Caught with their Pants Down


It was supposed to be only one time! They had agreed on it, to act like it never happened and continue the traditional mother/son relationship. Then why was Kushina bent over the kitchen’s counter, her panties pulled down and stretched between her spread thighs while her usual dress was bunched up over her ass? She had just been in the middle of cooking breakfast when her son, in lustful morning passion, pushed her over the counter and prepped her for penetration; despite her panicked protests, her vaginal lips moistened quickly and spread around the intruding girth, and her body gripped onto him desperately. In her oven-mitted fist, she squeezed her spatula with all of her might. Her eyes were tightly shut, her face scrunching to reveal her pearly teeth in a strained scowl as her son plowed into her with careless abandon. She was still a little sore from yesterday’s encounter underneath her son’s pounding hips, but the continuous pleasure was still overwhelming the pain. Her knees banged against the cupboards under his unrelenting force. It was hard not to scream out when she came around his shaft, coating him with a rush of her juices.

Naruto hissed with rapture at the feeling of his mom milking his driving cock. She was so hot around him, so wet and ready even though her mouth constantly begged for him to stop or at least slow down. “I’m almost finished, ‘tebayo,” he breathlessly informed her. He tugged her closer and made his last thrusts quick and fervid. His panting became more and more ragged while pulling her hips to meet his own. “Mom, I’m cumming!”

Kushina didn’t even get a word in when she felt the hard penis bulge and a burning squirt of seed pass through her aching cervix. As the following waves flooded into her, she made a mental note to use an anti-pregnancy seal on herself later. Why did it seem like Naruto was determined to impregnate anything he shoved his cock in? When the hot flood came, however, she didn’t question it and reveled in the sensation of being filled.

As the scarlet-haired beauty fell like a ragdoll over the counter, panting and exhaustingly relieved, Naruto gripped the base of his softening penis to carefully extract it. He gave a soft grunt when the head slipped from between her saturated folds, which caused his mother to shiver from the feeling of being vacated. After giving himself a moment of recovery, dripping a blob of translucent semen on the floor, he put himself away and zipped up and buttoned his trousers. He shuffled backward and braced himself against the table, swallowing heavy gulps of air in the heavenly glow post climax. His half-lidded gaze rested on his mom’s backside; she’d yet to pull up her panties and make herself presentable, but he wasn’t complaining about the view.

Kushina, after stabilizing her breath as best as she could, shot a glare at Naruto and demanded that he bring her some tissues so that she could get cleaned up. When he hesitated, still woozy from his orgasm, she barked angrily, “Hurry up and get it, tebane!” Her flared temper sent Naruto into a frenzied motion to follow through with her request, but both Uzumakis froze in place when there was a knock on the door.

“Naruto! Kushina-san!” chirped a lively Sakura. She had been visiting Naruto’s apartment more frequently now, finding that time spent with Kushina was very pleasant; those stolen away moments fooling around with Naruto behind supposedly-closed doors happened to be a bonus. Outside the door, she smiled cheerfully and held up a bag of groceries. “I brought some treats! I thought I could help Kushina-san make breakfast.”

Dammit! Rushed and frantic, Kushina stood up straight and would have to endure a messy crotch for a while as she wriggled her panties back up, wincing in embarrassment when she felt the cloth immediately stick to her wet vagina. She would scold her son later, but now, she was forced to put on her motherly guise to keep up appearances that terrible doings weren’t going on within her household. “Just a minute, Sakura-chan,” she called out, her voice shaky. She smoothed out her dress and fixed her hair before shuffling over to the door with a slight limp in her step, courtesy of her son’s enthusiasm to ‘explore’ regions that had never been explored before. With hands bumbling – particularly the one still wearing the oven-mitt and handling a spatula – she undid the locks and opened the door to welcome Sakura in. Thankfully, Sakura didn’t take immediate notice of the mother and son’s unusually forced behavior.

“Good morning, Kushina-san!” Sakura chimed as she came in by Kushina’s admission, knocking off her sandals and nudging them to the side. She ignored Naruto, still rather upset at him for yesterday’s ‘shoot first, think later’ tactic. Turning her back to Naruto even as he tried to squeak out a welcoming, she beamed at the redheaded mother while presenting the bag of goodies. “I’ve brought some… sniff.” A strong odor filled her lung, and for a moment, Naruto feared that she had somehow picked up an Inuzuka’s sense of smell and caught the scent of sex. Sakura turned to the side and pointed nervously. “Uh, Kushina-san, I think your eggs are burning,” she observed, more surprised that such a slip-up could happen while Kushina was supposedly right there in the kitchen, tending to it. And how could they not notice the stench of it?

