There was a sense of tranquility in the evening air, and all was well in the busy streets of Konoha. People went about their business, some of them looking to dine somewhere for the night, while others took to the bars, seeking thrills where they could. This was a village of shinobi after all, and each moment off-duty should be spent meaningfully.

Of course, the core areas of the village was still quiet as ever, the people knowing better than to make commotions around here. The Hokage Tower was a symbol of Konoha’s power, and there was no sense of tranquility here as the shinobi streamed in and out, returning and going to missions. Life as a ninja meant you worked all hours after all.

As a central part of any village, the command center was well-guarded, and was definitely not somewhere a would-be spy would want to be caught loitering. Shinobi were also known to secure and detain before asking questions.

Luckily for a certain ninja, the security was as effective as a paper kunai. With well-practiced steps, he easily evaded the watchful gazes of the ANBU guard, and the few security seals that were placed on the walls. And then, throwing all sense of his carefulness into the air, he jumped into the open window and sent out a greeting.


Several kunai were sent his way, and he didn’t even blink as they sailed past his ears, slicing a couple strands of hair off.

“Jiraiya...” The Hokage remarked, his hands still extended in a throwing motion. “You... how many times have I told you to use the damn door?!”

The white-haired ninja simply smiled widely at the sight of his old sensei. He hadn’t been expecting him. “Oho, old man, whatcha’ doin’ in that seat? I thought your days were long past.”

Indeed, the old visage of Sarutobi Hiruzen was sitting in the familiar seat of the Hokage, hat and all. It wouldn’t have been odd considering just how well the older man suited the role, having reigned for many years, but they had a new Hokage now, one that was much younger... and blond.

“Minato finally called it quits? That was earlier than I had imagined.” Jiraiya had a smirk on his face, even as his old mentor sighed deeply.

“He’s on a very important diplomatic mission right now, won’t be back for another week at the least. Guess who he chose to take his place while he is gone?” The Sandaime had a look of annoyance on his face as he murmured around his pipe.

“Haha, well can’t say I blame him, you were the one who dumped all of your paperwork onto him.” There had been a reason why Sarutobi had wanted his position to be taken up so early, even if Minato was a bit young.

The older man grumbled about ungrateful brats, eyeing the pile of paperwork with a twitch in his eye. He had been working for most of the day and he had barely made a dent. It had been much easier during wartime, despite how awful that sounded, as the civilian population barely made a peep, much less a request.

“Anyway, I’m here to hand in my report,” Jiraiya began, reaching into his shirt in order to bring out a scroll. He placed it on the desk next to the towering pile of paper. “Haven’t been much movement, everyone seems to be focused on recovering.”

Sarutobi grunted, looking through the scroll with a cursory glance, nothing really stood out to him. “As they should, kami only knows how many men died in this last war.”

Jiraiya nodded, not wanting to linger on the heavy thoughts of the war. He reached into his shirt once more, bringing out something different this time. It was a book, of the orange variety, and the mere sight of it caused his old sensei to widen his eyes in elation.

“Is that...?”

“The latest issue, you’re getting this a month before everyone else, old man.” There was a smirk on his face, as his sensei almost cradled the book.

“I knew there was a reason why I kept you around.” His ‘wizened’ eyes scanned through the pages of the book hungrily.

Jiraiya rolled his eyes, before giving him a wave, he had better places to be than in the presence of his perverted sensei. Yes, he knew how hypocritical that sounded. “Well I’m gonna go, got places to be... girls to see... you know, for inspiration purposes.”

The Sandaime nodded sagely, and was about to bid him good luck when he remembered something. “Oh, make sure you check up on Kushina-chan, you know what with her current condition.”

The sage paused from the windowsill, looking back in surprise. “Oh right! It’s about seven months along right?”

“Indeed, Minato is incredibly lucky.” There was a shared nod as both of them thought of Uzumaki Kushina. As fiery as her temper was, no one could deny how beautiful she was.

“I guess I should pay her a visit... for Minato’s sake,” Jiraiya murmured, before leaving with a errant wave.


The house where Kushina and Minato lived was rather quaint, and was in a very sparse and quiet area of Konoha. Their nearest neighbors were the Nara, and that left them with a great deal of privacy. It was important, as though many people in Konoha were aware of the two’s relationship, none of them were aware of the fact that they were married.

Getting eloped was something Jiraiya had never thought his student was possible of. Kami only knew how dense the blond boy was, even with his horde of fangirls. He recalled that the boy had only went on a few dates before he had decided on Kushina. Though at that point, the redhead already had him dancing to her tunes.

Poor kid. Jiraiya was an advocate of bachelorhood, and definitely felt that his student had lost something when he married the girl. After all, what was Shinobi life without the promiscuity and the sex with foreign girls? A rather boring one.

He entered the house through the door, as it was unlocked. One might have wondered why there was so little security, but you only had to look as far as the word: Uzumaki. Any would-be intruders would find themselves in a very painful predicament if they tried to enter without being keyed into the protective seals. Luckily enough for the Sannin, his student had added him to the whitelist.

He had only visited twice before, mostly to talk to his student and depart some essential knowledge. His student was now his Hokage after all, however amusing that sounded to him. Jiraiya still thought of Minato as his little student, even after his amazing showing during the war. It would take a long time for him to adjust seeing the lad in the Hokage outfit.

