?”

When she peeked inside, she just caught the barest glance of Kushina’s naked breasts before the blanket covered them. Startled, Sakura stammered the woman’s name. “Heh, hi, Sakura-chan,” Naurto’s mother weakly greeted, lifting a hand in a small wave. “What are you doing back?”

“Um, I…” Sakura’s cheeks flushed. “I just need to talk to Naruto about something that happened earlier.”

Something about proper pregnancy prevention, Kushina guessed right offhand. With his heat still churning in her womb, it could be agreed that he needed to work on that. “Oh, well, he’s out right now. Um, when I got home, I was feeling a little feverish, tebane,” she laughed. A convincing lie since she was deeply flushed and perspiring greatly. Well, that answered her nakedness. “He went to get some medicine.”

“Oh,” Sakura chirped with a smile. “Would you like me to examine you? I don’t have the skills of Tsunade-sama, but I can deal with small sicknesses.”

Kushina stammered and waved a hand in front of her. “No need,” she declined, trying not to lose face. “Naruto will be back soon…” As soon as Sakura left, since he was lying flat on the roof of the apartment building, red with embarrassment from being exposed out in public. “I’ll just let it take its course.”

Confused, Sakura respectfully agreed. “Well, when Naruto comes back, tell him I’m looking for him.” She was given a nod as was about to turn to leave until something caught her eye. She looked and saw an article of clothing that she distinctly recognized as the green boxers Naruto was wearing earlier that day, laying half under the bed as if hastily kicked there to be hidden away. Even more curious was the fact that, upon further inspect, Sakura could see Kushina’s clothes bundled up with Naruto’s. Wide-eyed and speechless, Sakura looked to Kushina for an explanation.

Kushina, trying to play innocent, only tilted her head to one side. “Eh-heh…”


To be continued
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