The realization smacked both of the Uzumakis like a strike from Gai’s ‘Dynamic Entry’. “Oh no!” exclaimed Kushina, hurrying over to the oven to shut off the stove while relocating the frying pan. Despite her urgency, it was too late to save the serving of eggs she had been so suddenly distracted from… thanks to her impetuous son. She stifled the urge to give his cranium a karate chop as a delayed punishment. Hiding her anger at Naruto, she beamed brightly at Sakura. “I guess it’s a good thing you brought food, Sakura-chan. I don’t want Naruto running around on an empty stomach.”

Naruto felt a harsh twinge in his gut at the tone hidden in her cheery voice. If company was not there, he was almost certain that his mom would’ve decked him for ruining breakfast. His best bet to avoid a Sakura-style punishment was probably to flee the first chance he got. For now, he would have to cling to Sakura and hope that she stuck around to keep his mother’s fiery temper in check.

“Oi! Naruto!” The voice was coming from outside his bedroom window. Naruto perked up and hurried to see who was calling; Kushina’s eyes followed him until he rushed into the other room. Looking down from the open window, Naruto beamed joyfully down at the group waiting for him. As usual, Chouji was snacking on a bag of potato chips and Shikamaru looked like he would collapse and fall asleep then and there. Kiba smirked up at the blonde jinchuuriki and beckoned him with a wave of his hand. “C’mon! The old man at the ramen shack made a new recipe! He told us to come get you!”

“Really?!” Naruto’s mouth watered as his eyes sparkled with wonderment. How long had it been since he had Teuchi’s renowned ramen? Kushina had kept Naruto on a short leash, but a new ramen? How was he to pass that up?! He stepped halfway through the window before calling back to his mother, “I’m going out with my friends!”

“Hey!” Kushina screamed at him, waving her spatula over her head in a fit. Her scarlet hair flared like the tails of the kyuubi. “Get back here and eat breakfast!” But it was too late; her son had already leapt down to join his merry band of troublemakers. At once, he, Kiba and Akamaru bolted down the street, racing to the ramen shack; Shikamaru trudged behind with Chouji, sucking on a cigarette while muttering how troublesome Kiba and Naruto made things become.

Kushina fumed at Naruto’s impetuousness. Oh, he would get a scolding when he got home! For now, however, she would spend some quality time with Sakura making breakfast. With Naruto’s appetite, he might just come crawling back home, hungry for a home-cooked meal with the irreplaceable ingredient of a mother’s love.

Turning away from Naruto’s escape route, she smiled at Sakura and suggested that they get to work. “Well, it’s Naruto’s loss,” she told the pink-haired kunoichi, and then winked. “It’s not every day and not every guy who gets a home-cooked meal from two gorgeous women.”

Sakura gave an encouraging nod, tugging her black gloves tighter on her hands to prepare a great feast. “Right! He’ll regret it when he comes crawling back,” she declared, making the redhead’s smile that much brighter; she really liked the girl Naruto picked, so very much like herself.

Determined to show off her cooking prowess, Sakura sifted through the bag she had brought, searching for the proper ingredients. While practicing medical jutsu, she had also become quite handy in the kitchen thanks to Shizune; it was to fix Tsunade-sama a nutritious meal during those nights when paperwork kept her cemented in the office. Sakura was more than willing to demonstrate her skill to the legendary Habanero.

Kushina welcomed Sakura to stand next to her as they worked over the stove. However, the second the pink-haired medic took a step, Kushina’s plum gaze suddenly caught the splatter of Naruto’s cum that hadn’t made the lunge to her crotch. It was incriminating evidence of the worst kind, and Sakura just narrowly avoided stepping in it. If she discovered the small, white puddle, there would have to be a lot of awkward explaining to Sakura.

The moment the teenage girl safely and thoughtlessly cleared the splotch, Kushina forced a laugh and pivoted in an elaborate fashion to smear her sock with her son’s essence. The fabric soaked it up, and she scrubbed her sole against the floor just to make sure. “I’m glad you came over, Sakura-chan,” she lied heartedly. She cringed a little when the gooey warmth clung to the bottom of her foot, which reminded her of the same substance that was beginning to ooze from her snatch. She would definitely be sure to admonish her son later on his impulsiveness. Was he desperate for a little brother or something?! “Cooking for Naruto is a little exhausting lately.” Only because he interrupted her this morning.