“Hello?” He called out into the quiet home.

Kushina was obviously home, judging from the shoes at the entrance, and the fact that the girl had taken to reclusion. There was only so much genjutsu could do to hide the swelling of her belly after all. It was much better to just hide until the pregnancy was over with than to risk being exposed. Everyone would know whose child she was carrying the moment word got out.

Quietly moving through the quaint house, he searched for the redhead. It had been a while since he had last seen her, and hoped that she was as voluptuous as always. Her temper was scary, almost as fierce as his blonde teammate, but damn were they similar. They both had amazing breasts that the inner pervert inside of him struggled to contain every time. He wondered what pregnancy had done to those...

Shaking his head, lest he got a nosebleed right then and there, he made to turn the corner up the stairs when he saw something. “K-Kushina?”

The redhead was definitely there alright, he could easily tell from the startled blue eyes and flowing red hair. What caught his surprise and attention was the fact that she was only clad in a white towel, the piece of cloth doing little to nothing to hide her sensual curves. Her hair was wet, and she seemed to be dripping as she paused before him. He was about to recover when she did something he had never expected in a million years.

“EEP!” She screamed, he yelped, and then somehow... her towel unravelled.

Her nude figure presented itself to him, and he was immediately struck. Her breasts sprung to life, jiggling as she jumped in surprise, and the mere sight of them caused him to salivate. He had always thought that Tsunade’s glorious mounds were the best, but Kushina’s put hers to shame. His eyes traversed her form, stopping by the pronounced bump along her stomach, before settling on the beautifully pink lips of her lower body. There was a little patch of red, shaved into a triangle, and it sent his mind reeling.

He hadn’t felt this... excited in a long time. The mere sight of her naked form, despite having seen so many variants of the female body, caused him excitement that he could barely put into words. He hadn’t felt this way since the night he and Tsunade had made drunk love while in the midst of the battlefield.

And then time sped back to normal, and he was treated to something that no man could have wanted. A rage-filled round house kick imbued with feminine fury.

He was sent flying down the stairs.


“I-I’m sorry...” There was an awkward silence in the air as the redhead looked anywhere besides the man sitting on her couch. It was understandable, as the man had a very sizable bump along his head, where he currently held an icepack to.

He laughed with a wheeze, his ribs having been injured by the sheer velocity of the fall. She kicked as hard as Tsunade. “It’s alright... should’ve given you more notice.”

“No no, it’s just that I thought you were Mikoto, since she is the only one that visits me these days... I...” She blushed with embarrassment. “I shouldn’t have reacted like that...”

He smiled, inwardly loving just how cute she looked with a blush. He had always disregarded her before, as she had never gotten on his radar so to speak, she was hardly the picture of femininity during the few times they met. But the sight of her naked body... now that was something that changed his opinion of her entirely.

“It’s understandable, and don’t worry, I’ve been through worse.” He smiled again, and this time she sent a tentative one back.

“So you were sent here by Jiji?” She asked curiously. It had really been a while since she had received guests, and with Minato gone, she was a bit stir-crazy.

“Yes, to check on you-know-what, and of course, I’m sure Minato would have wanted me to as well.” At the name of her husband, she relaxed and smiled.

“Of course.” She poured him some tea, and then herself some. “Uhm... would you like to stay for dinner?” she asked nervously. “I mean, if you’re not busy, Jiraiya-san.”

The way she said his name sent a shiver down his spine. “Oh? That would be very nice, Kushina-chan, I’m quite famished.” He accepted her offer, and happily sipped at his tea. Things were moving towards a strange direction, he had originally meant to check the seal and then move on to the hotsprings. Now though... now things were even better.

“Okay! I’ll prepare it right now, shouldn’t be long.” She got up and happily bounced towards the kitchen, and was fully unaware of the hungry eyes that followed her plump behind. Kushina was dressed casually, and was not aware of how tightly the dress hugged her.

Jiraiya certainly didn’t mind, and he was almost drooling as she left. Shaking his head, he tried to calm down the intense feelings stirring within. He should know better, having an immense amount of experience in these things, but somehow he couldn’t stop himself. The lust and desire was too much to stop, and he wanted that girl in the living room with a passion that even surprised himself.

That girl that was the wife of his student. Such a thought should have repulsed him, yet it only spurred him on. What would it feel like? To have such a naive and voluptuous girl writhing with pleasure? To have her sucking his cock and taking him as deep as she could, never minding the fact that she was pregnant. The erotic thoughts sent a shudder down his body, and he had to force himself to calm down, lest his hardened tool reveal itself from his cramped pants.

For a brief moment he hesitated. He needed to stop this right now, before he did something that may end up hurting the both of them irreparably, but he couldn’t... not when every single part of him was screaming for him to take her. He wanted to corrupt that girl in the kitchen, force her to obey every single one of his sexual whims, and he wanted her to do it happily.

He tried to calm himself as she made dinner, forcing himself to act as normal as he could. Soon, his desires would come true.


Kushina hummed as she worked, preparing the ingredients and happily slicing up the fish. It had been so long since she had cooked for someone, especially since Minato had left last month. It had really irked her when her husband decided to go on a diplomatic run while she was pregnant. Didn’t the man know that the baby could sense that? It was in all of the magazines she had read.

But it was nice to be able to cook for someone now, as it had always been a hobby of hers. It felt nice to have people compliment her on her cooking, and she loved it when Minato ate her home-cooked meals, saying it was better than anything he had ever tasted. He could be a bit of sap at times.

The man she was cooking for wasn’t someone who she considered to be especially close to her, but he was her husband’s mentor, and a hero of Konoha. She had respect for the man, and cooking a meal for him was the least she could do. Especially after what had happened upstairs... she couldn’t help the red flush from creeping up again.

It was incredibly embarrassing, showing her naked body to another man, especially since he got a complete view of it. She was a very conservative girl, and Minato understood that, and when they made love, it was always at night with the covers drawn around them. It would have been simply too embarrassing otherwise. It always felt good with Minato, but she muffled her moans and cries despite him saying it was cute.

Shaking her head from such thoughts, and blamed them on her hormones. Pregnancy had been doing odd things to her, and her cravings could be anywhere from coffee ice cream to... sex. She had even been rubbing herself lately just to stave off the urges... it was incredibly embarrassing, but at least she had the comfort of her own home to do so. And she couldn’t deny how relaxed she felt afterwards.

Placing the fish into the steamer, she finished chopping up the other ingredients. She wanted a nice meal in order to make it up to Jiraiya.


He couldn’t be stopped now, it was too late. He would apologize to his student in the afterlife, but his desire was too much. Nothing save the total apocalypse would prevent him from getting what he wanted tonight. Uzumaki Kushina, on her hands and knees, servicing his tool and begging for him.

To do such a thing, he would have to be careful. There was no way he would be doing something as horrid as forcing her, but there were much more elegant ways of seducing a woman. He would know, as he was probably the one who wrote the book on it. Many foreign kunoichi would back him up on this.

To aid him in this endeavor, he was going to be using something that he had discovered back in a brothel house all the way in Kusa. It was a simple scented candle, but what scent it contained... well, it was hard to describe except very pleasent, much like a flower at the peak of its life cycle. When lighted it produced a faint scent of some exotic flower, and seemed to make you more relaxed. That was how its true effects were hardly ever discovered. It was merely a pleasant scent that nobody would attribute as something that lowers your inhibitions even better than alcohol. That whore house had been more successful than any he had ever visited before, and he had made sure to steal the secret of the candles for his own uses.

Needless to say, it was incredibly effective.

“What’s that smell, Jiraiya-san?” Kushina asked curiously, bringing out the plates into the dining room. After placing the dishes onto the table, she regarded him oddly.

“Ah, just some candles I got from a friend, smells good don’t they? I’ve been thinking of giving them to a few women friends of mine.” He had a perfectly innocent face, and Kushina did not suspect a thing.

“Oh? Hmm... well it smells really nice,” she sniffed and then smiled. “Woman friends hm? Not angry ones I hope?”

“Ahaha... probably not.” She giggled at his reply, and then sat down on the other end of the table much to his disappointment.

“Well, dig in,” she said happily.

He scanned the table and then blinked in surprise. She had cooked a lot. “Wow, that’s a lot of food, Kushina-chan.”

She laughed in slight embarrassment, rubbing her head cutely. “Just felt like cooking, you know?”

He nodded, then smiled. “Hey, would you happen to have some sake? This would be a perfect occasion.”

“Sake?” she asked uncertainly, biting on her lower lip. “I think we do have some, it was a gift. I’ll be right back.”

Jiraiya tried to hide his excitement as Kushina went to the kitchen and returned with a bottle of high quality Fire Country wine. Forcibly calming himself down, he accepted the saucer and the bottle of sake. “Thank you but are you not drinking with me?”

She blinked, and seemed startled. “M-me? Uhm... I don’t really drink...”

“Oh come on, just a little bit, it’s no fun to drink alone,” he persuaded, then added, “it would be rude to drink the host’s wine by myself.”

Kushina looked unsure, but then finally sighed. “Alright, just a little though,” she said and then got up to get her own saucer.

As she returned, Jiraiya stopped her with a hand. “Come sit beside me, no need to be all polite, we can talk better.”

She blinked but accepted his offer, sitting in the nearest seat. Jiraiya immediately began to pour sake for the both of them, and then began his plan.

“So, tell me about yourself.” His question was open enough, and he subtly sipped at his sake every time her eyes fell to him.

“Ah... not much to say...”

“Oh come on, I’m sure you have all sorts of stories, you have quite the reputation around you, you know.” Another sip of his sake.

“Has Minato been talking about me...?” Her eyes suddenly narrowed.

“Haha, perhaps, better to get the truth from you then?” A laugh accompanied by more sips of his sake.

Kushina mimicked him, taking a sip of sake. “Oh very well...”



They talked well into the night, even despite the fact that the food had been cleared away. Jiraiya kept her going with well-asked questions and spurred her on. Meanwhile, he kept filling their saucers of sake, making sure that she received the majority of the refills. She didn’t even notice how little he sipped each time, too engrossed with her stories. By the time that Jiraiya decided to move on to the next step, her eyes were heavy and her cheeks were red.

“Oh right, Kushina-chan,” he said, cutting into her story about the haunted room in the academy. “We forgot to look over your seal.”

“My... what?” Her words were just slightly slurred and her eyes had a surprising amount of clarity in them considering just how much alcohol she had ingested. “Oh!”