“Really?” Sakura laughed politely, though she didn’t exactly know what Kushina was talking about. “Naruto never seemed picky about food before; he only eats ramen.” An addiction that Kushina was working on. Sakura’s smile turned upside down when she remembered that the one they were talking about had actually ditched a home-cooked meal for a common one with his friends. If Kushina didn’t have punishment planned for him, Sakura certainly would do something about his lacking manners. Well, at least her efforts to cook wouldn’t be wasted; cooking for Kushina was fine by her. With a cheery smile, she went to work, none the wiser to Kushina’s awkward steps when she excused herself to the restroom.

Thankfully, Sakura didn’t notice the white trails oozing down to Kushina’s ankles while she scurried to the bathroom. What Sakura did notice was Kushina’s peculiar haste…


“Oi, Naruto, have you been having nightmares lately?” snickered Kiba after pushing aside his finished bowl of ramen and pulling a second, full one in front of him; Naruto and Chouji were the only two still wolfing down their servings with an unending appetite, and unlike Shikamaru and Kiba, both had high stacks of finished helpings on either side of them.

With a mouthful of noodles that dangled from his chin, Naruto looked at Kiba curiously. “Whaddyoumean?” he mumbled before slurping up the ramen and chewing.

Pointing with a fanged smirk, Kiba went on, “You smell like you slept in her bed all night. Was it because you had bad dreams?” Akamaru joined his master’s jests with an elated bark.

Naruto flushed at Kiba’s observation. The dog-nin wasn’t far from the truth, though he probably wouldn’t even believe his nose if he could smell the truth. Naruto glanced nervously at his groin, thinking about how he hadn’t a chance to clean up after fucking his mom over the counter. In hindsight, he should’ve taken a shower before agreeing to go with his friends. “She was just up late,” the blonde grumbled, distracting himself with pulling on the noodles with his chopsticks, “and I fell asleep on her bed.” He immediately tried to discourage more questioning by stuffing his mouth full of ramen.

Luckily, Kiba turned to another matter at hand when foreign chopsticks attempted to invade his bowl of ramen. Growling, he swatted away Chouji’s meaty arm. “Dammit, Chouji! Eat your own ramen!” Chouji scowled, but was nevertheless foiled from snatching his comrade’s meal; Shikamaru had not been hungry enough to finish his own, so the tub of a chub was happy to devour the remains.

The rest of the meal had steered clear of talk about Kushina. Thank heavens for that, Naruto thought with a sigh of relief when he left Ichiraku. The group had dispersed to tend to personal matters for the day; as always, Kiba left after declaring a challenge against Naruto in the future, promising a fight for the title of Hokage. Becoming the successor to Baa-chan now did not worry him so much. If staving off a war threatening the shinobi world didn’t secure his position as the next Hokage, just what were the requirements?!


Naruto picked his head up to see Sakura leaning halfway out of his bedroom window. “Sakura-chan?” He was surprised that she had stayed with his mom for so long. With what had occurred between Kushina and him earlier, he thought his mom would’ve hurried Sakura out so that she could ‘clean up’. Over an hour must’ve passed since Naruto had left that morning for some new ramen.

Nimbly, Sakura leapt out from the window and landed perfectly in front of Naruto. She folded her arms and scowled at him. “What’s the big idea running out when your mother and I were fixing breakfast?” She leaned in close, threateningly so, until Naruto arched his back to gain some distance between them. “I brought all that food so you can have some!”

A sweat drop appeared at the boy’s temple while his lips forged a weak, fearful smile. “S-sorry, Sakura-chan…”

“Hmph!” Sakura pompously turned away from him, as if not even considering accepting his weak-hearted apology. For a short while, she said nothing, though she was obviously mulling something over; Naruto would not dare to speak whilst she was silently contemplating. A noticeable tint of red appeared on her cheeks before her eyes closed and she was willing to speak, “Well, I guess all that matters is you have a full stomach. You’re training again today, aren’t you?”

Naruto honestly hadn’t given it much thought. It was one of those days that he would’ve just preferred to wing. He scratched his cheek thoughtfully, his eyes turning skyward. “I guess I should so I don’t get rusty.”