“Yeah, I had better take care of that before I leave, could I?” He didn’t even bother shielding his gazes now, he roamed her body with hunger, and she was all too unaware.

“Sure!” She happily replied.

He took her hand as he got up, and she didn’t even notice when his hands slipped around her small waist in order to lead her towards the living room. She leaned against him for support as they moved towards the couch. She appeared to be swaying ever so slightly. He set her down before kneeling before her, trying to hide his anticipation.

“Could I see your stomach?”

“Okay...” She got up slightly, and then took off her dress in a single flourish. Jiraiya was left speechless as she was left in only her bra and undergarments. It seemed that the scented candles and the alcohol was amazingly effective.

He gulped as he took in her figure, the red bra and panties doing little to hide just how beautiful she was. The bras strained to hold in her luscious breasts, and as he was eye-level with her mound, he spotted tufts of red hair poking from the rim of her panties. He felt his pants tighten.

“Good girl,” he praised, and then almost slapped himself, that was way too forward. To his surprise, she just giggled.

He moved his hands to her stomach, and almost shivered at the touch, her bulged stomach was warm to the touch, but what astounded him was just how soft her skin felt. He felt himself almost absently running his hands around her stomach.

“S-see anything, Jiraiya-san?” she asked, startling him.

He had been in a trance. “O-oh, uhm, I’m gonna need you to channel some chakra please.”

“Ah... right!” Kushina closed her eyes, and pressed her hands together for a seal. As she began to channel chakra, he saw the seal appear on her stomach. He took the opportunity to move in closer, and at the same, spread her legs further apart.

His face was now inches away from her stomach, and also her center. Even from here, he could smell her arousal. It was faint, but definitely there, and he thought that it was probably the work of the candles. “I’m going to be running some diagnostics, okay?”

“Mmm.” She moaned, relaxing her head on the soft couch. She was completely oblivious to the man in between her legs. If she were more aware, she would have realized that he was definitely not running scans of any sort.

While he pressed one hand against her seal, his right hand rested against her thighs. She was so soft, and his eyes were focused onto thin fabric that covered her pussy. Oh how much he wanted to tear them off and free the beautiful lower lips. Instead, he took his time, and as his left hand did nothing but rub against her pregnant belly, his right hand began to pulse.

Kushina suddenly moaned in pleasure, and he smirked inwardly. “A-ah..”

“Are you alright, Kushina-chan?” He asked with hidden glee.

She was blushing now, and she shook her head. “I-I’m fine.”

What he was doing was rather simple, he was stimulating her indirectly, with a few nerve clusters around the thigh, he wasn’t rookie enough to touch her directly after all. From the way her legs twitched now and then, he knew he was successful. She was gasping now, and definitely wet. He could now see the outlines of her pussy, and her scent was almost overwhelmingly strong.

Then, he stopped.

Removing his hands, he got up so that he could sit next to her. Kushina was still breathing heavily, and opened her eyes as he sat next to her. Her rosy cheeks and half-lidded eyes were simply too adorable, and he had to keep reminding himself to be patient. “Well, it seems that you are all good on the sealing front, Kushina-chan.”

“R-really?” He did not miss the disappointment in her voice.

Nodding, he turned to face her. “You are good on that point but... I noticed something else while I was down there.” She blinked in confusion. “Do you mind if I ask you a couple of... personal questions?”

She nodded slowly. “Okay.”

“Well, I could be wrong but from my scan I noticed that you are very tense, Kushina-chan.” His tone was full of worry and he laid one hand on her thighs in comfort.

“I am?” she asked, then frowned.

“Yes, probably from a lot of stress. Have you been feeling stressed lately?” he inquired, rubbing slow circles around her thigh.

“I-I guess so,” she slowly nodded. “It’s been really hard... this whole pregnancy thing.”

Jiraiya nodded understandably. “Of course, and I’ve noticed that you haven’t had proper... relaxation in a while.”

“What do you mean...?” Her head was tilted cutely.

This time he didn’t have to hide his smirk. “When was the last time you had sex?”

“W-w-what?!” Kushina had a full blush, and she looked away from him almost immediately. “What does that have to do with anything?”

“Well...” he trailed off, looking pointedly at her stomach. “Sex is a necessity for a healthy body, well, at least, release is very important. It could be harmful to your body if you don’t get the necessary release.”

Her eyes widened. “I-it is?”

Nodding very seriously, he continued. “Now how long was your last moment of intercourse?”

She blushed crimson, but did answer him this time. “I think... a couple of months ago? Minato said he didn’t want to risk hurting the baby...”

“Ah, I see...” Jiraiya gave her a look of sympathy. “How wrong of him, you know that pregnant woman needs lots and lots of sex, it’s something that they can’t help but crave.”

Kushina seemed to know what he meant, and he saw her crossing her legs, subtly trying to rub at the itch that had been building all evening. “I... I have been... touching myself...” she whispered, and still had her adorable blush. “Does... does that count?”

He smiled. “It does, but... it’s not a very good substitute for the real thing isn’t it?”

She found herself nodding, still shifting around on the couch. Everything around her appeared so hot, and her body was itching for... something, anything. She had such an urge to touch herself, and it must be what Jiraiya had been telling her. She was depriving herself of what she needed.

“Maybe I could help you out?” This was it.