The red hue became more apparent on Sakura’s face. “Should we go to the training grounds?” The training grounds were their usual spot for outdoor sex, with her embracing the trunk of a tree while Naruto hoisted up one of her legs – on her command – and drove into her until she was satisfied. Just mentioning that place was about as subtle as outright offering sex to Naruto. Breakfast wasn’t so stressful that Sakura needed relief, but it’d be a nice way to start the day, so long as her partner did not do anything against her wishes.

“Weren’t you planning to do some medical training with Shizune-nee-chan today?” Naruto foolishly blurted out, unaware of Sakura’s intentions; being sated by his mom so thoroughly yesterday and today left him a bit less on guard. The expectation on Sakura’s face all but drained. And yet, he continued like a fool, “That’s what you told me yesterday.”

His ignorance astonished Sakura. She pretty much just offered sex to a guy who never seemed to get enough of it! And he didn’t take the opportunity?! Her infamous temper flared instantly, and Naruto was put on the ground a second later after a punch to his gut. Leaving him with no inkling of why he was punished, she headed for the Hokage tower, telling him, “Don’t run out on your mom next time she makes you breakfast!”

Crippled, Naruto writhed on the ground. “Why?” he wheezed.

~~~Four Days Later~~~

No taboo encounters had happened, though Naruto wished that wasn’t so. His mother had been actively avoiding him, no doubt ashamed of her relationship with her son and the undeniable feelings she had for him. It wasn’t like she viewed him solely as a lover; he was a son first, and she’d done all she could to be the mother he needed. What she wasn’t sure of was if he needed a mother who fulfilled those certain desires. They should’ve never encountered like that before, yet he now actively sought her body.

It got particularly awkward when she took showers. Sure, Naruto had enough decency and restraint not to barge in on her with a raging hard-on hoping for some incestuous stimulation that could be cleansed by the hot spray of the water, but that didn’t stop him from ogling her whenever he caught her sauntering about the apartment, dripping wet with only a towel wrapped around her. She would deny the heat that she felt and the temptation to just succumb to the taboo just once more, but she knew the truth. And fortunately, Naruto hadn’t the keen nose of an Inuzuka to smell her truths.

This was one of those days when she could just feel her heart pounding and her hands shaking uncontrollably with anxiety. It had been four days since she last had her son pound into her… on the very counter she was now trying to prepare dinner on. How flustering it was to try to suppress the memories of being fucked from behind while she was trying to cook; Minato had never been so spontaneous.

Kushina groaned at her plight. She was starting to shiver, though she was nothing if not hot. Naruto wasn’t even home! There was no chance of her being pushed forward, and against her protests, have her dress lifted over her backside before getting her body filled again by the boy of her own flesh and blood! She’d never been so lustful before; she had perfectly content with the proper, loving relationship with her husband.

It had been four days, she reminded herself while dutifully cutting vegetables – a chore she could normally get done in seconds. There was no reason to lose her composure. She’d gone months without any sort of sexual stimulation when Minato went on those important missions; well, maybe some tender caresses during a shower were permitted, but still…

The knife was set down with a frustrated, but resolved sigh. Kushina’s brow was furrowed in an embarrassed scowl. Her cheeks flared with the hue of pink. “He’s not home,” she told herself. And if he was with Sakura-chan, he’d be unlikely to come home any time soon. It was the reason she thought she’d be an untimely grandmother, and also the reason why she felt it was safe to settle down on the table chair.

She sat for a while, looking like a girl upset about being put in timeout. He won’t be home anytime soon, she assured herself again. She fidgeted a little before carefully and timidly grabbing her dress and drawing it up. The hem slipped over her knees, sliding smoothly over her pale thighs, its ascent slowing as she came closer to uncovering her panty-clad crotch, which was already radiating a moist heat.

Roused by the mere memory of her son fucking her; she couldn’t believe she’d become so perverted…


Kushina almost screamed when the door was suddenly thrown open; luckily, she threw her dress back over her legs on impulse. Her face burned with a flush as her spunky son burst into the apartment with a wide smile on his face. Forcing herself not to look too surprised or embarrassed, she put on a smile that wavered nervously. Her heart was pounding so hard from the rush of almost being caught with her hand feverishly working underneath her panties. Surely, if she had been, that’d be all the excuse and persuasion Naruto would need to have her pinned underneath his pumping hips again. And in her current state of mind, she knew that she wouldn’t have the willpower to refuse.