Her eyes widened, and she shrinked notably. “W-what?”

“Oh come on, Kushina-chan, it’s for your sake,” he added. “I can tell you need it.”

Before she could protest immediately, his hand that had been rubbing her thighs suddenly rubbed against her center. She let out a moan, and her body collapsed forward, her head landing against his chest. “See? Look at you, honey... you need this.” he whispered into her ear, and she moaned as his fingers began to move.

She was so wet, her fluids soaking her red panties and leaving little to the imagination. As she rested her against him, he wrapped his other arm around her, pressing her close to him. He continued to rub her, and she was gasping, rubbing herself on his hands. He slipped his hands inside of her panties to rub her directly, and received a guttural moan in return. She was so incredibly wet, she was practically dripping onto him.

“Look at you... you’re so wet,” he whispered, and he felt her whimper. “Such a naughty girl.”

He pressed a single finger inside, and she bucked and gasped. She was a mess now, drooling against his shirt and almost trying to ride his hand. His other arm had free range to do whatever he wanted, and he took the time to move towards her back where he unclasped her bra with skilled ease. Her bra was tossed aside, and she barely noticed.

Now, her beautiful mounds were left unbound and he took advantage of that fact by caressing them with his other hand. He was surprised then, when he squeezed a single nippe, she began to clamp tightly onto his two fingers. Her moans were so loud, that he would have been worried if not for the copious amount of privacy seals instilled into the house. Instead, he enjoyed it, and pressed her for another one by pinching on the nipple. This time she screamed.

She was coming, he realized, as her walls seized his fingers and began to rhythmically clench them. He moaned with her, desperately wishing that it was his cock that she was clenching and squeezing rather than his fingers. Yet, he couldn’t deny how elated he felt at having made her come. There was just something incredible about Uzumaki Kushina panting and mewing into his shirt, all the while rubbing into his hand.

He gently pushed her onto the couch, where she laid on her back, her entire body bared for his viewing pleasure. Her legs were still spread for him, and he admired her beautiful, naked body, only hindered by the soaked panties. Not for long, as he took them off her before she even noticed. She was breathing heavily, and shuddered now and then from the aftermath of the most amazing orgasm she had ever had.

“J-Jiraiya,” she gasped, her eyes opening slightly.

The husky way she had said his name was too much. “You see, Kushina... look how much you needed that...”

He slowly rubbed along her thighs, knowing that her eyes tracked his hands, and he loved how she did nothing to stop him as he inserted a single finger. She moaned as he pumped the digit a few times, loving the deliciously naughty sounds it made, and then he took it out. Her eyes continued to track his soaked finger as he brought it up to his mouth. He licked the juices off of his fingers, never taking his eyes off of hers, and was delighted to see her shiver.

She tasted absolutely delicious.

Jiraiya was sure that if he inserted his cock into her wet center right now, she couldn't even voice a complaint, but there was something he wanted first. He needed her to acknowledge something. “I enjoyed helping you, Kushina, you really needed it. But... I’m not sure if I can go continue.”

“W-what,” her eyes widened in shock, and she protested immediately. “No! Don’t go... I... I need more...”

Though she said the last part quietly, it made him smirk. “Alright... but I’m going to need some help from you too alright?”

She nodded slowly, still tingly from her orgasm, and her mouth went into an ‘oh’ as he took off his shirt and slowly unbuckled his pants. Her mouth was gaping as she spied his rock-hard cock gleaming in the light. There had been some precum leaking, and she felt a shiver run through her as she looked at his cock. She had never seen the full thing before in the light. Of course, she had seen it in the dark, and felt it with her fingers and inside of her, but looking at it clearly... had it always been so big?

Jiraiya smirked as she was entranced by the sight of his member. He wasn’t shy by any means, and it always filled him with just a bit of pride every time a girl was awed by his large tool. It felt nice finally removing it from the tight constraints of his pants, and he could tell that Kushina now had an idea of what he wanted.

He began to slowly crawl atop of her, and Kushina felt a bit of fear as his cock touched her mound of pubic hair, but he passed and soon he was kneeling atop of her chest, and she knew exactly what he was going for.

“W-wait, you can’t... I, I’ve never done such a thing...” she was protesting but she couldn’t remove her eyes from the long thick cock inches away from her mouth.

“Oh that makes me happy,” he whispered huskily. “This will be the first cock you taste.”

He closed the distance, and soon it was a mere inch from her lips, the smell was almost overpowering to Kushina. She felt light-headed, and she wanted to protest but... somehow it caught in her throat. There was a bead of precum at the very edge, and somehow, despite how perverted it sound, she wanted a taste.

“Come on, Kushina-chan, wrap your soft, red lips around my cock. Take it into your mouth...” he was whispering encouragingly, despite how much he wanted to force her around his cock. He had been denied release long enough.

Seeing the desire in his eyes, she felt her last restraints break. There was something that was incredibly erotic about being stared at with that much lust. Her tongue flicked out, and she licked the tip of his crown, receiving a hiss of pleasure and pain. It tasted... weird, and she swirled the drop of cum in her mouth experimentally. It tasted bitter, and left a bad aftertaste, but there was something... unique about its taste and texture. Seeing that it wasn’t so bad, she engulfed the tip of his cock into her mouth, and began to suck.