“Mom,” he said again without so much as a ‘welcome home, son’ from mother-dearest. He marched in front of her at once and held out his hand in a gracious gesture that she did not quite understand. “I got paid today,” he declared. He must’ve been on a meager mission all day, explaining his absence. “So I want to take you out for some dinner!”

Kushina still had to steady herself. Her racing heart left her a little lightheaded. “Dinner? But I’m starting to cook!” she shot back at him. However, when the two looked in the direction she pointed at, there was hardly any progress made for a meal beyond a few cut vegetables and a cold pot of water still waiting on the stove. She felt a little foolish for the protest.

“You’ve made all the meals all the time you’ve been back,” Naruto jeered. He grabbed his mother’s wrist and pulled her up. With his eagerness, she could almost assume that being bent over the counter would be the next thing he would do with her; initially, she would have no qualms with that. “It’s time I treat you, dattebayo!”

Kushina couldn’t help but be skeptic as she was hurried out of the apartment. “Treat me where?”


She shouldn’t have found it much of a surprise when she was seated at the Ichiraku with a steaming bowl of salt ramen in front of her. She scolded Naruto before about eating a wider variety of foods, but with the scent of her favorite meal wafting through her lungs with each breath, she could not help herself.

Grace, poise, and courtesy certainly weren’t the traits of the mother/son duo. Kushina had abandoned her motherly image to indulge like her son. In complete unison, they pulled the noodles out of the bowl, stretched them out, opened their mouths wide, and feasted with foxy grins. Her own rule of control when eating ramen was thrown out the window as she and Naruto stacked the plates atop one another. What should’ve made Ayame and Teuchi dazzle with the prospect of a great quantity of money earned actually made them a little afraid. If Kushina became addicted to ramen again like Naruto was, would Ichiraku even be able to keep up with the Uzumakis high demand of ramen?!

One more bowl from each of them was added to the tall stack, and both customers leaned back with a pleased smile and a full belly. Kushina nearly looked intoxicated from the relief of indulging on foods she had otherwise banished from her household. Before she could drift into a ramen-induced stupor, she looked at the cook and his daughter, and laughed sheepishly, feeling rather ashamed by her gluttony. “Thank you, Teuchi-san,” she fumbled with a weak laugh.

Naruto was less formal, assuring the overworked cook that he’d be back soon. As always, Teuchi was happy to have a steady source of income, but it was still a daunting task to keep up with gluttons like him and Chouji.

Stretching her arms high over her head, Kushina groaned with a smirk. She felt like she could pass out the second her head touched the pillow of her bed. She’d all but forgotten her earlier anxiety and was happy to be strolling around with Naruto after he’d treated her to dinner. It was almost like back when she was with Minato, both on a romantic stroll about Konoha at night, visiting areas that were crowded in the days but vacant in these hours.


Kushina blinked when it suddenly dawned on her. Why was Naruto leading her this way? It was well out of the way of returning home… heck, it was near the edge of the village, the path Sasuke had taken those long years ago when he defected from Konoha. It was a less-populated, less-guarded exit; there wasn’t a soul around. Returning to ramen-gorging must’ve left her more dazed than she thought for Naruto to have her wander aimlessly this far from home.

“What are we doing out here?” she asked, turning to her son.

Naruto regarded her with his wide, toothy smirk whilst lacing his fingers behind his blonde head. “I just thought you might want to go for a walk after dinner,” he obviously lied. After a huge ramen dinner, both he and Kushina would often agree that sleep was a good dessert.

Now that she was alarmed, drowsiness eluded Kushina. She could almost feel the intent in the atmosphere. Her heartbeat began to pick up. Nevertheless, she glowered at her boy and put her fists on her hips. “Naruto,” she said in a tone an upset mother should have, “what are you up to?”

The smile dwindled, but was still very much in place. He fiddled a little before snickering awkwardly. “Well, Mom… I was kind of thinking… after dinner…” He laughed a bit more, excited but wary at the same time of his mother’s wrath should she not agree with the idea. “Can we… do it out here, ‘tebayo?”

Vague, but Kushina immediately knew what he was talking about. Anger disappeared from her face, leaving her expression blank for a moment before her cheeks flooded with red. She drew back and held a finger to her lower lip. Eyes were glossy with worry as she looked off to the side. That she didn’t strike him outright was a good sign in and of itself. Still, just because she didn’t immediately refuse him didn’t mean Naruto was in the clear yet; however, the tenting of his trousers – something that Kushina just barely discovered – refused to believe that her response would be anything but ‘Yes’.

He’d been very patient, Kushina thought while eyeing her son. He’d thrown glances her way and even made ‘accidental’ touches to her body every now and then, but he didn’t proposition her outright until now. Did he think she’d feel obligated to consent to incest to repay him for the meal? It wasn’t particularly flattering for a mother to be treated like a prostitute, even though she knew that wasn’t his actual intent. He just wanted to butter her up…

She leered at him. “How long have you been planning this?”

Naruto, red in the face, merely laughed and awaited the definite answer. With exuberant faith that she would not deny him, the bulge throbbed and called for its freedom.

With a sigh, she put her fingers to her brow. Oh, her son was a crafty one, despite how little the villagers once thought of him. He should be rewarded for his patience; Kushina smirked, not willing to admit that she herself could not stave off the desire to have her son return to her depths.

“What if someone comes?” She had to know that Naruto had given some thought to fucking out in public, where others could actually bear witness to their incestuous relationship.

“No one will come,” Naruto immediately yipped. Being given all the permission he needed, he urgently tugged Kushina towards the bench against the ledge of the path. Snidely, she warned him of the consequences of being caught, but he couldn’t care less, not when, after all this waiting, he finally had another crack at his beautiful mom. Without time wasted, he had her bent over and was behind her, hungry hands thoroughly groping her through her dress. Her firm butt was kneaded enough to have her giving small gasps. Intentionally, his thumb pressed inward to tickle her crotch. For all that patience he’d shown these past few days, he certainly couldn’t contain himself now.

The dress came up, and she felt the nightly draft against her buttocks. Her breath stilled when her underwear was impatiently yanked to one side, leaving her with no modesty as both her pussy and asshole were put on display for him. Though he had taken her anally before and even had his mouth and fingers there once before, she was still a bit edgy about that part of her being ogled. Minato had never ventured to that area before; the closest he’d gotten was holding her bottom during sex.

“Ahn!” Kushina could not keep herself from making the cry when nimble fingers tickled the fringes of her sex, parting them and exploring the wet depths. She may have acted like she didn’t desire him a few moments ago, but her vagina certainly shared a different story. His middle finger crawled deep inside of her, testing her and discovering that she’d already regained her previous tightness; the Uzumakis certainly were a resilient clan. The sudden intrusion in her sex had her lifting up on her toes with a strained squeal.

Though foreplay was very much appreciated by the sex-starved mother, Kushina also had to take into account that they could not be idle in a place like this. As unlikely as Naruto believed it would be, there was still a chance that someone would happen upon them. “Naruto,” she breathlessly whispered, “hurry, tebane!”

“Right…” Naruto’s hands left her, and she heard the drop of a zipper and the shifting of fabric. Not wanting to wait, Kushina reached back to pull her pink panties to one side and give her son an appropriate target. She was almost hiccupping with excitement. The slab of manliness rested in the crevice of her ass first before teasingly dragging down to aim at and puncture her sex. There was no need for easing into her when she was so ready for him. Arching her back, ignoring her own warnings, she moaned out her appreciation of being filled once again. He was so big! And though she already knew that, it still surprised her.

Naruto hissed from the pleasure of the wet sheathe hugging him tightly in a warm welcome. Truth be told, since being with his mother that first time, he’d not been with Sakura; yes, he still saw her as attractive and wanted to be with her, but fucking his mom just had its own appeal, like years of bonding being made up for in these rare instances. While she mused at how big he was, he couldn’t get over how tight she was! After so long of being with Sakura, she’d been successfully stretched out to accommodate his size.

Barely three thrusts were completed before the prick withdrew from Kushina’s hungry snatch. Panting and wanting more, she looked over her shoulder at her son. “What is it? Put it back in, tebane! Is someone coming?” She tried to push herself back onto her boy’s shaft, but he promptly held her at bay.

It was tempting to surge back into her, fuck her until she screamed out her pleasure, and spent his essence. That was the plan, but he wanted something else. His palm pressed against her backside, spreading her crevice to expose her second, tighter hole. Sucking in his breath excitedly, he corrected the aim of his cock. The tip nudged the resistant pucker.

Kushina gasped as her son’s cock pressed up against her asshole. The entrance closed tight, making it a struggle for Naruto to invade. “There?!” The redhead was surprised that Naruto wanted her to re-experience the effort of fitting him into her tight passage. It was hard enough to take him in before, and that was with some preparations. He might’ve had some slickness with her juices surrounding his cock, but that surely couldn’t have been enough to make him simply glide into her body.