He moaned loudly, having to brace himself onto the arm of the couch. Kushina felt oddly satisfied at his response, and took more of his twitching cock into her mouth, her hands steadying his thighs as he slowly moved forward into her awaiting mouth.

“Oh god it’s so big,” she thought as half of his cock fitted into her mouth. Any further and it would have been entering into her throat.

“That’s it... Mmm, such a good girl.” His eyes were closed, thoroughly enjoying her wet mouth, and the way her inexperienced tongue danced along the underside of his member.

Kushina felt herself responding to his praise, despite how embarrassing it was. She was lucky she could breathe through her nose, as he was taking his time just enjoying her mouth. She licked where she could, and forced herself to swallow the cum that leaked from the tip. It wasn’t so bad now that she had her first taste, almost sweet.

Slowly withdrawing, he took his time until just the crown was in her mouth, and she swirled her tongue around the tip. What a little minx, she was definitely gazing up at him with defiance, wanting him to moan in pleasure. This time though, he had recovered from the amazing sensation of her mouth, and slowly brought his hands down so that he could grip her head. Her beautiful red hair was splayed around her, and it made for an erotic sight as her wide eyes stared up innocently. Her small, red lips kissing just the tip of his cock, he could have came right then and there.

Then he thrusted forward, getting a squeak out of the girl, and moaned at the amazing sensation of her warm sucking around him. She was a natural, and he voiced his pleasure. “Kami, you’re so good at this, Kushina...”

She moaned piteously as he thrusted in and out, gripping her head and forcing her to take him each time. It took her awhile to adjust to the rhythm of his thrusts but soon, she was suckling when he entered her mouth, and licked her tongue around his large cock wherever she could. Drool seeped out from the edges of her mouth, and Jiraiya moaned as she wrapped a silky-smooth hand around the base of his cock, milking him.

“So... damn... good,” he groaned out, and the girl under him felt pleasure fill her at his words. It felt incredible knowing just how much pleasure the man was getting, and it filled her with a strange powering feeling of lust.

Jiraiya was in heaven, thrusting into her awaiting mouth, the nasty, erotic sounds she made each time only serving to push him towards the edge. “I’m going to cum, soon... oh kami, Kushina!”

The girl underneath him could do nothing but protest with her mouth but only got out a few muffled words as the cock in her mouth continued to assault her. She wanted him to cum outside but could hardly stop him, not when he had such leverage and unrelenting grip onto her. Reluctantly, she braced herself for his cum and began to pump at the base of his cock, getting a guttural sound from him.

“Kushina!” With one last shout, he came to completion, and held her mouth against his cock, pushing it as far as he could without entering her throat. She could do nothing as his throbbing cock sent strands of hot semen down her throat. Her muffled protests sent delicious vibrations along his cock, and he moaned, loving how the girl was still pumping with her small hands where she could, desperate to get all of his seed.

Kushina didn’t know what she was doing, as her world blanked out, and she could only concentrate on the thick cock that was pressing against her throat, sending thick semen straight towards her stomach. All she knew was that she had to drain him as much as she could, because she couldn’t breathe otherwise. As such, she licked and sucked as much as she could and continued to pump him. His orgasm was prolonged and Jiraiya had never felt so drained, yet his cock remained rock-hard. There was a reason why he was considered a master at seduction, he had the stamina to back it up.

After what seemed like hours, he finally relented, and Kushina gasped as his cock was taken out of her mouth. She took in the much needed air and coughed at the bits of semen stuck in her throat. Jiraiya was breathing heavily as well, but his eyes never left hers. He was amazed to see the lust in her own eyes that reflected his own, and knew he had found something amazing here. This girl was an absolute minx.

“You’re so good, Kushina,” he praised with a whisper, absently caressing her cheeks, causing her to shiver. “Such a good girl...”

“J-Jiraiya...” she moaned, and reached down with one hand to touch her burning pussy. She was so wet and ready that just a few more caresses would have sent her over the edge.

Until Jiraiya took hold of the hand much to her protest. “I’ll take care of you, all of you, but you have to be good okay?”

She looked up with half-lidded eyes and nodded, and could barely react as he pressed his cock towards her lips again. “Good girls need to clean up after themselves,” he told her, and he gestured to his cock that was covered in his semen and her drool. She opened up and lapped at the delicious cock, and began her pumping motions again. She felt so light, and her stomach felt so full, but all she knew was that she wanted the cock in front of her with everything she had. Wanted it buried as deep as it could get inside of her.

He was smirking as the girl licked around his cock, cleaning it up after the intense session he had with her throat. Truly the girl was now ready for whatever he wanted, and the mere thought caused a shiver to run down his spine. He would be taking her fully now, and there was nothing that could stop him.

“Good girl,” he praised once more, patting her head before he dislodged his cock from her mouth, getting a whine of protest. He raised an eyebrow at the saddened look in her face as his cock was parted leaving a string of saliva from the tip. “Now for the main course...”

He gently moved down, careful to mind the pregnant belly before he reached the main highlight of the evening. Kushina’s wonderfully pink lips were puffy from arousal, and it was practically dripping as he inhaled deeply. He breathed lightly on it, and she moaned, her legs coming around his head and her hands digging into his hair. She definitely wanted his tongue.