Despite her apparent apprehension, the hand holding aside her panties had given its aid to helping Naruto expose his target. While he emitted an air of excited satisfaction, she was full of trepidation as his cockhead caved her anus inward. It may have been a few days of uninterrupted ‘healing’ for her, but she easily recalled the pain and effort it took to fit him in. Biting her lower lip near to the point of ripping skin, she bore down on him, sinking her butt slowly onto him when her body finally gave way.

Naruto gave an exhilarated sigh when his large erection began to slide into his mother’s snug cavity. He allowed her to control the pace of his ascent, though it took a considerable amount of willpower not to ram home all the way in one, mighty thrust. He heard her whimpers – which were stimulating to his ears – while she continued to draw him inside. Both of his hands fastened on her waist, squeezing tightly. He quivered for a moment, his smile melting away for a desperate gasp.

Halfway in…

Throwing his resolve to the wind, his impatience had finally flared. He held Kushina tightly, and before she could protest – having an acute sense of what her son planned to do with her – he sheathed himself fully with a loud grunt of pleasure. Contrarily, Kushina threw her head back, both of her hands now squeezing the edges of the cement bench until her knuckles paled, and was unable to suppress her echoing cry.


Sakura paused outside the Hokage tower and turned a curious eye to the east sky. What had she just heard? It was faint, but surely she had just heard someone cry out. A woman, she guessed.

There were few people out at this time – though the bustle of the marketplace still had some potency – but they were shinobi too immersed in conversation to notice the scream that Sakura had. If it was an attack, other ninja would surely be racing to the scene; Sakura figured she should at least find out what it was, if only to settle her curiosity and find peace of mind while hunkering down for a good night’s sleep.

There was once a time when she’d be tentative to investigate a noise in the village. That was over two years ago. With Tsunade-sama’s training under her belt, Sakura had the confidence and skill to deal with – or at least stall – whatever problems were within Konoha. She didn’t rush, but she didn’t drag her feet either as she wandered down the path, trying to figure out the exact direction of the scream she’d heard.

It was a while of misdirection and second-guessing before she finally heard the low, husky grunts of both a man and a woman. It only took her a moment or two to guess what was taking place further down the trail she had once encountered Sasuke on.

A flush brightened Sakura’s cheeks. It was bad form of her to continue on to inspect. Obviously, the woman wasn’t in any dangerous situation; the constant, hushed and encouraging moans coming from her were consent enough for Sakura to not assume rape. Best the pink-haired kunoichi just turn about and hurry home. She wished she could keep to that wise advice, but she could not help being curious. It was probably because of Naruto… that dunderhead.

Sakura pursed her lips at the thought of her goofy, insatiable lover. For the past four days, he hadn’t once tried to make a move on her. Sure, Sakura wasn’t easy and usually said ‘No’ to his advances when she wasn’t in the mood, but she at least found it flattering that he could not keep his hands off of her.

She could just take a peek, just some visual stimulus for when she got home and decided to quell her hormones with her fingers. It wasn’t cheating, she reasoned with herself. Naruto looked at porn magazines all the time – ‘research’, he justified it as – and pleasured himself. Why shouldn’t she be free to indulge after he had neglected her for so long?

Feeling vindicated, Sakura crept along the tree line outside of the cobblestone path, keeping to the shadows as best as she could. The overlapping voices became louder as she edged nearer to the curve. Soon, she’d be witnessing two very risky people forcing themselves against one another in a lustful display.

But as she came nearer, she couldn’t help noticing that the voices were… very familiar. Her heart seized when she heard it: “Slower, tebane! I can’t take it!”

“Kushina-san?!” Sakura was aghast. Not even back in the world of the living for more than three weeks, and she’d already found a lover?! It felt a little weird, but Sakura willed herself to press on. She didn’t expect the persons involved to be some that she knew. Who could the fiery redhead have chosen as her partner?

That… was the bigger surprise…

Sakura stopped dead in her tracks when she finally had view of the two lovers.

Doubled over at the waist, arms having given out and cheek resting against the armrest of the bench, Kushina took Naruto’s shaft into her asshole over and over again. She’d long since stopped trying to match his vigorous pace and focused only on the pleasure that he was generously bestowing upon her. It’d hurt at first to have him revisiting her bowels, but her body had inevitably stretched to accommodate his piston-like prick.