Smirking, he gave her lower lips a few flicks from his tongue, and absolutely delighted in the gasps and moans that he received. She tasted amazing, and he happily lapped up the juices that leaked from her entrance, before deciding to go for the source. He spread apart her pussy lips and began to enjoy her directly. She moaned and squealed, tightening her hold onto his hair, and she had to refrain from bucking too hard into his mouth.

Jiraiya was a master at this aspect of sex, and it showed as the girl was reduced to a puddle of nerve-endings. She writhed underneath him, chanting his name and begging for him to go faster. Who was he to deny such a beautiful girl? With a inner-smirk, he channeled chakra into his tongue and it extended. There was a benefit to being a toad sage afterall, and it definitely showed as his tongue extended several inches and began caressing her walls.

She screamed.

Her walls began to clench so tightly around his tongue, that he was almost worried, as well as the force of her hold on his hair. He winced as several strands of his white hair was torn off, and was glad that he was holding her legs apart, as the force of her wondrous thighs could have cracked his neck. Still, he waited patiently and she began to settle down, although she was now twitching and shuddering. Her juices were now flowing like a river, and he greedily slurped and licked where he could, loving her unique taste.

After cleaning her up, he sat up, but did not relinquish his hold on her legs, keeping them spread. She made for an incredibly erotic sight, with her eyes lidded in pleasure, mouth opened and her legs spread, showing her abused pussy. The fact that her breasts moved in tandem with every breath she took, and the fact that her pregnant belly was such a pronounced feature. He couldn’t shake the immoral feeling of pleasure he got from the sight. He had finally reduced the naive and innocent girl to this state, and now he could finish it.

“You’re so beautiful, Kushina,” he praised, and she moaned in reply, still reeling from her orgasm.

His cock was now completely recovered, and he pressed forward to press it directly against her entrance. Now it was time to finally make her his, to have her submit fully to him. “I want to fuck you so badly... fill you with my cock until I’m pressing against your womb.”

His words were causing her to moan, and he knew that she wanted it as well. Her legs were being spread willingly, and he knew that he didn’t even need to use his hands. “But... I can’t very well do so... I can’t just fuck another man’s wife.”

Kushina’s eyes suddenly widened, and she realized with startling clarity who she was. “I...”

He could tell too, that she was now fully aware of what had transpired, but he was counting on something. He knew that she was too far in, that whatever she had done was already too much. She could hardly back down now, not when she had so willingly sucked him dry with her mouth earlier. She knew it as well, and the self-loathing and fear tinged with desire was obvious in her eyes.

“Beg me, Kushina,” he stated with a whisper, rubbing the head of his cock against her pussy lips. “Beg me to fuck you, beg me to fill you up.”

“I...” She looked torn, as there was part of her that was now screaming at her to stop, but yet she couldn’t help her gaze that strayed to his cock. The head was lathering itself in her juices, and the sensation felt so good, so amazing. She looked up and saw the look in his eyes, the look that spoke of his desire, and how much he wanted her to submit. It was too much.

“Please... fuck me...” she whispered, looking away.

“I couldn’t hear you, honey, say it again.”

She gritted her teeth, and clenched her eyes shut. “Fuck me... fuck me with your cock, put it inside of me!”

Her words were like music to his ears, and it was with a satisfied look of elation as he pressed his cock forward. Her walls parted before his cock with ease, she was so incredibly wet. There was a hiss of pleasure and pain from her as her walls accommodated his thick tool inch by inch. It was so much bigger than what she was used to, and as he was half way in she began to moan in pain and pleasure.

“Almost,” he hissed out, and began to ease his way to the hilt, the sensation being almost too enjoyable for him to handle. He wanted to bottom out but he was afraid he might damage her--her pussy was just that tight. Several long moments later, he was in, and he could feel the crown of his member pushing against the entrance to her innermost area. “There...kami you’re so tight.”

She was gasping and moaning, and could hardly contain herself. She had never felt so full in her life, and the thick cock inside of her was caressing her in places that had never been touched before. It felt amazing. “You’re so big,” she wheezed out as his cock twitched inside of her.

He moved her smooth long legs with his hands, and was satisfied when her legs wrapped around him reflexively. It was no longer a question of seducing her anymore, she was entirely his now. Looking down at where they were connected, he could hardly believe her small pussy had his entire cock inside of it. Pulling back slowly, he waited until he only had half of his cock inside of her before slamming back in.

“HNN!” Kushina screamed, and her body reacted, her chest jutting forward for his viewing pleasure. “O-oh kami!”

She was nearly in tears from the pleasure and pain as her walls were constantly assailed by his thrusts. Jiraiya was going at a slow, steady pace, loving the look on her face as he pumped in and out of her velvety hole. She was so tight, almost like a virgin, and if not for the fact that she was absolutely drenched in her own juices, it would have been painful for him as well. Even going at his current pace, she was hurting, but he could see that her moans of pain were transitioning into pure pleasure. Her legs wrapped around him almost painfully, and she gripped the fabric of the couch with her hands, trying to distract herself from the mind-numbing pleasure.

“You feel so good,” he gasped, and reached forward to caress one of her luscious breasts. She whimpered and moaned at the contact, her nubs were hard as rocks and incredibly sensitive. He couldn’t believe how erotic she looked, her body reacting in ways that he could not have even imagined in his novels. Every thrust, every touch of her sensitive body, and she moaned and writhed, almost as if she was an instrument to his touch. And in a sense, she was--he was mapping every reaction to the back of his well-tuned mind, storing the knowledge for later use. He had planned for much more than just a one time thing after all.