Since putting her face down, she watched her son’s face. The effort it took pounding into her reddened his face, but he hardly ever lost that joyful grin. He could hardly look anywhere else while inspecting the constant ripple of her ass cheeks every time he slammed into her.

Her little boy, Kushina mused amongst a haze of immoral pleasure… and he was pounding away at her in careless abandon. It was such a wrong feeling, but it had her dancing on the edge of release.

Needless to say, Sakura’s mind flooded with questions, and she was sure she should feel something about this incestuous duo. Maybe disgust? Disappointment? Arousal? Sakura didn’t give much thought to her integrity when she felt her groin heat up in her tight shorts. A part of her wanted to intervene, call both of them on their wrongdoings, and be done with Naruto forever. Another part of her – probably the part that was once ‘Inner Sakura’ – told that moral standing to shut its hole.

How did this happen? It was the biggest question on the girl’s mind as she watched Naruto racing towards an orgasm while his mother was willing to take it; it didn’t even occur to Sakura where Naruto had inserted himself. All that really mattered was this was incest: pure and simple. And Sakura was unwilling to take her eyes away for a moment.

“Hurry, Naruto,” panted Kushina. “Someone might come soon, tebane!”

“Almost there,” Naruto assured her, making his thrusts plunge deeper and harder.

Kushina gulped. Something did feel amiss; she could feel it down in the pit of her stomach, and it wasn’t the effect of Naruto charging into her ass. Cautiously, her eyes drifted down the path. It didn’t take her a second glance to see the head of pink and the mint-green eyes transfixed on her. In that moment, both Kushina and Sakura made direct eye contact. The Uzumakis had been caught, and by none other than her son’s lover!

As if aware of Sakura’s presence and wishing to give her a show, Naruto formed himself at the angle of Kushina’s body to molest her breasts through the material of her clothes. His hips continued to work, though the tempo was thrown off a bit without the guidance of his hands helping her ass move. His pants – which had yet to be dropped – shuffled down a little, but didn’t descend too far. He paid little attention to that while fondling the mounds of her chest, wishing he could get to those pink nubs trapped underneath many layers of clothes.

The orgasm that had been kept at a hair’s breadth crashed upon Kushina with intensity she’d never known before. Gaze still locked with Sakura’s, her body convulsed and her quim gushed her essence over Naruto’s lap. She yowled with pleasure. Her grip tightened to the point where it might’ve been possible to leave cracks on the seat. Toes curled against her sandals, the manicured nails scraping the bottom. To enhance the experience, she bucked back against her son, taking him in deep each time, pulling him to that state of euphoria with her. With fingertips sure to leave bruises on the fair skin at her waist, Naruto exhaled with great jubilation. It had probably been the longest he’d gone without release since first coupling with Sakura, so Kushina was served a heavy dosage of his seed. Kushina grunted with each hot spurt that was embedded within her. Each one kept her elated high prolonged to the point where she felt lightheaded. Her vagina squeezed tight, expelling more and more of her juices to spill down the insides of her thighs and soil Naruto’s pants.

Yet, her focus did not waver from the girl watching them from the shadows of the trees. Because of Sakura, she experienced such a groundbreaking release. The fear of getting caught was exciting enough; for it to actually happen gave her a shock that could hardly be matched. And she wasn’t even sure how long Sakura had been watching. Perhaps the important thing was that she stayed and bore witness to their climax. Truthfully, Kushina, panting, exhausted and sweaty, was grateful for that.

“Wow, Mom,” wheezed Naruto. Slowly, he began to retract his cock from her. “That was great, dattebayo.” He was still ignorant to the witness peering at them from the shadows.

Kushina, lost in an absentminded daze, regarded him. She had yet to regain her ability to speak, but she did offer a slight nod. Even without Sakura’s ‘aid’, she wouldn’t say the whole experience was anything less than orgasmic. A mewl was given when he pulled himself free of her depths. An overflow of his deposited cum spilled out of her ass and ran down the back of her legs. A sticky mess, but she could take care of it when they returned home.

As Naruto stumbled back, chest heaving while he fumbled to put his slowly-wilting cock away, Kushina’s eyes drifted back over to Sakura, only to find that the pink-haired kunoichi had already taken her leave. Her purple eyes scanned left and right for any sign of her son’s other lover. No such luck…

Swallowing that lump in her throat, Kushina erected her posture and let the hem of her dress fall back in place. Sakura may have been gone, but Kushina was certain that it wouldn’t be long before she saw her again. And there’d be an awful lot of explaining to do…


To be continued
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