“A-ah...MM... I’m coming!” she screamed, and suddenly she was clamping down on him hard, her pussy milking him with incredible strength, and her legs squeezing him so tightly that he could barely thrust at all. He had to wait out the length of her climax, and simply enjoyed the feeling of her velvety walls enveloping his cock. He took the time to play with her breasts, even taking one into his mouth. It was unfortunate that she wasn’t lactating... now that was a thought.

“Look at you,” he remarked after she had calmed down, her breath coming out in heavy gasps. “Coming around my cock... and you want more don’t you?”

She gazed up at him with those lusty eyes, still clouded with desire. “Yes... more,” she moaned.

That was all he needed, and soon he was thrusting again at a faster pace, assailing her sensitive walls without care. She was moaning in pain and pleasure, the sensitive state of her body proved almost too much. Her mind was blacking in and out, and if not for the fact that he was thrusting hard enough to move her body, then she probably would have fainted. Instead, she could only gasp and moan amidst the sound of their meeting centers. She was so wet, that the wet smacking sound of their joining was all that she could hear.

“You like that don’t you?” he asked with a smirk, loving the sounds he was hearing. “Look at your naughty pussy making such sounds. You are such a slut.”

She moaned at his words, and felt the embarrassment mixed with pleasure. For some reason, his words were making her more aroused, and she was now meeting his thrusts as much as she could. “Yes! I’m a slut!” she yelled, not caring how depraved she sounded, all she knew was that she wanted--no, needed more of his cock.

Jiraiya was enjoying the entirety of the girl underneath him. Her pussy walls continued to massage his cock with every turn, and the way her body shook and reacted with his every thrust was sending him very close to the edge. Not just in a physical sense, he was also enjoying the fact that Kushina was succumbing to his words. In this moment, she was fully his, and he knew that she would do anything for his cock. He wished that he could freeze this moment forever, but he felt his own completion creeping closer and closer. Her body was just that enjoyable.

“Beg for it,” he gasped out, slowing his thrusts as he neared his own climax. Usually he could have lasted for much longer, but not with Kushina, not when her body worshipped his cock like this. “Tell me how much... you want my cum.”

She was coming close as well, lost in the haze of pleasure. It was a testament to her will powers that she could still hear him. “Ah... kami... your cum,” she whispered the word, and shuddered as she recalled the substance that was now pooled in her stomach. Having it inside of her pussy... in the deepest parts of her... the thought was almost too much.

“Say it, slut!” he commanded, his thrusts slowing down, bringing her back to reality.

“AHN, I-I want your cock so bad! Harder, deeper, fuck me!” she begged, nearly sobbing as she was denied completion, as he had slowed down considerably. “Please cum inside of me! Give me your cum, please!”

That was all he needed to hear, and he gripped both of her ankles, and startled her by unwinding her legs around him. Pushing forward, he pushed her legs forward until it was at a perfect angle, his cock now able to pound her into the couch. She wasn’t prepared when he began his thrusts.

“OH KAMI!” she screamed as he began to thrust with all of his might, the wet smacking of their joining almost overwhelmingly loud.

The new angle was incredible as it allowed him more leverage to fuck her with, and every thrust sent a new haze of pleasure into her. She was a drooling mess now, and was now reduced to moans and incoherent mutterings. He was close, and his release was building to a level he had never experienced before. Dimly, in the back of his mind, he vowed to do whatever he could to keep this girl under his control, because the pleasure was too addicting.

“I’m... going... to... come,” he gasped out and with several pronounced thrusts, he buried himself to the hilt and let go. “Take it!”

“AHH!” she screamed, the last thrust triggering her fourth orgasm, and her walls squeezed around him just as he began to fill her with his cum.

His mind blanked, and for several seconds there was nothing on his mind but the sweet pleasure of release. It was the best orgasm he had ever had, and as he started to come down from the high, he made sure that his cock remained inside of her pussy. He could still feel her clenching around him, milking him for every last drop of his semen. He let her, even pumping a few times to push out the last drops.

When his cock finally began to soften, after several pleasurable minutes inside of her, he began to slowly withdraw, enjoying her whimpering as his thick cock dislodged itself. He sat back with a sigh, and smiled in contentment at the sight of her well-used pussy, slightly gaping from his assault. He errantly spread her pussy with one hand, enjoying the sight of his white cum dripping out of her. This, he decided, was a sight that he would bury into his mind forever.

The sight of Uzumaki Kushina, fully ravaged by his cock, and the look of hazy contentment on her face. She had, after all, begged him for it. He noted just how late it truly was, and felt the need to sleep creeping up on him. He would have wanted to continue, but one look at the exhausted redhead, and he conceded the point. He took the immobile girl into his arms, and then laid himself back onto the couch. The redhead sighed into his hold, and he smirked as the girl happily spooned against him, her ass pressing against his cock. Slipping an arm around her waist, he closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling of her pressed against him.

There would be time to play later on. He wouldn’t settle for a one-time thing, not after what he had just experienced. Uzumaki Kushina was now his for the taking, and he would take her over and over. She wouldn’t deny him, after all, she had already submitted to him.

He fell asleep with a smile
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